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Ad Poster Needed

I need some AD poster.
if you are also good at in SEO it will be good.
if you have done AD posting work in past let me know.

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OsCommerce Site 20110404

I have a template created in psd that is 85% correct but ready. You will be required to make only small changes 15% to the psd file. Basically you will just need good colour sense and layout knowledge.

The template will need to be cut and an oscommerce website created. As this is for a new site, you will be required to install somewhere about 20. (eg, cms, SEO, sitemap, article manager, postage, payment gateway etc)

I would expect you have had alot of experience with OsCommerce and php programming, and can show me example of past work. As basically the deisgn/template is already created, having good programming/configuration skills is most important.

When you bid please let me know the time you need to complete this project.

I will only pay once the website is up on my server and I am happy it is configured correctly and working sucessfully.

You will need to be good with communication, follow instructions and give me regualer updates.

Max bid $300.

Show samples of previous oscommerce website you have designed. Only OsCommerce…

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Clone Include Design

I need a complete clone of this beautifully design website including all the functions. the website ip add is pls have a look on it and let me know your feedback including your budget.

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Looking For Allegro Ver. 16 Expert

Looking for Allegro expert to answer my questions about Allegro 16. I need you to spend some hr with me to answer my questions. Each section will be 30min minimum. My initial budget is $30 only, let me know how many hours you can spend for me for $30. This is an urgent need. Need to speak English or Vietnamese.

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Eshopping Website

Hi my name is James Im planning to open a e shopping that is similar to Ebay or Amazon. I need a shoping website that is inspired by or New which should be very neat & easy to navigate & most importantly NO BUGS. Please Let me Know if you are ready for this Project. Please write your own code & Dont copy already made templates from the Net.

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Facebook Messaging

Hi All….

We are looking for providers who can do bulk messaging on facebook accounts…We give the message to be send out, and also the market segment like to type of people you need to send, the country etc. Monthly you need to send 10000 messages and let us know the cost of such 10000 messages send. You can use your own accounts, and we just need to send bulk messages…

Get back to us with the cost for 10K messages, 20K messages etc…

Happy Bidding..

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Edit Menus In Html Pages

This is my site

what I need to do is
–>edit the top and right menus (add sub menus in top and edit right menus etc)
I have almost 50 html pages but all are in root so you need to setup the menus for one and then copy to other pages

–>I have a forum located at

I need to edit this template to exactly match with my sites theme (color menus fonts) every thing
I am using phpbb 2.0 ( I will give you the version link that I am using)

My budget $30 for both work but tell me your price also I might increase my budget
Let me know how much will you charge for both jobs or any one

But remember work must be professional
The menus should work in all browsers internet explorer all versions ,firefox, chrome
I will send you all the details

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Silverlight Expert

Please visit and find the three demo screens. You can download the MS CUI files. What you should do is:

Create necessary tables and design and code these three screens exactly and handover the source code.

Let me know the time you take for this project and your charges to complete these three exactly as the same. I need xaml and c# code.

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Affiliate Traffic,parents Of Primary Schools And Early Years

As per the title. I am looking to invite parents ,teachers and primary schools and early years to enter my marketing funnel. free then there are top end products to be sold at a later date.
If interested let me know and ill send you to my affiliate link very high end programs

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Need 100 Blog Post (PR2 – PR4)

I need 100 Blog Post PR2-PR4 on any Niche. If any one have Good Blogs Let me know.

Bid here


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Application Development

Im looking for a devloper who can code in javascript and AJAX. Thats it. If you can code then Im interested in talking to you.

I need an application built for a kiosk. It is a touch screen kiosk. Let me know your rate per hour.

ask questions if you like…

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Spanish Grammar Game

Hi ,
I am looking for someone to work with me on creating a "spanish grammar trivia" game.
I already have english one and I am giving you the samples.
Since Spanish is different than English, I am sure its grammar will be different than English.
But to give you the idea, there are the categories I have.and each having around 200 – 300 questions.

Any suggestion in either new categories or adding something more so that will make Spanish grammar Quiz more interesting.



Note: Missing part is one which will be missing and will be filled up by the quiz player.

Collective Nouns
<sentence><word>aerie</word> of eagles</sentence>
<sentence><word>aerie</word> of hawks</sentence>
<sentence><word>ambush</word> of tigers</sentence>
<sentence><word>armada</word> of ships</sentence>
<sentence><word>army</word> of soldiers</sentence>
<sentence><word>army</word> of ants</sentence>
<sentence><word>army</word> of caterpillars</sentence>

the word inside the <word> will be filled up by the quiz player

Homonyms ( same sounding different meaning)

<sentence>The <correct>knight</correct><wrong>night</wrong> looked very handsome in his armor.</sentence>
<sentence>Prince has blond hair and <correct>blue</correct><wrong>blew</wrong> eyes.</sentence>
<sentence>Can I borrow one <correct>cent</correct><wrong>sent</wrong> from you?</sentence>
<sentence>He said he <correct>knew</correct><wrong>new</wrong> where the place was.</sentence>
<sentence>An island is a piece of land surrounded by the <correct>sea</correct><wrong>see</wrong>.</sentence>
<sentence><correct>Would</correct><wrong>Wood</wrong> you like coffee or tea?</sentence>
<sentence>The children <correct>rode</correct><wrong>road</wrong> their bikes yesterday for a long time.</sentence>


<sentence><phrase>A bit too <word>much</word></phrase> = <phrase>something is excessive or annoying</phrase></sentence>
<sentence><phrase>A fresh pair of <word>eyes</word></phrase> = <phrase>a new perspective or double check</phrase></sentence>
<sentence><phrase>A <word>List</word></phrase> = <phrase>Important and influential people</phrase></sentence>
<sentence><phrase>A month of <word>Sundays</word></phrase> = <phrase>a long period of time</phrase></sentence>
<sentence><phrase>A textbook <word>case</word></phrase> = <phrase>classic or common example of something</phrase></sentence>
<sentence><phrase>Abide by a <word>decision</word></phrase> = <phrase>accept or comply with decision</phrase></sentence>
<sentence><phrase>Ahead of the <word>pack</word></phrase> = <phrase>more progress than your rivals</phrase></sentence>
<sentence><phrase>Ahead of <word>time</word></phrase> = <phrase>early or before the set time</phrase></sentence>


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i need a FBML designer for my page if any experienced one pls let me know.

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Submit 50 Clients A Day Into A DB – Really EASY!!!

Training video

8 minute video

let me know if u have any questions.

Thank u,

will take u 1-2 hours a day.

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Slovenian To Croatian [SI>HR]


I have some translations to be done from Slovenian to Croatian.

Please apply with your best rates for the translation of 5000 words. Croatian natives preferred.

Let me know about your previous experience about Slovenian to Croatian translation and academic background..


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Virtual Assistant To CEO

I need someone who is well-rounded and capable of working online with our company to help answer emails, be creative with their thinking, and bring a positive influence to our team.

Must be friendly, tech savvy, and prefer someone in great shape as we are a health & fitness company.

You can see us in action here:

Let us know why you stand out. We need someone for approximately 5 hours per week. Make your bid for a full months worth of work.

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CPA Leads(US Only)

Welcome guys,
i must tell you some things before bidding.i want CPA leads on various offer(US only),all the leads must be real people and also i wont pay any upfront qualify for the bid you must do atleast 5 leads as sample then ill assign you the budget is 1$ per lead do let me know if you can do please donot more than 30$ for 30 US leads.
heres the link please check this out.


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Mathematica 7

i want this to be done using mathematica 7
pls let me know if someone can do
2 pdfs are not using mathematica 7..its using hand and scanning

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Custom Magento Store

I am looking for someone that can do The same functionality of this site:
I need the same site. Our store will be based on magento.
If you have experience and know how to do this, please let me see your work.
I need you to take the Megento on our server, which was just install, and get me a complete site like the site you see above.

Thank You

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Low Budget Seo Project

Ok first off I have a low budget $200, do not bid above that or you will not be considered.

I would like my site to be 1st page on google for 3 keywords webcam modeling, internet modeling, and webcam jobs

I understand that getting ranked will have to do with backlinks. I will be checking the backlinks with this site to monitor the progress. Please let me know what we can do because my site is also a flash based site with a forward with masking the actual site is but I would like to promote only.

Please tell me how long this will take and if you can do it for this budget.

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RFID Reader Increased Range

I need a 13.56Mhz RFID reader to have a range of 30cm or more and work with these standards: ISO 14443-A and ISO 14443-B.
Let me know!

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SEO And Keyword Specialists

Hi Marketers and SEO specialists,

We are launching a new website company and need internet marketing specialists
who are going to produce results when it comes to ranking for keywords.

For our particular industry, we will be targeting 2 markets.
1. For More contractors to work for our company
2. For More customers to visit our site.

The seo specialists we hire must also understand that we are having a
"pre-launch contest" where the winners will be announced on launch day.

It is our goal as a company to put ALL our time and resources into having a MASSIVE Launch.
Whoever we hire must express this same mentality and focus all work towards driving
people to our site FOR THE CONTEST.


1. 5 keyword suggestions for each target (Over a million search volume combined minimum)

2. identify the potential keywords from which traffic can easily be converted into online sales

3. You will ONLY suggest keywords you are confident you can get FIRST PAGE search results.

4. SEO optimize our web pages for selected keywords

5. CREATE small CPC campaign for branding purposes. We will not be having a large budget for this until after launch.

6. Drive traffic to our registration pages for the purpose of registering FOR THE LAUNCH CONTEST.

Please list any other skills or ideas you have that will help has have a BIGGER launch day.
If you are able to also do other types of marketing please let us know.

We ask that you quote us the price to get started and create the initial marketing work.

Then we would also like you to quote a monthly rate for you to work with us after launch…

We would expect that after launch you are building a minimum of 100 links per month, producing
articles, doing forum/blog posts, reaching out directly to the customers in this industry….
And, driving traffic that converts!

Keep in mind that we already have a marketer that is specializing on the social media aspect.
If it is necessary, you two will discuss a shared game plan that will ultimately produce better results.

We will be launching our business May 1st, 2011

Our launch goals are:
1000 new contractor applications submitted before launch day.
20,000-40,000 visitors showing up on launch day.

Happy Bidding

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Summary And Detailed Printouts To Include More Information

For the summary and detailed printouts (not the patient listing), the patient details at the top must include the Patient History and the Initial Examination (item number 5a and 5b in the user guide I sent you). In other words, the patient details includes these two groups of information. Is it possible to do this asap? Let me know how much it will cost and Ill invite you to a private project to do this.

From RamS
$30. 2 days max.

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SEO For A Website

I need some SEO done for my website which is targeted towards Indian students. Along with SEO, if you can generate traffic through other sources and are interested in internet marketing then let me know in the PMB.

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Website Speed Up

My website is and i need to speed up the loading time. It currently loads at around 3.04 seconds as displayed on Alexa.

If you think you can help speed up the load time then let me know. I will pay on the site load speed results the faster you get it without spoiling the look, the more i will pay!

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Ready To Travel

Im Italian and im ready to work with you. I have some experience in this field, i work for 3 company in Italy, so Im expert in EU law and international law.
let me know the detail

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Find Location Of An IP

I have a IP of a guy whom i want to track , if i tracked his address i will pay for it , let me know if some one can do this

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Identify Parts Of Speech In Sentences

You will receive a list of sentences. For each sentence, you will need to identify the part of speech for every word. Only apply for this project if you have a very good understanding of English grammar. Dont PM me with writing samples, this is not a writing project. Just PM me and let me know if you can do this project. If so, I will send you a simple test with 10 sentences. You will be expected to identify every word in those 10 sentences correctly in order to win this bid.

This project will be for 400 sentences with the possibility of more projects later.

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Auto Accept

I need somesone to create a task that go in my gmail and a specific email comes in with option of accept or decline. I need automatically accept the order.
I can create a seprate gmail for that. but let me know what can be done here

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Suvro Project 10

Hi Sabah,
How are you? I would like to introduce myself. My name is Becky and I work with Kath, helping out with the facebook orders and other things around the office. She asked me to send you an email to let you know that I will also be sending some orders to you. Here are two new works for you:

1000 US TARGETED FANS:!/TheDailyOutfit START: 513 END: 1513


Becky 🙂

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Dating Traffic For Popular Website

I need dating traffic for the popular match website asap…

bl@ck hat or white hat traffic is ok…
pm me and let me know how you plan to get the traffic….

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