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Upgrade Magento Site

Something wrong with my site after installed a mod..The Shopping cart page is blank.

* I needs the newest magento version install
* All my products and categories be move without problem.
* Have this new theme install with a classic logo.

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Magento Expert To Repair A Template After Upgrade

After magento upgrade (from quite old version to the template displays errors, front page is distorted and there are problems with some characters.

The site should be repaired today, max. about 10 hours.

I need somebody serious with magento experience who wont let me down.

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Upgrade Website

Gaming Website

Existing website is a template, has multiple blocks, cms, and custom banners and logos that we have had designed.

What we are looking for is an upgrade to our site, keep some of the functionality, and add some other things like a video section, Facebook, a real nice forum section, lots of options for forum posters, updated profile options, videos, rosters.

Need the abiltiy to update site as needed in the future after the project is done also.

** Can speak very good English.

Please show link to portfolio, thank you.

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Business Website Upgrade

I have a website that needs to be rebuilt using SEO
The design will be based on existing with slight improvements
The site will need cms throughout
Note there are a handful of pages with PHP

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OsCommerce Upgrade


We are looking for an OsCommerce expert.
We currently are running version 2.2RC2a with a bunch of errors and bugs, so we have decided to wipe-out the current version and install the version 2.3.1. We need someone who knows how to migrate our current live catalog to the new version (we want to keep the images and database). In short we just need to upgrade from ver. 2.2RC2a to ver. 2.3.1. We dont care if we loose the template (in fact its better, we want start fresh like a new store). Please, contact us as soon as possible to start working with you.

Our site is

Good luck and happy bidding!

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Upgrade Joomla Site To 1.6

I have a website with joomla 1.5 I want upgraded to 1.6. There are about 4 submenus to convert and hook up. I also have a few extensions that should be ported over: kunena forum being the biggest. Website is

Let me know your bids. It should be relatively straightforward but just want to avoid the hassle of rebuilding the menus.

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Web Site Upgrade

We are seeking a creative web designer who can construct new content webpages that conform to our current website (knowledge of Droople necessary). This will be an ongoing project. We are a social justice nonprofit agency based on San Francisco California

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Upgrade From Magento To 1.5 Latest Version

Looking for someone to assist in upgrade Magento to latest 1.5 version. Using elegance theme and one page shopping cart extension. Looking for US based company to do the job.

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Upgrade And Integrate New Forum Script

I have a forum script that is installed on my website, but, it is a very basic script. I would like to upgrade the script to something more robust and secure.

I am open to using just about any type of forum software that is available, so long as it is open source.

You will need to remove the script profiles (as my site already uses profiles and the script would have to be integrated 100% with my site.)

you can see my current software at:

I would like to use one of the following: (this is the preferred script)

I am open to any suggestions that you might have as well (please include a link to your suggested script demo when bidding)

Remember the script AND the admin panel must be fully integrated into our site/admin panel

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Magento Upgrade From Ver. To

Our production Magento installation is currently and we would like to upgrade to latest stable release being

Looking for someone who can simply perform the upgrade on live site.

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Joomla Site Upgrade

I have a modified functional Joomla site:
It is version 2.2 RC1 and I want it updated to v 2.3.1

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Website Upgrade To Enterprise

Wanting to upgrade current website created using frontpage 2003 to Enterprise, and change home page to have additional thrid column to move hyperlinks at base to the side. Cleaning up of directory structure and repeated template files.

Current site has PHP code and upload facilities which are Not to be changed.

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Upgrade Magento: To


We have a Magento store. It is version We need to upgrade it to the most recent stable release version,

We have these extensions, which should still be compatible with the newest version of Magento:

Enhanced Product Grid
Easy Lightbox

Please bid on this project only if you are sure you can upgrade Magento. I strongly prefer someone who has upgraded Magento before. Please let me know the cost and the time required. Thank you very much!

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Upgrade Prestashop To 1.4

We have a fully working store in Prestashop 1.3.5 and wants to upgrade to latest 1.4 build. The theme needs to be rebuilt to fit to the new build and we need everything to work upon upgrading. The store is located at The SQL should follow and all information should be intact.

Payment will be done when a fully working shop is approved by me.

This requires a high-level of knowledge in PHP, mySQL, Smarty3 and JAVA. I want to see earlier projects from you as a reference.

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Vbulletin Upgrade (3.7.4 To 4.1)

My forum is currently using vbulletin 3.7.4. I need someone to upgrade my forum to the latest version of vbulletin, while keeping my template in tact (and with less then 20 minutes of total downtime). I am currenlty using php 5.3.5. However, I will also need to downgrade to php 5.2 as I have another script on my site that uses zend optimizer (which is not available with php 5.3.5). However, when I downgrade to php 5.2, vbulliten is running into problems. I need someone experienced in php and vbuleltin as well as HTML, SSI, graphics etc… Make sure to include the words "ci project" in your bid so that I know you read the entire project description. I am willing to pay $25 to 35/hour (depending on the devlopers qualifications). Please base your bid based on that rate (based on how many hours you expect the project to take). If you are not willing to work at that rate, do not bid. I will also need the developer to work with my VPS manager to on the php downgrade.

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Upgrade WordPress & Template From 2.x To 3.x

I have a website in WordPress 2.x using this template

The WP installation / template needs to be updated to the latest WordPress version.

Website will be provided to bidders.

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Upgrade Sobi2 Template From Directory Plazza Template

Hi there,

I bought Directory Plazza template from I can provide you with this template.
The sobi2 template of Directory Plazza doesnt work with the current version of Sobi2.
I need someone to upgrade the sobi2 template (od D Plazza) to fit :

– Joomla 1.5.22 Stabel (in French)
– Sobi2 (French)
– The short description doesnt work neither (see demo)
– Sobi template must be adaptable to other joomla template (other than directory plazza)
My website:

I believe it must be quite easy to fix and I am able to pay as much as 50-60

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Need To Upgrade Server’s Squirrelmail, PhpMyAdmin, Etc

Right now I am currently needing someone to upgrade my security on my site.I am in need of someone can upgrade my Squirrelmail to at least a 1.4.16; upgrade my phpMyAdmin to 3.4, disable Track/Trace methods on my server. I may have a few more items but I think that is all.

I forget if my server runs on Linux or Windows but I think it is Linux. These things need to be done quickly. My main concern is keeping all of my php info wihtout losing data. Hopefully keep my emails too.

Please contact me if this is something that you can do.

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Phpfox Upgrade

Upgrade Phpfox 1.6.21 to 2.0.7

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Website Upgrade – Zencart

Our Zencart website needs tweeking and we are looking for someone to modify the basic templates it uses. The structure itself is working fine and has done for some years now but we just want some simple design changes done .Based in Beaconsfield Victoria.

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Upgrade Magento 1.3 To 1.5

Upgrade magento ecommerce website to latest 1.5

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Upgrade Oscommerce Shop

We have an existing installation of oscommerce 2.2-MS2

We need this upgraded to the latest version of oscommerce (I think 2.3.1), without losing any existing data or products and you must keep our existing custom template theme looking the same after the upgrade as it does before the upgrade.

Please only bid if you have done this kind of work before. Please include details of your oscommerce experience in your bid or PM.

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Irealty Script Upgrade Installation

Im looking for someone who can install an upgrade for a script that I use for my existing site.
The script is written by and is a real estate script.
There were problems with the Paypal payment system and some bugs and have been assured that the new update resolves all these problems.
I have since received a license key to download the update from their website and just want someone capable of installing it on the existing site I run.
I also got assurances that the install should not have any conflicts with the existing site but will obviously want the provider to take all necessary precautions when doing the work ie backups etc.

So if anyone can do this, then please make a bid.

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Image Editing

Hello, thanks for looking …

We run a large clothing website and are looking to upgrade our current t-shirt catalogue images. Currently we have around 2500 products that are using an old t-shirt template and we are looking to upgrade them to a newer version

You will need to work to a strict guideline on product images, making sure to make the new version similar to the old (in terms of t-shirt sizing, print sizing and colour). All images should be saved at 100% quality and 500 x 500px

Thanks again,

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Image Editing

Hello, thanks for looking …

We run a large clothing website and are looking to upgrade our current t-shirt catalogue images. Currently we have around 2500 products that are using an old t-shirt template and we are looking to upgrade them to a newer version

You will need to work to a strict guideline on product images, making sure to make the new version similar to the old (in terms of t-shirt sizing, print sizing and colour). All images should be saved at 100% quality and 500 x 500px

Thanks again,

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Upgrade Customer Partner Extension To 1.4.2

I need someone to upgrade customer profile from Ebizmarts to 1.4.2

Serious bidders only, please have actually read the specification.
You can see the extension at:

I can provide the source if required, but you really should be able to download it yourself!
The extension needs to install on any Magento version 1.4.2 (and preferably above).

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Magento Upgrade – 1.4.2

Need upgrade to 1.4 system + magento classic theme + ideal extension

have a test website in place, have done some modicfications in some core files but now how to (re-)do this myself

prefer to have a test / staging environment to make my adjustements before going live

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Migrate And Upgrade Magento Store

We are looking for someone to migrate a Magento store to a new host and upgrade from to the latest version.

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Android App Upgrade Feature.

Need to make a critical update to my music app
need to add a EULA in English & Spanish
also to remove a website letters from the app
if interested please PM me

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Upgrade Gallery 2 To 3


I need someone who can upgrade my gallery 2 to gallery 3.

and customize the template

simple task, bidder need to have knowlodge on gallery 2 and 3.


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AMember Script Upgrade

Upgrade aMember without losing any information.


Security Upgrade.

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Upgrade Homepage

Upgrade website homepage
We want to upgrade homepage of [Removed by Admin]
(1) design at least 3 slide show. we can provide hi-ri product pic.
(2) include all elements in the existing home page
(3) style comply with whole website
(4)when menu and address need to change, only change one place instead of every page in the site.we use

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Need To Upgrade Oscommerce!

Oscommerce website needs to be updated!

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