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Webbased Timeslotsbooking

We need a page for timeslotsbooking.
Built in Asp.Net vb, Mysql-database.

We like to have a clean nice looking calendarview, that shows free and avaliable times.
All other booked times and unavaliable times should be readonly with no info about the booker. So the user can only see and manage their own booking on avaliable times.
It is supposed that the user clicks on the desired time and then confirm it with another click. And only then the reservation is stored in the database. So the user can click around without submitting, without any stored reservations.

Admins can set the times to be booked from some simple adminpage. Like every weekday 07:00-16:00, in 30min´s interval, except between 12:00-12:30 and 15:00-15:30 just as an example. Of course you should be able to put these times how they want.
Also an option to close an whole day for bookings, like an holiday.
It has to be an option to set how many bookings allowed per slot. Default 1.

Admins can also see the whole calendar and granted full rights for any changes they want.

Here is an excellent example but in .php.

This is how i want it to be like, except from some things. Every timeslot has to be dynamic from the admin-settings, like if you want to give the possibility to book 1-5 reservations on every slot, you can set this param in admin-area.
So the time is avaliable until the slot is full.
The ability to disable part of day, or whole day is neccesary. Like if you dont want to book on lunchTIme and BreakfastTime. Or Holidays.

No payment is necessary. No styling except from edit the css is necessary. No name-form is necessary beacuse this data is already saved in a variabel during login.

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Wanted: Web Form For Data Input And Reporting


I need an interactive web form for an existing website. The form will be for data input and basic analysis (graphs) and reporting (print and export capability).
(details are in attached .doc).

Brief description:
The web site currently contains a (non-commercial!) comparison matrix of technology features in table format ( The source data for the matrix is held in an existing (MySQL) database.
Currently the matrix does not allow the use of data beyond visually comparing it on the screen or printing it as screen- prints.
Aim is to expand this capability: create a form which adds the functionality to customize and add data which you can then evaluate and print/export as a report.

The main functionality of the form to be developed should be:
– Allow user to add properties to existing data (select priority and add comments)
– Allow user to fill in additional preconfigured and empty evaluation fields (adding rows to the table)
– Include this custom data in evaluation (temp tables?)
– Provide simple evaluation summary (graph+ and simple text field) +
– Export data in a usable format – pdf and print required
– (optional/later consideration): User can save/open report for later editing

The attached file contains details of requirements, sample use case and the mock-up png.

Please let me know if you are interested – looking forward to working with you!


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Project For Aksh

This is to fix the two menu issues.

1. Go to http://xxx/idm/sas/imcss/index.jsp? and log in with xxx / xxx . The words are overlapping the arrows, we need to move the words to the right. Also there seems to be a problem with the mouse over function, when a user mouses over all the other menu items disappear.

2. Go to http://xxx/idm/sas/imcss/index.jsp and log in with xxx / xxx . Go to Manage Users > Reset User Password. Then type * in the search box and click search. Choose any user and click select. At the bottom of the page the submit and cancel buttons are on top of each other. They should be next to each other.

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C# Application Window With 4 Tabs – PriceSheets

This project is for development of a single window form with four tabs. The purpose of this window form is to allow users to maintain product price sheets. A product price sheet contains a list of products with different types of pricing. This window will use SQL Server database tables. The attachment contains alot of details and please note that the design shown in the screen prints will be provided along with some code as mentioned. I always pay extra for early completion and improvements. Provider will be provided with SQL Server tables mentioned in SPEC, visual studio project and specification.

TAB1 – This tab is where the user will create new price sheets, delete existing prices sheets or open existing price sheets for editing from a Gridview control.

TAB2 – This tab is where the user will selects the products that apply to the selected price sheet. This tab cannot be selected until a price sheet is selected from TAB 1. This tab will consist of a TREEVIEW displaying a hierarchy from a SQL server table (this code will be provided), 3 list box contols, a gridview to display products for the selected treeview node.

TAB3 – This tab is where the user will select an additional criteria to limit the price sheet to certain price types and/or receivers. This tab will contain 2 list box controls to allow users to select price types and receivers. The list of price types and receives will be obtained from a SQL Server Table.

TAB 4 – This tab is where can create a Price Catalog from the selections made in TABS 1 3. There will be 2 buttons. The [View] button will display the report in the window. The [Print] button will open the print dialog window for the user to print the report.

Delivery Expectation:
Provider will be provided with application window form show below so none or little design is needed.
Provider should be experienced with creating text reports.
It is recommended but not required that the provider user use DevComponents software. A full functional trial version can be downloaded here –
Must be developed in C# and compatible with Visual Studio 2010
All source code must be at least unit tested.
All source code must be provided including any stored procedures when final milestone payment is made.
Must be developed using two tier application layer. All the SQL Server calls will be made in Data layer called DAL. This will be provided.
Writing performance efficient code is critical for this window. This window must open within a 2 or 3 seconds.

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Information Architect/UX Designer

Information Architect/UX Designer
Hourly Rate: £40 – £50

Spring Digital is a full-service digital agency that provides concept to creation of digital projects for SME clients across London. Founded in 2001 we have built, managed and promoted over 600 websites and continue to help clients to achieve more online.

We are looking for a dynamic, ambitious, enthusiastic freelance Information Architect who has strong business acumen and the ability to understand and appreciate a wide range of business models. Excellent strategic skills; and knowledge of usability, accessibility and industry standards/best practices

Responsibilities will include research and planning of websites, from simple brochureware sites through to large ecomms and complex web apps. Capturing and analyzing website & project requirements, developing user personas, user scenarios and user journeys.
You will map process flow throughout a site or app, conceptualise and wireframe user interfaces and using a range of tools you will create and develop site wireframes, prototypes and, where appropriate, storyboards.

You will have at least 1-2 years experience of information architecture and/or UX design
You are able work under pressure to very tight deadlines, with a strong focus on achieving client satisfaction
You can work methodically, accurately and can articulate my ideas and concepts to clients and colleagues alike
You understand how websites are built and maintained, especially those built on WordPress, Drupal, Magento
You have a good level of experience and understanding of the Axure, Google Analytics and Google Optimiser tools.
You are eligible to work in the UK

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Post Submission Plugin Required For WordPress

Hi there,

Im looking to find someone who can write me a customised plugin for WordPress. The plugin will allow the site visitor to do the following:

– The Create a post form should include: Image upload, post title, category, tags and customised permalink (plugin is for a link site) and "alert me" (user is sent automatic email when their post is approved or declined) are required, perhaps other custom fields later

– If possible, when a post is submitted, the user should have an option to perform basic editing on the photo – there should be an option to crop the photo, although the crop ratio needs to always be 1:1; the user can then preview and Submit the post.

– The user must be registered in order to post. The link to make a post should not be visible when the user is not logged in. If the user is not logged in there should be a link from the menu bar (not widget in sidebar/footer etc) to an AJAX login popup which will authenticate the user and redirect them back to the same page. If the user is logged in there should be an option to "Submit New" (see below) as well as an option to log out, and a link to view the user profile. These links should be on the menu bar at the page top – not as widgets in the sidebar.

– The "Submit new post" page should come up as a AJAX popup – background page is faded and the submit new form appears similar to a Facebook-style lightbox, and should be "activated" by a link from the page menu (not a widget on a sidebar/footer)

– The user profile, linked to from the menu should also be a customised page, showing the users previous published submissions, as well as an option to change basic info about the user account (email address and so forth) – there should be no need to go into the WordPress admin panel/backend for the user to do this.

– The form should be able to localised easily in multiple different languages. I want to be able to edit a specific file and easily add/change new languages so the form displays in different languages. This variable should be carried over from the main site, which will also be localised in the same languages.

– The submission should automatically go to a pending state which will require moderation by me or another Admin before the post is visible. There should be a dedicated section for post moderation on the Admin panel, and the moderation section should display a small thumbnail of the photo uploaded (which can be clicked on to enlarge), the post title, post permalink, tags used and categories. Each pending submission should have an option to approve/reject the post, and in the case of reject, there should be a customisable menu where I can select a reason as to why the post was rejected. This variable can be pushed into the automatic email sent to the user in case he has selected to be notified when his post is moderated.

– In the user page showing his previous submissions, there should be 3 different sub-sections. One section showing "Approved" posts, one section showing "Rejected" posts, and these should also show this rejection reason next to the posts, as well as a "Pending" posts section – for posts which arent yet moderated.

For resources, please check the following sites to view some examples of the type of thing Im after – / – which have the authentication and submission system Im after
TDO Mini Forms – WP plugin which does a similar thing to the form action I require
Multibox – WP plugin which displays a nice lightbox for content – sort of the thing I need for the submission and login forms.

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C Program Calculations

Write C program to perform simple C arithmetic calculations. The user is to enter a simple expression (integer operator integer) such as: 15 + 30

The program is to extract the 2 operands and the operator, perform the indicated calculation and display the result. For example: 15 + 30 = 45

Operators should include +, -, *, /, and %
Operands are positive integers, no sign
*Use getchar to input the expression
Allow for variable spacing before the first operand and between operators and operands (zero, one or more spaces)

Allow the user the option of entering another expression
Code a function for each operator to do the appropriate arithmetic operation (5 functions)
No global variables. No string handling functions. No arrays

Input: Interactive. Allow the user to enter multiple expressions.

Output: Echo the input (both user prompts and user entered data).
Print the whole expression with the result or an appropriate error message
Be sure output data shows all valid and invalid test data and how the program handled it.

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FML/TFLN Style User Generated Content Site

Need to a site developed based on a wordpress theme if possible. Idea is for users to post text or pictures to a user generated blog. No need for user registration, just a user name i.e. anonymous post as long as a user name is provided.

Posted objects should require administrator to approve before posting on site. This setting should be able to be switched off and on by an admin.
Each post will have a positive or negative vote. Also have an option to view best rated and lowest rated.

Each post must also be able to have a comments section similar to blog comments.
Social sharing should be available.

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Template For OsCommerce 2.3.1


Im using osCommerce 2.3.1 and I need someone to make a template that looks similar to Im not asking for copies or exact look alike in features or design. I just want something similar, because has a very clean and flexible design. Please dont provide me with pirated templates. I need it to be clean and fresh.

The template has to be SEO and SEF so that the search engines can crawl it easily. It should also be compatible with google chrome, firefox, safari, IE7/IE8. (This goes for every template made for a live website, I mean all the templates nowadays need this or else its just useless without it.)

1 – $25 BONUS
This bonus is for adding a application on facebook, which allows users/friends to view all items (with an image and description). When user can add items to cart and on checkout the user is directed to our website with the items still in the cart ready for checkout.

2 – $25 BONUS
The template should also be compatible with iPhone. Im not asking for an app but for web browsing it should be iPhone friendly.

The two bonus features are not so important, but if they can be added then why not add them during the development of the template.

Finally, the complete project should be given to me in fully working condition and instructions on how to implement it.
To ensure that youve read everything in this post, please write Micro in front of your post.

Thank you for your time,

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Design Slots Website

Here are the job specifics..
Create a website with the following pages

Create account
Contact us

Secret page

There must be a login system

The home page can be a free basic template there are lots of free templates online

Login.. The same template but this page has a login menu and a link to the create account page
Show users "points" and give a link to the deposit page

Create account.. Same template With an option to create an account

Play.. User must be logged in..
Play.. Show users "points" and display a simple slot game from
I have bought and downloaded it so if you need the download make sure you tell me.
The download has a .xml with the lines


<Config StartCredits="15" Odds="25"></Config>


Please tell me if you are able to get the users points/credits through the .xml file

Deposit.. A simple form with a paypal link.
Make sure its clear that the user is buying points for the games and when the user has enough points they can get prizes (shown on the prize page)
1$ = 2 points
You can add it so the points are added automatically OR If your adding the admin page I can add them in manually

I will edit in the prizes manually myself just make the page and with the links to the other parts of the casino
If you can add an example prize that would be great.
Add a form on this page so the user fills out what prize they want and their user name (NO PASSWORD) the prize ID and their payment e-mail.
When the user submits the form it e-mails to me and I will send the payment manually and edit the users points for in game

Contact us.
Just add the template and the links to everywhere else in the casino and add an example contact us info and I WIll edit it myself

In the admin area allow me to view users account names, e-mail, and points and give me the option to edit the users e-mail and points.


Very basic shouldnt take you to long if you know what your doing.
Dont go posting that you want 250 for this simple job I will not reply back to you.

Make sure that its a point and prize system so I can actually host this website. The point and prize system allows me to legally be able to own this mini casino

Thank you Alex

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WordPress Gallery Needed

We have a website running on wordpress, using the fancybox plugin.

where we have multiple galleries on the one page, the galleries currently cycle first through the selected gallery, but then also all the subsequent galleries on the page.

we would like the user to ONLY be able to cycle through each gallery individually ALSO excluding the thumbnail image the user clicked on.

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Jquery .scroll () In Webpage

I have one page that I need to put an accept button at the bottom of the page – It is ONLY supposed to show when the user has scrolled to the bottom of the page – Ive seen it done using jquery but cannot figure it out for myself.
Can anyone do this simple project for me?

You can see the demo at:

enter.html loads disclaimer2.html into an iFrame

I need to take out the checkbox and have plain text that will allow the user to accept (sending him to index.html) or decline (sending him back to the top of the page

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I Need Professional In Java Programming


I have created previous project which is :-
(I need a java and php page to get remote user mac address , the visitor should accept java to run on his machine and then itll get the mac address and send it to php page )

the previous project has done perfectly but java was sending many hardware mac addresses to php page and I want only network mac address. so I asked him to fix this and he did it but another problem came out and he couldnt fix it. The problem is when the user enter the site , pop up java message come out(see attached file) and user must press on run button to receive mac address otherwise if he press on cancel button nothing will be received. It was worked fine on the first time he programmed (receiving mac address whether pressing run or cancel button)

here what I need you to do:-
Fix this by receiving mac address whether clicking on run or cancel button
or receiving mac address without showing pop up java message (it will be much better if possible)

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Memorise User Name And Password


we are travel agency base in Quebec we have travel consultant to open ther system with itch companie day need USER NAME&PASSE WORD AND CHANGE ITCH 3 MONTH we need sort of programme witch we could register in emplayer
with ther code and we could change it wen they are not working with us sorry regarding my englich i am french
thank you

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Time Tracking Application

I need a website to do a simple time tracking web based for a department

1.System will have department and each department will have x amount of users
2.Each department will have one administrator/manager
3.Each user will have its own login
4.Users cannot see tasks of other users
5.Only admin/manager can see all tasks
6.Only Admin/manager can create/edit/delete tasks
7.Admin generate a task list and assign each user with a task list
8.Users will see his/her own task and report on each individual tasks by the clock assigned by the program
9.Admin/manager can generate reports based on date range (on demand)
10.Standard reports will be available by day/week/month
11.Admin/manager can check user performance by task or by day
12.Admin/manager can check department by task or by day
13.System will give possibilities to multiple administrators

I have a couple of more requirements ( small ones) but contact me and I will give you more details

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Log Review Script-Bash-Linux-Unix

Script Requirements:

1. command line

2. Will ask user the directory path and name of the log file

3. Will ask user the date format of log file (that is date syntax to match)

4. Will ask user how many days back they want to review log file

5. Default date will be current system date.

6. Will ask user the desired path and name of the output file. Default will be original log

7. Will grab the pertinent log entries and send to a file in user indicated path

8. Script must take into account monthly calendars (example months that are 27days, 28days, 30days and 31days)

9. Ability to attach additional parameters to script (example ./script | grep whatever)

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Facebook Video Upload And Play Application

We require a Facebook app for a Facebook page.

The app needs to be able to offer the ability for the user to upload videos of themselves and then display the performance for other users to view. When a user clicks to view the video then it must then display the video to view on a new page (which will have a graphic of a concert stage – the video being of a user singing/performing).

The app needs to be able to store as many uploaded videos as possible for a other consumers to view.

Please also include costs for 1/5/10 days seeding.

When pricing you must be able to provide references and example of previous work.

When quoting for the project please include in your email:

-The Price
-Delivery Timescale
-References and url links to work examples (relevant).

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Photo Recognition Website

Go to this website. And see the "try me". I need my own website that can upload to their servers and get results like the example above.
They give each user theyre own account with an API code.
Most of the coding is done

It also needs to let the users to upload a tag what is it.
(i.e Upload a photo of britney spears and tell the servers its britney spears)
I would also need a admin section so i could edit the tags
If you log in youll see what im talking about it

However I need it to be able so the user can upload a website with the tag
(i.e if someone took a photo of britney spears it would to their servers and return britney spears so then my website takes them automatically to the website above.)
I presume the script would be on my server which i need to get.

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Need A Website Similar To

I want website similar to, I want all of its basic functionalities, business,cars,maps,peoples and coupon listing with user registration and user panel, this time.

Thanks happy bidding

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WordPress Plugin Register Players For Little League Baseball

I need a wordpress plugin to do the following…

this is the first stage of our project and we have decided to break it up instead of making it one huge project.. It will be easier on the pocket books this way.

We will want rights to this plugin to install it on another site if need be and will need to be compiled as a actuall plugin that will install via the plugin menu from wordpress.

This is what we want it to accomplish.

Registration Tab on Navigation.

When registering the user can register as the following.
Site User
Needs option to register multiple players
Staff Member
will be a site user until approved
Board Member
will be a site user until approved
will be a site user until approved
will be a site user until approved
will be a site user until approved
will be created from the parents profile
will have to pay a fee via paypal for active season
First and Last Name
Street Address
Date of Birth
Birth Certificates will need to be uploaded and stored in players account as pdf or jpeg
Account will need to be paid and birth certificate will need to be verified prior to being active for said season
If player is returning for a 2nd season birth certificate will not be needed.
Shirt size
Pant Size
Desired Jersey Number
Desired Position
Right/Left Handed?
We need to be able to track players fees for multiple seasons
Registration Date?
Years Exp? (software will determine this)
Track Seasons he has played and team (team will be coded later)
Emergency contact + phone
Doctors Name + phone
Insurance and Policy Number?
Photo (optional Upload)

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Roulette Website Script

Hello I am looking for an easy to install roulette games script for my website.
I would like for users to sign up and play using a points system 🙂
For the user to get points for in game play the user would contact an admin and the admin will edit the users points.
Also a very basic and simple points page where the user can exchange the points for prizes.

Thank you in advance please post your price and keep it affordable because its basically an arcade script with manually added points and only 1 game.


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Unique User Traffic Convert To Registrations For Website

New site needs high quality, high volume, targeted and/or global traffic.

Only for experienced providers:

We want an individual that can bring us 100,000+ sign-ups/user registrations to our website each month.

Methods that are allowed:
* Email Marketing is allowed (NO spam)
* Social network traffic is allowed (white hat/non-spam)
* Web traffic is allowed
* Link Exchange

All the traffic should come from mostly U.S./U.K./Canada/Latin & South America/Europe.

All sign-ups must be REAL humans (no bots, no fake traffic).


Milestone payments for every 1000 unique, real, verifiable user registrations.

Please detail and provide example of how you will generate the leads.

The Rules:
Only quality sign-ups
Only unique and confirmed E-mail Addresses
Only unique and confirmed IP addresses
No Rotating IP addresses
No fake Emails
No Fake Zip Codes
No duplicates sign ups
No fraudulent sign ups
No Automated Methods
No Cookie Cleaners
No Black Hat
No use of proxy servers
No Craigslist
No Incentivized Traffic
No Auto Bots or Software
Yes 100% Real People
Yes most of the traffic should come from mostly U.S./U.K./Canada/Latin & South America/Europe.

If you break any of these rules, we dont want your business.

We will have to terminate your services (without pay) if you fail to adhere to these rules and conditions.

Instruction will be provided after you get hired.

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Video And Pdf

im looking for someone to create a program that can record a short video of the user using their webcam, and also allows the user to create a pdf document. Then the program will allow the user to send the video file and pdf document together as an email attachment. Im looking for user friendly software which can be sold retail on cd in the UK.. Also it must have a brand feel and a nice look about it, with a professional feel, sleek.

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Online Inventory

I need a smaller online inventory for non-profit organizations. The inventory must use PHP and MySQL to run on our server.

Features that the online inventory must have:

Admin back end:
– possibility to add/ remove multiple Organizations
– possibility to add/ remove multiple users to each Organization
– ability to add/ remove access levels:
1. add the goods in the inventory.
2. just look at the goods in the inventory.

There must be an interface to backup the database for individual Organizations.

Client front-end:
Ability to add articles with the following information:
– Date
– Name of product
– Number of purchased goods
– Price per piece
– Shipping costs
– Total (price of product + shipping). Calculated automatically.
– Possibility to add Cost centre for the article.

Is the product already signed up in the inventory it should be possible to choose it from a dropdown menu for an more user friendly way to add articles.

The user is also able to reduce article from the inventory. (FIFO princip will be used. See below).

The user should be able to print the stock balance of all goods.
The user should be able to print a list of all additions and removals of goods that have been made under a given time period.

Features that the online inventory must meet:
User can add an Opening balanse at the begining of the year.
All goods of the same type is calulated together. When an article is reduced from the inventory it should use the principle: FIFO (First in – first out). Read about FIFO:

All articles in the inventory must also be calculated together.

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LB TaskControl

I have developed a VB.NET software for tracking time and tasks for people who work on internet jobs.

Now I need a MAC version of my software.

My software is called Lionbridge Task Control (now only LB Task Control) and more information can be found on

It tracks time per tasks and how many tasks the user has worked on. Then it finally generates a report so the user can keep records.

Besides the creation of a MAC Version, I will need from the developer a partnership for when the program gets updated, I will be able to cantact him to update the MAC version also.

This program is a freeware and it survives only by donations, so I do not have a good budget, but Ill accept offers.

Please share some history off applications already developed.


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Optimizing Program (bin Packing)

Hello developers

I am looking for the right programmer to code an optimizing program.

The problem: My customers know the sizes they need to cut a plate in to, and they know the width of the main plate they cut the smaller pieces from. But they dont know the most efficient way of cutting them.

The solution: The software must be able to figure out the most efficient way to cut the required pieces of the plate.

First of all: User friendly GUI like the one attached this description. I am thinking something like C# – but it is up to you.

The first step in the program is for the user to type in how many pieces they need (see attached picture Screen 1)
Also there is a field for putting in the width of the plate (they always now the width).

Second step: The software now makes as many fields as the user typed, in the first step (see attached picture Screen 2)

Third step: After the user has types the dimensions in, the software makes a graphic cutting plan. (see attached picture Screen 3)

Further requirements:
There must be a check box for choosing to mix length and width or not.
The total length of the main plate needed must be shown on the cutting plan (and the typed in width).
It must be possible to print and save the cutting plan in PDF.
The software must be compatible with Windows 95 WIN 7 (no need for linux or OS).
At the projects end I will give a Danish translation of the text, to be copy/pasted in instead of the text shown in the attached file.
There must be a (simple) license control on the software. Must only work if the right licensID has been put in on installation.
At the end of coding all the source code must be delivered to me.

Hope to hear from you. Any questions ask before making a bid.

Cheers Michael

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WordPress Plugin For GravityForms

This plugin is an addition to the well known wordpress forms solution. I need to create a plugin and widget that will display all the last completed forms a logged in wordpress user has done.

When the user then clicks through on one of their completed forms from the widget, the form is then loaded with all of their completed data pre-filled in from before. If the user changes any data on the pre-filled form and then submits again – a new form data record is created using Gravity forms default data saving procedure.

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PHP P2 Theme WordPress Customisation

I am looking for someone to recode the p2theme for wordpress into my own online app.

I am basically making a website called and the function of the website will allow a visitor to write their own thought for the day.

Please see the attached document and I will explain further.

The site will be similar p2theme for wordpress except different and extended:

Basically someone visits the website.

Selects from categories for their thought

Writes there thought. (There will need to be a jQuery form validator that automatically detects http:// www .com string and pops up a notice and the form will not be submitted. The same for the comments form).

Mandatory name and email.

Choose to register

Choose to subscribe to daily thoughts (or daily quote)

And posts it

The post function will need to run through AJAX same as p2 and appear automatically through ajax like Twitter aswell.

If they register, a email is sent to confirm registration, username and gives password after confirmation?

Subscribe to daily thought sends the highest rated daily thought to the user.

Toggle comments will open all the comments for the posts, toggle on/off. There will also be a Rate plugin for posts posts.

As you can see the social icons will need to be like share retweet and stumble on each individual post.

On the sidebar there is just the most popular thoughts order in categories eg. motivational etc. User can click view all –

On the individual category pages the user can then view thoughts by category – arranged by most popular ever. There will also be a option to view by most popular this month and week. (like youtube videos sort)

It would also be nice if the user could subscribe to a individual category to receive the posts from that category only via email weekly/daily.

There will also need to be blog pages set up separately, that list posts from my category choosing.

Also when the user is on different page other than the homepage there will be a little popup notification stating there is a new thought once again similar to p2. Also adding a (1) New Thought/s to the page title. The pop will simply appear above the website content at the bottom of screen for 10secs – user can click back to the home page to see the new thought.

Note the posts do not have titles or tags.

So basically the same a p2 theme. Even if you based the entire project off this framework would be fine. I have already started building the website with the rating system and form, however I dont have enough time to complete it.

I am website designer and developer but I need to outsource to save my time. You can visit my website

I would prefer to do the basic HTML & CSS structure myself. I can however also provide the Photoshop documents if needed.

If this project goes well I also have 2 other larger projects currently being structured, wireframed and designed, due for development in the next few weeks, so there is the opportunity for ongoing work.

If you could provide a rough estimate into timeframe and price it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Favicon, Latest Members, Alpha User Point

1) My favicon shows up on Firefox, but not IE. I need someone to help me fix it.

2) Latest members module for joomla does not work. Please help.

3) I need someone to help setup the alpha user points component for joomla. Please help.


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