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I need answers for this 3 questions ASAP :

(( Some argue that the rise of regionalism in the past twenty five years represents a clear example that the world is not necessarily globalizing. a)outline the logic behind this argument; b) assess if it is correct

There is growing debate within the policy making establishment concerning the correct path for development in the global South. Where to you come down on the positions taken by Dollar &Kraay, Rogoff, and Moore in this regard versus arguments put forth by Milanovic, Stiglitz, and Sachs?

Are democracy and globalization compatible? Explain.

12/23/2010 at 11:34 EST:

I need professional answers and i need it today before 4:00 pm in US times.

again this is the questions :

Some argue that the rise of regionalism in the past twenty five years represents a clear example that the world is not necessarily globalizing.

a)outline the logic behind this argument;

b) assess if it is correct

There is growing debate within the policy making establishment concerning the correct path for development in the global South. Where to you come down on the positions taken by Dollar &Kraay, Rogoff, and Moore in this regard versus arguments put forth by Milanovic, Stiglitz, and Sachs?

Are democracy and globalization compatible? Explain.

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Professional Designer (Urgent)

We are only looking for the DESIGNING of some of our site , based on a simple draw up of how we would like navigation to be. This design should be:

1) Very modern and Web 2.0
2) Looks interactive
3) Incorporates use of theme and/or colours than enhance the look
4) Good understanding and use of typology for page to be user-friendly
5) Designer MUST recommend layout

Designer must suggest designs based on creating more business for the company. For example, if certain lists should be the main eye-catching area of a page, designer should recommend hat and if agreed upon, go ahead to modify the design.

Please Do NOT apply if you are not a designer or have not done CREATIVE web design before.

Please placed a bid only for landing page and one sub page . If anyone provide any sample with bidding , they have much more chance to get this job and if this get well , many in future .

Thank you!

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NS 2 Simulation According To Criteria Given (urgent)

Objective: Has to simulate a network scenario in NS 2 simulator.
Skills: should have know how about NS 2 simulator, transport layer protocols and QoS parameters

Rest of the details would be given after the project is assigned…

Only serious and dedicated developers should contact. Gud oppertunity for researchers.

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Only For Invited *urgent

Only for invited people

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Dedicated & Exp Website Designer And Coder Required – Urgent

We need urgent freelance Web designer to work with us. We will hire 2 designer as a dedicate employee basis.

You will be very prompt and always available through Skype.

You must good with designing , Div coding to complete the site as per client specification. you will be our virtual employee

Daily report must.

You have to design the mockup to get approval from client
if client need any changes – you have to change and update
After approval you have to make sure the website ready with div coding or as per developer team requirements.
you will must aware about the contact from , get a quote form validation etc.
and finally have to upload the all works in our server.

Please bid as per your monthly salary requirements. you will get paid 10th day of every month. through Paypal.

Skype me if you want to know more at – seo.partner

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Rename Photos | URGENT

* 3000 photos
* excel-files per brand supplied by us
* Sources supplied by us
* We expect you to supply us the files per brand when they are done.
* Deadline for completion is Sunday.

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Malware Removal – URGENT

My site is infected by malware and I urgently need someone to help me out with identifying the problem and removing the hack. Its a bit more problematic because Googles Webmaster Tools actually declared the site "clean". However, when I tried accessing the site a warning appears saying that my site contains elements from an "unsafe" site, which I do not have any connection with.

Need this to be done asap, preferably by the end of the day.

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Flash T-shirt Designer Studio, URGENT



This is a re-post of my previous project as the last developer let me down! This is an urgent project so please do not bid if you have other projects that you have deliver. it has to be done and completed within 4-5 days. so I suggest you to use any application that you might have and edit it to meet our standards.

Read the details and bid accordingly. I do not accept any excuses at all…
The final bid is the price that I will pay. no more, no less.

I need an application exactly like this:

it should look and feel exactly the same. it should have all the functions as above application.

it should have one extra feature which will enable the users to change the colour of the sleeves and collar and planket of the T-shirts.

it should allow the users to save the design or send the design to the store owner.

it should ask the user to register or login before they can access the application.

This has to be done integrated into a joomla site.

Payment: only will be made once the project has been completed and we are satisfied with the demo etc etc…

Do not let us down…. this is an urgent project and has to be done quickly….

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Ugent Bidders Only!!

We run a small educational institute and teach computers to people from all age groups.

We need you to create e mail ids for us @yahoo, hotmail, and send us these ids along with their passwords to us.

The rate is 25 e mail accounts for $1/= payment will be made at the end of every week thru this site.

You have to submit your work daily.
The more ids with passwords you send me the more money you will make.

We need several people for this task as we need loads of ids.

Deadline is really urgent so bid immediately and make some quick money as here you dont need any skill or specialization.

Only bid if you agree to the above conditions and can submit work on daily basis. Good performance can earn you bonuses as well. Happy Bidding!!!

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Experienced Landing Page Designer – URGENT!!!

We are looking for a Professional wordpress landing page designer.

What we are looking for :

– A full-time coder that can make custom landing pages on a continous basis

– Landing pages have to be unique and compatible with wordpress.

Job Description :

– You will be creating about 5-10 landing pages per week.

– Landing pages will be on different niches and topics

– Pages must look really clean and professional

– You are able to deliver within allocated time

– We will pay between 25 – 35$ Per landing page depending on the quality.

Application Process:

– Please respond if you would like to take up this work and attach a sample of your previous work.

– Only apply if you are available to work immediately.





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For Muktosoft Only – Campaign Designer

As per discussed

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Use Oracle Designer to produce for the Analysis stage: i.e. Process Modelling/ Dataflow (just one of these), plus Entity-Relationship and Function Hierarchy diagrams for the system given in the scenario. Also generate the server model and database tables using database design transformer and the Generate tables option from design editor. State any assumptions made and justify any design decisions made during the analysis stage.

Use Oracle Designer to develop and generate Modules and Forms. Use your own data use the form(s) to add data and then conduct queries on the data.

Critically Evaluate the quality of your database design, the user interface aspects of your forms design and the Oracle Designer components used to carry out this project.


A local education authority (LEA) has a database which centralizes admissions to courses that are offered by different colleges throughout the area. The database is used by all the LEA

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Urgent, Start Now Clipping Pictures

We have a special clipping pictures order :

there is a 109 pictures order, have to be done TODAY.

A very important point, the client doesnt matter about the clipping quality, the time is the most important thing here. The work is simplified because all the pictures are models shot on a white background. Its very fast and very easy to clip.

It gives you the possibility to clip the pictures using the magic wand tool, which is much faster than the pen tool.

The pictures will have to be uploaded on the client ftp access, without changing the name of each picture.

Each picture has to be clipped in .jpg, has to weight between 400 and 500 ko, and the size must be minimum 800x800pxl. Be careful on the proportions of the pictures, once clipped the subject of the pictures will have to keep the same size, we dont want flatenned subjects.

In this file you will upload the clipped pictures in the folder "done".

The price, 0,10$ by picture. There are 109 pictures to clip, but i dont want you to upload all the pictures at the end. We need to control your work, so you will have to upload every 10 clipped pictures.

This is a tes for you, this client send us like 500/600 pics/week, so if you can handle this one, you will receive more regular works from me.

You may be able to clip 70 pics/hour, thats the last on used to do.

So it cant take more than 2 hours.

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Im looking for 5-6 good articles writers that can provide me with approximately 10 quality articles per day.

Each article should be at least 500 words in length, and use perfect spelling and grammar. They should be logical and readable by humans not just search engines.

I will provide the keyword topics, which ill need you to include several times in the article body.

All articles will be checked in Copyscape for duplicate content.

You agree that upon sending me the articles all rights transfer to me. This means you will not sell, reproduce or re-use these articles in any way.

There is the opportunity to earn more per article if you consistently provide the highest quality content.

you must have paypal account…..
also my rate is 1$ per 500 words.



Thanks for reading, and i hope to hear from you soon!

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Urgent Design Job


I need a REALLY good designer – who can create a strong concept for a clients web site.

I will award this project by 5pm GMT – UK time Saturday 18th April.

I need a final home page design by 8am Monday the 20th April (PSD)

I will need some minor modifications to the this home page and then 1 inside page.

Ideally I would like to see a rough concept on Sunday to feedback on style and colour.

Please show me at least four examples of clients web sites.

Please only bid if you can make these deadlines, as I must deliver. If you fail to deliver by Monday 8am the project will be cancelled.

Payment promptly by escrow – please see our feedback!


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