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Joomla Webdesigner For Regular Small Edits/tweeks To Website

We are a UK-based coffee company with an existing Joomla website. We regularly need to tweak it a little bit, so are looking for someone to do little bits and pieces. Most of these take only a few minutes to take care of.

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Need IOS App Ported To Android And A Few Small Tweeks

Need My photo app ported over from iphone to Android.

2 versions with one small difference. One with color manipulation and one without.

Also need ad code replace in one android and one iphone app.

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CRELOADED Tweeks Required

We need our site to be tweeked – categories linked

We have the site up & running but need a couple of elements changed.

Nothing too complicated if you know what you are doing.

Maybe a couple of hrs work.

Only competent serious bidders please apply!!

Terms for Providers:
* I wont make any escrow payment before the project starts
* Provider will show me the working demo on his/her own hosting
* Upon approval Ill make 100% payment into escrow

Please only bid if you agree to the above terms & conditions

thank you

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Flash Menu …. Links To Be Added + Tweeks


I need someone to link my menu bar for my flash file! and someother tweeks (get the search bar working if possible)

I need this done within the hour!!!

I am willing to pay £15 which is approx $28 – payment is to be made via paypal!

As i said i need this done within the hour so please only bid if you can do this and accept payment via paypal.


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Joomla Based Site Tweeks

Joomla based site…need new graphics for heading…paypal checkout page installed for virtuemart shopping cart..left/right columns width adjusted…banner section added to footer…copyright added to footer

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Fisf Website Magento Tweeks

We are seeking a dedicated and committed magento guru to undertake some minor changes to our site, we are looking for graphics to be aligned, errors in IE to be sorted, deleivery costs to be sorted… all in all there is an A4 sheet of small tweaks. PLEASE ONLY BID ON THIS IF YOU ARE COMPETANT IN MAGENTO!

Happy Bidding

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WP Theme Tweeks

I have a custom theme template system that I would like some changes made to without effecting the overall "core" of the system. Each template is based on a stylesheet that will need editing.


– Remove the posts from the top navigation menu.
– Add removed posts to the sidebar (where any additional posts will continue to go)
– Insert code to allow for a horizontal adsense link in place of the posts
– Add a custom box where I can add the channel ID
– Add up to 4 images just above the footer from a folder named "footer"

Its a very simple job for the right provider. I will give you access to my test site where you can examine and add the code to the appropriate CSS style sheets…there are around 5 (itll be a copy/paste job once you have the first done).

Lowest bid that can be done the quickest with at least 5 feed backs will win the job.

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Simple Word Press Template Tweeks.

Word Press template tweeks.

Please watch this video for the changes than need to be made:
I recently got a professional word press template and I need some tweaks made if you know it doing this shouldnt take you long to complete this project, its simple and straightforward. To see the websites please send me a PM.

Thank you

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XML And 301 Redirect Help Needed

We are looking for someone who can makes some tweeks to our current website. Our site map (it has 13 locations) needs to be converted from HTML to XML and we also need thirteen 301 Redirects done. Also if you can verify that our page structure is correct. Naturally there will be other adjustments needed but right now these are the most urgent.

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Modifications On Joomla Site/ Assistance Required

My current programmer has taken a leave due to personal reasons, and as I have a tight deadline, am looking for someone to assistance with some misc modifications and tasks on my existing Joomla 1.5 site.

Deadline to have completed is Thursday, October 1st close of business- so will need to move quick.

1) Insertion of McAfee scanalert code (2 seperate html snippets of code: one to be placed on homepage top right and other for all other pages on left column)
2) Insertion of a flash image (already created, zipped and ready to send to you) in appropriate place on left column
3) Removal of a small image in an existing module on homepage
4) Insertion of image in appropriate module, but image needs some rounded corners and thin border as the others do
5) Insert a gradient color back-round behind an existing image that appears on all pages
6) Help to explain to me and/or fix why when I have clicked on a module (using mozilla browser) either the font changes to tiny size and/or links change color to hex #800080
7) Adding some "space" between lines in a particular module
8) Replace 4 images in their respective 4 modules with the new ones which are zipped and ready to send to you
9) I have a particular module that I require a new look and feel to and already have something very similar for you to reference as guide, but need that switched

I will most likely have some additional tweeks over next two weeks, therefore am looking for someone who can prove themselves with these changes so that I can offer additional opportunities moving forward.

On that note, I have recently purchased McAfee and also have some work there to help fix some errors received- so if you have experience there that would be helpful.

Please provide estimate of how many hoursthe above changes will require (as well as your rate), if you are great at what you do, I believe it should not take long. I will provide all details to you (login info, site, etc) if chosen.

Thank you in advance.

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Magento Tweeks

We have a small set of jobs for someone with a dedicated eye for Magento, NO DAY DREAMERS please!

The site is currently live and operational…

What is required:
1. Post and Packaging Costs to be added into system
2. VAT to be shown on basket and on email invoices
3. Email Invoices to be branded with logo
4. Graphics on front of site adjusted (we will supply)
5. Terms and Conditions (we will supply) to be added in
6. 2 Pages to be removed
7. GOOGLE Products sheet export facility and automatic update of sheet

Please only undertake this work if you are confident in your abilities…

We would also like advice on SEO for Magento builds

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