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Virtual Currency Website


My name is Steve Paul and I am a entrepreneur out of Vancouver. I am inquiring about a quote for your services as I hope to start my online business. What I have envisioned is a website in which a consumer completes an Ad Offer and in return is rewarded with virtual goods. Also, there needs to be a transaction-based virtual currency rewards system built with the website. Users will be rewarded with virtual currency for each activity they complete. The currency rewards must be manageable in an admin. Other modules such as shopping cart will need to access the currency system.
If your interested, please let me know your email or msn and I will describe this project in further detail

Below is something similar to what I want, although it has quite a few significant differences. :

I need a ad network platform that is like ,, , etc…
I am looking to build a startup that will focus on virtual currency monetization

provide a managed offer platform for social media, such as social networks (facebook, myspace, hi5 etc), social applications, virtual worlds, online games and even mobile applications. The goal would be to monetize their virtual currency while driving quality leads and value customers to online advertisers.

Lets say you are playing blackjack. You can acquire chips by either using a credit card, or you can take an advertising offer, which will reward you with chips. Advertising offers maybe as such: applying to Netflix which might be a couple of hundred chips or you might fill out a survey, which would be worth 50 chips. Making it a CPA based model.

what types of serving software do you have that we can have a look at?
What are the limits on ad file types and sizes? Are there rich media ad types that require an external vendor? How big can an ad be before it incurs an additional bandwidth cost?

How are we going to be able to tally the metrics that is going to be important to the clients and us.What types of actions can be tracked and how difficult is it to implement tracking of advanced metrics?

Can custom reports be created? If a client requires reporting in a specific format, can you provide this? If so, is there an additional cost?
Are you able to provide reporting that displays the important metrics and carves up the performance data for us and our clients to see?

What service options can you bring to the table in order to support our efforts?
Should something go wrong with a campaign, can you bring resources to bear on a problem to get it fixed quickly? If the ad-ops queue gets backed up significantly, can you step in to handle an overflow of traffic requests? What are the pricing structures for these support scenarios?

Basically what we are looking for is a simple and rich program that will let us do our job. Also in the process provide publishers with an alternative payment platform that allows users to earn virtual items (goods or currency) in exchange for completing CPA offers.

Unlimited Publishers, Agencies, Advertisers, and Administrator. Can use as ad management replacement
Forecasting inventory / Inventory management
Advertising Rate Cards, Dashboard, Geo Stats
Demographic profiles, Shopping Cart, Campaign Budgets
Dual Ads, Geo Targeting, ad code (ad tag) automated generator
Keyword Targeting by meta tags and page scans
ability to Run ad network,
Advertising in Game. Ads in Video ads. Mobile ad serving
Video Advertising. w/ ad server video player
Automated Self Service Advertising System w/ Directory
Flash video click thru tracking and pixel tracking
CPM, CPC, CPA, Number of Days, Bidding ad buys
ECPM: Effective cost per thousand impressions
Publishers & Advertisers automatically Sign Up
Buy and Sell your ad Space Automatically
Automated payment system to sell advertising
Payment Gateways:
Billing Interface for all clients. Security controls in place


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500 Word Articles On Various Topics

Im looking for 5 500 word articles on each of the following subjects:
1. dream analysis/archetypes/symbols
2. sexual stamina/neotantrics/tantric sex
3. food ingredients/chemicals in food/ preservatives
4. different types of diets for weight loss
5. autism symptoms/signs of autism/stats/diagnosis
6. sexual fetishes/different types/regional

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Aircraft Statistics

I have been working on an Access database but I run into a snag. I need someone to complete or redo another one for me. I have daily/weekly/monthly Aircraft statistics that I manually update in a spreadsheet. I have to have the daily stats and monthly stats separate, but the monthly one has to be updated with the daily one. I update the daily one everytime an aircraft lands and at the end of every month I have to have totals of aircraft type; equipment used; type of pilot; block in/out; country of origin; pilot type (Military/Civillian); destination and arrival from. Its alot of information and I just cant get it all together in one database. Any help would be nice. It has to have monthly totals of everything on that spreadsheet, statistics of aircraft types and pilot types, and daily averages of planes.

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Learning Portal


* you must be okay working with different languages ( not english based site ), i will help putting the language in the right order.

I want someone to create membership website, this membership website is about watching educational content after payment you can gain access to the content, there will be 3 types of payment plans. The videos must be protected from being downloaded by any method of stealing

payment gateway supports all types of credit cards (paypal not an option for the meantime)

protected video player (we could use flv or mov )

to grasp more from what i want and the systematic of it
check this membership site

what i dont want is something like this

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Game For Android Called "Trimple"

Needed to develop game, that is similar to Crimson land
The most similar game for android is Tank hero: These two games may be taken as a samples for Trimple.
Game must be available for Android 2.1+.
Game must be available for small, normal and large screens. This terminology was gained from

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4090 Sears Product Categorization – Possible Long Term Work

I have 4090 products in my online store that need to be categorized correctly on an excel spreadsheet to be sold on the Sears marketplace. Multiple, applicable, sears categories will need to be chosen for each individual product. A Sears category list as well as my store product list with links to the product picture and descriptions will be provided with additional instructions.

Excel experience a must. I run an online party supply website with a focus on the childrens market. Please make sure you have a proper understanding of these types of products before bidding on the project. You must understand the proper types of categories these items would be categorized into.

Needs to be finished within 1 to 2 weeks at the latest. Do not bid if you cannot finish within this time frame. Final payment will be released when the project is finished to my satisfaction.

Possible long term work if the job is done well and on time.

No bids outside of freelancer will be accepted.

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Mobile App Development (preferably Appcelerator Js/css/html)

We are looking to make an app that retrieves data (in JSON/RSS; whatever the programmer would like) from our server and shows it in an app. Structure;

– all data has a category and a type (there are 3 types)
– icons in the bottom are to select the types
– a list of categories are to drill into categories
– after selection it shows a list and you can click into details
– when you are offline it should show the previously loaded information (not an error)

We would like something crossplatform (Titanium Appcelerator for instance), although the first version will be only iphone/ipad.

Please quote.

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Protect Domain

I dont want to make my domain name public on here, so for this project, well just call it:

I own/operate a reasonably popular website in my community, it brings in roughly 25,000 unique users per day. Some ignorant fool is trying to capitalize on my traffic by creating a clone of my website and calling it their own – theyve gone so far as creating an identical domain name … but with an "e" at the start … or

The thing about my domain name is that its very unique. When anyone types in MY domain name in Google or any of the other search providers, this other website shows up directly under mine with a loud description intended to discredit me.

What I want from you is – give me the steps needed to optimize my website/search results so that when someone types in my domain name, MY domain name shows up for the first whole page or so of the search results (ie… 10 plus listings with my proper domain name listed) – similar to what you get when you type "ebay" or "microsoft" when using a search provider … basically flooding the search results so that this gets lost in the mess.

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Post Types And Taxonomies

Hi all.

I need some custom work for a wp site for theme and plugin reviews:

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Extrapolation/Data-mining Tool

We need a talented programmer to perform an extension to a piece of software that we have. Our program extracts past results and standings for football (soccer) games from a website, and then the program makes predictions about the results of future games. The program currently makes predictions for pre-match lines, such as 1X2 (i.e. home/tie/away), over/under lines, etc.

We would like to extend the program so that it also helps us with *live* betting on football games.

To be qualified, you must be knowledgable in:
– Programming (Java strongly preferred).
– Data mining and extraction, especially file processing.
– Data analysis, especially extrapolation from data.
– Understanding of betting and odds.

We emphasize that you will be EXTENDING an existing software, NOT reimplementing it. We just want it to extract new types of data to predict new types of results. The current program is executed from the command line, and the source code is composed of a few Java classes. The output of the program is in the form of text and csv files. It already has (for example) functionality for downloading HTML pages and processing them, and functionality for performing linear extrapolation. Also, the programs usage is documented in a step-by-step readme file.

In short, we need a programmer who is able to examine the existing codebase and understand it to the point where they can implement the extensions we want. Those extensions basically involve more data scraping from, and additional types of prediction outputs.

Eventually, wed like the program converted so that it has a GUI and its outputs are easier to view, rather than us having to launch it from the command line.

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Data Sorting + Entry


I run a shoe website and I need all the products manually put into the correct categories there are over 5000 Shoes.

They need to be put into categories like this;

Product type
Heel Height
Leather/non leather

It is very easy to put them into categories with simple drop down menus.

I do not want any! Shoes put into the wrong category so you must know what different types of shoes they are maybe do a bit of research.

Images for the shoes are there also if you have any doubt in the product description what type or colour the shoe is or how high the heel is.

this is a fairly easy task and shouldnt take that long if there is a couple of people working on it.

Only bid if you can complete the project all shoes need to go into the correct category and will be checked!

Thank you very much.



When bidding please tell me how long it will take you roughly as time will play a factor in awarding the project.

02/01/2011 at 9:25 EST:

Different types of shoes include;

Court Shoes
Ballerina / Flat shoes
Knee high boots
Ankle Boots
Work shoes

and few more

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OSCommerce Contribution Installation – Attribute Option Types

Currently, when a customer comes to this site, they can only choose one option from a scroll down menu. I need the customer to be able to purchase multiple options via a radio or checkbox. This functionality needs to be able to be set in the admin and option types will vary between products, some will use the traditional pull down, some will need to be check boxes. This needs to be completed asap

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WordPress Plugin Coding (Allowing Sub-post Hierarchy)

A WordPress project is almost complete, but requires a custom plugin in order to function correctly. The plugin needs to define the relationship between two different kinds of custom post types (a new feature in WordPress 3.0). The blog makes use of a custom post type called mixtape, and another called track. When a track post is composed, it needs to have a drop down menu to pick a parent post from the list of existing mixtape posts. Track posts are children of mixtape posts, and only appear on its parents post page. The track post should not be able to be viewed individually. The track posts should be attached to their parent post, and displayed after it in the order that they were posted (newest at the bottom).

This plugin should work in a similar fashion to the existing WP Sub Post plugin. Here is a link to that plugins code for reference: That plugin would be perfect for this task except for the fact that it doesnt allow the user to define parent-child relationships between two different custom post types.

The website also still makes use of the standard post and page types, so this plugin should NOT affect the way that these work at all. This plugin should be targeted specifically towards the mixtape and track custom post types.

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Database Expert Needed!

1. Need a script that will fix a mysql backup file.

Our backup program that backs up databases has changed all 0s to nulls for integer types.
We need a script that will turn nulls back to 0s for integer types in our sql backup file, While leaving other nulls alone.

Please only bid if you have experience fixing similar issues in the past. Database is a large file.

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I Need A Script That Will Fix A Mysql Backup File.

Need a script that will fix a mysql backup file.

Our backup program that backs up databases has changed all 0s to nulls for integer types.
We need a script that will turn nulls back to 0s for integer types in our sql backup file, While leaving other nulls alone

Please specify if you already have a script that can perform this.

Only serious bidders please.

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Need A Script That Will Fix A Mysql Backup File.

Need a script that will fix a mysql backup file.

Our backup program that backs up databases has changed all 0s to nulls for integer types.
We need a script that will turn nulls back to 0s for integer types in our sql backup file, While leaving other nulls alone

Please specify if you already have a script that can perform this.

Only serious bidders please.

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2 Simple PHP Tasks

I have 2 simple PHP tasks that I am looking for a developer to assist with. Both involve MySQL.

Task 1: Website displays monthly releases as button links , with their order designated in the database, but after a certain month, the order is getting jumbled for a specific user type (site has 4 types of users – 3 types show correct order, 1 shows incorrectly).

Task 2: I have a user interface that manages events the user enters into the database. I want to add a sorting function to this list to help the user easily manage their multiple event listings.

I am looking for a developer who can begin immediately. PM me for further details.

Max bid for both tasks is $50

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Upgrade Uploader For PHPMotion 2.0 Website


I have a video sharing website located at (remove xs).

The video upload system currently IS functioning, however it seems to not accept some video files.

Also, users that upload lengthier videos seem to have issues.

I want to upgrade the uploader. So please accept this project only if you are familiar with the latest video uploaders/converters out there, so that my website can accept the maximum number of video file types with minimum errors.

I would also like a more modern looking upload status bar.

Before I release the payment, I will test the uploader with a variety of file types.

PLEASE MESSAGE ME WITH YOUR PLAN FOR UPGRADE (i.e. maybe the name of the video converter)

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Looking For Many Different Types Of Scripts

Hello Freelancers

I am looking for many different types of scripts for clients of mine

i need something like, or bid rivals , freelancer/ elance or odesk many other ones if available

please email me with demo scripts you have ready, please state the framework and architecture used on the script
if it is scalable and easily modified etc.

customisation will be required.

please provide an attractive price for me.
bidders with quality scripts and attractive prices will be given alot of work 😉

do nto bid if u dont have these scripts all ready and available


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Rewrite Personality Type Relation Descriptions

I need you to rewrite the 14 "Intertype relations" ("Duality", "Activation" etc) listed in the link below into plain English:

Exclude the charts and graphical objects. Also, remove the headings – I just need descriptive text snippets.

Anyone without prior knowledge of socionics, personality types, sociotypes etc should understand the descriptions without any problem, so you will have to rewrite everything.

See the references in the footer of the Wikipedia page to find other resources where the 14 different types are described in detail. And/or use Google.

Please note that in some types there is a "Person A" and a "Person B", for example "Requester" and "Request recipient". Feel free to rename those terms to something more easily comprehensible, however keep the logical reference to whos who, so to say.

I expect a minimum of 200 words per description: In total at least 2800 words (14 x 200).

When you deliver the text, please make references to the headings in the Wikipedia article; "Duality", "Activation", "Semi-duality" etc (I need it for matching purposes, even though you dont use those terms).

Your text should be unique and pass Copyscape(.com). Please be inspired but dont copy!

I expect your delivery within four days.

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Need 5 articles written on 4 subjects:

1- hybrid gas mileage info ….. list of all hybrid vehicles sold in the USA and what kind of gas mileage they get. There are quite a few, including Toyota, Honda, Lexus, Acura, Ford, GM, and more. 500-1000 words
1- hybrid car info – all new USA 2011 hybrid models and a little blurb about each one. 750 words
1- hybrid car info – history of hybrid vehicles and the different types. 500-1000 words
2- Beer info – types of beer, origins of beer, history of beer in the USA, characteristics. 1000-1200 words each

We have $50 in the account for this – let us know if that works.

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Research: Answer Questions About Big Bang

This is a pure research, no writing project. I would like EXACT answers to the following questions.
The theme revolves around the Big Bang and Elementary Particles.
With the answer I

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Custom PowerPoint Chart Development


Are there any smart wizzkids around that could find out a way to get custom chart types in PowerPoint?

PowerPoint has a lot of chart types to choose from. However we have even some better ideas/wishes.
We are looking for a partner who finds an easy way to have EDITABLE charts in PowerPoint,. So just as it works now (or a compatble solution) but then our types.

Some examples of the chart types we think about are attached. Please let me know your thoughts about this, is it possible or not or do you agree with me a I fear that I am dreaming?

Please let me know your thoughts and a fair price (budget for this project is not hard, just because I had to choose something!).

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OsCommerce Restrict Accepted Credit Card Types

OsCommerce Restrict Accepted Credit Card types

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Types Of Dogs

I need about 150 articles about dogs.

writing about types of dogs such as age, weight, history ect.

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Google Maps Modification And Expansion For Advertising Site

I am building a classifieds web site . I am using a template system made by a commercial developer with Google maps already integrated but want it improved. The integrated Google maps harvests data from a database created by the advertisements sales system of the web site , it uses address and other data to create the Google maps.


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Monthly Link Building (2 Websites)

We have two websites we need a regular link builder for.

We have a budget of £200 per month per website. So £400 in total p/month.

Rather than say what we want in exchange for the £400, I invite GAF members to bid on what they will provide for the sum. This should include the types of links, types of activities, etc. I will be picking the winner not on how many links you would bring but the quality and variety of types of links.

Please do not simpy copy and paste your company information as I will simply delete your response as it shows lack of care & consideration.

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Diffrent Types Of Reaserch

Research Project!

I am looking for a Freelancer reasercher with experience in finding diffrent types of websites, TwitterAccounts, Facebook or other social sites in diffrent topics.

This specific case is finding Facebook group and Fanpages in a specific subject and theme. Ad them to a list and make sure the contact info for the owner also is added.

Please make sure u ad some typ of experience when applying for this freelance jobb!

More work will be available if this works out!

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IPhone IOS 4 App

Thank you for reviewing this post.

I would like a an app similar to

Without the "unknown tab" & "facebook import" but with the ability to have two other types of entry types on the first and last tabs. It is also important for the App Icon to change with the appropriate number as well as the iOS 4 background stuff.

Must look better visually and all art work to be inclusive.

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Doc Viewer For Android – Print To IP

We are looking someone to code an app for android 2.0+ that has the ability to read the following file types:

Office 2003, 2007, 2010 files – All types
.eml files – All file types
Word Perfect – All file types
Works – All File Types.
Also JPG, GIF and PNG

In settings menu need ability to print to an IP address based on the wifi network that is connected (remembering the IP address) No remote software should be needed for this app as these should print on network printers what have hardware print servers built in. Also should have the ability to choose color or black and white.

We will retain all right to the code once completed.


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