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English To Polish Translation

Looking for someone who can translate approximately 10 pages of source text (size 12 font – no microscript) from English to Polish. Preference given to someone who is available to start working on this project immediately, and/or can finish relatively quickly after starting.

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English To Polish Translation


We are planning to hire a great English to Polish translator.

Please submit your CV with full details that will help us know what you are best at and how we can use you in our projects.

I request you to mention everything in your CV like name, age, interest, email, cell, educational qualification, where did you worked so far, what you are best at, email id, when to contact best, availablitiy and whatever you think is good and help you get work with us.


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Translation Of A Polish Document Into English

We need a 1 page document translated into English.
Please provide rate and time frame.

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English To Polish Html File Translation

We are looking for a native polish speaker. Good command of English language and HTML codes.

We have a travel site in English and French. We need to add a polish version.

We will send the whole site in HTML and you translate it to polish.

The site is:

After translation, we will start polish seo campaign.

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English > Lepcha And English > Mortlockese Translation

We need English To Lepcha and English to Mortlockese Translations.

We are looking for native speakers of above languages.

please provide details about you.

Bid $30 and discuss in private message.


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English -> Polish Translation Of IQ And EQ Test

We need to translate:
IQ Test questions & answers
EQ Test questions & answers
Personality test questions & answers
Detailed Results for IQ Test
Detailed Results for EQ Test
Detailed Results for Personality Test

The whole translation has around 20,000 words!
It should be quite simple. There are few terms related to psychology. But it is a popular test and explanation, so that language is very easy to understand.
You have to use our admin panel to translate. If you want you could copy text from admin panel translated and then copy back into admin panel.
Please quote price per 1000 words.
We think this is 1 week full time project. We would like to spend less than 150

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English To Polish Translation Of Website

Same job as here but I now need Polish done now as well.

I am after a translation of my English website to both Japanese and Portugese.
Its about 30 pages, its not txt heavy, the url will be given to those that PM me with a sample translation of this job description posted here.

Pm me your samples and I will let you know the url and you can firm up your quote.


05/24/2010 at 19:19 EDT:

Job is for English to Polish translation of my website thanks!

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