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Various Uses Of Garlic

Id like to get from you 20-25 different uses of garlic; each description/use should be done in 2-5 full sentences.
Please do not copy/paste copyrighted material. If youve read a use of garlic somewhere on the internet / book its OK to list it, but please do it in your own words. ( I will check each sentence with google , and will reduce your payment if I find any sentence taken from a copyrighted material ).

Possible similar assignments may follow. Thanks!

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Joomlafy And Secure Custom Forms

I have a joomla 1.5 site with a customized series of Question/Answer forms I created that stores users input into a stand alone database (not Joomlas). I did NOT do this by creating a module or component. I am new to web development and just did the simplest way possible.

The Project: Securing the forms using Joomla features to accomplish this.

The custom app is currently working. It uses AJAX to submit the form and then uses a lightbox to display the work they just saved.

I need someone to both do the work of securing the forms (at least the first one) AND walking me through the basic concepts (using screen sharing such as GoToMeeting). To my understanding, the best way is to use Joomlas built in features for this.

If you are an expert at Joomla and securing forms, AND you dont mind connecting screens to TEACH me the basics, Id like to hear from you 🙂


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Implement A MIPS Single-cycle Simulator Uses VHDL

Please help me to implement the MPIS single cycle CPU

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Intergrate WP-Ecommerce With Cimy Extra User Fields…


I have a website running WordPress and WP-Ecommerce, and Cimy Extra User Fields.

When someone registers it creates a user account, however i need it so that the shopping system uses the user data from the extra fields… so – Place an order and the system uses the register user fields, and doesnt ask them to fill out a form… I also need them to be able to edit the fields so that the user can change his address / email address password etc…

This is a link to the site…

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Invoice Project

A. Write an application that does the following:

1. Creates class Invoice

2. Declares class member variable called numberOfInvoices that is incremented each time a new invoice is created

3. Declares the four following instance member variables:

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Shop Design

I want a good designed site that sells gamingcodes that uses ( So you do NOT have to make the shopping cart )

the site must be build up so that it converts well , support multiple languages and uses costumer testimonials.

sites in the same niche that I like ;


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Website Uses Too Much CPU

Web portal uses too much CPU. This site is based on Joomla and template from Joomlart.

Initial problem of the site is that CPU usage and loading time.

The site is on VPS hosting.

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WHM/cPanel Server Optimization

Ive been facing a problem with my server for 9 month now.

It is always overloaded while I have a very good server.

Here is the specification of the server:

Quad Core Xeon® X3430 Processor
4 x 2.4 GHz Cores
8 MB L3 Cache, 1333 MHz FSB
4 GB 1333MHz DDR3 Memory
500 GB Usable Storage
6 TB Monthly Transfer
100 Mbps Uplink Port
4 IP Addresses
CentOS 5 Operating System
Unlimited Domains and User Accounts

But I still get overload. I dont have much visitor and I am using 9 domains on the server. One of them uses wordpress article directory and another domain uses vbulletin and the other domains are either use very simple script or are closed.

My server some times uses the whole resources that I have which makes me contact the server company to restart my server manually. Ive tried everything and contacted the server company to resolve the problem but they told me that most of resource are used by MySQL. I think there is a problem with the wordpress database.

Ive tried to repair the database but nothing happened.

I need a full optimization to my server and remove any unwanted temp files or emails or softwares installed in my server.

Also I need this problem to be fixed permanently..

Thank you

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Need Help Fixing JQuery And Prototype Scripts

My website has a banner on the homepage that uses jQuery. The jQuery is not working correctly and the banner does not slide correctly. I also want to have a Feedback button installed, but it uses Prototype. The two scripts (jQuery and Prototype) conflict with each other so I will need an expert company to help me with this.

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Site Cleanup

I have a website that needs some of the code on pages and in files to be cleaned up. There is some messy code with some files that are no longer used and I would like them gone (make it easier for editing and such). On some of the pages some of the code is no longer used but some of it is. The site connects to a MySQL database for a lot of the content and part of the site uses a PHP Cake CMS (part of the site the users need to log in to access and thats the Cake part). The site uses PHP, Javascript, CSS, MYSQL and HTML.

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Platypus/vTiger Convergence

We are looking to integrate vTiger CRM with our existing Platypus 6 billing system ( Platypus uses Microsoft SQL database and vTiger uses mySQL. The ultimate goal is to have Platypus be used for back-office and administrative use, then vTiger pulls information from Platypus database so that support staff can view the information from the Plat database (account information, a few billing items, list of services), and use vTigers support ticket system, work tickets, etc.

vTiger needs to pull information from Plat, not the other way around. Please suggest your method, whether using a database script/utility to transfer information, or link the databases directly.


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Set Up 3DSecure/Verified By Visa Payments

We present have a website that uses Sagepay payment.
All payments go through the website and are sent via Form to Sagepay
We need to add 3DSecure/Verified by Visa to the final payment screens
Website uses PHP4.. and MySQL
Will need it to be set up on TEST server first.. then to go LIVE once all is ready

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Android Application – Uses Bluetooth

2. Android Application
This applications comprises the followings:
– Settings page: Creates DB account (with email, photo, password…), writes to database
– Main page: has one button, link to website (Signs user to website)
– Inquiry page: Does Bluetooth inquiry, writes to DB

DB already works with website

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Need Support On A Php Webservice Error


Im building a php application that uses a webservice with wsdl file.

Everything was working fine until I needed a feature that uses a complex type that is abstract.

The WSDL for that part looks like this:

<s:complexType name="DhlSwedenAdviceService">
<s:complexContent mixed="false">
<s:extension base="tns:ShipmentServiceBase">
<s:element minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1" name="NotifyType" type="tns:NotifyType"/>

As you can see it uses some abstract class called ShipmentServiceBase.

I have tried to make a complex type like this, but it does not work:

abstract class ShipmentServiceBase

class DhlSwedenAdviceService extends ShipmentServiceBase
public $NotifyType;

I get this error when using this complex type: The specified type is abstract: name=ShipmentServiceBase, namespace=, at …

I see similar errors on google, and found some solution that uses "new SoapVar($myXml, XSD_ANYXML)".

But I dont get it to work. I am no guru on webservices. But I really dont want to build the entire application in .net just becuse this one complex type is not working. Please help!

I am thinking on some remote desktop solution so you can work in my environment while i watch so I can see whats going on.

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Transfer Website

I need someone to transfer my wordpress website to a different server company. This is a webcam chat site that uses avchat 3.0 . I need someone who can install Red5 0.8 . Install avchat 3.0 on the server ans website and transfer my website from that uses cpanel to and make sure the chat room is up and running. The website is

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Template Proffesional Needed!

Hello! I need a PROFESSIONAL in template creating (who knows smarty templates, amthemes, php, tpl). My site uses Arcadempro script and has template system. It uses Smarty templates and Amthemes template. So, I have templates. They suite me. But what I need is to do a rewrite of code of template, so, it has more style and more tags of the super-seod template. And also add few things to template (like video, article, article comments, news, news subscribe). Plese bid if you are capable and will do it. I dont need fake bids. My target price is 30$ but if you are a REAL professional and can do it GOOD and FAST I can pay more.

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VBulletin Add User

I need a page of PHP that takes the variables:


and uses their values to create a new record in the vBulletin MySQL database, ie register a new user.

It is important that all the coding uses vBulletin data manager classes, is PHP server side, is one page, and does not use forms to pass any values.

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DJango Site Backend

Need a CMS website built in DJango.

All the Design and front-end will be taken care off.
The site has 6 main sections.

-SECTION 1 (uses two templates)

template 1 – Lists a number of image galleries using one thumbnail for each
template 2 – Shows the image gallery that has been clicked and has the thumbnails available on the side for people to view other image galleries within that section without going back to the section-homepage – images also have a caption

Admin functionality – images need to have a thumbnail – full size image have to be 600 pixels height – image order needs to be editable

-SECTION 2 (uses two templates)

Same as section two, but using different templates, different CSS, different section names and different data.

-SECTION 3 (uses two templates)

Same as section two, but using different templates, different CSS, different section names and different data.

-SECTION 4 (uses one template)

template 1 – An image gallery containing several images – images also have a caption
Admin functionality – images need to have a thumbnail – full size image have to be 600 pixels height – image order needs to be editable


a simple page showing a block of editable text
1 template


a simple page showing a block of editable text
1 template

Site needs to have a header and footer.
More details available on request. A site map will also be available shortly.

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Joomla Community Builder Sobi2 Field Population / Edit

Hello I have a Joomla site I have been working on that uses community builder for people to register and then uses the Sobi2 Plugin for users to Add entries. I need a way for community builder fields to pre-populate the sobi form template and allow users to fill in and submit the additional data required. I just about had it working but now when I submit a listing or edit a listing I get an error.

I think Im missing something small but – Im slammed – could use some help

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Permissions Tweeks, Linux, PHP, CGI, Perl

I am migrating domains from my current linux/plesk server to a replacement linux/plesk server.

Four of the domains, have permissions issues after migration, and do not function properly.

The project is to tweek permissions to make these domains perform correctly.

Domain 1. Uses Renegade Advertpro scripts
Domain 2+3. Uses custom Php scripts
Domain 4. Uses e107.scripts

I have not deleted the original server yet, so you can compare the setups at the old correctly functioning
server, with the new server.

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WordPress Changes And Data Entry Project

I need some changes made to a wordpress website and then I need some data entry for the products.

The website is for selling video downloads and uses the Shopp ecart which handles digital products and uses the Infocus WordPress theme – You can find all documentation here.


1. When watching a sample video it loads the whole video before it starts playing so the is a 10 – 20 second wait before the video plays. I need it to play straight away. (click on the Amsterdam Introduction video –

2. When purchasing a video and then you try to download the purchase it says that the video file is to large. I guess this is a setting somewhere that needs to be changed.

3. Would like to add the ability to pay by (Remove by Site Administrator)

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Help With An Art Project That Uses Chat Bots


Im working on an art project and I would like some help with building the main functionality of the following.
What Im trying to achieve is take any of these chat bots but Im also open
to suggestions about other chat bots that might be available. I want to have a very simple single page, where the chat robots chat with each other. Basically the reply of the one chat bot is fed to the other and visa versa. The whole history of the conversation should be visible and if possible recorded to the database. For this project I only want to use free chat bots.

Thanks for Reading and looking forward to the replies!

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Completed Webste Neads Graphic Artist To Make It Modern!

Hello and thanks for your interest in my project.

I have a website that is completed and up, but graphically it uses vector art and looks crappy. The site is made in HTML and uses somes CSS code, but otherwise its a fairly simple site.

What Im looking for is a designer to come in and and make the site look modern, current and relevant. Im a film maker and it focuses on my content and video production side.

Winner bidder will:

*have art work concept or previews of other work
*have a bid under $100

If you want to see my current site Im happy to show (but must see your work first). Also if this works out well I have other work coming down the pipelines.

Thanks and happy bidding!

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Make A Custom WordPress Theme


Ive found a website which uses a custom WordPress theme, I want a theme developed that uses the exactly same layout and design as this theme, however with a few changes.

On this theme I want to implement a design I found on another website. It is basically a question of mixing 2 already designed themes and make a wordpress theme.

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Curl & Ajax Scrape

Ok not sure if I have the right categories
I want to get into my domian registrar that apparently uses Ajax pages prior to getting into my account
When in, i want to collect my domain data, like domain names and expiry.

We presently have a script that runs on a cron job to go to my other registrars and it collects this information and places on my server.

Because this particluar site uses Ajax, I am told you need someone with this knowledge and curl as well.
The site you need to access and get into my control panel is at

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IPhone App To Android App

We have a working location based iPhone App that is currently available in iTunes and we are looking for someone to re-create the same app for the Android OS as soon as possible.

The existing app uses Google Maps API and accesses our existing PHP database that stores user generated content (no work required on database). The app also uses the OAuth 2.0 Protocol from the Facebook Platform during the user registration process. We provide all the icons and images, so no design work is necessary.

If you have relevant experience and can provide references, we are very excited to hear from you and can provide you with more detailed information.

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Fix/Overhaul Joomla Site, Make It Touch Screen Friendly

We have a site – which uses joomla, it has issues which need to be fixed.

We found another site which uses the same template and script as us (mynxx – joomla)
We would like to take some of the improvements from their site and also add them to our site.

Here are the tasks that need to be done –
Create a tab below "Shop by Brand" that allows user to view entire store catalog
Add a back button next to "Home"
Install PHP Live script and add button to main page
"Sell Watch" banner
Link to eBay Page
Fix spacing of product titles and descriptions
Verify checkout process is working 100%
Add multiple image uploading for Virtuemart
Add improvements from

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Data Mining (site That Uses Aspx)

I need someone that can take

There is a list of information in a drop down menu.

We need someone to put this into our own internal database w/ all the same details, pictures, options, vehicle applications, ETC.

anyone w/ questions should contact me on my gmail account jcassity


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A. Write an application that likes following:

1. Creates class Invoice

2. Declares class member variable called numberOfInvoices that is incremented each time a new invoice is created

3. Declares the four following instance member variables:

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Need A PHP Expert To Clean Up Code

Hi out there,

Im looking for someone to help us troubleshoot a web-based mobile site for access to our library catalog. This project is based on open source code from another library using the Innovative Interfaces Millennium product ( I have a working example available to look at once the bid has been accepted. I

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