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Writing Project For Viktoria — 6 Articles, 1K Words Each

Greetings Viktoria,

Please review the details of this project below.

Below are six individual article topics with keyword(s). All articles MUST be 1k minimum in length. For all topics, I have provided the main keyword, secondary keyword, and in some cases, a third keyword, which are to all be used within the article. You may select article titles, but the main keyword MUST be included in title. All articles must be formatted with three headings, H1, H2, and H3, of which all headings MUST contain the main keyword. Main Keyword MUST be in BOLD. Secondary & Third Keywords MUST be Underlined and in Italics.

1.Article #1: You may select any Title so long as it included the Main Keyword
Main Keyword: Foreclosure Fraud (must be used at least 12x in article)
Secondary Keyword: Stop Foreclosure (must be used at least 6x in article)
Third Keyword: How to Stop Foreclosure (must be used at least 6x in article)

2.Article #2: You may select any Title so long as it included the Main Keyword
Main Keyword: Short Sale v Foreclosure (must be used at least 13x in article)
Secondary Keyword: Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure (must be used at least 8x in article)
Third Keyword: NONE

3.Article #3: You may select any Title so long as it included the Main Keyword
Main Keyword: Foreclosure Process (must be used at least 13x in article)
Secondary Keyword: How to Stop Foreclosure (must be used at least 8x in article)
Third Keyword: NONE

4.Article #4: You may select any Title so long as it included the Main Keyword
Main Keyword: Foreclosure Assistance (must be used at least 13x in article)
Secondary Keyword: Foreclosure Help (must be used at least 8x in article)
Third Keyword: NONE

5.Article #5: You may select any Title so long as it included the Main Keyword
Main Keyword: Short Sales v Foreclosure (must be used at least 13x in article)
Secondary Keyword: Foreclosure Fraud (must be used at least 5x in article)
Third Keyword: NONE

6.Article #6: You may select any Title so long as it included the Main Keyword
Main Keyword: Foreclosure Fraud (must be used at least 13x in article)
Secondary Keyword: Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure (must be used at least 8x in article)
Third Keyword: NONE

Thank you.

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Survey Used Engine Oil, Manila Philippines

I require a survey of vehicle service garages to find out what happens to used lubrication oil in Manila, the Philippines.

The attached report is to be filled out in full.

Please read attached report before asking questions.

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Content Writer Needed

We need a content writer to create articles for us on a regular basis. The articles will be used for SEO promotional activities.
Experience in technical writing will be preferred, we are a software development company with a major software that is used for video editing. We would require at a minimum of 5 articles of average length of 500 words per day.

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WebSite Design

Our need is to have a static website which will reflect our company business explicitly. Sector related graphics needs to be designed to use on webpage.Below you can find some sample graphics similar to our needs that will be used on webpage.

The html and css must be clearly written and should have support Firefox/Chrome and IE6+.

Two languages will be available in the site (EN – default, TR)

All content will be static.

Having header or logo animated sort of with flash is a plus but not a must.

Menu of the site can be like following concept:

Some graphic examples that will be used in background of the site mostly; (You can go through pages to see the images used in bacgkround.)

We are an IMPORT & EXPORT company, CONNEXION, so the graphics must be related with mostly world,globe,banknotes,world clocks,vehicles such as planes,ships, trucks etc..As a concept work all those can be included in one bacgkround image that the website will be based on as well.

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URGENT: Looking For 3 Transcriber For Research Project

I am looking for 3 transcribers who are can transcribe 2 interviews each in a 2 day turnaround. The language used in these interviews is every day language nothing technical or academic terms used.

Each interview is approx 40 to 50 minutes. I am offering $30 per interview transcribed (so $60 per set).

Please can only those who can commit to this apply as I have been let down by a freelancer on this site who has had the project for 2 weeks and assured me any day it would be ready.

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Bulk Email Marketing Campaign

Im looking for someone who can facilitate a mass email marketing campaign to auto dealers. I have a list of 40k in names.

* You need to be white-listed. Your account/ISP etc. can not be considered a spammer.


*will want an html based email as well, must be created.

* Emails MUST go to the inbox and NOT to the junk or spam folders.

*Must create a gmail account which will forward on to my personal email notifying me when someone is requesting more information or would like to schedule a phone call.

*If done properly so all emails reach the inbox this campaign should last about month.

*Multiple ips must be used to ensure that the email is not blocked or sent to spam.

* You should be able to send these on a given date and time.

* You should be able to provide reports, including opened, read, bounced, click-throughs, etc.

* About 50 random emails in the list will be used to verify – you need to be able to deliver 98% successfully.

Looking for a long-term partner.

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Develop Marketing Collateral – Credentials Document

As a growing boutique professional services firm, we require assistance in developing a brochure or similar marketing collateral to be used as a discussion piece with clients.

Our firm provides consulting services to government clients across the areas of procurement, probity, contract management and commercial advisory.

The particular focus is on working with our Managing Director to:
1. Develop an agreed structure for the document
2. Create suitable content
3. Work up an appropriate layout
4. Produce a the document in MS Word

The work will need to be finalised over a period not exceeding 4 weeks.

The brochure will not exceed 4 x A4 pages and will provide clients with a concise and attractive summary of our firm, our services offerings, and our key contacts for the respective services.

The brochure is vital to the development of sales opportunities, to be used after a first initial meeting with a new client, and to be left behind with them or used as the discussion point for a second meeting.

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After Effects Work

Few minutes of video on after effects for use on youtube.
Video is based on a short story and will require After Effects and photoshop skills to make the video. For example, Camera falling down from sky to a particular position, you will be required to get images from google earth and fix them in photoshop to be used in After Effects as layers. After the camera gets to the ground, colors are used to animate the map, which is based on a short story.

All the help will be provided in understanding and only private quotes are excepted as this is not a very big project.


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E Book Inside Page Layouts & Creation

Weve written an 18 page E book with 50 tips on our niche. It is in a word document at present

Wer have a front cover already designed.


We need:

– a general template making, quite plain, to be match our site to be used on each page.
– images adding to approximately 10 tips. You must source images and must be copyright free, thought you can use some images we already have on our site.
– supplied cover to be used
– PDF to be secured and locked so it can not be easily copied or edited.


– Your work must be 100% original and unique.
– We receive exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased.
– Please include if and how many revisions are included in your bid.

This should be quite straight forward for the right person and we do have a limited budget for this work.

However, for the right person with a good price we do have more similar work.

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Small DHCP-Server in Perl that authenticates against a RADIUS-Server using Option-82-Value as the username. If the RADIUS-Server delivers a Framed-IP-Address it should be given out to the client. If not, a defined pool must be used. Leases are to be stored in a mySQL-DB. If the RADIUS-Server delivers a Framed-IP-Route, it should be installed in the kernel routing table of the DHCP-Server. Accounting records have to be sent to the RADIUS-Server as well. START right after authentication, ALIVE when the client renews the lease, STOP when the lease expires. (Net::DHCP and RADIUS::Packet can and should be used unless there are better libraries for the job).

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Stamp Duty Calculator

We would like to develop a Stamp Duty Calculator for our website along the lines of the ones featured on or (seems they have used same developer).

Some other good examples of stamp duty calculators (which again seem to have used same developer as each other) are below:

We don

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Automatic "check In" App

Im looking to use the automatic check in feature thats used in apps like Loopt and foursquare. This check in is obviously only used in certain locations on that map that we chose. I want people to be able to see who is currently checked in at these locations at the current moment.

Obviously more details will follow but the main focus is being able to use an automatic check in with a map feature.

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Plan A Micro Air Vehicle (Technology Push)

Micro air vehicle

Plan & Design
Show me the technology used today, and what can be a technology push.
Fuel to be used (Solid/Liquid)
Technical details

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Need 355 Votes For An Online Contest

I need 355 votes in the next 4 days. These votes must be manually posted. Each time you vote, a separate email or facebook account must be used and you must fill out a brief registration (if using email) and confirm your email registration or the votes will not count. The votes must be used from legit email accounts because the votes and registration is watched closely. Please make sure you can do this propertly prior to bidding. This job is very important and I will pay in full after all 355 votes are verified. Winning bid will get the details of this online contest. Thank you. The votes must be completed within the next 4 days.

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Auto Repair

I need three automotive articles 500 words each.

1. How to buy the best used car.
2. Ten things to keep your car healthy
3. New or used car, which is a better buy?

Due in 10 days.

Send work samples to be considered.

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Need USA Private Proxies(UNIQUE,NOT SHARED)

I need USA Private proxies that have never been used before.

You will have to show me the proxy(no port number, just the ip) so I can scan it and see if it is okay. If it is, then we can start. They have to be USA and never used before so no proxies from proxybonanza or any other private proxy site. It has to be yours

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PDF Form FIll

PDF Form Filler
USING: VS2005, VS2008, VS2010
SQL 2005, SQL 2008
I currently have a VS Project that will map database fields to PDF fields. The project uses I-TexSharp

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Animation IPhone App

We would like to create an iPhone app which lets you take series of photos using the iPhone camera and then create an animation sequence which tells a story. For example – using Lego characters and background and taking photos and moving the lego characters slowly and then the app can be used to create a movie/story from it. See the youtube video my 11yr old made He used a digital camera and then upload to computer and then use picasa to make it.

What we would like to do is create an app which will take photos and then process it with the following
– once all photos are taken, open the app and then u can highlight all the photos u want from the camera roll
– then decided on the frame rate,, eg 16-24 frames(photos) per second
– able to add a frame – which can be used to create a title or text to add to the story – also be able to duplicate frames – as one frame would be instant and not be readable.
– once its create, you can view, make changes, remove frames etc..
– then be able to post to YouTube and also Facebook and other social media

Also you must create the icon for the appstore too

If you interested you must agree to the following
please email some of your work
All source code will be handed off once project is completed and sign off
App must be in our ios dev account
This will be our first app – please advise if there is anything else we need – also advised if this app violate any Apple rules etc. If this is sent to Apple and they do not allow it, no payment will be made.
So we need someone with experience who can guide us through the process and work with us to make minor changes and updates in the future

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Writers Needed For Blog Posts And Reviews- Urgent

I need 100 short reviews (only 5-25 words)

for that i will need 33 new E-mail accounts

you will have to post review with those accounts in specific websites from different IPs using proxy tool like "TOR" (

you will have to provide me with a spreadsheet with

column A:user name used on review site
column B:password used on review site
column C:email address
column D:email password

let me know if you can do the job.

its a simple job with minimum labor. the payout will be $22 in total

i will be choosing the bidder within the next few hours. so bid fast . no need to place a sample as i dont need any masterpiece just short 5-25 words reviews.


Bangladeshi and native writers are preferred. but no Indian and Pakistani please…

happy bidding

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Water Quality Recommended For Textiles Processing

The Quality of Water used in Textiles processing is very important to take into consideration for effective and reproducible results of the finished product .Comprehensive report and recommendation for the water quality to be used in textiles.

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PSD To WordPress

WordPress theme creation from a PSD file.

Site must be widget ready.

jquerry mouse over for menu with a fading image.

SEO Friendly and highly searchable (e.g: H1 for Title, H2 for Sub-title etc.) Semantic markup is a must.

Commented Code

XHTML and CSS must be 100% W3C compatible. Must be cross browser compatible. All requested updates and changes must be cross browser checked before sending for revision.

Should be compatible with latest WordPress version

CSS used wherever possible. Backgrounds, boxes etc must be in CSS. Images may only be used for IE.

Please start your bid with the word "skills".

Testing of theme must be done on my server.

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Quick Application

The Application would be used on a mobile phone and would have the capabilities of running queries and obtaining results.The application would have to be written in java as it would be used on every kind of mobile phone basically those ones that have java installed on it

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Joomla Clone & Template Update Of Church Website

Currently we have a church website – which we would like to use as the basis for a new website at

We want to use Joomla 1.6 if possible but we have currently got 1.5.22 as the basis.

A full backup of the site will be provided via akeeba.

A new template will need to be provided to skin the website in the style to be provided.

Current components installed are :
1) K2 – Optional to use this or use the default 1.6 article manager system or another
2) Preach It – to be linked back to the stpauls sermons folder
3) Mailing List Managers : currently we have three components installed : Acajoom, AcyMailing, Ultimate Mailing List.

4) CKForms – used for contact form management
5) Community Builder
6) Akeeba Backup
7) DocMan – for document management including securing documents to specific user groups
8) GroupJive
9) hwdVideoShare
10) JCalPro –
11) JCE Administration
12) JE FAQ
13) JoomGallery
14) Juga – will be replaced in 1.6 with the in-built ACL (hopefully). This component is not in use currently.
15) Kunena Forum – integrated but the menu link is currently disabled so it is not used by the members.
16) My Blog
17) XMAP
18) Redirect (currently part of 1.6)

Please advise as to
1) costing including full cost of any commercial components etc to be registered to the organisation with an email address to be provided.
2) what version of Joomla will be used
3) what components will be used & what will be changed or recommended
4) any other information that you require to assist with this

03/15/2011 at 20:59 EDT:

FYI – This second website is for a sister organisation hence a secondary site.

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