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IPhone Apps Review Site

Hello All,

I need a website for iPhone and android reviews.
Requirements: User side.
* Users can register and login in the site.
* Can submit their application to the db – (use a form)
* apps image size should be 75×75

* Need a admin pannel for manage/approve the apps.

In Site appearance:
Disply lastest 20 apps in 2 row.
Each apps title should to connect to detailed page – page url should seo friendly.
Other apps displayed under each catogory.

Lowest bidders can win… ( expect $30)

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Updates For My Iphone Apps

I would like to update my iphone app based on what users have been telling me to update. The names of my apps are the following, so you can find them on the store. You can download the free versions so you will know what Im talking about. The names are:

Ultimate Hypnosis App
Ultimate Hypnosis App – Lite
Weight Loss Hypnosis Program – Ultimate
Ultimate Weight Loss – Lite

I believe I worded those correctly. But you should find them if you know how to look. I need to do the following to all four of these apps:

Fix a bug where the "Go to sleep afterwards" plays instead of the "Wake up refreshed" audio content.
Make the play and pause buttons bigger.
Add a "back" button to the last page.
Add a Twitter and Facebook plugin to the last page so people can share their experiences with the app.
Make is so my apps show up when people search the "iPad" apps. I would like to have my apps fit an iPad screen if someone purchases my app with an iPad. I know that people who have iPads can purchase iphone apps too, but I want my app to be more iPad friendly. So all I would need is for you to change the screen so it fits, I could provide some new graphics if needed but if they just stretched to fit that would be fine. And it is very important that my apps SHOW UP under the iPad app search. I dont mind if I have to create whole new apps to make that happen. Just let m eknow what I need to do.

Thank you and happy bidding. Looking to get started very quickly.

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Combining 2 Open Source IPhone Apps

I want to combined the attibutes and code from to sample iPhone Apps from Apple, with a couple changes.
Part 1: grab data resulting from vibrations (think earthquake) fro the iPhone

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