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Web Service That Collects End User HW Config And WEI

The focus of this project is the technology, i.e. get it to work. Only the simplest graphic design needed to show functionality is required.

I want a web site running on the web hotel that automatically (as far as possible) collects end users HW config and WEI (Windows Experience Index).

A user who has registered and provided his HW data is qualified to search/browse HW data for all other reported systems.

The collected data should be browsable for qualified users by make/model of computer and CPU, as well as WEI. All collected information on a specific system shall be displayed when it is selected from the browsing tree/catalog or search results.

It is important that the php code and mySQL data base are well documented for further development.

A user should be able to report data from more than one computer.

Information to be collected and stored:

– computer manufacturer
– computer model
– computer manufacturers partnumber or equivalent
– CPU manufacturer
– CPU model
– CPU clock speed
– FSB speed
– Installed RAM
– max RAM
– Graphics adapter manufacturer
– Graphics adapter model
– Graphics adapter manufacturers partnumber or equivalent
– Graphics adapter video memory
– Graphics adapter supports Direct3D 9, DirectX 9, and WDDM 9 y/n (for each)?
– Hard disk size
– Hard disk bandwidth (if possible)
– Hard disk type (IDE/ATA…)
– laptop/stationary…
– monitor size
– Windows Experience Index and subindecies (manually entered if necessary)

The website should be written in css/html/php, and use a MySQL database. I guess an activeX control or java-something will be needed too for the info collection.

As much as possible of the data collection should be done without user interaction, but if a discrepancy is found when comparing manufacturer partnumber to an already registered system the user should be asked if the scanned/reported data really is accurate. Any user-entered data should be "spell checked" against the data base in order to maintain data integrity.

The purpose of the site is to build a data base of WEI for computers systems of different kinds.

Any text that the user sees must be stored separately so it can be translated in to other languages.

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Easy Web Search

Hi, if you have talent in searching things from different search engines and have abilty to copy and save things and to upload data on different sites.,.,.,.,.,.,then here comes the best opportunity for you .,.,.,.
Its so easy and user friendly work .,.,.,.,.,if intrested then bid on it.
thank u!

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Make The Web Site User Friendly


We have a web site We like to hire someone who can make make changes to this site and add twitter, facebook etc. right now the site is running very heavy and we need a very good designer to read and evaluate the site carefully. We also like the green color on our web site to be changed a little bit.


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Web Design and Tech Support

I need the daily services of a expert web designer. I am an Internet marketer and need someone who understands the demands of this industry and is able to come up with user friendly technically competent sites. You must have thorough html knowledge and familiarity with 3rd party programs such as Amember, Aweber, one Shopping carts etc. You will need to know Joomla, WordPress and Flash.
I am looking for someone to ultimately be my full time tech person but initially will be 10 to 20 hours per week. You have to be reliable and a problem solver. If this is not you do not apply.
With your bid I want to know exactly what you can do the amount of hours you are available, how well you speak English and of course your price. Remember I want a long term arrangement so your bid must be competitive.

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