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750 USA Facebook Fans Needed

Please read EVERYTHING! If you can not do and finish this job correctly, then do not bid.

I previously hired 2 service providers to add 1000 USA fans, and they could not do it correctly. I understand the typical rate is $30 for 1000 real USA fans. I will pay $30 for 750 fans since I want this done right. I need real fans that are from and live in the USA. If you add fake fans or fans from other countries, then I will delete them! I WILL LOOK AT EVERY FAN THAT IS ADDED!

* All fans must be from the USA. ONLY USA!!
* All fans must be REAL people with active Facebook pages. NO fake accounts, or accounts at risk or being suspended. NO FAKES, NO BOTS, NO SPAM!
* All fans must be age 18-30.
* All fans must have 30+ friends, and several photos.
* All fans must have their status updated no more than 15 days old.

DO NOT WASTE MY TIME IF YOU CAN NOT ADD REAL FANS FROM USA!!! It is VERY important that I do not have fans from other countries. If you do the job correctly, then I will do future facebook business with you.


I pride myself on paying fast once a project is complete (see my reviews); due to the type of project this is, I will not pay until 2 weeks after you are done.
* Any fans that are suspended or disappear must be replaced, or you will not be paid.
* You must use good methods (white hat). No hacking into peoples accounts. My account and page must not be suspended or banned for your actions or methods. You will not be paid if my account is banned, suspended, or deleted.

I want to work with someone who will provide good customer service, good communication, and keep me updated. Please finish the project within your deadline and do it right. Remember, I will look at EVERY fan so do the job correct or I will have to cancel the project and find someone else. I already wasted 4 months with this project, I will not waste more time.

Please stay in my budget. So I know you are a serious bidder and read everything I wrote, please include the word "agreed" in your bid message or PM, or your bid will be ignored!!! Thank you.

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