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Online Directory Portal

Hi there,

I want a portal combined or integrated with a business directory.

The portal must have the following functions:
– on the homepage: search possibilities, weather updates, news updates from different other websites (business/sport/foreign, stock updates), event calendar, prayer times, traffic jam updates, local oil prices

The function of other webpages
– links to other websites based on category, including the design of the subscription form for the website owners
– yellow page including the design of the subscription form for the advertisers and payment method
– business information, links,
– event calender, where companies can add their own events including the events through a form or / and rss feed
– food recipes page (database), with the function for subscribers to add their own recipes
– BABY names page (database)

Design of the newsletter subscription form

The design style for the website:

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Adren Updates For Vietcodepro

Updates/addons to template done by vietcodepro for template "Adren"

1) Need left hand navigation to have pop out menu as per image attached

2) Need virtuemart category and product detail pages to show products for that category in right column, see image.

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Import Stock Updates Into Magento 1.5

We are looking for a PHP script that will update stock levels in Magento by directly writing updates to the MySQL database. The information is provides as a CVS file (two columns SKU and stock level) sitting on a local file system. The script iterates through the Magento product table using the SKU (the SKU in the Magento is prefixed – so the prefix needs to be stripped of; only two letters) to look up stock values in the provided CVS file and updates Magento with this value. If the value is Zero that that product has to be set to out of stock in the database as well and if the value is greater than Zero it needs to be verified that the product is set to in stock. If a Magento product (SKU) is not in the provide CVS file an Email should be send with that SKU.

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Web Site Updates (PHP)

A website was written for us some time ago in PHP. It is now being hosted by an IT hosting provider. We require some content updates to the site. I can supply the updated content with specific instructions in a Word file.

In addition,there will be ongoing minor content updates after that.

Right now, we can afford $150. So it will be simply be case of us getting as much of the content updated as we can for $150.

How many hours of time could we get for that?

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Site Updates

Need some site updates and twitter link from my site.

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Various Web Site Updates, Host Transfer

Various web site updates, host transfer

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Updates To Image Contest Website

Looking for an inexpensive PHP/mySQL programmer to help upgrade an existing Image Contest website.
This upgrade will involve the following tasks:

1. Installing and integrating SEO Board Forum to work with existing user management system.
2. Adding a customized chatroom (that works similar to a Shout Box).
3. Adding additional "User Management" features for deleting contest entries.
4. Integrate and use Image Magick or GD Library to optimize uploaded images.
5. Integrate and use Image Magick or GD Library to shrink and optimize thumbnails file size and dimensions.
6. Creating a basic Preview page for users image upload before posting.
7. Editing the script and database for adding an extra variable for Contest Description.

I can create the HTML layouts and provide graphics. I just need someone to help with the coding.

Please only bid if you have experience working with either GD Library, ImageMagick, or similar server side image optimizing software. Thanks.

I have included a PDF file that outlines the entire scope of work.
All updates are indicated in Red and Green, so you can get a quick idea of what is involved.

There is a hidden message in the comments on the last page of the PDF.
Please post it in your bid. It helps me to weed out the auto-bidders.

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Blogger, Social Media Updates (b)

Looking to hire an Editor in Chief to run a blog on music licensing / music publishing.

In addition, the editor will also monitor, post and reply on Facebook and Twitter.

Expecting to have daily updates, posts on recent trends, issues as they relate to music licensing.

Willing to pay up to $25-$30 weekly fee.

To qualify, please indicate what you know about music licensing and if youre able to write proper articles/blogs, etc. Id also like to possibly see a blog/article related to the topic you wrote, where available.

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Flash Web Site Updates

I need to add 2 products to my site and restructure a horizontal navigation bar to make room for the new products (there is not enough room to include them). Also need to add the new products to an animation on the home page. This is not an ecommerce site. Its strictly informational.

Please PM me for the sites url.

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Blogger, Social Media Updates

Looking to hire an Editor in Chief to run a blog on music licensing / music publishing.

In addition, the editor will also monitor, post and reply on Facebook and Twitter.

Expecting to have daily updates, posts on recent trends, issues as they relate to music licensing.

Willing to pay up to $25-$30 weekly fee.

To qualify, please indicate what you know about music licensing and if youre able to write proper articles/blogs, etc. Id also like to possibly see a blog/article related to the topic you wrote, where available.

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Data Mining Project

Small company is looking to automate data entry process so content can be added automatically in our web site. The ideal candidate must have extensive and advanced knowledge on web scraping and data mining. Candidate will be responsible in developing technology/code/cron/scripts so certain content can be imported and formatted based on our sites needs.

Specifically, we are looking to data mine keyword searches and display the results in our site. Developer must be able to set up cron. This is important because data mine must be set up automatically, multiple times a day.

In addition, this project requires some code updates such as URL updates, update display results pages, etc.

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Looking For More Than Just A Website Designer!

Need a Creative Business Person, Seasoned Writer, and Magnificent Web Developer.

I am looking for a very creative individual. One that can think outside the box, come up with great content, and design the BEST website for me. Your English skills haved to be great!

The website I want to compete with comes up as number one on search engines for every phrase related to the business….I want to counter that, so I am not looking for someone who will just design a website. Search engine optimization and great content is important to me. SEO is important!

The website will be the primary source of business so I want someone who will design a work of art.

I want someone who can make updates in future, when needed.

This is no simple task, so only the highly competent need respond.

The competing website is Their website is not the best looking but they get all the traffic there is. I want a great looking website and remember SEO is very IMPORTANT.

They offer free shipping, shipping labels, book quotes, referral/affiliate program, and many many other features you can learn about ONLY by signing up and using the service.

I want you to register, use the service and come up with a BETTER solution for me.

Im looking for the best!

In future, will need a Career section, and many other updates (well see to that when the time comes).

Someone flowing with great ideas is what I need!

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Need Similar Software Like Hirens Boot Cd

Need the same exact sofware like hirens boot cd,it can be the same exact one also but with my own copyright and name
the software is going to be used for virus removals so all the tools included in hirens can be included in this.
Any suggestions are welcome the software needs to be user friendly where a average person can pop this cd in and remove viruses
once the cd is started, the softwares in the cd should automatically start and when the scan is completed it should remove the viruses and move on to the next one (ie the next software )also the updates should automatically download before the cd starts,so the softwares will have the latest definitions
The programing can be done under any platform like linux or windows pe

1.The software has fit in a cd not dvd
2.the GUI has to be user friendly

i can provide you with more examples, let me know its a long term projest
also i need the complete rights for the software also the winner will be doing some future projects and also will be maintaining the sotware for future updates

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Private Project For Adeel -CFL Updates

This is a private job for Adeel. Can yo please add $100 for the previous project, and the price to update this project.


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PHP Fixes And Updates To Create Facebook App

Custom updates

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Update Current Site To WordPress

Greetings: Need an experienced team to convert old website to wordpress. old site:

Current site is a mess!

Our agency will provide some new updates with pictures and copy. Have new reports and some other very minor updates.

New site will include a video holder to pull youtube content. (not sure where it will be in navigation yet)

We are looking for a firm to build a long term relationship with for outsourcing projects like this. Your bid must include previous examples of work.

Bid only if you have numerous positive reviews.

Have a great day !

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WordPress Styling Updates

4 styling updates for wordpress site:

1) style subpages for menu bar
2) add container shading
3) suppress tooltip display for images
4) add imagemapping for approx 15 images. the images are displayed in lightbox.

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WordPress – Fix Video Slider Transition Issue + 2 Updates

WordPress site has issue with slider transition with embedded vimeo vids. Slide continues to animate even when video is being played.

Two other minor updates are needed to site. Additional Details will be provided to bidder.

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PHP Fixes And Updates To Facebook App Posts

Custom updates

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Flash Updates: Images And Content (for MAXINFOS)

As discussed, Flash content and images modification and updates. Original Flash FLA and Photoshop PSD files to be sent on acceptance. Timeframe 3 days, budget $150. Thanks!

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PHP Script Updates


I need some updates added to my PHP script. The updates needed are:

— A sponsors name to be added into the members area.
— A notification email to be sent to sponsors if they receive an upgraded referral.
— Default admin name to be shown on join page if no sponsor.
— Integration of sponsors ID into autoresponder.


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Updates To My WordPress E-Commerce Website

I would like some updates done to my website.

1 – On each product / Categorie page i would like the products to change possition every time the page refreshes.

2 – On the Product details page i would like this changed so i can add more images for each product, i would also like the page layout changed to suit my needs.

3 – I have a rotating banner at the top of every page, i would like to change the way this rotates, at the moment it rotates from right to left, i waould like this to stay still and just change the images simillar to here

That is it, happy bidding.

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Website On Global Government Jobs Updates

make a global website
jobs .com
which show
whole updates of government jobs

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Fashion Label Website

Hi there i am looking for a web designer to design a website for a fashion label. The look we are going for would be similar to

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PictureTrivia IPhone App Updates

Hi everyone, I need to do some updating of my app on the itunes app store called "Picture Trivia". I want to do a couple of things including:

-Making the A,B,C,D options bigger and easier to click
-Adding an overlay animation type thing that displays Number in a row correct and some blurb like good job! or keep going! Possibly change the sounds
-The Highscores is broken for some reason and needs to be fixed
-I would like to improve the current score display and make the left right arrows to flip between past questions a little more user friendly.
-Finally I would like to add iAds to the app and see how much can be made with that option

I would also need help authenticating and uploading/submitting the app as it has been awhile since I have last messed around with it.

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Joomla 1.5.x Shopping Cart

Project Details:

– Shopping cart must match the template. A demo template will be provided so you have an idea of how I would like the shopping cart to look.
– Shopping cart must have the following features, but are not limited to the following:
– PayPal and PayPal Pro payment solution,, etc.
– Shipping modules for UPS, USPS, Fed-Ex, etc.
– Sales tax for all states in USA, including Puerto Rico
– Multiple configuration options for products. For example, when you configure a computer from or, it lists different hardware and software you can configure.
– Configuration screen must be easy to: read, navigate, and understand. It must also look very nice and modern. A good example would be something like has or I am open to different design ideas. This will be further discussed once the project is assigned.
– Shopping card must be able to be upgraded to Joomla 1.6.x.
– All security patches and updates must be able to be applied in the future, and if the updates conflict with the appearance or performance of the shopping cart, you must be able to provide an update version to resolve the issues.

Project details are subject to change.

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I have an existing POINT 2 website and need to make changes to add Buttons and links to landing pages.
Small job but could be ongoing.

Please do not contact me if you have not worked with POINT 2 before.

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.net Survey Project Updates

I currently have a .net survey application that I am running multi clients on and a function is not working correctly for one one the clients.

Please place a per hour project bid.

.net experience

hours available

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Part Time (retainer): Support And Maintenance Of Up To 10 CM

Part time (retainer): Support and Maintenance of up to 10 CMS (Drupal) sites

Currently, our company has created approximately 10 CMS sites (most of them are Drupal), as our company grows, we are finding that we have a need for a developer to

provide ongoing 24/7 support of these sites for regular module updates, trouble shooting, content changes, design adjustments and code changes.

Often times, weeks will go and no client will need any support outside of the regular module updates. But, sometimes after we have completed a site for a client, the client might want to make daily changes for a few days. Your first assignment would be to implement a module on our website that clients would use to submit Help Desk requests and route to you for completion.

Payment terms
Flat rate: $250 per year
We would pay $125 up front and $125 on September 1.

Also, if you like, you can have first crack at bidding on the new sites we create.

Timeline requirements
1 hour turn around for High Level requests
24 hour turn around for Low Level requests (regular updates)
Weekly meetings for the first month. Then, Bi-monthly 30 minute teleconferences to touch base and see how thing are going.

COMMUNICATION: Must have the ability to manage our expectations and timelines. For example, if we request that you complete an update within 8 hours, but you know that it will take 20 hours, you must communicate that to us. Must be capable of discussing requirements and given task and offer improvement or suggestions. Communication; audio or chat, strong communication and understanding is requested.

Please note that Im looking for individuals not companies – Please dont bid if you represent a company.

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Database Driven Web Site Needed

We are looking for a code builder and web designer in one.

We need a bright individual to build a web site with the following requirements:

1. There are 2 main parts to this web site, lets say Users 1 and Users 2
2. Users 1 will be able to add various information to a database and will be able to make updates to that information.
3. Users 2 will have read-only access to the information entered by Users 1
4. Users 2 will have the option to have the information, previously entered by Users 1, automatically sent to their email addresses when Users 1 make any updates to their information

Thanks basically the requirements of the site. The only other thing is, this site needs to look professional and have a corporate look and feel. We already have the logo, slogan and main colors. Just need someone to put it together.

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Write And Post Attractive Updates About Our Site

We are looking for someone to help us for writing daily post and updates for our facebook fan page to attract maximum users and clicks. We are planning for increasing our fan list from 100,000 to 1,000,000 in next 2-3 months.

Our users are mostly from indian origin and our site for promotion is a social networking kind of site.

Please provide us the quote on monthly basis(2 updates/day) or you can give charges per post.


*Proof of prior work will be advantageous, esp. with references.
* You will be paid 2 weeks after you are done just to see that fans are really liking your post quality.

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