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JQuery Interactable Map


I am in need of a map like the browsergame Tribalwars has.

The map should show 8×8 in the Y and X line with 56×56 images.

I want to have the interactive map and a sort of mini-map on the right side. Users can hold down the mouse in the mini-map and scroll faster over the map. There must be an animation that shows the scrolling on the real map.
Data must be loaded from MySQL out from a table of 100.000 rows.

The map must be exact the same as It must have a slide effect when users goes to another section.

Screen of the map: – or take a look at the map.

Map must be made with plain JavaScript or jQuery framework.

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Similar Game-site As

Hi there,

I want somebody that can create for me, from scratch, a web browser game, simillar to The game has to be created so that it can be translated in different languages.

It has to be a game that can generate a minimum of $500/month. I know that a game created with a few hundred dollars cant generate profits of millions, so thats why I will be more than pleased with a minimum of $500.

I welcome anyone to bid, from companies to passionate individuals. No restrictions there. If you have a small portfolio it would be even better. If you have ideas about the project and how you can develop/promote, Im here to listen.

Bid for the total development of the web based game and the time in which you think you can finish it. Not an optimistic time frame but a realistic one.

Thank you and awaiting your bids.

PS: A few more details will be given on PM.

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TribalWars / Die-Stä

Want have a game script which is inspired by tribalwars or die-stä
No encodings – full source, including database. Fully working.

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Need Clone


I am looking for someone to create a clone with some modifications that I have in mind, if your able to do so please bid and I will contact you with more information.

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Need Browser Game Programmer

I intend to create a browser based mmorpg game very much like tribalwars or travian. Post your bids and consider a long term contract since I expect a fully functional game with no bugs.
Thank you.

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