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Something Is Very Wrong With Our Site’s Code.

Whenever we try running an online SEO tool such as or it cant read or analyze the sites code.

Were afraid that this is hurting our exposure to Google crawlers.

We will give you cpanel and Joomla login with admin to try and fix the problem.

Thank you

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Import Calculator For My Website

I need a calculator just like this on my website

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Need Group-buying Web Code, Like Wagjag Or Groupon

Need to embed group-buying into existing web, will have my own product selling in the way like Groupon, and also would love to have a collection table which will display and refer to other group-buying product.

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Web Development, Html, .net, Programming

Currently We are looking for some staffs for our company who can work from their home.
18-24 years old workers and trustworthy are preferred.
experience or without experience can apply.
Currently We are paying $3 per hour but it will increase later.
($3 hourly rate)
Interested candidate please dont hesitate to contact us on our skype.
Our skype id (anjanrai21)
Please do not bid if you dont follow our company rules and regulation and age more than 24.

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Small Quick Modifications To Web Site Code

I need some modifications to be applied to my we site.

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Video Site

We require a graphics designer/HTML coder to design and code the html side of a video hosting site.

The designer will be working along with other developers on this project hence we require someone who is able to communicate fluently in english

able to contribute some creativity into the design we have (our sample site)

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Html Expert Need, Urget

I registered a popular movie domain name .I need a homepage with all the analytics and share stuff (FB,etc,..) and stats included so google knows how to find it and a widget which collects automatically the news about this movie (like freezilla)
It has to be an easy script which i can just upload with an ftp server, without any hassles
Here is the link of the site.

My budget is 30 to 35$ and neeed the job done in quick time less then 24 hours.

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Web Designer + Html Coder For 6 Months Job

I want to hire a designer to work for my company on monthley basis
High Skilled
Fast work

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Sports Blog

Need a simple sports blog put up. Designs and brand are already in place. Most of the work is done. Need someone to polish it and make it very easy to use and user friendly and launch the site as well as do some additions and write some code most likely. I also need technical suport dealing with cpanel, etc. Need to move asap!

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Addtitional Site Pages And Code Additions

We have had a Flash site built and now need to add the 7 games we have had made to it ,where the points are collected for each players charactors tally which they can use to purchase items we have had drawn up for 3 different catalogues which also need to be added.
we have also had a number of new backgrounds made which need to be added as pages when people click on arrows or signs from the central map or other pages, there are a few things we would like added to a couple of the pages which are things like flashing lights on one page and a disco light ball on another page. and a moving escalator on another page althought you wont actually be able to see the actuall escalator move but when a charactor goes to it they will start to travel up when reaching upstairs it will take them to a new page view

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Yslow Sitespeed Code Update – Reserved For Ay4

As discussed, Ay4 updates the code on to increase performance with regards to the Yslow and Site speed bench marks.

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Unlock Code Reseller Website

I would like to build a website which is a reseller unlock code website.

Website should feature a nice design.

Customer end:
— Add credits page, allows customer to purchase credits via. PayPal (Credits should be automatically added).
— Place a order page (Select service, put in phone serial # and any other required info such as model and carrier.)
When customer submits order credits are deducted from the customers credit balance.
Orders are processed via. the admin panel or via. API (explained below).
— Order History page (View all pending, rejected and processed orders), be able to export orders.
— Sub user panel. Customer can create sub user accounts under his account and manage them.
— My account page, where customer can edit his info including email, user name, password ect.
— News section, site updates which are posted by the Admin.

Admin end:
— Manage services. Page where admin can set services default price, required info, processing time ect.
— Manage orders. This is for processing orders. Orders that are not set to process via. a API.
Admin should be able to reply with a number as the result of the order, or as not found (and refund the credits).
— API: Some specific services need to be sent to supplier for processing via. API.

I would like to add features to the website as time passes.

Please feel free to take a look at my existing website.

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Build A Simple Joomla Site Or Convert From Html Code

I have a simple website (about 20 pages) hosted by microsoft small business, it was built on line at their site (with html, i think). I do not have the source file, but codes can be seen by clicking view–>source on the internet explorer.

I would like to convert this site to a joomla package that can be hosted by a joomla server, and I would like to have the capability to later edit the file and add new contents myself. This can be done with modifying a template, if that is easier. The site wil have some basic infomration, and have link to 2 map directions to our business site, and have a mechanism to charge credit card payment (paypal preferred), for an on line store. Right now there is only one item for sale. but would like to be able to add more items in the future myself.

Thank you for bidding.

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Pizza Delivery Site I HAVE Code – A New Design I HAVE

Pizza delivery site ( on line ordering ) I HAVE a new design for existing code to merge together

Basically i am looking for someone to put new HTML on an existing site. There is very little difference.

I want this done very quickly so am looking for someone avaliable immediatly.

Prove to me your right for the job and it might be yours.

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Translate Webpage Into Chinese

I am looking for someone to translate a webpage into Chinese.

Site is around 30 pages

Translation needs to by human NOT AUTOMATIC. We want proper chinese not a crappy auto translation.

Translation needs to be done on the following areas of the website.

-page text
-META tags
-All graphics (Note: all you will need to do is change the text to chinese in the graphics)

Please check out the website www fruitjuicenow com

you will be translating the main site, not the BLOG or Amazon version of the website.

Please include the phase “Yes I actually read before I bid” so I know you read this entire project.

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Custom Code A Paid To Click Script From Scratch

Hi, I am looking for someone to custom code a paid to click script from scratch. I am opening a a ptc site. I am guessing you need to know how to code.

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Mobile Site Redirect Code

I need you to modify or add to this code to

if(navigator.userAgent.indexOf("iPhone") != -1)
window.location = "";


so that it will also redirect Blackberrys and other mobile phones.

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Fix web site html code

I am having difficulty of my 5 videos showing on my clients site without line error in Internet Explorer with some memory error (especially when you refresh)

Then in IE 8 it says Stop running Scrips as a script is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly;

All these videos appears on the same page and I am not using Iframe (may I should to make this work)

I have used Webwizard video

This is a simple fix to go in and spot the errors. If necessary we can even use iframes etc or recode the five videos (approximately 1 minute or less) with another FLV converter

Please demonstrate you have some experience in this area before placing a bid

if you can help make these videos look even better in appearance – pls let me know when bidding and we can increase scope etc

The page can be viewed at



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ASP Coding Error

I have currently two web sites and have recently moved hosting providers.

As a result of this move, my gallery pages on both sites, and my email form on one of them no longer works.

I also get intermittent 500error pages, (although my hosting provider tells me this is solved)

I need someone to look over the code of the site via ftp, and correct these problems asap

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Some JSP, JAVA, AJAX coding

I need a JSP, Java programmer to code a program

Technology that need: Tomcat, mySQL, JSP, Java, JavaScript, AJAX

Part 1:
– Make a table for static data (data exist in excle format)
– Another set of data exist in a server dynamic CSV files, web site admin copy CSV files in a server folder then go to import JSP page and push import button, all the data will import from Dyanamic CSV file into table(s)
-A JSP need to code that get two parametter, Province and Type and return a XML or another format by make a join between static and dynamic table
– A Java script code exist that will show the
– also by static data a menu will created that is JavaScript

A compound intrest calculator by AJAX: see attached image Calc.jpg
– intrest table will greated user put number in box in front of Calc button and push calc button, the AJAX will call server and do a simple calculation and get the data under Cal button and show it.
– The same table data will showed in homePage.jpg

All the code need has minimume dependency to HTML as HTML is changing by another group

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Quality blog commenting service wanted

I will give you a list of urls in text file. They are blogs on which you can comment to provide backlinks to my site. I will give you my site url and the anchor text to be used.

1. You should be able to understand html enough to create links. On some blogs your username/name links to your site – so you can use the anchor text as name. On some blogs, you might have to put the links at the end of the comment.

2. On some sites you might have to use html code , on some you get a wysiwyg editor to place links, on some you might have to use BB code.

3. On some blogs you can put the links both in the username and at the end of the comment.

4. Example –

You might have to register on the sites.

5. You have to put quality comments so there is a high approval rate.
See examples of quality commenting and how people have placed links at the end of comment here-

Since a lot of sites will moderate comments. I will pay 30% of the payment after receiving the report. And the remaining after verification that the comment shave been published which actually depends on the quality of comments.

6. The url list that I will give you will contain the blog post urls which may or not may allow comments then you have to look for other posts on the same blog to comment on. For example if "" has stopped commenting procedure , look for other posts on "" and comment on them.

7. For Some sites in the list, you might not have to do commenting but create a profile and place links on that.

All the Best!

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Website additions and bug fixing

An AJAX programmer is a must. I need someone with serious programming skills.

I need the following built for this web site:

1. Forum
2. Tracking system attached to a members profile. This would allow registered members to see who viewed there profile, keep track of the credits they earned from contributing on the the sites wiki (which is already built) and forum.

There are also a lot of bugs on the site that need fixing.

The programer(s) I need must have a superior command of the English language and must be creative and business savy. I say this because this is an entrepreneur/investor website. Understanding the business is key to helping me with this.

My other main concern is security. I realize I am dealing with people from other foreign countries and opening up my system to a stranger concerns me. If we can figure out a solution that puts me at ease Im sure a long and strong relationship down the road is possible.

I am hoping that I can find someone that may be interested in being the full time programmer for this project. I will also consider giving some equity in the company down the road if a special partnership is forged.

Zero advertised has been done for the site, yet members are being attracted already. This site needs to go live ASAP!

There will be more supporting documents that I will attach to this listing soon.

Additional information can be supplied upon request.

Attached are the bugs that I have found on the site. Some have already been repaired but the majority are still prevalent.

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Translation English to Norwegian

Translation of web site text from english into norwegian. SEO words are already there in english and need to be translated into norwegian too. The content is about export and marketing consultancy and the indian economy.
Total words is +/- 3.700
Please see uploaded file.
The freelancer should be a native norwegian.

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