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Update Product Useng Excell

We are looking for someone to import stock status in magento. Stock status will be in excell format. programer write php file that can be reached by user name and password to do this work

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Website Update Of Joomla Version And All Add-ins Components

Update Joomla version of web site from 1.0 to 1.6. Update all modules, mambots and components, including Coopermine, DOCman, GMaps, Joomap, DS-Syndicate, JCE Admin, JoomlaXplorer, MediaSlide, News Feeds, and UGM.

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Update And Configuration Of Appointment Booking Pro

We already have Appointment Booking Pro installed on one of our sites. Now wed like to get it up to date and it live. The current installed version of Appointment Booking Pro is 1.4.2

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Os-commerce Update

Ineed someone to update My Oscommerce shopping basket on my website to the latest version for added security.

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Internet Stock Update Purchase Order Monitoring

Im looking for a software to monitor the progress in our PURCHASE ORDER which needs to be update regularly, so that both sides(UK and China) will have an instant update of the current stock progress.

A simple Excel lookalike column will be great.

1) I place a new purchase order with picture, quantity and description.
2) Supplier will update whats available and estimated time to make
3) I will make another new purchase order with picture and qty and description.
4) Supplier will post out partial of the order being completed and update the system.

This will be a daily routine. This software will tell us what is not being delivered yet, so that both part does not miss out any order places before.

If the ordered being delivered, it will move to a second tab (or second page), so that we can easily keep track on which order is still in progress to avoid double ordering.

Auto time and date stamp on each order if possible.
Password protected.

Thank you.

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Code Update

I need someone to edit a piece of code. It is already a working code in processing language. This code should work basically in the same way. Its just a matter of replacing some values with the information I will provide.

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Update Some Code

I need someone to edit a piece of code. It is already a working code in processing language. This code should work basically in the same way. Its just a matter of changing some values. This project is a quick edit in a whole.

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Site Maintenance + Script

Project consist to:
1-Write a script to update everyday automatically an auctiva ecommerce
2-update everyday on google merchant respecting google rules
Experience with such work appreciated

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Design Windows and Apple OSX widgets to use login details to access a database and provide application and user specific detail. Further include links to website for further user detail.

Required also is a admin tool to prepare database connection strings and web address URLs.

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Template Update

I have a website template that has been customised but hasnt gone live yet. This is a yootheme template which runs on Joomla so a very good knowledge of yootheme and joomla is very important. The changes i want made is very little and i have a budget of $30 for it.
The following is what i want changed
Possibly the template background colour, two forms, change the dropdown menu colour and font, help with linking website to FB and Twitter and separating the left side colomn from the body (middle part).

Please only bid if you can do this.

Thank you.

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Update/overhaul Of Photography Website

I am a photographer and am looking for someone to overhaul my current website (which is a pure HTML site). It is just a basic information site at the moment with a few photos displayed, and a pricelist. I want to do the following things…

1. Add a page to the beginning of the site which displays a slideshow that showcases my photos. This needs to be easily updatable by me (yes I can do basic FTP updates). There should be an enter the site button on this page and my logo, that is all.
2. Change all instances of my old logo to my new logo
3. Menu bar put along the bottom, instead of the side to avoid the jumping down of images on smaller screens
4. Replace all old photos with new ones. This again needs to be easily updatable by me.
5. Fix the website so that the scroll bar is visible (it has disappeared for some reason, and I have checked on two computers)
6. Update details on About me page
7. Upload new price package document to replace old one, again easily updatable by me.
8. Update contact details
9. Add a facebook "like" button to automatically make clickers a "liker" of my facebook fan page
10. Add a link to my etsy store page on the menu bar

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Website Update And Revision


We need someone to make changes to our website.

Project as follows :
1. Insertions of new links
2. Update content with provided text
3. Insertion of .pdf docs/brochures for online viewing to be updated
4. Replace flash on Start-Up to main index page as its loading too slow for clients with slow PCs.
5. Backup the site and load it onto our server for safe-keep.

The individual doing this project must :
1. Show he is competent in web design / maintenance
2. Show me PAST works in jpeg or links
3. Must be dedicated to completion with minimum delays.


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Website Update

Im trying to get better landers for most of the forms landing pages need changes like
join the newsletter
booking form
join mailinglist
tell a friend

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Update Medical Website With CMS, With SEO Review

We have a medical website that needs updating
We need a CMS so we can manage it ourselves
We want SEO review to ensure we maintain and increase placement
Remove music currently on site

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Need To Update Website By Using Php

We have a current website that uses php. We have a prooducts that get updated on our website by using an excel spreadsheet, but its not working.

Here is what we need.

1. We list domain names on our site for sale. We would like to update the sold one easily. We used to be able to do it by just updating a excel document but its not working.

This should be a simple task.


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Studiopress Header And Footer Revised – Update

Our company is seeking an individual to help us with:

1) ideas and recommendations for fixing (make better looking) header and footer for Target audience is women and it is an online magazine our company would like to appeal to this group and would like our
2Please provide quote, a couple of ideas for changing header and footer (to help us see how you would approach the project) for THIS project.

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Project For JayKaushal Website Update

Project for Jay Kaushal only 🙂

Thank you!

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SASOFT ONLY – Website Update


Update brochures and pictures as discussed.

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Update Our Phyton Script To The Last Version

We need update our version of this script to the last release.

We were made some little customizations on the design and we need that this remain unchanged.

This is a very easy work for some guy that know how python or dganjo work.

After the winning will be choose I will send you more explanations and details, but all the basic are described above. Pay will be make after the project is done and free of bug, after that you also must provide 30-day support to fix bugs and minor corrections. Due before experiences this is not negotiable. I will pay when I see the applications running on my host, locally or remote.

When bidding, please do not bid with

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Web Service Update Database With Sessions

I may need someone to rewrite an existing apk file to be able to handle sessions across the httprequest
and the webView for android. I already have the emulator uploading to the database by way of request_id
but need to be able to update only if there is a valid server session.

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Update Pro-stores Design


We have a pro-Stores website that needs designing to a better standard than the basic settings that it is currently please give us some examples of what you can do for the budget of $150

mark your bid with " Pro-Stores"

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Google Places Keyword Software Update

I have a software that I had created that:

1) type in a phone number
2) it will find that Google places listing info and idenify the 1st category
3) Based on that 1st category it will display keywords in our database

Google changed its layout code and not our software using alchemyapi does not see the 1st catgory. It is picking up
the address of the listing and NOT the 1st category.

==> See for illustration

Our design in communicating with Google is based on alchemyapi. So we need someone expereinced with Googles api to update our software.




We look forward to working with you… we need this project done today 🙂

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Update Internal Helpdesk Web Site – Phase 2

This project for Superpt..

Update existing web site with addition menu option for accounts.
This option is to show information about outstanding invoices for clients.

Full details to be sent.

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Update A Website

[Posting of URL with contact link is not allowed – removed by admin]
i want to upgrade this site, designing, html to php, sign in sign out functions, etc,

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Pages Update Yanush Yanpix

As discussed add pages

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Article: Why People Stay … And Why They Leave.

This is an article of 800-900 words for a magazine read by small/medium sized businesses in Australia. I can supply or suggest a number of references as source material such as
1 HBR May 2010, Martin:

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Basic Php File Update

Hi yes this is for a basic update to apply small changes to our already updated site and network we managed to get everything uploaded with install and yes even the database . I only need some minor color changes and script editing for the already installed php let me know thanks . The budget is $40.00 thank you.

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