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Transfer Running Site Into WordPress

Transfer my site www.apartment24-vienna (dot) com into wordpress. This site is about holiday apartments in Vienna.

Layout should be similar with additional tasks

– reservation inquiery form with Calender (arrival / departure)

– captcha for inquiery and contact form

– menues including submenues (on the side for infos about Vienna, sightseeing, restaurants, etc…)

– default EN site – if possible with Google translater for other languages

– seo friendly template is a must => need better rankings as today with given keywords.

Reason for changing into wordpress is – current site is not seofriendly enough.

Please provide demos of wordpress templates you designed.

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Transfer Book To Kindel Via HTML

I have a 365 pg book to transfer to Kindel via html. I have the book is in Wordperfect and pdf.

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Transfer A Complete WordPress Site From 1 Server To Another

I need someone to transfer a fully functional WordPress site to another server, and leave it running exactly the same way it runs on the previous server.

The WordPress site is completely done, therefore no extra designing is needed, just the ability to fully transfer the site from one server to another and leave it running perfectly as stated above. Thanks!

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IPB Invision Power Board Transfer And Update

I have a very large, up and running 3.0.5 version of Invision Power Board with a custom skin. I have purchased the latest verision, 3.1.4 and a new server, I would like it transferred, than updated, and stay consistent with the skin. The database is pretty large (200mb+), which will require SSH or another form of transferring, it was successfully done before using rsync.

The faster this is done, the more I will pay.

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Database And WordPress Hosting Transfer

I have two sites on one server that have already been moved once, adjusted, now need to re-transfer the wordpress site and ONLY update the database of a IPB forum. Should be a very simplistic task, I would like it done right away.

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Transfer 2 WordPress Databases To New Host

I need two wordpress databases (and the associated websites/ templates transferred to a new server) All data needs to be transferred. I need this done within 6 hours of escrow being transferred.

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Fund Transfer, Easy $5 And Positive Review

Hello, i have 50 euro on my account that i am unable to withdraw as the only withdrawal methods that i can use, payoneer and paypal, do not have an Euro withdrawal option. So i will create an escrow payment of 50 euro for provider i will have selected and will release it once my payoneer has been loaded with $65.

Do not bid if you do not have more than 3 reviews.

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Facebook Groups Before 2010 – I Want To Buy


I am looking to buy facebook groups that were created before October 2010.

I will pay up to $10 per group and want 10 or more groups.

These old style groups are the type where you can invite friends and ideally should currently have less than 5000 members.

Although I have a preference for those groups who already have interests in health, fitness, womens issues or weight loss, any topics will be fine.

I will need you to transfer administrator privileges to me and once this is done will pay a 50% milestone with 100% paid on full transfer and removal of yourself from the group.

Please confirm in your reply how many groups you are willing to sell, number of members, links and price per group.

Thanks for your interest and I hope we can do business soon.


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Transfer My Site To New Host

I have a website,, that I would like to transfer to The bidder must point my registrar to the new host site. I have the logins for both C-panels (old and new) and the login for my domain registrar.

Please respond with "I read it" in your headline.

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Transfer Content To New Domain.

Transfer all content over to new domain. Also redirect old traffic to new domain as well.

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Customised Recruitment Database Management

1. To develop a database system that contains the candidates

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Various Web Site Updates, Host Transfer

Various web site updates, host transfer

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Transfer Yahoo Store To Magneto


I have an established ecommerce store which is based on the Yahoo Store platform. I would like our site to be duplicated in Magento.

Please only apply if you have experience doing similar projects.



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Install And Setup A WordPress Website On A Russian Domain

We have a small WordPress website in english on a .com domain

We have had all the content translated into Russian. This project is for:-

1. To help with the registration of the .ru domain (not much help needed – we will register it in our Russian colleagues name but are having a problem paying the ISP from outide of Russia. So a funds transfer and we ask you to pay it 2 years in advance for hosting etc)

2. Install WordPress and copy the theme from exiting english site

3. Transfer contents / Install Russian content & setup eamil addresses etc

It should be a quick project and no graphic desgn required – looking for a budget of $30.

Thank you

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Transfer Accounts From Direct Admin To Cpanel

I need 10 Users entire information, emails, databases etc in DirectAdmin to be transfered to a Cpanel Reseller account.

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WordPress Site Transfer

I have sports site in wordpress. I need to transfer the same wordpress site to my other domain

With the addition of clickbank integration like on this site : .. with following of thank you page.

Experts with wordpress and Clickbank should apply

should be a quick job

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Transfer Sites To My New VPS / Plesk

I currently have 4 domains/websites on a normal hosting plan. Ive just brought a VPS with the same company and im looking to transfer the 4 websites to the VPS, pointing the domains to the new VPS. Im confused so ive decided to come here.

Transfer Emails, Point domain names, transfer 2 small SQL databases and the websites them selves.

It should be basics but ive spent too much time and im getting confused.


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EasyPaisa Transfer

Hi, I need my money transferred via EasyPaisa in Pakistan, I will pay 161$ via freelancer and Need 13000RS to be transferred.
For those who cannot bid here, but think they can do this job can let me know via phone

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Transfer A Website From An SQL08 Server To Run On SQL 05

I am currently attempting to move a website from one hosting provider to another. The website was created and hosted using SQL 2008, but the server we need to move it to is a 2005 version. I need to know whether the data can be transferred to the previous version, without adversely affecting the database, and if so I need you to download and convert it.

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Magento Migration – Products And Database Transfer

Need a dev to support with transferring products from one database to magento.

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Transfer Psd To Drupal Theme


I would like to find someone whos going to be able to transfer a PSD into a drupal theme for Drupal 7. I need a tableless design, W3C validation, with all major browsers compatibility. You need to already have experience in drupal theming.

Im on a budget diet so please take this in consideration while biding.
Also this might become a long term project if im happy with the results.

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I Want Money Transfer From Outside Of India By PayPal

Money Transfer by PayPal .

I want money transfer from outside of India by PayPal.

I will create milestone. We need it within an hour. Thank You,


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XML Application For Data Transfer Via Web

My company needs to transfer data from an XML via an application to application interface. The process is:

– Our company (Company A) gathers data for a client and this data is saved in an XML file
– We would then need to transfer this data to another company (Company B) that would then process the data (this would be stage 1)
– Company B would then send further data in an XML format to Company A (stage 2) and the process continues until the end of the matter

We have the necessary XML schema for each stage of the process and what we need is therefore the expert knowledge to allow us to send and receive the relevant data in XML format.

What Ill need is to talk to those bidding on the project before I accept a bid as I need to gain a greater understanding of whats required myself and to also ensure that the proposed outcome of the project is what we require. Please therefore include the cost of consultation for the project in any bid and send Skype contact info by PM to me.

There is definitely the opportunity for ongoing work relating to further work on XML, PHP, MySQL (among others).

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Transfer WordPress Site (database, Plugins…)


I need to transfer a complete WordPress blog to a new domain.
Website to transfer: to the new domain name:

Everything should be transfered (images, posts) as well as all the WordPress setup (including plugins, database used for a guestbook and such).

The transfer should be transparent, I want to login to the new domain name and never have to deal again with the old one (no links of any sorts in the new one, requiring the old domain to stay alive).

Not a single alteration can be done to the old website (you can do database backups, ftp backups, whatever you need, but not delete a single file).

Both sites and domains are hosted on Godaddy.

Payment will be done after fully completion of the project and verification ONLY (no milestone or pre-payment).

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Transfer Html Listings Into Mysql Database Format

I have a directory of resource suppliers that was created using only html. For more efficient content management, I need to create a MySql database, transfer all the existing data to it, and create an html form for future entries.

The database table and the html form need to include the following fields:
– name of company
– website URL/link
– street address
– email address
– phone number
– toll-free phone number
– description of products and services

The listings are currently formatted one per paragraph (<p>listing</p>).
There is a <br> for each line of the paragraph (not <br/>).
The name of the company is in a <b></b> tag (sometimes the closing </b> is after the <br> instead of before it).
The rest of the information is not always in the same order, except that the description is always last and preceded by either a double hypen (–) or an em dash (html code —).
The email address is separated as in the following example:
<a href="mailto:example@?body=(">example@</a> (add <b></b> to complete the email address)
Sometimes there is a word and colon at the beginning of a line; for example, a phone number might just be the phone number or it might be preceded by "Phone: "

Since there is some inconsistency, it might be tricky to create a script that could successfully transfer all the info into the new format. However, there are enough patterns to be able to extract the following with a script:

– name of company (delimiters being <b> and <b/>)
– website URL/link (delimiters being <a and </a>)
– email address (using the elements common to all the email addresses, like mailto, @, and the repeated phrase in parentheses)
– phone numbers (looking for several variations of the pattern, as sometimes they have all hyphens and sometimes the area code is in parentheses)
– the description because of it being preceded by one or the other type of dash pattern.

Whatever is left after the above are extracted might need to be put into the address field and then adjusted manually.

The html form for adding future entries needs to include php processing to transfer the input into the database in a secure way (sanitizing input). I will also need to have the new db entries moderated, so the processing will need to include a notification email to the administrator, with a malicious-code-free copy of all the data that was input.

There are about 100 listings so far.

I hope Ive given you all the information you need to know how long this might take you and how much you would need to charge for it. Thanks!

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Transfer Website Contents To WP

I have a website that I would like to have some of the content transferred to a brand new WP website. Ill advise which pages that need to be copied to the new WP website.
The WP website will need to be designed around the content. I would like someone with proven skills to develop a great website.
The current logo needs to be used.
There are 10+ pages that will need to be designed and created in WP.

If you have any questions, please ask.

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Transfer Magento Data From 1.3 To 1.4

We have a magento website in with thousands of orders , customers and products , i would like all this data to be transferred to a fresh installation , all customer passwords must be maintained and all other data must be transferred .

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Live Transfer Debt Settlement Leads

We are looking for an experienced telemarketing company that can provide live transfer leads for Credit Card debt in the US only. The leads must be verified and have at least $10 000 worth of credit card debt. We are looking to develope a long term relationship with a qualified call center. You will be responsible for generating your own call lists, scripting and seeing that it complies with the “Do Not Call“ list in the US. We are looking to start right away.

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