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Spanush To English – Charity & Agreement Documents

Translation of several documents relating to a UK based charity into formal Spanish for our Colombian offices.

-Agreement to licence promotional music
-2 x one page information sheets charity
-2 x three page sponsorship documents


Many thanks.

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English To Italian Writer


We are planning to hire a great English to Italian translator.

Please submit your CV with full details that will help us know what you are best at and how we can use you in our projects.

I request you to mention everything in your CV like name, age, interest, email, cell, educational qualification, where did you worked so far, what you are best at, email id, when to contact best, availablitiy and whatever you think is good and help you get work with us.


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Daily Deal Business Plan – Groupon

Require a detailed business plan for a group buying e-commerce business model.
The team needs to be familiar with Group buying sites such as Groupon and Living Social. He/She needs to be very strong in the area of financial forecasting.

The plan will encompass the following areas.

– The Business Concept
– The marketing opportunity
– Marketing Activities
– Business Operations
– Service Offerings
– The Company and Mission

– Mission of the Company
– Company Structure
2.1) Legal Status
2.2) Physical Location
2.3) Intellectual Property
2.4) Company Location
2.5) Company History

– Business Objectives
– Targeted Customers
– Key Initiatives
– SWOT Analysis
– Competition and Competitive Advantages
– Size of the Market
– Marketing Activities
– International Opportunities
– Sources of costs
– Sources of revenue

– Distribution
– Pricing approach
– Marketing goals
– Choice of target market segment
– Positioning
– Allocation of resources
– Marketing Mix
– Website features/functionalities & Technology used

– Management Team/Members

– Financial Needs and Use of Funds
– Projected Profit and Loss
– Projected Balance Sheets
– Projected Cash Flow
– Break Even Calculation
– Summary of Investor Return and Risk

Must have extremely good written English skills. IN ADDITION, you MUST go above and beyond the current group buying sites – that is, think of features/strategies that the current group buying business model is lacking but may be successful. They dont need to be proven but I want creativity and practicality in your ideas. An ADDITIONAL cash bonus will be rewarded for exceptional work.

Please PM your prior experience and examples of your other business plans that you have created.

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Auction Cpa Site

I need a site made. It needs to be done in 20 days or less. Im willing to pay $125-175 for this work. Most of the site has been designed but you will have to change it around some. Its pretty bare now.

Referral Program
Over the course of the last six months, BusinessNAME HEREhas established a network of more than 260
CPAs throughout the state of Florida. To encourage network members to refer corporate clients who are
looking to buy or sell a business, BusinessNAME HEREis developing a referral program that will enable
network members to share in the fees generated through our new website
BusinessNAME HEREuses a common sense approach to selling a business by presenting the opportunity
to industry competitors who are looking to grow their companies through acquisitions. Participating
competitors are given a summary of the seller

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English To Italian: Trados Required

Dear All,

We are presently looking for English to Italian translator team for huge project.

Trados required!!
Details of the project:

I would be happy to provide you with as much work as you can take on. Below is the details for this project. Please let me know if you have any questions.

The area of study is (Long Range Radar – System Manual.) Sky is the limit on this project and I can provide as many words as you would like(in batches of 10,000 source words.) We will receive batches of 10,000 or so words per file. A trados analysis will come with each project for your the amount that we can pay for this project.

**Please do the following Trados Configuration and please let me know if it was successful when you reply to this email for this project*******

In regards to file format TRADOS HAS TO BE USED. The file that will be translated are in SGM format (very similar to HTML or XML). In order for Trados to work with these files you will first need to configure Trados to understand how to read the SGM files. To this end I have attach some brief instructions (with pictures to help) and the DTD files necessary for this (DTD files explain to Trados how to understand the SGM files).

Pleases let me know if you can perform this task and this only needs to be done once. *Please do this first before accepting any work on this project.*

Once complete, I have also attached a few sample files so you can see how they look in Trados and you can make sure you can work with them. This is very important that we provide the client with the correct file type. So it is important that you are able to do this.

After you have configured Trados and are ready I can start sending batches of 10,000 words to you. Please provide me with how many batches of 10,000 that you can handle. We do have a long deadline and I did ask the client in regards to this. Please let me know the total number of Batches (10,000 words) that you are able to do in the month of April. Like I said previously we can provide as much work as you like. I look forward to your reply and I hope that you are available to take on as much of this project as you want. I look forward to your reply and please ask any questions.

Kind regards,


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Dissertation to be translated from Fr>Eng

Hi, we have a dissertation to be translated from French into English. The total word count is 23000 words. Deadline is 6/06/09.
We may ask to submit a test before assigning the translation

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ENG>Korean Translation


I have a *potential* project of 20K words, general translation.

Its in English and needs to be in Korean.

Native speakers only and no agencies.

Deadline will be 10 days, with a budget of $200 USD.

Please attach any information with your experience with the language.



I have the job posted online as well, so job may be closed without a winner. Thanks

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Urgent Translation, French_English


Urgent technical translation from French to English, 100 000w.

Rate: 0.01 $ per word

Delivery must be within TWO DAYS only, from accepting the project! Thus more than one bidder will be selected.

Pls, mention your capacity per day.


Thank you

Dr. Afifi

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