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The Vetbook

I need a web-designer with good .php skills to make my site database driven.

I am a final year student at the Royal Vet College-London. I have been creating a website using google sites where fellow final year students and new graduates can up-load a photo and their CV. I collect the data using google forms but to display it on the site I have to enter it manually. I have recently purchased domain and linux hosting with MySQL databases.

I would like my current site to be recreated (or a similar looking site) on this new domain and hosting. I also want the site to be dynamic database driven so that users can enter their details and photo and they automatically appear on the site in the relevant sections and users are able to edit their entries themselves.

The form on the Sign Up! page shows the data I want collected, but I do not want the users email, surname or phone number to appear on the site, as these need to be accessible by me alone. Each user needs their own page with their CV and photo on. People searching for vets need to be able to filter through all the vets on the site by:- the locations theyre looking to work in in the UK; the type of practice (small animal/equine/farm/mixed/exotic); other parameters.

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Develop An Online Service

I need to develop an online service:
-Enabling to upload questionnaires online (with multiple choice questions),
-Those questionnaires would be created using an Excel sheet and an easy template,
-Users can respond to those questionnaires online,
-Users can get an immediate feedback depending upon their replies,
-Users receive a rating at the end of the questionnaire,
-Users should be identified with unique ID and passwords.

I will send you a complete job description if your profile meets my requirements. Thanks.

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Joomla 1.6.1 Modification Add Users / Modify Users

Hi there.

I need a Joomla 1.6.1. (plugin) or modification.

I want that administrators can only add or modify users from in there own group.

For example: When administrator is in group A. He only can add users in group A, and only SEE them.

Who can help me?

budget: $50,00

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Profile Matching Program

I need to create a website that allows for creating a series of questionnaires that users fill in, then matching users profiles to each other based on the responses to these questionnaires.
– Each user may have many different profiles, and there will also be a relationship model between users.
– The size/style/number of the questionnaires, and questions/answers will be determined by administrators, but must be able to be adjusted without upsetting the matching algorithm
– This project will preferably be completed using RoR as I have some familiarity with it
– Im looking for a simple solution at this stage but if the project is successful there is potential for further ongoing work

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Design Slots Website

Here are the job specifics..
Create a website with the following pages

Create account
Contact us

Secret page

There must be a login system

The home page can be a free basic template there are lots of free templates online

Login.. The same template but this page has a login menu and a link to the create account page
Show users "points" and give a link to the deposit page

Create account.. Same template With an option to create an account

Play.. User must be logged in..
Play.. Show users "points" and display a simple slot game from
I have bought and downloaded it so if you need the download make sure you tell me.
The download has a .xml with the lines


<Config StartCredits="15" Odds="25"></Config>


Please tell me if you are able to get the users points/credits through the .xml file

Deposit.. A simple form with a paypal link.
Make sure its clear that the user is buying points for the games and when the user has enough points they can get prizes (shown on the prize page)
1$ = 2 points
You can add it so the points are added automatically OR If your adding the admin page I can add them in manually

I will edit in the prizes manually myself just make the page and with the links to the other parts of the casino
If you can add an example prize that would be great.
Add a form on this page so the user fills out what prize they want and their user name (NO PASSWORD) the prize ID and their payment e-mail.
When the user submits the form it e-mails to me and I will send the payment manually and edit the users points for in game

Contact us.
Just add the template and the links to everywhere else in the casino and add an example contact us info and I WIll edit it myself

In the admin area allow me to view users account names, e-mail, and points and give me the option to edit the users e-mail and points.


Very basic shouldnt take you to long if you know what your doing.
Dont go posting that you want 250 for this simple job I will not reply back to you.

Make sure that its a point and prize system so I can actually host this website. The point and prize system allows me to legally be able to own this mini casino

Thank you Alex

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JQuery Interactable Map


I am in need of a map like the browsergame Tribalwars has.

The map should show 8×8 in the Y and X line with 56×56 images.

I want to have the interactive map and a sort of mini-map on the right side. Users can hold down the mouse in the mini-map and scroll faster over the map. There must be an animation that shows the scrolling on the real map.
Data must be loaded from MySQL out from a table of 100.000 rows.

The map must be exact the same as It must have a slide effect when users goes to another section.

Screen of the map: – or take a look at the map.

Map must be made with plain JavaScript or jQuery framework.

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Penny Auction Bidding Site

We are looking for expert designers and coders to help us build and develop a Penny Auction project by using PHP/MySQL (running on Apache 2 with Nginx as reverse proxy web server).
We require for all bidders to show us examples of their past developed Penny Auction sites/projects and proven experiences or pa in order for us to do a full evaluation prior to taking any of their bids into serious consideration.

Our Requirements includes (but not limited to):
· Design all graphics/artworks (with the exception of the logo)

· A Complete landing page along with Legal +FAQ+Disclaimers

· All Codes must be well written and commented (easy maintenance and upgrades + highly secured.)

· The site must be optimized in order to handle any high volume of traffic and visitors.

· We need a strong backend administrative control panel for the site.

· APC and file caching support. Ability to switch between them, or even turn caching off.

· Independent language module with the ability to add, modify and remove languages. (It would be a plus to have the ability to automatically switch between languages based on the visitors geo-location.)

· In addition to the normal registration process, we also need to have a Facebook Connect or OpenID without the needs of RPX for any users

· Salt password + MD5 encryption.

· User friendly and they must be able to login and maintain their accounts without any bugs or problems

· User accounts should contain profile information, credit summaries, bid summaries, purchase histories, alerts, email subscription management, payment preference, and ranking etc.

· Offers of bids that can be bought in packages.

· User levels with incentives. (we would like to hear more ideas from past experience/projects)

· We will need a daily email subscription for users and control/created by administrators for any news, coupons, updates and promotions. (We will need a layout for daily emails for users and easy usage for administrators to edit any information)

· Bidding in the Penny Auction-style format. Paying per bid and the price increasing by a set amount. Administrator can set rules for the amount increased.

· We also need to have a system created for administrators to automatically outbid the users/ control the winning results (a system that can be control by the admin panel in order to beat the users in winning an auction, this is A MUST)

· Adjustable default end time. Automatic increment of end time in case of new bids.

· Rookie auctions, nailbiter auctions, penny auctions, free auctions, fixed price auctions, peak/off-peak auctions.

· Ability to give users free bids for (for registering, winning their first auction, referring a friend and for buying bid packages for the first time).

· Payment gateway integration with, PayPal, and 2CO.

· Referral by email, MSN account, OpenID, Facebook etc.

· Inventory management with categories, in backend.

· Assign administrator levels.

· Ability to refund bids.

· We also prefer developers to have a SEOs and internet marketing experience to help us develop and create backlinks/ other online marketing concepts/ideas/techniques for our site.

· Need a affiliate systems for any affiliate or webmaster to sign up (webmaster page + layout) with us and get commission back (ask for additional details)

· The work must be original and creative, clones of Swoopo etc will not be accepted.

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Web Design ECommerce SMS Calendar

Website with database. users adding info into spreadsheet with calendar view and SMS reminder option. Yearly fee charged to users. Can use or integrate software from web SMS provider

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Video Learning Website With Subscription

I need a website where I can upload my videos and users to stream it (they must not download my videos).

Here is what I need of the website:

I must be able to upload videos and users to stream it, no download options should be possible.
User can access website but subscription is required to stream video, to start PayPal will be payment method.

Video stream player must have basic features as play and pause, choose fullscreen mode.

I have a domain name in mind but Im open for new ideas, have not choosen any hosting company yet and type.

If you have any questions, please ask.
Send my your portfolio.

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Resolving Permissions Issues In Active Directory

Looking for an Active Directory expert to resolve a permissions issue we are having in our small business. We are based in London W1 and ideally would like to resolve this week (commencing 4 April). We would like this resolved in person rather than remotely.

I have a Windows 2008 Foundation R2 server with 7 clients. The server is a 6mth old Dell Poweredge 110 and the clients are all 6mth old Dell Vostro V13 and 1510s running WIndows 7 Professional. The clients are all joined to the domain and AD is running & controls access to the shared network drive. Most of my users can access, open and save files no problem – but a few users have significant problems. When they try to save any files they are no longer visible by the user or other users of the network drive. When I access them using the server and go to view permissions, I see the file is "Unable to display current owner". If I reset the owner to Administrators then all users are able to see and edit the file again – but when they save the same file after editing the problem reappears.

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Java Browser Based MAME Gaming / FLASH Gaming

I would like to be able to play MAME roms in a browser online supporting multiple users.

I am putting a gaming website together and would like my users to be able to play MAME arcade games through their browsers. The system needs to be able to scale to a large number of users.
I am assuming that a Java based solution would be viable.

I would also like to host some flash games which need to be sourced.

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Before And After Photo Website

Hi Freelancers,

I want to have a one page website created similar to a style. Except it will be 2 photos the user can upload for a Before and After comparison.

Rather than have a side by side display, and if possible use (or modify) the below Joomla 1.6 extension so you can drag the bar left and right to show the differences. This will be the main feature and centre display. An option available to click a link and switch to a side by side view.

* Only registered users can upload photos.
* The uploaded pictures will require a Title and Description field that can be filled in.
* Public visitors will be able to vote (1-10) on the photo comparisons.
* Registered users can comment on photos submitted.
* A simple Search Function
* A section on the left or right for Newest and Highest Rated photos.
* Uploaded photos require admin approval before publishing them.
* Category pane so users can search specific categories which changes the centre display category.
* Privacy and Terms and Conditions link.

Create a logo design according to my theme.

additional skills – Web 2.0 and SEO

Payment made in full once I am happy with the final product. If happy with service and product will use same freelancer for future updates to the site.


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Facebook – Twitter – Delicious Mentions


I require the following:

50 mentions from different users on the following 3 social network sites:-


It is preferred that the links are from uk users.
The mentions must include our keywords (2 words)

And also a link to our website.

Links to be built over 30 days so no spamming.

If you have a package to build larger link amounts please post

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Car Sale Portal

We are setting up a multi phased ecommerce portal. Phase one will be to develop a Car Sale portal and subsequent phases will incorporate other products and services that will be added on.

I have seen the readymade packages available but they look too cluttered. The portal needs to cater for both mobile and regular users. It will need to have capability to extract the car details from the VIN by looking it up from the Internet.

Display images of the cars
Simple navigation
SMS and email integration to send notification to sellers about offers that are being made on the car
Pages for latest additions
Notification of additions to registered users
Multi language capability (English and Arabic)
Users should be able to upload images And display their Ads after either an online payment or if they are a registered user with appropriate credit.

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Facebook Page- Travel Agency Page – 1500 LIKES

I have a facebook page (

Would like to increase the number of "likes" on this page. The page is designed to promote travel specials from Canadian cities to worldwide. Would like to ideally get the number of likes up to 1000 as a initial goal.. Currently there are 307.

Please be aware that the "likes" must come mainly from Canadian facebook users as the page is targeted for Canadians.


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Simple Classifieds Website Required

Project description

Simple online classifieds website required, where users can sell their goods/services (registration required either via facebook or typed in by users)

Fields required in the registraion process will be :

a) Name
b) Address including postal code
c) Contact mobile 1 & 2
d) Contact landline 1 & 2
e) Other forms of contact such as Skype/AIM/ICQ/messengers/Mo-call

Users will have the option to type in or select do not display in ad and rather not say
Users will have account where they can keep track of ads, eg live/expired/deleted
Ads will be free (however please ad in functionality to chrage in the future)
Add in payment processor functionality (but disable it)

Website will be in black and white (with certain areas to be in shaded grey)
Users will search for goods/services in loctions within that country
In the case of the USA users wil for example search in California, but only be able to search towns, cities within that state (dont list counties) but only be able to search 3 max eg Santa-Monica,Hollywood,Beverly Hills .

So if a user want to search for a Ford Exporler (in the AUTOS section) they can select uptp 3 locations to serch for that item

Users can also post upto 3 locations, but NOT the state as a whole in other words if they live in Glendale in California, they must pick Glendale (and upto 2 more nearby locales as well), there can never be an option for users to only pick the state

The option to pick addional cities/towns wil be on the left hand side of the page, NOTE the headline location will be the state (for the USA)
Country for UK eg scotland, england, N Ireland, Wales, will discuss for other countries.

We will need to discuss the search function in depth as the state can never be an option to be selected , only cities/towns

Smaller countries will just have a list of cities or towns no need to worry about states there.

Ads will be dispalyed by date, and users will have the option to view ads with or without photo.
Also for autos there will be additonal function of dealer and private or both also the photo
For jobs there will be agency and employer direct
For property there will be a agency/priavte and with with out photo

Als will need feed in from other websites eg autotrader for the autos section, ebay for stuff, plus other website content for other listings and for the user to view listings with and wihout this content.

Ads themselves will have ad poster details , description, photos, map, if the ad is private or agency , date posted, price/cost,

No external ads to be posted at al on the site (however this function to be deactivated for later use)
No payment procesor as ads will be free (howver this feature to be deactiavted for later use)

I would need full admin rights to add in cities/towns/ countries
Ban or deleted users

Also require a report ad fucntion where users can report ads that violate the T&Cs , users will type in their name,email,tel no and a reason why they are reporting it.

Will buy the .com and .eu maybe .asia

There will be a forum (need to discuss that use, a free one )

Much more to discuss too, also no payment until i get the finished website and no using other peoples code

I will own the copyright to the site from day 1
I will also organise hosting

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Facebook Data Analysis Java Applet

I am currently in the process of putting together a small project and I am looking for someone highly proficient in Java.

Basic overview of project:
– I intend to build a java applet that is capable of logging into a Facebook account using post/get (http). Not the facebook API.
– Once authenticated, the program will be able to grab the full text from the users, or a friend of the users wall. From day zero.

– Should have Skype
– Experience with the Facebook in general is a bonus, as is experience writing code for websites

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500 TARGETED Facebook Fans Needed.

I require 500 targeted facebook fans.

The facebook users must be:

– Between the ages of 20 – 50 years old.
– A mix of male and female
– MUST be at least 90% from the U.S, Australia, New Zealand.
– A small percentage can be from the UK, Canada, Italy, France and Spain.

– ALL must be from major capital cities in the above countries, such as New York, LA, San Francisco, Miami, Toronto, London, Paris, Milan, Rome, Barcelona, etc. No users can be from rural areas, small towns, third world countries, etc.

Our business is in high-end accessories, so users must have liked similar fan-pages in the fields of art, fashion, design, architecture, media, luxury goods and premium international brands.

ALL users must be 100% real, with at least 50 friends and 10 photos on their profile, at minimum. They must also have status updates that go back at least 30 days.

They cannot have any racist/homophobic/suggestive/sexual/pornographic/dating/gambling or any other possibly offensive material or inappropriate comments on their facebook profiles!!!!

No bots, no fake accounts, no spam!!

Please disclose your strategy/methodology in your bid email. Only good practices for inviting fans will be accepted or tolerated. Our facebook account cannot be at risk for being banned at any time.

When bidding please provide examples of other facebook accounts you have done this for – and also excellent references.

Payment: You will be fully paid within 2 weeks of completing this job, just to make sure that fans are not deleted or disappearing.

Deadline: the 500 fans must be delivered within 2 weeks, staggered gradually during that time.

If we are happy with the quality of your work, we will continue to buy blocks of 500 fans from you on an ongoing basis.

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SEO Front Page For My Website


I have just launched a blog but because of the nature of it, most of the posts will be images.

I need a landing page written which will be displayed as the homepage which contains content to help search engines decide what kind of site i am and therefore get better rankings in google, etc.

The site is – please take a visit and familiarise yourself with what the site is about.

Theses are the main sections:

Funny Statuses – users can upload screen shots of comical stauses they have seen on their facebook
Status Ideas – Textural submissions giving ideas to use as statuses on face book
Tagging pictures – pictures users can submit and use to tag their friends in

These are the main sections i want targeting on the home page.

The content must read well as to inform users what the site is about but also be rich in keywords relevant to my site.

Please provide links to similar pages you have written if they are relevant


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XML/JSON & Getting Location Based On IP Address

I am working on a website that has to deal with daily deal websites such as Groupon and WagJag.

For this job I need someone who is familiar with JSON/XML to connect with 2 website APIs. The websites I will need you to connect to will be revealed when the project is awarded.

What I will need from you:

1. automatically get users location based on their ip address
2. send the users location to each websites api
3. display the deals specific to the geographic location that are returned from the api.

Please feel free to ask any questions.

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Price Comparison And Review Site In Php


I would like to hire a freelancer to create a site like, it is a site hosted in Hong Kong but you can use google translate to your language to get an idea of how it works.

It is basically a price comparison and review site, it allows users or merchant to submit prices for products (currently that site only focus on electronics and computers but we want the scalability to add more categories).

Lets say a user bought an iphone4 today and want to share his price on our site, he/she can visit our site, browse or search for iphone4 and tel us how much and where he bought this gadget. So when other users come in they know where they can get the best bargain, if it is a local store and it is close he/she can simply get it locally; if not he/she can compare online stores too. The idea is a user can come to our site to find their best deal (online or offline merchant) and all data are shared by REAL users or merchants. Merchants can also use our site as a platform to promote their products or stores – for instance I have some iphone4 that I want to get rid of I can "share" my price online so users can compare my promotional prices with other merchants.

Our candidates must be good at php, mysql, ajax, javascript and any other skills that are required to complete this project. Templates skill might be required too.

The project should contain a site-front and admin backend for managing users, merchants, categories, products, promotions, notifications, and the scalability to extend the site.


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Custom Pic Montage Script- Website

ok so I would need someone to create a scipt which allows users all over the world too upload images to a set grid… however users can upload over each others images and such and replace pictures.

The website becomes a moving image box almost and anyone can upload pictures etc…when highlighting over a small picture it will appear larger"see pic" etc… and users will have the choice to reupload over that image etc …..

ITs hard to explain:

You would for one need to contact me via PMB to discuss it further

also………. the project ammount is low at current however could be increased or long term payment can be arranged Depending on quality and confidence I have in the scripter.
It is probably best created in pearl

I am looking for someone who will be willing to help throughout the entier stage and perhaps web deisgn and implementation will be needed.


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Database Development

The website design stage is completed and I need someone to build a database for it.

Requirements for the database :

-Support for a large number of users
-A referal and point reward system
-A ranking system based on the lifetime points earned
-Dashboard for users/admin were both parts can track their progress/earnings
-A bonus points system shopping page.
-CMS panel through which I can add affiliate links with an image on pages
-Compatibility with a flash webdesign( Dreamweaver 8) interface

Specific expertise/background that I am seeking:
Experience in developing databases / php using MySQL.

Timeframe for delivery: 2-4 weeks

More details available upon request.

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Exchange Server Set Up On SBS 2008

Have a new server set up running Exchange. But set up is not quite the way we need. We have multiple domains that we need to be able to send email out from. Most users use Outlook. With the current set up all users can receive email from any domain but it goes to one account for that user to check with outlook. That is not at problem but it is a problem that the user cant select any account to use from Outlook when sending the email. We need to get that straightened out. Also while doing that I need you to verify that all MX record and DNS records that would affect email are set up correctly. DNS problems cause bounce backs that we do not need.
I will need you to do this in two stages.
First: Check out the server setup, investigate the problem and search for DNS issues. Then let me know what your plan is to fix the issues.
Second: Once have we agree on a plan of action. You will need to help me make sure we have good back up in case you plan does not go as we hope.(it happens – nobody is perfect) Then make you the changes you proposed.

This is a live server with about 20 active users So we will need to plan with the least down time as possible.

We will probably need to discuss this on the phone or skype. I dont care where you live but I do need you to speek very clear english.


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