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Required 5 X 600+ Word Pages For New Site Homepages

I require 5 x 600 words pages written in good English and completely unique and not re-written from other sites.
The pages will be used on home page so they need to push customers towards my product.
I will supply keywords for each page and that keyword must be used at least twice in every 100 words.
I will also supply the product name which should be used in the work.

All work will be run through a plagiarism checker and any copied work will be rejected.

Once I have accepted a contractor I will forward you the keywords for the pages.
Job must be complete within 5 days.

I look forward to working with you soon.

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Type 8 Pages Into Word Document

We require 8 pages of a PDF Document to be re-entered into a word document for editing, and then made into a pdf document. The current pdf is an image and can not be copy and pasted. You will only be asked to type current pdf word for word. We will do editing.

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Triangle Scan

Need a programmer preferably with some understanding of technical analysis or chart pattern.
Need a program to scan end of day data from
major stock market [initially Austalia Stock Exchange] for triangle pattern.
Data to be downloaded from yahoo finance
Program should be able to scan & pick up triangle pattern from Daily, weekly and monthly stock charts.
Pattern scanned should be able to be displayed in the candlestick format
And displayable as HTML
For an idea of triangle pattern
Goto :

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Information Pages For Social Network

I have a website based on SocialEngine 3 and Im looking for someone to create around 10 information pages that will help users understand what the site is about and what services are offered.

All the text for the information pages has already been written, so this project doesnt involve copyrighting.

Also, this project doesnt involve website designing. The information pages will be made using the already existing templates.

The project taker only has to:
– Create a tpl file and a php file for each page, using the pre-defined templates;
– Insert all text into SocialEngines admin panel so that it can later be translated (the project taker is not asked to do any translation);
– Format the text in each page according to the instructions.

This is a very simple project and shouldnt take more than a day to complete. Please bid accordingly!

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