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Need Google Top 10000 Keywords – Updated

Hello, I need top 10000 keywords of google:

1, must be latest;

2, can be updated regularly;

3, with click numbers of dayly or monthly;

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*UPDATED* Fortran Programming For Engineering Application

Im doing a project that entails fluid dyamics and heat transfer. Therefore it is necessary that you have the knowledge on the mentioned subjects.

More specifically, i need to programme certain formulas in Fortran and eventually able to predict the performance of the system based on the formulas and the programming.

The project is a transient state project therefore the difficulty level is higher as there are more uncertainties.

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Magento Plugin – Bug Fixes, Updated

Im from LiveChat ( development team. LiveChat is a live chat software that, in particular, integrates with Magento.

Im looking for a Magento developer that will be able to improve the integration with Magento. This will include fixing current bugs and adding some more functions to the integration.

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Updated Product Colors In Excel Spreadsheet

Bidder will update colors for about 100 products, by checking wholesale website and finding the product in an excel spreadsheet of our products. Each product has around 10-30 colors to be typed in.
For example 22MB – Champagne w/Gold Hi-Light

Each has to be added twice, with a different category number. Project should take about 10 hours.

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Web Site Updates (PHP)

A website was written for us some time ago in PHP. It is now being hosted by an IT hosting provider. We require some content updates to the site. I can supply the updated content with specific instructions in a Word file.

In addition,there will be ongoing minor content updates after that.

Right now, we can afford $150. So it will be simply be case of us getting as much of the content updated as we can for $150.

How many hours of time could we get for that?

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VBulletin Mod Updating

I need a forum Add-on/mod updated from vbulletin 3.8 to vbulletin 4.x.
The 3.8 version works fine and I need it updated to the new format of vbulletin 4.

I could do the project myself but dont have the time.
I have a budget in mind and will only concider those with a good reputation and speed and efficiency is a must.

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Automatically Update Database From Csv File

I am on a share webhosting plan (actually is a reseller plan)

I have, on my share webhosting account on a server, a csv file that will be updated automatically, having the csv file updated is a task I already solved myself, hence the csv file is being updated automaticalley already.

What I need is that this csv file which will be on my shared account, also automatically do update a mysql database,
is only 12 fields, only one table!

I mean that the csv file will be updated, and so now, what I need, is to use that csv file to automatically update the mysql database too.

I am on a linux enviroment, on cpanel with phpmyadmin

I know its not too dificult, I know some php and mysql myself, actually I was writting it myself but I have no time to do it

I need that you write it (I am sure you have such script already or a similar one, as it is a very simple one), and test it, and let it working nicely along with the csv

03/18/2011 at 16:14 EDT:

It needs to be installed tested and work for some period say 3 days to be sure it does work perfectly

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Affiliate Link Updating Needed

The owner of my one of my websites recently changed all its affiliate links and a few product prices. Links from my website now direct people to the wrong products. I need all of the links and prices of the products on my page updated so they direct to and match the affiliates page and prices, respectively.

Very basic and mindless work.

Skills needed:
-Copy and paste
-Free time

Number of links to be swapped and prices to be updated: ~200

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Magento Store In Different Domain Name Updated From Main

I have one Mageno store website with 8000 products. I want to create a new store with a new domain name pointing to another website. So every product added in the main store should be updated in the new store with another domain name. In addition the new store should have the ability to update with 300% increase in price of the main store.

Only those who are confident with Magento Multiple store should bid on this project so please dont waste both of our time if you are not confident with this task.

Payment only through paypal, no upfront. I have bad experience with freelancer escrow system so I dont prefer escrow system. Im stright forward – complete the work – get the payment in full.

Budget: $50

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Simple Web Mobile App

I want to develop a very simple web app which can be instantly use in cross mobile devices.

Need to display updated contents when browsing via mobile devices or even desktop.
example like this one … no need to categories by items,
just display the most updated one with a list of offers. Click the favourite to redeem.
Provide us an empty template of contents to update.

Require email verifcation on the back-end, collect and develope emails as database.
Export into excel form.

Wrap with our company logo and information. We will need all source code and documents for this program.

Simple! Neat! Quick to begin!

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Wedding RSVP Site

Im looking to build an RSVP page for a wedding website. Im slightly familiar with php and mysql, so that would be best, but open to whatever works. The following is a general description, but not set in stone if you have ideas you think would work better.

Id like to be able to import a csv file that has fields for first_name, last_name, allowed_adult_guests, allowed_children_guests, address, phone, email, notes, RSVP_ID, status

RSVP_ID will be a unique alphanumeric string in the form of xxxx-xxxx

The webpage will display a page prompting for the RSVP_ID. When a valid RSVP is entered a page will display two buttons and the users first and last name. One button declining the invitation and the other accepting it. If declined, status field will be updated to DECLINED, and a page with some TBD text will display and an email will fire off to me with this update.

If accepted, a page with dropdown boxes from 0 to allowed_adult_guests and 0 to allowed_children_guests, a box to put an email in, a box to add a phone number, a box to add notes(food allergies..), and a submit buton will be viewable. The only required field will be an email. When submit is clicked the status will be updated to ACCEPTED and the corresponding field will be updated, a confirmation page will show up with some TBD text and an email will fire off to me with the information.

I dont need anything pretty as Im planning on inserting this into an existing site.

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Joomla Website Update

1) Update homepage landing links.

2) Create pop up on user role pages using jquery and color box

3) Ensure pages can use IFrame and html code can be updated when required.

4) Create link to thank you html page.

5) copy over data from current updated site to new domain.

6) update codes with correct google analytics tracking code

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IPhone / IPad Game Updated And Completed

Hello everyone:
We have another iPhone game that we need updated and upgraded to an iPad version. This project is for a non profit childrens community center, the application is to be used as a teaching tool and will not be on the apple market place. The developer must be familiar with animation using PNG

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Updated Marketing Brochure Project For Gemkd

Update marketing brochures to create multiple variations.

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PHP/SQL Database Website Development

I need to make a webpage very similar to
(please do check the website)
need to develop a database which can be updated
and searched by questionnaires.

this project will be updated to school website
and my school server runs on linux -php – mysql.

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Need Script Written For Mp3 Players To Get Updated Music

I need a script written that will be put on mp3 players to get updated music. The mp3 players are going to be used inside stores that will be playing music. We need a script written so when the store owners plug in the mp3 players into the computer they get the updated music from our website. We will be adding new music once a month so the store owners will plug in their mp3 players once a month and it will update the music. We have billing set up so the store owners pay a monthly fee for the music content so I want it set up so if the payment is not recieved that month then they will not be able to get their updated music.

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Boats Website Design (updated)


This project has been updated. The budget is $1500/$2000.
We would like to create a website dedicated to boats. It would be in French+English, but I will provide all the texts. The type of website has to be very similar to : What is very important is after the website creation, that customers can directly enter their new posts (text + photos) in the database. We have to be able to modify the website easily with a good CMS and a database to be able to access and work on the informations. We need a forum to be created.

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Asp Dot Net Ecommerce Website To Be Updated

Hi Guys

The website is in ASP Dot Net

Its in ecommerce website which is already done 90 %

Some updates and other few features needs to be added. Its a basic website in 1st phase so just will be used for companys internal work for time being.

Rest of the details will be explained on PM and through remote support.
You will be given sub domain where you can update website and then live it on main server after testing is complete.
Code should be clean and no tricks should be applied as it will be verified by clients coder.

If any such activity is done then we will stop the project

Please PM for details

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I wuld like for the computer to check the central dspatch website every minute automatically for an updated information, if it finds an updated information I would like for it to open a new tab, beep and show me the updated item that was not there prevously and continue checking agin. I want it to be a firefox add-on.
I have uploaded a sample of a website.

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Update Facebook App To Work With New Systems

I have an existing facebook app that was developed a yr or more ago. It was working then Facebook updated a couple things in their system and now the app doesnt work.

I would like to get the app updated to work with the facebook credits and existing system.

PM for app details and links.


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1-18-11 – Revise Website Colors, Images And Text

I have a website that needs to be edited.

1) The color scheme needs to be updated. (I have a reference site for these changes)

2) Images on the site need to be updated. (I have 13 new images to replace the current images)

3) All instances of the company name and phone numbers need to be updated.

4) The Home Page text needs to be updated. (I have new text)

I will send you a .zip file of the current site (old) and the new images, text and reference info for colors.

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Web Site Update

I am wanting to get our website redesigned. I like the design of our website but we are needing it to be updated.
-We need all the new Hyundai brochures(approx 20 brochures) to be put on our site and approx 10 changes done to Gehl brochures and information
-We need the info on our profiles to be updated
-We need the used equipment to be set up so that I can update our inventory ourselves
-Also need to be set up with a different web site host

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HTTP Posting Instructions Repost II

I have a completed website that collects leads and posts them via HTTP. I need the posting instructions updated and tested to make sure things post correctly. Then I need a posting link web page that I have for another site copied, and updated to work with the modifications that will be made on this site. I need to have someone who speaks English well, and has Skype so we can get this done quickly. This was assigned to another freelancer who I thought had it finished, but when it was not working, I was unable to get hold of them, so I am reposting with the hope of getting this done in the next few days.

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Photoshop Designer Needed

I need some images modified. I updated my new product. I have attached the four images with my old can that need updated with new can images. I have also attached 12 images I took of the new can that you can use to modify. I need the four images updated with the new can images.

Here is what I need done:

– I need a designer to view the old image folder. There are four images that need redone.
– I have attached a folder with the new images. I have taken 12 images. If you need more or better images, let me know. You can use these photos to replace the old cans in the folder named old products.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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Asp CDO Recode

Need a code updated:
ASP based code, using cdonts sendmail function, compatible with Server 2003, is not longer viable, and needs to be updated to CDO.


Dim bodytext, from, subj
subject = "Profile Submission"
from = ""
Set Mailer = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NEWMAIL")
Mailer.From = from
Mailer.To = ""
Mailer.Subject = subject
Mailer.Bcc = ""
Mailer.Body = EmailMessage
Set Mailer = nothing

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My code reads a XML feed and insert all items in my database using INSERT … ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE function. that is working awesome and you can see it live here:

All these results will be inserted/updated on my database, the primary KEY (auto incremental is "id_itm" and "url_itm" is UNIQUE.

This is the real query I am using to INSERT/UPDATE the items on database, that is perfect:

The problem is that I need the "id_itm" value of the row just inserted or just updated, to pass it in the url item.php?id_itm=

I found that this it is possible to trick this using LAST_INSERT_ID(expr):

"If a table contains an AUTO_INCREMENT column and INSERT … UPDATE inserts a row, the LAST_INSERT_ID() function returns the AUTO_INCREMENT value. If the statement updates a row instead, LAST_INSERT_ID() is not meaningful. However, you can work around this by using LAST_INSERT_ID(expr). Suppose that id is the AUTO_INCREMENT column. To make LAST_INSERT_ID() meaningful for updates, insert rows as follows:

INSERT INTO table (a,b,c) VALUES (1,2,3)


I offer $30 to get this ID out of the darkness

Thank you!

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Need Updated Website Made For

I need someone to make website video and presentation as you see at

We offer same or similar products plus all domains, and hosting and referral income..
I need flash that you when you go to .ws

[Posting of contact details is strictly prohibited at This will cause suspension in your account. – -Admin]

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Update Newspaper Website Using Joomla On A Monthly Basis

Our Joomla website needs to be updated on a monthly basis. I will send you the text (about 12-15 stories and about 5-10 photos) at the beginning of each month. The site must be updated within 3 days of receipt of materials. Text must be formated with Headers and other formats to make it readerable and more user friendly. Stories must be placed in categories/sections as detailed by me. See our website at:

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