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I require a php developer to copy a site that I have (100% owned by me) built last year and get the same working on another URL with no real changes but label names, paths and 3rd party account details.
It is a membership site with mysql database.
I wish to change the URL and business application to another purpose.
The code framework is code ignitor.
There is integration with facebook and twitter API.
There is also some integration with amember software.
It has some ajax functionality and auto complete search.

** No companies please.
** Work from home fine and on weekends ok too.
** Applicant to take ownership of the site on-going

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Need A Professional JAVA Script Coder For FaceBook Project


I need a professional JAVA script coder who can code a script for me. Now what I want is that when I am on the the page where I have to like the fan pages on Facebook, I enter the java script in the URL bar and all the fanpages are automatically liked.

Now here is explanation in steps.

1. Firstly I will go to this url

2. Now I will select country for example I have selected USA as the country. Now I can see all the pages of USA.

3. Now I can see all the fan pages of USA and what I have to do is that simple paste the javascript or whatever code it is in the browser url bar and press enter and all the fan pages will be liked automatically.

This is the script I want and I want this script urgently. Please only bid if you are confident that you can do this urgently.


I will make a milestone payment to the chosen bidder and will release it after the script is tested by me and I am fully satisfied.

Happy bidding.

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Facebookbutton Tweetbutton Diggbutton Integration

there is search engine script i put already those 3 button at result page and result page url always different when you search something

for example for katy perry

for messenger

i need from you is find url or keyword variable in html or php file (i will give you html file) that hold this information and put this variable url of twitter dig and facebook make it work this buttons

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Improve A Pitch/Squeeze Page

I have designed a pitch/squeeze page for a website membership subscription for eBay and also my website, however I am not skilled in design or using good sales persuasion etc.

The advert could maybe do with a lot of graphical improvement, and fine-tuned text, its a bit basic at the moment. I have attached a text file with the URL so this doesnt appear in search engines 😉 ALSO!!! There are mp3 players with embedded examples of the audio in the program im selling, yet they dont seem to appear with Chrome, so please get the audio running nicely as well! Everything must be eBay compliant too.

ANY PREVIOUS WORK I CAN SEE WILL BE ***VERY IMPORTANT*** IN CHOOSING A WINNER. Im looking for something very professional like the similar advert I had made recently (see 2nd URL in attached file)


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Job Adjustment – Php Referrer – Simple Adjustment Needed

I have had a script made by someone on here but its not quite right.

The script looks for certain character strings that I can define in a referring URL. If present the user would be directed to "URL A" – if not they will be sent to "URL B"

The issue I have with the script is that is the referring URL is anything other than google or bing the script doesnt send the user anywhere – it should send the user to "URL B" for anything other that what is specifed for "URL A" – it should also send anyone with a blank referrer to "URL B" as well but it doesnt.

I hope that makes sense to someone but if you need to know anything else,


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Dot Net Developper For Dll (c#, Vb)

HTTP SCAN analyzes recursively HTML pages and reports all the links it finds to a text file: html, mail, jpg, mpeg, mp3, etc…

Http Scan extracts links through HTML pages in the neighborhood of the initial URL. The html links found are added in a download queue. THttpScan downloads each related page, extracts the links found, and so on…

– the LinkScan property limits the scanning to the initial site or the initial URL path,

– the LinkReport property lets report only links owned by the current site, or the links under the subfolders of the initial link.

– the DepthSearchLevel property allows to limit the level of pages scanned, starting from the initial page, especially when the scanning is not limited to a web site.

By using the LinkScan and LinkReport properties combined with an high DephSearchLevel value, you can easily scan a whole site or only a subdirectory from a web site.

Events occur for each link found and each page read, returning URL, meta tags, document type, referrer, host name…

According to the line speed, thousands of links may be extract from a starting URL in a few minutes.

Most common parameters can be simply set from the parameters.

pm for more informations

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Blog Commenting Job

Dear users i m offering 150 do follow Blog Commenting links in following conditions.
1.50 PR 2, 50 PR 3 and 50 PR 4
2.30 cents each link depends on order.
3.require only your URL ( Multiple URL also Accepted )
4.payment after you received report

it will take one day to complete order interested buyers can contact for any kind of information.

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Private Task For Walkover

please proceed with folder2b (fkeys+text)
i create a task for the 70$

#1: *Update USER.lastonline like the other folders when accessing this screen
*Retrieve also &userid from URL if existent

#2:If parm <> 9 and USER.points_left_today <= 0, goto URL: TEXT.folder6_url

#3:If parm <> 9 and new user (no entry in USER), go to TEXT.folder9_url

#4: Depending on the parameter, show and center the below function keys (see text key below)

Fkey1:Back to previous page
Fkey2b1/Fkey2b2/Fkey2b4/Fkey2b5Show next profile from the search
Fkey2b3Refresh current profile
Fkey2c1/Fkey2c2Go to url page defined in: TEXT.folderthanks_url
Fkey2d1Go to url page defined in: TEXT.folder1_url
Fkey2b1/fkey2b2/fkey2a1Go to url page defined in: TEXT.folder1_url
Help textUnder each function keys display a helptext with format:
e.g. Fkey2a1 =>TEXT.fkey2a1help
e.g. if parm=7, 3 different help texts are displayed (wordwrapped) under the function key

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Seo Link Building Project – EXPERTS ONLY.

200 permanent high quality pr3-pr8 links from mostly United States websites.

The actual page our links are placed on must be PR 3 and above. Any reviews written about our website must be authorized by us and likewise with articles written again we will need to authorize. We say authorize because we do not want low quality articles or reviews written about us or for us without being checked for quality e.g. grammar, substance, accuracy and copy-scape.

We require:
* 50 PR6+ backlinks. Some websites must be PR7 and PR8. As many PR9 and PR10 as possible.
* 50 PR4+ backlinks. Some websites must be PR4 and PR5 or PR5+.
* All links must be a minimum of PR3 and above.
* Links NEED to be relevant to our websites content and appear on mostly US websites.
* All backlinks must be DO FOLLOW… ALL links will be checked.
* Page Rank is for page that has the backlink – not the homepage or other page on the site. No more than 20 external links per page. (We will reject any links in excess of 20)
* Only backlinks from English language websites from mainly the United States
* Links only on .com, .org, .edu, .gov, and .net (no cheap .info or other cheap sites)
* One link per domain (different C class IPs)
* Links from websites that already contain a link to our site will not be counted.
* Links must be deployed over time with maximum 10 links per day. Every page must have established PR or it will not be counted.
* No spam links.
* No link farms accepted.
* One link per domain will be counted, so 100 links must come from 100 different domains.
* Link page must already be indexed and cached by Google, MSN and Yahoo within last 30 days.
* Link page must be search engine friendly, which has no redirects, cloaking and other practices.
* Page should not be excluded by robots.txt.
* No links from "under construction" pages.
* No sites which ask for money later.
* No contextual ads sites, pop-ups, intrusive advertising, etc. NO SPAMMING
* No blog comment spamming, No ping sites, No links within newsgroups.
* No link from: torrent sites, file sharing forums, guest-books, classifieds, dynamic links, link farms, link-exchange programs, directories, articles submission, hacker, pharmacy, illegal, gambling, pornographic or black hat sites.
* All links must be ONE WAY non-reciprocal links from relevant websites.
* Links must be static HTML links. Including the target keywords I will provide in
* Links must be permanent, active, never expiring.
* Links must be in text, no graphics.
* No use of black hat software/techniques.
* I reserve the right to cancel any link if not found suitable (with explanation).
* Will provide you with the anchor text you need to use and any other relevant information.
* Backlinks will be required not only to my homepage, but inner pages as well.
* Your experience is important and proof of your quality work is required.
* White hat is crucial and required. Black hat or Grey hat methods will not be accepted nor paid for.
*Must know how to check links are operational.

You will need to provide me on a weekly basis and so that final payment can be made a spread sheet containing:

1.Articles and Reviews for pre-approval by us before you use
2.Link URL (the URL where our link is located)
3.URL Page PR – Not the sites PR. Page PR.
4.Anchor Text used to point the link to our site
5.IP Address

If you are serious about this project, please show me some url examples where my links will be coming from. Only bid if you agree to above terms. We will reject any links that do not meet the above requirements. We will create milestone payment so payment is paid when work is completed. We can also pay in increments if you like. We would like links built over a period of 30 to 60 days.

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Scraping Website Fields Into Excel

I am looking for someone with scraping ability to create an app or an excel macro to scrape groupon pages for defined fields.

I need each link on this page followed

and once the link is followed, I need this information from the Groupon landing page for each deal.

City (Groupon Identifies the city in the url by using /City-name like
URL for the deal
Description of the deal
Name Of the company
Company Website URL

I need to be able to update this daily. This should be either in excel format or in a program that is easy to export to excel format.

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PHP Form Pass Info From One URL To Another URL

I have a website with product information on it on its own URL – I need to pass that info to another website URL.

Email for more details.

I need this done ASAP – I will pay more if you can get it done today.

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3000 Angela/paul Profile Creation Site List.

I Need 3000 Angela Paul Profile URL Link

I dont Need Profile Back Link.

I just Want Angela/Paul do follow site Lists.

spam URL Not allow, All Must Working Site

After Checking All Link Valid Then I will Release Money.

I Need URL Lists as follow:

do-follow PR-3 =500
do-follow PR-4 =500
do-follow PR-5 =500
do-follow PR-6 =500
do-follow PR-7 =500
do-follow PR-8 =500
do-follow PR-9 =500

Please PM Your Rate For 3000 Angela/Paul profile creation Site lists.

happy bidding

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Janrain Plugin For OSCommerce

Hello guys,
i need to create a Janrain plugin for OSCommerce.
I have already configured my shop and Janrain profile but its necessairy to write the right code in order to use it properly.

Your token URL implementation should do the following:

1) Extract the token parameter from the POST data.
2) Use the token to make the auth_info API call:
The token value you extracted above
3) Parse the response and extract the identifier. Heres a sample JSON response:

stat: ok,
profile: {
email: ,
preferredUsername: Joe User
4) Use the identifier as the unique key to sign the user in to your website, and then redirect the user to the appropriate location.

You can find the documentation and one example here:

This is a very simple project and i will consider only low-cost offers.

Please contact me for further details.


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Scrape Data From Website

I need a skilled programmer to scrape data from: zagat (dot) com
This website offers free information about good restaurants. I need the restaurant mailing information.
I need the restaurant name, mailing address, phone number and website url (or "Zagat Rated" designation)
I need this data for all the US restaurants listed on the site.
This data will be used for a postcard marketing campaign.
Data must be well organized in excel and data must be accurate and reliable.
Project must be completed in 4 days.

I need records that also have either a website url or the "Zagat Rated" designation.
required info:
Restaurant Name
Street address
zip code
website URL (or they can have the "Zagat Rated" designation.)

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Facebook Application – Creation

Like, Share, Get

Add the App from the App Area

What the End Product Is

Facebook Page – Page
First thing that shows up is the Reveal Tab if they have not pressed Like. This gets them to Press Like.
Once they like the page. What shows up is at the top a 520px x 240px Image which is the ebook and text or something in a graphic
Below the Image is a Share to Unlock Button. They press share and a popup comes up to share the free Ebook Details.
Once Share is done then the image above stays but the share button turns in to the name/email request to receive the ebook in there inbox.

Admin Area

Allows you to:

Add URL of Reveal Image
Add URL of Ebook Give Away
Add Share Title
Add Share Image
Add Share Description
Add URL of Favicon
Add Page Name
Add Optin Code


There needs to be licensing of the software based on an email address that is kept in a database that is able to be updated when users join a program.

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Site Changes And Updates

1: I want to create 2 very simple sites that will have their own domains and be linked to existing site using applications available from my host provider. These will be blogs that allow not only text updates but also photo or videos. these will be very basic and not have any major coding it will just be some minor css changes to make the blog sites look similar to our main site in terms of color and theme.

2: Incorporate my gateway with NopCommerce using an emulator url… my gateway provider allows use of emulator which means simply changing reference from the url to my gateways emulator url. this is done in the nopcommerce source then added to the site to replace the old references with the new ones.

3: Add thumbnails to the links that we have on the preview gallery.

My last 3 projects ended with people saying they could do something then the next day saying they did not have the knowledge to do the project. Therefore I will not use escrow and I will not award project to anyone with negative feedback or a high number of incomplete reports. If you bid I want to know you can complete the project. This is a simple project as most everything is in place and only requires minor changes and the ability to recompile and redploy the site when it is finished and tested on a test server to verify everything is functioning properly.

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Seo Expert Needed

I need an SEO expert to get a sub-url on my website ranked in the major search engines for several keyterms.

Im looking for A.) how you are going to do it on an ongoing basis. B.) Bi-weekly reports on progression C.) Monthly invoicing.. I pay you once a month.

Let me know.. this could lead to more work. Give me your info etc. and how you can get this done I can give you url and the key terms I am seeking for the website. Of course you are the expert any additional keywords or ways to get more traffic to this spot would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

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Simple URL Manager

I need a simple URL manager.

Here are the features needed:

– User will load a url list in .txt format (urls are wordpress blogs)
– Software will check every link if it is possible to post comments or not.
– Software will check every link for Pagerank, dofollow-nofollow backlinks and if comment posted or not (specific comment)
– Software will output the results in a csv format

My maximum budget is 70 USD for this. So please bid reasonably.

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Need Banning And Checking Of URLS Fixed On My Site

First let me note this is a project dealing with adult site

Hi i have a cms script which has an admin and site. The script is very old and there is no more support in it so i need your help. I know this should be easy and will not accept high bids as it wouldnt be worth it for the amount of work needed. This should take less than 1 hour if someone knows what they are doing.

Anyway, the script gives me the ability to ban urls and ip through admin, the ban ip seems to work but ban url does not. So people with n on static ips are abusing my site lately submitting unwanted content even after my harsh threats of ban.

I think the problem lies because the script does not recognize urls with different new extensions like .me, .us and so on and doesnt check the url, i cannot find a way to edit this. So i need someone to fix it so i can ban people by url through admin, the way its supposed to work.

Another thing i want is this.

People submit links to my site, i want my site to check if there is link back to my site on the url a person has submitted, if not then the error message "No link back found" to be posted, if found on the submitted page then it should go through.

I hope someone can help me, and if this works out ill definitely hire you in the near future as i have lots of plans for the site. Thank you.

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Register On Affiliate Websites


I am having hundreds of urls of affiliate websites. I need someone who registers with my
information on all of these sites.

The process would be like this:

1. You get an URL from me which contains a list of all these sites. Next to the site you can
view it into a new window.
2. You register on the website using my info.
3. You register with my email address which you can access. So after registering you
log into this webmail to validate for an affiliate site (if needed).
4. Once the affiliate granted the registration you need to fill out a form
on my site with the affiliate information like username, password, main affiliate link URL etc.

For this I will pay you $10 per hour. I prefer the people I work with to have yahoo messenger
so I can communicate throughout the project.

If done well I will hire you also in the future.

If you have any questions let me know.

Really read the above, end with *read*, thanks.


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Simple Splash Photo/Video

Project demo:

Project description:
An iPAD-only picture/video gallery that displays pictures and videos. There are two modes for this gallery – Random Mode and Ordered mode (refer to the sample top right buttons). Upon touching one of the pictures/video, the background would be blured and the picture/video animated to the forefront. In the event the media being clicked is a video, the video would be played automatically (there should be the user video control too). Else if the media is a picture, the user would have an option to click to learn more about the picture. Once the user clicks anywhere else on the screen, the media would close and return back to the gallery (any videos playing would have to be stop too).

Project features:
1. Load the pictures in random mode on startup
2. Ability to select random/ordered mode during usage
3. Ability to turn background music on/off. (default on)
4. Ability to click on picture to display more details about it.
5. Ability for video to be played on click – youtube style (basic icon to pause, play and stop should be present too.)
6. XML file to store the path to the pictures/videos as well as title and writeup of the process if any. This is for easy editing in future.
7. Ability to select different processes. (refer to demo, and see top left "galleries")
8. The display of pictures/videos should be enclosed inside a polaroid picture.
9. Some level of animation is required between transition.

Example XML:
<music path="background.mp3"/>
<background path="background.jpg"/>
<logo path="image.jpg" />
<process title="process1" default="true">
<media type="pic" url="images/pic1.jpg" title="test1" description="long description"/>
<media type="vid" url="images/pic2.jpg" title="test2" />
<media type="vid" url="images/pic3.jpg" title="test3" />
<media type="vid" url="images/pic4.jpg" title="test4" />
<process title="process2" default="true">
<media type="pic" url="images/pic1.jpg" title="test1" description="long description" />
<media type="vid" url="images/pic2.jpg" title="test2" />
<media type="vid" url="images/pic3.jpg" title="test3" />
<media type="vid" url="images/pic4.jpg" title="test4" />

1. The project was done entirely in AS3 and the source would be given to the programmer.
2. All creatives such as buttons/background/polaroid pictures etc would be provided.
3. This program has to be done in C for performance reasons.
4. Project must be delivered within 2-3 weeks
5. Deliverables: source codes, compilable by xcode

Why this is simple:
6. Program only need to be develop for iPad. Also, all creatives would be provided.
7. Pictures and videos would be given in a predefined size. No dynamic resize required.
8. Not really a need to do pre-loading since the pictures/videos are all local within the ipad
9. No need to do provisioning of the app, i.e. no submission to appstore required on your part.

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Curl PHP Script Required

I need a script to log into via Curl and PHP, and then allow me to post variables and get the content of other pages whilst logged in. The code should include some preliminary functions, and then MUST use the syntax:

$br = new Browser();

$postData = array(
[post variables]
$login = $br->postData([url], $postData);

$page = $br->getData([other url);

This is crucial. Someone who can complete the job in the next few hours would be appreciated.

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Forums/Blog Posters Required.


We doing promotion for our auto classified site so we are looking for forum posters.
What you need to do:

1) You can take any listing url from our site. (That url link will include your special key)

2) Post on any forums (We do not provide list of forums)

3) We will pay $0.02 for every unique visitor who click that link.

You can easy make from couple hundreds to couple thousands per month, it all depends on you, how many links you can post.

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Develop An IE Redirection BHO In C++


Wed like a browser helper object developed for Internet Explorer to be coded in C++.

The BHO is responsible for intercepting the URL of all web requests in IE and is able to change them to a different URL.

For example, if IE requests the following URL:

The BHO would be able to intercept this request and change the it to something like:

Very important: in the above example, should NOT have received a request from IE because the BHO intercepted and changed the URL to BEFORE the request was initiated.

The BHO must be able to intercept a URL regardless of whether the user typed in the address manually, clicked on a link or was redirected from another page via meta/java/302 redirection.

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Ecord User Activity On The Desktop And URL Of Browsers

I am looking for a desktop application similar to
both of these products seem to track how much time the user spent on each window and the title for each window.

You have an example here:
it was built with Borland C, i managed to compile it and run it from the sources. – i think might be using Qt from nokia

Tracking the active window is pretty easy as you can see from ttracker. The problem is how to track the URL of each subtabs of browsers.

This project will be an outgoing project and can be split in multiple phases:
– Please specify if you can capture the time spent on each tab for Mozzilla, IE, Chrome.
– Did you create something similar and please provide some executable or anything ?
– Please specify if you can do it either in windows, linux or for mac or for all OS

Once this part is working, we will move to stage 2) – sending all the captured data to the server.

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Need A Scraper – 3


I need a software to scrape product names from

I want list of names of all the products in a text file, like this –

Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology
Kindle 3G Wireless Reading Device, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 3G Works Globally, Graphite, 6" Display with New E Ink Pearl Technology
OtterBox Defender Case for iPhone 4 (White and Black, Fits AT&T iPhone)

1 product name per line.

I will enter the url eg:

Software will scrape all product names till the last page.

Software must work fast, will be good if its multi-threaded.

Software will work for all categories.

There is 2-3 cateogy that list product in different format, eg: mp3 downloads category –

For mp3 downloads category, software will scrape song name and artist, like this –
Kiss Me Im Irish – Gaelic Storm


This is an easy project for the right person.

I want the software in 1-2 hour, I dont want to waste time.

Happy bidding.


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URL Help To Create A Profile Page.

Profile page. For example ( might take you to a users profile page on
We need to figure out how to create a profile type page for users or posted events.

Need to remove .php from each page within the URL.

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Passing URL Variables (EASY!)

I have a url that I need to grab a variable from that is coming from an outside website.

The url look like this.

eg. Variable)

The variable above will be enter on the fly by the site above.

The traffic from that url is then passed to my site, I need to grab that variable on my first page from the url and then pass it to the second page.

This is a very simple project and I need to have it done by today.

Please message me if you have any other question.

Happy Bidding!

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Online Web Directory URL Submission

You will go through a list of web directories, and submit my website/url to each one.

There are approx 4000 in the list, you will submit my site to each one.

You must provide daily updates.

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I need a script coded that is basically inspired by (not necessarily in appearance) the website&nbsp; Anyone that applies for this project please be familiar with all of the features on&nbsp;;or have a look at the site first. I need it to include all of the features regarding membership, url tracking, payout options, advertising options, geo ip tracking, and any other features that adfl.y offers which I have not listed.

First, when I say that I want an&nbsp;;clone I do not mean I simply want a copied HTML version of the site. In fact, I prefer for the site to look different in appearance. Actually, the purpose of my project is not to have an HTML website created, but rather I specifically need the following features (just like&nbsp; coded into a functional php script:&nbsp;

1. A working URL shortener script which tracks the urls, the origin of the url, which member created the url (if they are a registered member) and the number of times the url gets clicked including a recording of the IPs which click the url.&nbsp;

2. The script needs to allow members to register on the site and have a working control panel which records the stats of their shortened urls. It should also track the members shortened urls in regards to cash payments for each time a URL is clicked. The amount of earnings that would be paid would consist of different payout rates according to the origin of the clicked traffic.&nbsp;

3. The script needs to contain an administrators panel in which the admin can view all users and their stats, as well as the possibility to terminate user accounts if needed. Furthermore, the admin panel should provide a feature to approve/reject advertisements that may be purchased by potential advertisers. These advertisements should be formatted as either top frame banner ads or interstitial(intermediate)ads which the administrator will be able to choose from.&nbsp;

4. The script should contain a Geo IP feature that will log and distribute the clicked url traffic to the appropriate advertisement based upon the country which the advertisers chooses.&nbsp;

5. The script should contain an advertiser control panel that will allow the advertisers who purchase ad space or traffic the option to view their stats as well as create and start/stop/pause their ad campaigns.&nbsp;

6. Finally, the script should contain a gateway payment option (paypal only) to pay members for the url clicks they receive and to receive payments for any advertisements sold.&nbsp;

If anyone is still confused I would suggest actually having a look at the&nbsp;;site so you can get a better idea of what I need based upon what features are available on the adfly site.&nbsp;

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Xcart Seo Url Rewrite

I have a shopping cart that uses xcart. How much will you charge to rewrite the URLs to make them SEO friendly.

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Lookup URL’s From Company Name

I have a list of between 1200 & 1500 company names that I need the URLs (web address) for.

I need someone to lookup the URL (web address) and insert into a column in an Excel spreadsheet.

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