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I Need Script To Run On Hp Unix OS

I need script to run on hp unix OS. The get daily report in text file which I want to show in graph. I have attached text file. Please PM if you have any query. Thanks

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Unix Programing

unix project

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Log Review Script-Bash-Linux-Unix

Script Requirements:

1. command line

2. Will ask user the directory path and name of the log file

3. Will ask user the date format of log file (that is date syntax to match)

4. Will ask user how many days back they want to review log file

5. Default date will be current system date.

6. Will ask user the desired path and name of the output file. Default will be original log

7. Will grab the pertinent log entries and send to a file in user indicated path

8. Script must take into account monthly calendars (example months that are 27days, 28days, 30days and 31days)

9. Ability to attach additional parameters to script (example ./script | grep whatever)

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Simple Unix/linux Project

There is a command called "XYZ" when ever we execute this command "XYZ" the output shows the results. In result it shows more info about like when it was registered, who registered it, etc

If you dont know the exact command, pm me I will let you know. I am not typing it here to avoid getting listed in google.

Now, I have a very big list of domains. I will need:

1. Multi threaded – The script/sw will execute 1000s of such commands every min
2. proxy support
3. STABLE! It is a must, it should not crash or stop working with large files.
4/ Export, it will export the result like name of the person who registered, his email id, domain name, other details

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Linux/unix PHP Server Admin Specialist Needed

I have a dedicated server and I need a Unix/Linux expert to install the following applications:

1. Red5 Flash Streaming server
2. Kaltura ( open source video solution platform
3. Email Server
4. Test and patch where necessary
5. Currently have webmin installed but want a free control panel like ISPConfig 3 or if you know of any other control panel that is better that would be good to

This should be no problem for someone that is very skilled at what they do. I need someone right away.

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Secure My Centos Plesk Unix Server From Spammer ? !

I am worried someone has installed a script on my server, I have changed the root password but it seems to have not helped

I get the messages

Hi. This is the qmail-send program at
Im afraid I wasnt able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
This is a permanent error; Ive given up. Sorry it didnt work out.

<>: failed after I sent the message.
Remote host said: 554 delivery error: dd This user doesnt have a account () [0] –

— Below this line is a copy of the message.

Return-Path: <>
Received: (qmail 17839 invoked by uid 0); 13 Jan 2011 09:33:48 +0000
Date: 13 Jan 2011 09:33:48 +0000
Message-ID: <>

etc etc

In my mail box, It seems someone using my server to send spam.

I will also need a version of cacti totally removed and perhaps a free server scanner or similar if one is available to scan in future for such trojans, scripts etc

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Convert Simple Unix Sh Program To Windows

I have two programs that i work with on a unix workstation and i need to convert them to windows in some way. I believe that they are c shell scripts that just need to be converted. I know this is easy stuff, the programs are: one is where you drop a directory on the program and it prompts you for a new file name and makes a new directory and copys the files in the old directory to the new one with the new file names infront of the file types. the other program does the basic same only it renames all the files.i can supply the unix files for you.

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Need UNIX Script For Mac That Will Refresh Images And Save

Need a script that run on Mac OS from the Terminal Prompt.

Script needs to rapidly refresh an image located on a site. Each time refresh, the image that appears is a new one at random.

After each refresh the image needs to be stored to a location on the hard drive.

I need to be able to set how many images to grab, the time interval between each refresh, and location of saved images directory.

With your bid, PM me for more details on the site that we need to access, and we will send URLs and information.

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UNIX Excersices

Hello i am a student and i have some excersices to be solved with unix commands.

i will be delivering 5 exercises to the selected freelancer from this week till the middle of december, one escersice per week.

i need the excersices to be hand in within 1 or 2 days from the time i get to you.

15usd/excersice seems to be ok.

please give me an overall cost and a per excersice cost in pm

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Unix Shell Programming Assignment

This is a small rush assignment (max 24 hours) for a school project.
Need to write a set of commands to run on Unix server, more details in pmb.

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Help With Data Formatting Unix Or Shell Scripting Expert $20

I have data which needs formatting with my needs.

mostly with awk, sed,grep commands to extract data out of pipe delimited files

apply conditions to extract data

it requires few hours to stay with me to finish this data extract

if you are expert with UNIX shell and who are immediately available wihtout asking too many questions
and be patient to stay with me bid

ready to start

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Search And Replace Data Unix Shell Script Or Perl Expert

Read carefully, do not simply throw me script and ask me do it. NO. it will not work that way
you need to process this data in the test fiel of 200mb(800,000) records in less than 30 minutes

see complete data and input and output i expect is detailed below url

1. i have input file / files memory.csv ( raw data)
2. i have formated data file – hp-parts.csv ( which has 6 columns)

for each Model, p/n number in hp-parts.csv file search entire memory.csv file (1st to last) and when you find a match move that record to another file and prefix with (Product_type,Manufacturer,Family,Series,Model,p/n Number)
repeat the process until all the records in the hp-parts.csv file is completed.

seems simple right, i did this with unix grep, sed, awk commands with small data but here the issue
memory.csv file is 200mb (800,000 records) like this i have 20 files so total data size 3gb 4gb
I need your expertise to sort out this and provide output files as attched

see attchment with input and output i expect. My budget is $20.00 for script. if the script takes more than 30 minutes to finish test file (200mb – 800,00) records you will not get paid.

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AVAYA Website Integration

Current hardware
* AVAYA IP Office 500 system
* AVAYA Contact Store for recording phone calls running on a Windows Server
* AVAYA phones

We require a simple webpage that will allow a user to Login using there avaya extension
* Once loged in webpage must show them there current status "I.E logged in, Logged off, part of huntGroup XXX"
* A dialog box should be available that allows them to enter a phone number on the screen and click dial. When dialled there phone should then ring to allow them to pickup call and the phone number they imputed into screen should be dialling
* In the event the agent receives a phone call and there phone is ringing the number should be displayed on the screen
* There should be another part of the webpage that allows them to search the contact store via a date range and or a phone number to view phone recordings on the contact store. Selecting the recording will allow them to download the wav file / play it

Requirements :
* No Black Box work that is compiled, must
* The use of flash is not allowed
* Website is to be hosted on an apache webserver running on Apple OSX or Unix
* Additional software can be created to run on intermediate windows or unix box if required to integrate with the avaya phone system and contact store and the website can talk with that. However… the finished website must be able to be run on any unix build of Apache
* No plugins or software can be installed on people who view this website
* People using this website must be able to do using Apple Safari and Firefox without the use of 3rd party programs

Attached is a 5 page Scope Document PDF, On page 5 is a single word, When bidding please quote this word to prove you have read the scope

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HTML Form To Unix Script

Create a form in HTML for the purpose of creating a customized script to build containers for Parallels Virtuozzo.

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Unix System Admin For Cloud Server

Install / reconfigure RackSpace Cloud Servers and related infrastructure in accordance with standards and project / operational requirements.
Setup Load balancing, Rsync, and other server requirement
Setup automate daily backup operations.
Automate regular operational tasks using shell and Perl/Python scripts.
Provide instructions and guidance on best practices to team members


Bachelors degree in computer science or 5 years experience as a Unix system administrator is required.
Must have a minimum of 3 years of hands on experience with Unix or Linux system administration
Minimum of 2 years experience as a network engineer
Must have 1 year of experience with SANs.
Must have 2 years of experience with Apache
Must be familiar with NGINX, HA Proxy Servers, Rsync

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Icecast Install On Centos Required

Ok, i am looking for someone to install ICECAST and ICES on a VPS running CENTOS 5.

Please only reply to this post if you have had PRIOR experience in installing ICECAST on CENTOS 5 as it is NOT THE SAME as installing it on other unix OS.

If you have never done this before DO NOT REPLY.

The max budget for this project will be $30 as if you know what you are doing it should not take you any longer than 30 mins to achieve.



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Creating A Network Of VMmachines Machines On Windows Desktop

Creating a network of VM machines using Vmware on windows vista desktop. The machines(servers and created will be unix, windows server and windows xp, Linux machines. Total requirement is about a network of 12 machines with few servers and some clients. Detailed description will be given later. All the vm machines need to recognize and communicate with each other as in a normal environment. additionally installation of softwares(oracle etc etc) on unix or linux servers is also going to be part of the job. The VM machines created using VMware will have to have access to internet.

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C/C++ Application

Looking for a developer that is a proficient expert in C/C++, Unix, PHP, and MySQL. We need a lightweight C/C++ application that is based on unix libtorrent and executable from a php script developed and beta tested within two to three weeks. Please submit a bio/resume and examples of other work. Full project details will be disclosed via email.

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C++ Application Development

Looking for a developer that is a proficient expert in C++, Unix, PHP, and MySQL. We need a lightweight C++ application that is executable from a php script developed and beta tested within two to three weeks. Please submit a bio/resume and examples of other work. Full project details will be disclosed via email.

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Need Help Writing Unix / Shell / Perl Scripts – $10 Script


i need help with small scripts i have need on a regular basis
i am posting this project open to few scripts i may need in next couple of days

1st script as detailed in pinnaclecart-catalog-script.txt file

this link has all test data

in this script i already have perl script that connects to database and insert data
retrieve data.

i can share that too

let me know if some one is interested. you can write in any script
linux, shell, perl, ruby etc…

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Hiring Freelancers For Big Project 12

Looking for freelancers for big projects for the SQL ,System Admin,Twitter ,UNIX and Software Testing. This project is bid for 100 hours work.
For more information just feel free to contact us. You might the one we are looking for.

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UNIX Or SQL Questions Needing Answers.

If you consider yourself UNIX or SQL smart please bid $30 I only have a few questions and no work is required.

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Itamarjp’s Private Project

I need a guy with some Unix answers. Just a quick job $30 for your solutions. I will do it. I will explain details after you bid. Instant payment.

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7zip Recovery


I have a file that has been created on a server using the 7zip command, I cannot extract the file, the error is Error: Can not open file as archive

The file seems to be intact though, its a few gigs in size. Im looking for someone who has experience with this who can attempt to extract files from the archive. I can provide you with the file itself, or ssh access to a unix server that has the file + utilities on there.

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UNIX FORTRAN 77 To COMPAQ FORTRAN 77 Conversion Of A Program

I have a FORTRAN program that calculates laminated composite properties which accepts constituent properties of fiber and matrix properties and outputs effective composite properties of laminated composites.

It is written in FORTRAN 77 of UNIX operating system originally. But I need it to convert to COMPAQ FORTRAN.

I will provide ficticious input data of fiber and matrix properties as well as laminated ply configuration to debug or to test-run the program.

The task is:
(1) Understand the flow of the logic in the existing FORTRAN program.
(2) Ask what input data is need to create a test run of the program.
(3) Run the program in COMPAQ FORTRAN.
(4) Provide a simpler version of the program by selecting subroutines in the existing program. (Select a group of constituent property and produce effective properties of specified laminates.)
If every thing goes well for the tasks in PHASE I. Further modification of the program will be forthcoming. (It is not discussed at this point.)


If everything of the tasks in PHASE I resolves well, I will have PHASE II tasks, which is not discussed here.

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Windows VPS Server Admin

Setting up my VPS with Plesk panel

Transferring domains from Unix Cpanel Server

Installing various applications on new Windows server

Time purchase 20 hours over several days.

Good English communication required because we speak on Skype whislt working together on the webserver tasks so that I also learn to master my VPS.


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FFMPEG Installation Needed

Need the following istalled on a fresh Unix server

Mplayer + Mencoder (mencoder is now built into the mplayer svn release )
flv2tool ****REQUIRES RUBY ON RAILS****
LAME MP3 Encoder

All are needed to play and stream video

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Support Staff For Seedbox Company -Linux Expert

We are looking for a part time Qualified individual to join our support staff!

Applicant must have a minumum of 1 year unix experience and be comfortable using the interactive bash shell.
Debian experience is a plus, but any unix background is acceptable.

Applicant must understand basics of installing software on a unix system, from source, and with the package managment system.

Applicant must be familar with the rutorrent webui. Installation experience is a plus. Above all else, if the applicant
doesnt already understand how to install and support rutorrent, he or shee must be a quick learner.

Utorrent knowledge is a plus.

Trouble shooting skill is important, as are people skills.

He should be patient with customer, polite in talking and Good command over English.

Should be able to work around 8 hours a day.

Duties include:

Answering support tickets from customers.

Giving online support if needed

Troubleshooting issues.

Fixing stalled clients.

Basic unix admin duties.

Interested Applicants should send their Resume or Application Via PM.

Please mention your Full Name, location, Time Zone when you are willing to work,payment expected and mode of payment.

Payment will be monthly.

Warm Regards

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Passwords For Members

I am a graphic designer and this project is beyond my capabilities. Im looking for someone who has very good english and an ability to communicate with a designer.

There are probably other aspects to this that I have not considered, so I would prefer that bidders have some experience in this that can be demonstrated. eg. you send me a link where i can see how your preferred system works. Also, I work on a mac, so your system will need to be mac friendly.

My client has approx 250 members in their club. Club members pay an annual fee for membership. Included in this membership is access to a restricted webpage which contains a link to a journal. Each member needs to be given their own username/password to access the restricted page, and the club needs to be able to switch off the access if the users membership lapses. So if the users membership lapses, either access is turned off manually or ideally automatically, and attempted entry is rejected with a message such as membership may have lapsed – please contact club administrators. Club has no existing database. It would be nice if the database could email the club as well to let them know perhaps 30 days before memberships expire.

thank you, Graham.

PS. As for what technology is to be used, i have no idea but my server is administered by cpanelx. here are the details..

Server Name:

cPanel Version:

cPanel Build:


Apache version:
2.2.11 (Unix)

PHP version:

MySQL version:


Operating system:

Shared Ip Address:

Path to sendmail:

Path to PERL:

Kernel version:

PPS. Same thing goes for budget. I have no idea, but i guess the bids will determine this.

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Open Source Scripts Installer And Trainer Needed

We are looking for someone who is really experienced in terms of installing / configuring / managing the open source applications and fully experienced in Admin functionalities. The person we are going to hire will be able to do the following.

1. Have good knowledge of the following applications especially admin functionalities.

a. Blogging (Preferably WordPress)
b. Forum (Preferably phpBB)
c. Bug Tracking System (Mantis)
d. Project Tracking System (Preferably eGroupWare or doproject)
e. You can list any applications which are similar to the above.

2. Able to walk through us the usage and admin functions of these applications.
3. Very good working knowledge in Linux / Unix commands.
4. CPanel experience is a big plus.
5. Content / Article / Blog writing is a big plus.

Ready to hire immediately. Possibly a long time job, if we find you are really good.

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Simple Perl Coding Features

Hi there,

I would like some variables / subs (I think they are called) creating for my current perl script. These are basically what I want:

New Members Today – This wants to look in table users and then in field joined I think it must be in unix time stamp as its a load of numbers (example 1134598254) and find users that joined today from this.

New Members this Week – This wants to look in table users and then in field joined I think it must be in unix time stamp as its a load of numbers (example 1134598254) and find users that joined this week from this.

Thanks a lot.

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