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US & UK Targeted Traffic Needed

Need Targeted Traffic to my site from US & UK regions only.

Strictly no SEO or any other link building,

You must quote how many unique visitors you can provide from my targeted countries and duration to achieve it.

I need only ethical way to get this work done, so you must be ready to let me know what strategy you are using.
You can use any way like Adwords, FB campaigns etc or whatever ethical way you know.

No Generic bids. Do not need any other services.

No Newbees..

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SMM Campaigns

We are looking for a SMM/SMO consultant who can work on our clients SMM/SMO.

We defintely need someone who can write on a consistent basis, post out regular tweets about the brands products and service, send people to the clients website to make enquiries, adds fans to facebook fan page that are relevant to the brands products and services, entice people to make enquiries and to also get people to communicate online and make regular comments and posts for all social media pages.

We also require someone who can perform SMO activities as well as this is important to the SMM campaigns. We need to increase all social media profiles by increasing fan base, increasing followers, positive comments, increasing brand awareness, get more traffic to the clients website, getting more enquiries and talking about the brand positively.

We need to product a positive ROI for all our clients as they will continue to do social marketing if they are receiving these aspects above. Writing is really important, for SMM campaigns so we need someone with strong writing skills, who understands the brief that is given, will research and understand the industry, product or service that you are talking about and so forth.

We also need someone that needs to actively look for relevant articles related to the brand, product and service so that the client is perceived as a thought leader in there industry and it allows to create conversation via the social platforms. We also need someone who can write articles as well. We will ofcourse provide you with a brief of whats needed and we would need you to write the articles and use these by posting on forums, blogs through SMO activities.

As you can see there is a lot that is required because our clients expect to see a ROI. These aspects above are all important to each campaign we do.

Before we can let you know any further details about the client we would need you to sign a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).

Please let me know if you need to ask any other questions and whether your able to provide the aspects listed above.



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