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Perl/CGI Upload Script

I need a custom upload script that will allow my users to upload a file to my server. This should be done from an .html form. The user should be able to enter a directory in a form field. The directory will then be created and the file uploaded to this directory. I need the ability to get a file list, limit upload file size and file types, and the ability to delete files (also from a form).

There are scripts out there that do this, but they are copyrighted, etc. I want free use of the script so that I can make modifications, use it commercially, etc.

Finally, I need this script to run on both on Unix and Windows hosts. (Very important.)

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Vocal Remover Using PHP/ASP/CGI/PERL

Essentially we require a function to remove vocals in a MP3 file under an web server environment.

The code can be in one or combinations of the following: PHP/ASP/CGI/PERL/SHELL SCRIPTS etc

The steps are:

Decoding MP3
Splitting stereo into mono tracks
Invert the mono track
Reconstruct new MP3 file

The final submission will end up with a function which I can call, something like:

removevocal(file path, output path)

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