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Redesign A Full Graphic Image Including Webpage

A New Corporate Identity is required, to incorporate both and

A new Logo is required for both.

Full stationary is required for both. Including gift certificates and letter heads and business cards etc.

One website incorporating both is required, a easy up loader and resizer of images to a ftp as well as a secure username and password upload to ftp is required on the foto evidence side. and a Basic shopping cart is required on the Fine art mounting. A easy bulk up loader is required for galleries of images to be sold. A flash splash page is required

The design needs to be edgy and new looking.

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Need Some Real Estate Flyers

I need some real estate flyers created, I need them done fast! If you know microsoft publisher or you can create flyers, I have all the text, graphics, etc…..I need fast turnaround.

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Graphic Facilitation


I would like to create some Text into Scribing, Visual Synthesis and Visual Communication. It is also referred to as Graphic Facilitation.

An example of this would be

If anyone is capable of doing this, please contact me.


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Upgrading My Website

I have a website, require to rewrite the program as one of my competitor for SEO, ; Graphic design – all text will be supplied

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Create 200 Articles Using Spinblitz

I require someone to write 200 UNIQUE articles using Spinblitz content creation tool.

This is around 1 hrs work with another 1 hr checking against copyscape

If any fail you will need to rewrite them but in my experience 99% of Spinblitz articles will pass Copyscape first time

If you are not familiar with Spinblitz you can get a free copy by Googling for it.

After grabbing the articles you have created, you must then submit them using the same software.

Submitting will take you about 3 hrs.

So in total about 5 hrs work – If you want to bid less than $6 / hr just add a note of how many you will do extra.

All content you create will be our property.

Payment by Escrow.

10% Deposit

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We need somebody wot work on images, design our newsletter and do some changes to the website.

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Consultant Needed To Create "Ubuntu Plymouth Theme"

I need a consultant to create an Ubuntu Plymouth Theme. Linux and graphic skills are required for this task

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Graphic Artist To Create T-shirt Design

I need to creat 5 t-shirt designs with the word swagga (swagger) not too busy design.please send me sample of previous work want to get a general idea of your work ability, t-shirt team swagga

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Cyber Planet

I need to develop a website that will deal in Cyber estate. It requires 3D animation, Graphic designing to create an island in the cyber world.

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Create Batch Images From Text List

I have a text list and i want batch images to be made from it.
If you are familiar with PS scripts you can use that. I will give PS template and you will have the script to change layers and create batch.

You will have to make a Program to do it, It must be able to incorporate fonts that are already installed in from PC.

Sample of a batch created image:

Post PM with what you can offer. I am open for suggestions on how we can get the result.

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Renuew Banner

To design 2 distinct banners for a show
1st animal rekie
2nd is all the other services using art provided

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Need To Create A Website Using Similar Design

Need you to create a website using similar design to a mock up design that I have in hand. Will be using drupal platform for this. Once finished, help install ubercart (a drupal module).

Secondly, I have some minor edits work for another site that I am working on. Most of the edits involve misalignment of texts/pics, and a:hover problems.

Im interested in working with the same programmer for long term and will give more paid work in the future if Im happy with the outcome of this project.

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2 Simple Graphic Image Designs

#1 image: 2 round, glass fishbowls side by side. The left bowl has a lot of gold fish swimming around with nothing else in bowl. The second bowl has a few fish in it. A fish jumps through the air from the full bowl to the other bowl. They are done very simply with a black background. Image ex attached but we need ours to be different enough from the other for copyright purposes. We would like to use this as a whole image and also be able to break it down into two images with only one bowl for each image.

#2 image: a rainbow with 5 colours (purple, dark blue, bright blue, yellow, orange) that veers off into the distance (rather than a typical rainbow arch) and ends in an arrow point. We would like this to be animated so that it fades into effect from left to right.

We would also like the rainbow to be broken down into its individual colours. This way we can use a colour per category on our website.

This job is urgent. We need the images to fit into a 960 x 300 rectangular slider on our website. You can check out the slider as its a free wordpress theme called Boldy. We want to use a combination of these images in the slider. Its at

We would also like the rainbow to be a 3D effect as well as animated.

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E-Commerce Webite Required


Looking for strong Graphic design skills to upgrade existing web page and implement e commerce web site with SEO optimization.
Looking for website to be made with Magneto version, open to suggestion on other ecommerce platforms. Website to have same functionality like and look like i would like a mixtures of both websites. Will use our logo and color scheme.

All bids must have *I see little blue men* in bid, all automated bid reply will be ignored

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Website Design

Hi i have a nice sibe site that needs some changed made colors added boxes added text 3 new links new image

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Website Design

Hi i have a nice sibe site that needs some changed made colors added boxes added text 3 new links new image

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Image Preview (thumb) Using PODS CMS Uploader – Again


Previous service provider decided to take a hike, so ~I lost 5 days 🙁

I am using PODS CMS to upload properties to my real-estate website.

When I use the image upload from PODS CMS I only see the name of the file uploaded and I would like to see the preview (thumb) of the image appear.

Also when I edit an entry, I would like to see the preview of the image.

Please start your bid with "PODS" otherwise your bid will be deleted.

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Image Preview (thumb) Using PODS CMS Uploader


I am using PODS CMS to upload properties to my real-estate website.

When I use the image upload from PODS CMS I only see the name of the file uploaded and I would like to see the preview (thumb) of the image appear.

Also when I edit an entry, I would like to see the preview of the image.

Please start your bid with "PODS" otherwise your bid will be deleted.

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Graphic Design – Hotel -ASAP

I am looking for someone to create a graphic for print (preferable vector image) of a two hotels, next to eachother, identical looking, but one busy, happy and with people everywhere and the other empty and having seen better days….

I need this within 1 week and I would like to see at least 1 draft in the process so I can see that we share the same vision.

Please let me see portfolio of similar work.

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Image Map With Text Links To 3 Other Image Maps

What I really want is someone who can make an
image map, with yes or no text links which which go to another page…a series of say 3-5
pages, with a link to go back to the original. what I do need is a text box
as the link.

I intend to use it as a teaching tool as well as a simple game, and ideally would like to be able
to change the pics (and the html links) and use it again. I would put it on a web page, where users could see other links etc. or makeit downloadable as a zip file.
please advise program to be used and how long it will take after you recieve the pictures.


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Magento Expert Required!

A magento expert is required to work on modifying an existing website.

1) Display the sub categories when clicking on main category
2) Slight design modifications to the template
3) Update text
4) Create links page
5) Integrate existing SSL & Activate Payment Gateway

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Design 4 Images For Image Slideshow

I want to have 4 images/ads designed for an image slideshow on the homepage of a website, 510 wide x 315 pixels high. I want 2 general images about the store, one special and one action. I also would like advise on what to say and how to keep it brief and to the point.

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EBrochures Needed

I need very attractive e-brochures done for 3 products/services we have. The e-brochure should be in a PDF format as well as a website (HTML) format. I will provide the concept of the products as well as text that goes within the brochures, you have to come up with a design concept and the layout. Please PM with your experience in doing e-brochures with examples of the ones you have designed in the past

I need this done within the next 48 hours.

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Image To Text Coversion Software (in Any Language Is Ok)

Image to text convert (ocr)

the project goal is to read the text from the image files and write it

to the notepad.

there are many open sources are there you can modify them to finish the task

below is the following image attachement from which you can read the text and

write it to the notepad

note:there are many softwares are freely available in the market like

example abbyy fine reader, but these software will give some errors in the

output file like

instead of hell it may write in output as sell or well.

imp: it must not show errors in the output , it must be atleast 95% accurate

imp:it must in notepad as it is like number of lines in image file must be equal to number of line in output file

imp:source file name must be equal to destination file name

imp:file must be able to read mutiple files in input like ex:giving the folder name on the input so that it can read files 1 by 1

we can pay upto 50-80$ for this project

i need demo executable file , so that i can see the efficiency

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CraigsList posters for Jobs Category/ payments within 24 hours

Please Note : Only serious bidders bid on ths project.

Dear GAF Professionals,

I am in need of serious craigslist posters. Long term project, looking forward to post 5000+ ads every month.

50-100 ads/day.

Important Points :

1.) Ability to post atleast 500 ads/week

2.) Payment will be based only on live ads and not on ghosted or flagged ads.

3.) Everyday reporting for the postings in .xls fromat

4.) Ability to Switch your own US IPS and your own PVAs

5.) Adding your own content(only text no images) to the adds to make it more SEO friendly and attractive.

6.) Prior experience in the jobs posting, events, women seeking men category is preferred.

7.) Email communication on daily basis regarding the updates.

8.) Forwarding the respondents emails.

My budget is $0.15 – $0.25/ posting depending on your quality of work. If your expectations are higher than this please do not waste your time in bidding.

Payment option :

Next day via Paypal

PM for more details.




I am also looking for someone who can generate around 5000 response each day to the ads posted. My budget for the responses is $20/1000 responses.

Happy bidding.

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graphic designer and flash expert

We have the following template:

We are looking for a flash expert, that can remove and replace all the porn models currently in the flash header with our models that are not naked, and place our logo in the position of the current logo. We will provide winner with multiple model images in psd format to choose from. Winner must also be an experienced photoshop designer also because we would like the new images to have the same appearance as the current images and some added in background.

Keep in mind We are not using entire template, just the flash header.
This is a pretty simple job for advance designers.
"Do not apply if you do not have a portfolio", only professional providers with reviews and a proven quality work history need apply!!!

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Graphic Design / Website Design


1.) Site is an informational site.

* High End But Edgy
* Geared toward women in their 40

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Create Advertising Pictures

We are looking for a professional graphic designer to help in creating advertising pictures and videos. If you have experience in creating youtube videos, please submit your bid as well.

All bids must be accompanied by demos of previous jobs. All payment is done in escrow GAF funds only.

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Website Re-design

I need a designer to take an existing web site and give it a face lift. The project will need to be designed in HTML and CSS. The existing website has a backend for the client to login and update the site. But the client mentioned that this is not an option they need as all the information is going to remain static. The main logo graphic will stay the same, but everything else needs to be updated. The website is to appeal to retirement couples and the retirement village and is located in Montana. I have uploaded some screen shots of what the site currently looks like, and can give the winning bid access to the site so that they can take all the text and images they need directly from the site. The sitemap itself will need tweaking as alot of the pages can be condensed. I would think that we can reduce the site to just 5 pages. I would also like to see javascript highslide being used for any images.

Home page should maybe have a couple of images of the retirement houses, and the area…maybe like the template here:

The new design should be simple, and easy to navigate.The HTML and CSS clean and meets all standards for different browsers. Using a predesigned template is fine by me, as long as you can customize it for this project.

If you are bidding for this please provide a screen shot mock up in photoshop or whatever program you use of what you would do. I am also looking for someone that can send me regular updates of their progress.

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