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Data Entry 2011

There are 6 Files that include contact information for our clients. Currently their name and addresses are on 3 to 4 lines. We need them in a spreadsheet one contact per line. Needs to be In a comma-delimited format so it is exportable.

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Data Entry Of Retyping Words

hello welcome dear freelancer

now i am introduce u very simple and very easy data entry work of the retyping of the words and letters. your job is to only retyping words and i am pay u for this retyping words 0.80$ for the 1k means 1 thousand words. and i am also give u step by step process that how to start work and how u will get money.

i am also invite new freelancer who have less expirence in the online work.

my site is

this work is start after the indian time 11:00 pm to 6 :00 am so who is ready do work on this days only that people are bid here . i am give some selected people to chance to work with me and if they passed the test and honestly work with me then they willl selected as the winner of the project. and they can work with me.

so who is ready to work on the night time only that people are bid here.

best regards



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I Need 5-10 Articles In Danish And Finnish – SEO Friendly

I need 5-10 articles written in danish and finnish. They will be used in pressreleases and submitted to articledirectories so they need to be correct and native in language. SEO is important to, you will get some keywords and its important that you do know about how to use SEO in the right way in an article.

In the bid, please specify how many articles and wich length they will be, minimum 400 words.

If you not are native from / in denmark or finland, dont bother to bid.

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UAW Article Rewriters Needed Urgently To Start Now!

If you landed here, then you are about to bid on a very simple project. Basically, I need rewrites for UAW (Unique Article Wizard) articles. The rewriter just needs to rewrite the original article twice, but rewriting MUST be done line by line and MUST NOT TO BE DONE AS A OVERALL SUMMARY!

Example: if the original article is of 34 sentences and 8 paragraphs, your corresponding rewritten article should also have 34 sentences and 8 paragraphs— no more or less than that!

Other Requirements:

– You must be able to rewrite 4000w-5000w EVERY DAY!
– You MUST be available via some IM, like gTalk, Yahoo, or MSN. I dont want writers you take work and then disappear.
– Payment via GAF/ MoneyBookers as you need.

Rewrite the following short paragraph LINE BY LINE, so that I know how much you are capable of.

"All of us desire to loose the extra weight of our body. Many prefer traditional way of doing exercise as well as diet. The six weight loss guidelines include elimination of junk food as well as processed foods. It is to be remembered that physical improvement is not at all possible with insufficient diet. You need to make choice of healthy and nourishing alternatives."

This is LONG TERM work, so there will always be work available for you. Ill be hiring multiple writers, so dont hesitate to bid.

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Data Entry For Australian Businesses

We are looking for a database to be created of all gift shops, gift retailers in Australia and a separate database of all homewares shops , homewares retailers in Australia. Both databases should be around 12,000 businesses in all. Data will been to be collected from online searches on phone books and other directories. We are prepared to pay per address entered.

Data to be entered into Excel. Business name, address, suburb, state, postcode, phone number. fax (if known), email (if known), website (if known). Separate databased for gifts and homewares.

We would probably prefer a split payment with a portion held back until address quality is tested – probably 25%. We would test the addresses within four weeks on completion off the project.

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posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-$250 USD

Created: 04/03/2011 at 12:16 EDT

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

06/02/2011 at 12:16 EDT
(59d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (1 reviews)




1. rate 1.50—500 WORDS-PAYMENT EVERY 15 days or after completion of a se6
2 . GAF payments only
3. no milestone PAYMENTS/NO UPFRONT
4. must have a messenger client for faster communication (skype, YM, gtalk, AIM)
5. proficient in english—NO GRADE SCHOOL ENGLISH PLEASE!our reading audience is european

I need 60 articles finished in 6 days-thats our usual product output every week. I can increase it if you are up to it
Continous project up up a year if your good

Please submit a sample at the PMB. Bids without samples will not be considered outright
Note: If you do not agree with the rate and payment schedules, pls do not bid or negotiate.

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Movies Data Entry


We have in our back office a list of 92 movies.

the movies should be filled with info from the internet and moved to proper category.

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Data Entry Team Needed #02

bid only 30$ and Discuss about more detail In PMB

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Data Entry As Discussed For Captchabossss

As discussed !! Need Data entry operator

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Article Rewriting

1000 word articles 2$ each bids with milestone will not be concidered

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Writer Needed To Rewrite Article Provided Asappossible

Hi everyone,
PLease only bid if you have perfect english.
I need a writer to rewrite some article i would provided.
Each article would need 2 rewrite.
You would need to send the article in note pad format, with 8 paragraph each.
Each article need different title
The maximum price i am willing to pay per rewrite is 0.75 dont bid more than that.
Rewrite are a lots easier than original article to write as the original article is provided
and you just need to change idea,put synonym.
The writer would start with 15 article to rewrite 3 time each and if satisfy will have opportunity for
long term opportunity.
Its simple you just need to provide a good quality then you can have longer contract.
The writer need to produce the rewrite for 10 article daily.
I got the right to ask for rewrite if the writer is droping the quality during the project.
If the rewriter is doing a unacceptable job he
remember its easy when your doing rewrite i you change the words and sentence the article wont show
more than 5 or 6% copy in copyscape.
Any article that i will receive that show to much copyscape result will have to be rewrite.
Good luck everybody!

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Image Resizing/cropping And Data Entry For Toyota Vehicles

The job consists of adding promotional information (including pictures that must be resized) for Toyota Canada vehicles. There are 16 vehicles in total, and each vehicle needs to be added to a CMS in both French and English. A knowledge of French is not necessary to complete this job.

The tasks can be set into 2 groups:

Image resizing:

– Well be providing a ZIP file with 71 images
– Each vehicle has 4 images that need to be cropped, resized and saved to meet specific resolution, file size and filename specifications. Photoshop is required.
– These images must then be uploaded to an FTP server

Data entry:

– Add each vehicle in both French and English into our CMS system.
– The fields to fill out are: Vehicle Name, Promotional information (same text for all vehicles), Images 1 through 4 (must fetch the images uploaded previously), and Vehicle Description
– The Vehicle Description text must be retrieved from the Toyota Canada website.

Detailed instructions and login info for FTP and CMS will be provided to the winner.

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Data Entry ( 7ocr) #03

Need good freelancers

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Data Entry ( 7ocr) #02

As we discussed

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Data Entry ( 7ocr) #01

As we discussed

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150 Word Articles For BMR (100 Needed)

I require another writer with great English skills to join my team.

This project is for 100 articles of 150 words each.

Each article must have a keyword mentioned in the first three sentences.

Each article must be given a title.

Each article must be unique and pass a human editor.

This is for Build My Rank… if you have experience then this is all for the best.

i will require all who bid to write a sample for me… The winner will have this taken off from the full amount, leaving 99 to write.

I have not had an article fail to be cleared yet, but if one does fail, then i will expect you to write TWO in its place!!

I pay at 25 articles written, 50 articles written, and then the full amount.

I prefer a writer who can commit to 50 of these small articles a week… however i am flexible, as long as i know up front how many you can write.

The budget for this is $35.00, thats 0.35 cents an article… Please dont waste either mine or your own time bidding more… of course lower bids can be entertained!

This has the potential to carry on beyond this initial project length.

Good luck, and happy bidding!!

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Fresh Or Experiened Articles Writers Needed

article writers needed for long term projects…volume work…should be able to turn around atleast 10 articles in a day.
otherwise dont bid please.

100 percent copyscape pass articles alone will be accepted

1 usd per 500 words
payments would be cleared then and there…no waiting for weeks and months

variety niche

so variety of individuals are needed. minimum 3 people needed……bid for 150 articles
which is 150 dollars……others excuse

blue is the word to start your bid

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Virtuemart Data Entry (images Only)

Virtuemart store which has already been built and all data has been entered. Up to 300 extra images need to be found and uploaded to the correct product. The images are quite easy to find (I will list all the websites where these can be found). Images must be of good quality and preferably deep etched or on a white background.

This is the website:

For all products with only one image you will need to insert more images found on the internet. I will provide login details as well as links to many websites where the images can be found. Message me for more details.

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Off Line On Line Data Entry..


This is very easy data entry and data collection project.

New freelancer also welcome to my project .

weekly pay out minimum $70USD

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New Data Entry , Earn $5000USD

Good Chance For you ,

please bid now , Easily you will earn $5000USD

See your PMB ,

Please bid now

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Data Entry Long Tram Job

Hello freelancer,

This is my first time. i am searching data entry workers. i think it is very easy work

i need long tram workers for my project. new freelancer also do my job easily

payment tram weekly,

project budget : $1500-$2500USD

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Bookkeeping / Data Entry

We need someone to intelligently and quickly input data into our new accounting system (were using This will involve entering data from excel spreadsheets and PDF files (mostly invoices) into web forms, plus receiving paper receipts via post and entering that information as well as expenses.

Wed like someone experienced in bookkeeping or accounting so that receipts and expenses can be intelligently grouped together before being entered into the website. As our bookkeeping and accounting system ( is web-based, we need someone with excellent experience of using websites and web forms, and who will be able to learn to use the system quickly.

This project needs to be completed quickly and accuracy is very important – we need someone who doesnt make errors and who can be confident that the data entered is correct. This will also mean we require someone with excellent English language skills, both to ensure accuracy of data entry and for communication with our team based in the UK.

We have an initial project to get the historical data into the new system, plus an on-going requirement to keep the information up to date with new invoices and receipts.

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1000+ Blog Comments – Data Entry

1000 blog comments required using anchor link text back to my websites.

I have 9 websites.

I had someone before doing these comments for me before but she has now increased her prices.

Please see here: This counts as 1 comment.

I need 1000 of these comments.

Comments must be on different websites. You can post more than 1 comment on a website as long as the backlink goes to a different website of mine.

example, I own 9 websites, website 1, website 2, website 3 etc etc.

You can go to a blog and make backlinks for all above websites. Do not make the 2 of the same backlinks on one blog.

I will provide all backlinks details and anchor text.

I need someone very reliable who wont let me down and will work to set timescale and budget. This is ongoing work and I am currently creating anouther 12 websites which will need around 45 keywords to be backlinked to. Lots and lots of work for someone who is reliable.

Terms and Conditions.

Project will be awarded Wednesday 23rd Feb at 8pm UK time.

You must complete minimum 200 blog comments per week (no maximimum) and send me the proof every Sunday morning UK time (or before if you prefer) One or two days late is acceptable but 200 comments are wanted as an average per week.

Proof – I need a word/notepad document with JUST the url of the blog comment you have made. I dont need a spreadsheet and I dont need the PR given to me.

All blog comments must be made on pages which are at least PR2.

No comments to have more than 3 backlinks.

All comments must use anchor text.

Only live/approved links will be paid and these must be live 7 days after you submit the report for me.

You will be paid per comment, not per backlink.

No automated software to be used. This will be checked.


Payment will be made after each completion of 200 blog comments. No upfront payment will be made. Only money into Escrow will be provided and released once each stage is completed, as this protects both of us. Do not demand money up front as this is not how business works.


Please bid $30 and in your bid include a PRICE PER COMMENT. THIS IS IMPORTANT. You need to say something like – my price is $0.04 per blog comment or my price is $0.88 per comment, etc etc.

All bids are hidden from other service providers.

More than one provider may be chosen so you may have less than the full share of work but this will depend on your price.

DO NOT keep sending me messages please. Do not change your bid later or ask for more money. I am totally fair and try to be a good employer so do not break terms and conditions.

Final note.

Much more work will be given to the provider or providers who can show they can complete a project successfully and with diligence. Preference will be for someone who has done this kind of thing before on a bigger scale.

I will need an example of your work so please send me a message and I will give you 3 comments to make. You then go and make them and send me back the urls in a word document and I will check your work. Once happy, you will be selected if the price is agreeable. I really need to be sure that I select someone who knows how blogs work and not someone who will waste weeks of my time. All terms and conditions must be followed.

Goodluck everyone.

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Data Entry Easy Earn


This is data entry easily earn money .

Long tram data entry project,

so we need hard workers ,

easily you can earn money

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Very Very Easy Data Entry


This is very very easy data entry project.

Need only hard workers, We need 450 New freelancer for my project

I shall pay them weekly,

Everybody can earn weekly $110-$150USD

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Data Entry With Knowledge Of Social Networks

I need people for campaign specific data entry work.

Per hour job role on going for specific campaigns such as social networks or forums. Good knowledge of twitter, FB and YT essential.

Enter data provided by me

Some training provided

Primarily this is data entry work

Pay is $1-2 per hour

Targets, and bonus offered

A signed NDA must be returned (email) before any payment will be released

payment via escrow

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Data Entry Chat Room Text Chatters

I need people to do text chat in a online chat room.
There may be explicit adult material in chat room, so closed-minded bidders dont bid!
There is NO porno vids or pics. Only text chat panel in a chat room.
sometimes you chat with nice dating people but mostly all chat rooms have extreme horney guys or gals wanting explicit fantasy actions. You could be chatting with 20 people at the same time so you better type at least 60 WPM, and read and think very fast.
I fire 20% of the slowest or dumbest chatters every week. Only the best survives.
I will hire many. Fixed number of hours. Provide an hourly bid in PMB for:
5 hrs/wk
10 hrs/wk
20 hrs/wk
40 hrs/wk

Go away and dont bid if you cannot satisfy the dripping drooling people with the right textchat content.


Theres going to be 100 bidders for this so you better think before you bid coz I got no time to deal with all bids and will delete most dumb bids.

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Data Entry ( New Freelancers Are Most Welcome)

Fastest data entry server back again in GAF. New freelancers as well as good teams are welcome to join this project. Excellent project to make good amount of money.

Looking for good amount of production.

will provide admin power to team leaders.

payment is 100% genuine.

New freelancers will get good rating after completing project which will help them to build their next freelancing career.

I will send all project details via pm and interested candidates are requested to place bid here.

********* Download the software I attached here ********************

Download software from given link

After successfully downloaded the soft inform me and send me pm to get user id to start work

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New Data Entry Projects 1

Hello freelancer,

New data entry projects here,

rate also well, i need hard and honest workers for my project .

My project budget is : $260-$300

Need only hard

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Need Data Entry Little Help


I need some one or team to do little help for me..

Its very simple Job…

But I need to finish this in 24 hours , who have good ability,please PM me

pls for more info please see attachment.

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I Need 12 Articles On Building B2b Marketing Lists

SEO & Content Writing Experience
Fluent in American English (both writing and speaking)
Research & analysis experience utilizing programs such as Google Analytics, WordTracker, WebTrends, etc.
Extensive experience in various writing styles: authoritative content, blogging, articles.

Need 12 800 word SEO Optimized "Original" articles written on b2b lead generation and list management topics. Each article written around one keyword.

I will own all the copyrights of the work as soon as you get paid.

Will not accept any Plagiarism or spun articles. All Articles are check thought Copyscape.

I provide lists to business who are looking at running internal lead generation campaigns in a b2b marketing in Australia. Articles would be around effective ways of running internal sales teams, getting the most from a marketing list, how to research a list ect….

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