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WordPress E-Commerce Website Set Up

I have a new wordpress site: This site is using a theme titled eshop, a shopper theme from website will feature video related products for sale using my affiliate partners merchandise. I am set up with amazon and linkshare.

I need this site 100% set up using the theme, my pre-defined video categories pulling is a datafeed from my affiliate resources and customization.

Complete set up to include:

1.) theme configuration for optimal results based on affiliate programs
2.) incorporating affiliate products (best practices and advise needed) for automatic updates thru a data feed etc.
3.) any other important set up requirements to make this set up seamless.

I am seeking a responsible proven webmaster who can make solid recommendations based on previous experience along with communicating closely with me so i understand and approve the implementations prior to execution. If you are the right candidate I want to hear from you. There will be ongoing work needed and I want to build a relationship for future projects.

Previous ecommerce wordpress implementation and references required.

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Editing An Already Made DB Using Access (reposted)


I have a billing system made using MS Access. It is a very simple billing system. I want to make a few changes to fit the requirements. The changes would be:
1. All coding is done using embedded macro, I want atleast some of the coding to be in embedded procedure using VBA.
2. A few changes in the bill form and some of the other forms.
3. I want the tables to be normalized and validated. Some of the fields are validated but some have to be validated.

These are the major problems to be fixed. There will be other monor changes while the changes are being done. So you have to agree to correct all those minor changes.

Budget – $20

Deadline – URGENT so fast as possible.

All payments will be made only after completion and checked. You can see my reviews, I do pay for what I get.


PS: Time wasters and companies please dont waste your time as I want someone to be online for 5 hours atleast and fix everything for me.

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HR Managment, Process Optimization Using SixSigma, BD

Process Optimization using Six Sigma mathods.
Business Development Strategies and Implementation, resource Hiring, Project Management
HR process development,

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MT$ EA Using 2 Indicators

Simple MT4 EA using 2 indicators

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Server 2003 Reports/back-ups Failing Using Symantec Backup

I have a Windows Server 2003 environment using Symantec Backup Exec 10d for Windows Servers. The back-ups keep failing and I cannot figure out why.

I need someone to log into the server and determine the reason the back-ups, both daily differential and full, are failing on the server.

I have the error log files in the backup software still as well as server reports I can provide to you.

Also, the server reports are not working. I can give you these failed reports for your reference.

Please only bid if you are capable with RDP.


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Billing System Using VB And Access


I want a simple billing system using MS access and Visual Basic. It will be very simple.Just a few tables and a few forms and reports. I will explain more on PM.

PS: All coding should be in VB (embedded procedure) not embedded macro.

I will see the whole coding and the whole system and then only make payment. You can see my reviews, I do pay if i take it.

Budget – $20

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Ext JS, Sencha – Enhancements To User/File Management Webapp

We have an existing Webapp that allows us to manage:
– users
– groups
– files / packages of files
– reporting

We need to enhance it so that packages can be organised into categories (groups of packages), group security can be organised hierarchically, as well as a number of bug fixes and small enhancements.

Please login to this demo account and explore all the features. We are looking for somebody who can help A LOT with the ongoing enhancement and maintenance of this system.

Login: acmeadmin
Password: password

The system is built using an ExtJS (Sencha) front end, with a Yii/PHP back end, with a MySQL database, hosted on a Linux node : experience of all of these elements is necessary.

This is a great opportunity to be a part of a growing team – there will be LOTS of work here for the right freelancer!

Please provide examples of sites you have developed using ExtJS.

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VS FormView Insert

SQL 2005-2008
VS 2005 – 2008 – 2010 VB

Im having problem, and cant seem to find any solutions using Google, to be able to pre-fill textboxes in FormViewInsert mode, using data from Table A, and saving form contents into Table B.

I need a small demo created showing the process, along with detailed instructions. Need an example using both EXEC Stored Procedure and a query, and using Northwind database. Form will be called with a link using QueryString value or Session value. Link(s) on non related page may call the form, and thus would need ModeChange to insert.

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Desktop App Using Kinect


We are looking for someone to develop a desktop app that uses kinect controls. Basically what we want is a xbox like software that can be controlled by kinect hand movements and voice recognition. Users will be able to organize their movies, songs and choose what to play using kinect. They should also be able to control the play stop pause features using kinect as well.


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Bookstore With MS Visual C++

You need to work out the operations of a library from the point of view of a library patron. As a minium, you need to design and implement these operations.

– Borrow books (patron)
– Return books (patron)
– Renew books (patron)
– Check current loans (patron)
– Add books to the library (library staff)
– Add patrons to the library (library staff)
– Exit

Provide a simple text-based menu which enables the library patron to use your program. Library staff can add books and patrons to the library. Make sure you design a simple menu so that users do not get confused.

STL data structures can be used in this program. You must use the Binary search tree and the STL map data structures.

Your program should be able to save and load data using files. So that, you dont need to enter all the books and patron data every time your run your program. Data can be saved using the CSV format.

As borrowed books have a due date, you can use the date class and to keep track of the due dates.

Book data need to entry and store:
– Title, Author, Publisher, ISBN, Publication, NumberofCopies

Member data need to entry and store:
– ID, Name

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Develop Company Web, Some Blogging

Hello, there

Will need to improve the look and functionality of a new company website, preferably using WordPress. Current theme is by WordPress.
– our web domain is already registered and hosted
– A website them has been developed by myself, using WordPress and is now live
– we have a current color scheme, developed in WordPress, would like to keep the color scheme. The pages, drop down menus, titles etc are live, minimum changes required
– We have company logo already prepared
-Will need to design website header using company logo
– give a professional look and life to the website- check status for SEO- friendly,
– content will be with me
— Will add new pages, to update news, reports, and communications.

Could also work on hourly basis- please provide your hourly charges.

Kind regards
Company web!

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Hika Shop Product Import Using CSV

Due to pressures of work we require a skilled indivdual to help complete a basic online store using Hika Shop. We have our catalogue of products that we need imported into the shop and also would like a simple method of changing the pricing within the shop as due to a complex market our supplier changes prices on a monthly basis. The product list is small and images will need to be extracted from the pdf broucher.

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****** German ********* Speaking Virtual Assistant

******** ONLY FOR GERMAN SPEAKING ***********
Im looking for a individual with a good German who can perform a variety of roles. I am looking for someone who can do the following:

1. using firefox
2. using Excel
5. any task i will give you
6 data entry
7 making follow up sales calls
8 Other related tasks

2. You must have high speed internet access and a "late model " computer
3. You must be flexible and will be expected to take on new skills and learn new tools

Candidate Requirements:

Adaptable and fast learner of different tools and internet trends
Honest, reliable, responsive, committed and hard working
Is detail-oriented, organized, creative, resourceful, reliable

1. Paid by Paypal

Thank you!

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Virtual Assistant Job 6 Days A Week 9 – 18

Im looking for a individual with a good English who can perform a variety of roles. I am looking for someone who can do the following:

1. using firefox
2. using Excel
3. using teamviewer
4. a lot of data entering routine
5. any task i will give you
6 data entry
7 making follow up sales calls
8 Other related tasks


1. You must be available for at least Sunday to Saturday 9-18 GMT + 2 .
2. You must have high speed internet access and a "late model " computer as you will be connecting to my systems via teamviewer
3. you must leave in a metro city, IE no power failures.
4. Seeking long term, profitable and respectful relationship only
5. Must be able to work for a minimum of 6 months, preferably longer.
6. You must be flexible and will be expected to take on new skills and learn new tools

Candidate Requirements:

Adaptable and fast learner of different tools and internet trends
Honest, reliable, responsive, committed and hard working
Is detail-oriented, organized, creative, resourceful, reliable

1. Paid by Paypal every 2 weeks.
2. The rate of pay I am looking for is 1$ – $1.50 per hour.

Please consider that I expects you to dedicate all your attention to their work tasks during your assigned working hours and as such you wouldnt be able to conduct any other freelance work during that particular time
Thank you!

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Write A Multi Cycle CPU Simulator Using VHDL

Write a multi cycle CPU(MIPS) simulator using VHDL

Use VHDL to simulate the multi cycle CPU

There are about 60 MIPS instruction should be implemented

The project must be finished before 15/4

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W3 Validation Of

I am using a rocket theme but I have some problems w3 validation for It uses the Gantry plug in, IDX Broker, and IDXpress, among several others. I believe the plug ins are the main culprits of the errors, and not even sure they can be gotten rid of. HOWEVER, other individuals using the same plug ins dont seem to have as exetensive amount of errors on their pages. Need someone who can clean this up and fix the errors.

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X30 Telecom Articles.

I require 30 articles on the following subjects (keywords):

1. About
2. About
3. Using Teleconferencing for telesales
4. Using Conference Calling for retail chains
5. Using teleconferencing for siminars
6. Teleconferencing for consultancy
7. Review
8. Review
9. Using conference calling in time of strike action
10. Using conference calling in emergencies.
11. Top 10 tips when conducting a conference call successfully
12. Video conferencing Vs. Voice only conference call
13. Tips on setting an agenda for a conference call
14. Best conference call provider:
15. Top 10 ways to cut CO2 emissions for companies (including the use of conf. calling)
16. Conference call Vs. travel (sales)
17. How a teleconference can save money
18. How a teleconference can save time
19. How a teleconference can save money
20. How a teleconference can save the environment
21. Conference calling for the holidays (such as Christmas if family members far away, for example)
22. International conference calling
23. Conference calling for charities
24. Small business conference calling (upsell
25. Corporate conference calling services (upsell
26. Top 5 conference call mistakes
27. About
28. Review
29. Review
30. About

Copy is to be…

– English
– Each article to be a minimum of 200 words (but vary between 200 to 400 words)
– Written in your own words. No stolen/copied copy – When I receive articles, if they do not pass Copyscape you will not be paid.

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We need assistance on RESTful integartion using Ruby 1.9.2 & Rails 3.0.3. A sample program will do. We are specific about the Ruby and Rails versions. Please apply ONLY if you have worked on these versions with

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Build A Website Like

We need a website created and designed similar to
You will first need to investigate on the platform to design the site with. eg (socialengine, php) and tell me how you are planning to use that platform to design the site. What plugins you are going to use, timeframe, what you need from us etc so we know if we can reply on you for such a project.

The website will be using 2.0 social networking funtions plus all the features you see in An example of these are listed below (but not limited to):

Allow charging your user to post
Proximity search
Approval, featured, sponsored
Mapping, Ratings, and Gallery
SEO urls / title
Multiple profiles / categories
Configurable submission types

Main Landing Page:
Slide-show for random featured businesses
Recent activities to capture latest actions related to businesses
Highlight for recent submitted new businesses
Popular auto-generated tag cloud
Popular categories
Popular locations
Sponsored businesses

Browse by categories
Browse by locations (city, state/province, country)
Browse by neighborhoods (regions)
Browse by tags
Alphabet (A-Z) quick filter thru results
Sponsored businesses always on top (easily customizable using css)
Highlight *featured* businesses (easily customizable using css)
Embedded global map for businesses

Search and Filter

Generic search by keywords and locations
Proximity distance zip search (Australia cities and postcodes)
AJAX auto suggest location search
Filter featured businesses only
Extensive sorting options, can easily see top rated, most popular, recent updated businesses etc..

General Configuration:
Privacy, public browsing option
Configurable proximity search
Optional configurable for validating of primary fields (summary, description, phone, url, location etc..)
Category and Profile mapping

Listing Types / Packages

Full *ads-like* for available listing types users can choose to submit
Ability to charge user for submission based on types (paypal, credit cards, etc)
Define different durations, or never expires
Optional Auto approval triggering
Optional auto mark business as featured
Optional auto mark business as sponsored
Ability to limit access (all, none, custom) to profile sections based on types

Claimable Listings

Ability to claim existing businesses
Admin can easy to manage and process user claims
Can specify which owners business can be claimed by others
User can view submitted claims and its status.
Manage Submitted Businesses

Easy overview of submitted businesses
Manual approval, featured, sponsored entries
Quick search to filter and see what you want
Update transaction requirement, expiration, type, and many more
User-Level Customization

Permission control: no access, view only, or view/submit business
Permission to logo upload
Permission to album / photos gallery upload
Permission to mapping
Permission to custom styles
and various of other settings
Business Page

Clean format and layout
Sponsored and Featured highlight (can easily customized using css)
Embedded mimi map with popup to bigger map
Rating stars and who rated
Support commenting with privacy setting
Mimi uploaded photo gallery

Most of these features can be found in lugins for socialengine and phpfox. (
Let me know if you know or have a better platform for this project. I believe and are using the same platform/scipt but i am not sure which script. If you can find out that will be great.
At the end of the day i want this site to perform and fuction exactly like

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Decoding HDLC Synchronous Serial Data Using VHDL

This project is to develop embedded FPGA application using HDL and convert the data into TCP/IP format for distribution via Ethernet.

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Need To Update Website By Using Php

We have a current website that uses php. We have a prooducts that get updated on our website by using an excel spreadsheet, but its not working.

Here is what we need.

1. We list domain names on our site for sale. We would like to update the sold one easily. We used to be able to do it by just updating a excel document but its not working.

This should be a simple task.


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Fix Up Joomla 1.5 Business Directory Site

Ive set up a business directory site on Joomla, using the Sobi2 business directory plugin, and need the site to be fixed up. I installed aceSEF as well in the hopes it would correct the problem (so far, it hasnt nad I dont demand that it be used).

1. Right now only the home page is formatted correctly. Other pages lose their formatting. This needs to be corrected.
2. Id like it so it displays a default icon that automatically gets replaced if someone adds an image to a site.
3. Want it to be SEO friendly URLs.
4. Enhance the security of the site.
5. Im using a simple template that I created on Artisteer (I am open to other template suggestions for a business directory, but I am necessarily asking for a customized template)

Since this is a common issue with Joomla 1.5, it should be simple enough for a Joomla expert.

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Redesigning Website – Using Joomla

Redesign my website in joomla.

Budget: $100

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Website Optimization Using Joomla With JomSocial

We have a website that uses Joomla CMS and JomSocial with several plugins.
The performance of this website needs to be improved considerably.
We are looking for people with good experience configuring Joomla and optimizing it to improve the performance of the website.
Please provide examples of websites that you have worked on that use Joomla and Jomsocial with Add-ins for them.

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E-Commerce Website (using Opensource Tools)

We need an e-commerce website. As an usability example, please refer to www<dot>dellshowroominchennai<dot>com. But please note that it is a totally different project/site (and NOT a clone).

Refer to the attached document for more information.

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IPhone Computer Vision Using OpenCV

First of all, I am a developer with a solid understanding of requirements and current technology. I have also developed a few mobile apps already. I will provide clear wireframes, graphics, and expectations. Here is what Im looking for.

I need an image recognition algorithm using modifications from OpenCV open source library to pick up shape, color, and possibly text. I understand that it is written in C but a Java wrapper is available. With a little tweaking, this can be integrated into Android. I am open to other suggestions such as an external API engine for analysis. If you have experience in this area, it shouldnt be much more work.

The app itself is a simple image analysis and data fetch, which I will provide info. I cannot go into any more details without an NDA.

If this is successful, I am also looking for an iOS app as well. This can be attractive if you have experience in both platforms as in killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

Let me hear your thoughts.

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RTH@Services Para Taxi

Dear developper

We search for some developper to create a program to connect to our Central Dispatch Server to make a mobile link to Emergency Client Dispatch Central. We work since 1976 in developping System in Public Security and we have a System to Administrate Central 911 and Civil Defense for Administration of Disasters using Emergency Plan. This mobile application willl allow all our System Administrator of our Central to obtain information from the Central when they are out.

So the connection, inside this appalication will be made to a Server using TCP/IP connection, sending STRING as command and receiving STRING for answer (simple) to put on screen. All the project are defined by analysts. Each project will have a developping period, personal test period where we will dispose a Server to finalize your first tests, a test period will be make with some people from here together and a final test period will be done by us. After these periods, it could be necessary to adapt and modify some small part of the project (even not planed inside the project analize). If some bigger part is need and missing inside the first Analyze, these part will be evaluated separatly to add a specific value to the total of project.

We have some others projects defined and waiting to be developp in some other area. We need someone as a freelancer. Need someone who have already a very good experience with Android and has already developped some application using TCP/IP connection. All Source Code Project need to fully commented. Professional and responsable person. Need person who has a PayPal accound to transfert $$$, Smartphone with Android to make his own tests, email and Skype accound to comunicate with us.

If you are interested or have more question, communicate with us.

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Free SMS Sending Application For US Numbers

We have a windows application product in VB.NET. In that product required SMS sending functionality.

To send SMS we are using SMTP protocol. After sending the SMS using SMTP protocol, the message is not displaying properly in the receiving side.

We required a sample application in VB.NET/C#.NET to send SMS to any US number for free of cost using SMTP protocol or any thing else.

Knowledge person create the sample application and send it to us for review. The amount will be paid after we test the application to make sure it is working with various mobile companies numbers in the US

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Resource Management Using FIFO And Banker’s Algo

This is a project which simulates resource allocation to processes using FIFO resource manager and Banker algos resource manager. I have attached a file which documents a sample input and also the logic to follow in coding. The code has to be in java

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Geolocation App For IPhone Android Java


This is a three (3) part project, please do not bid if you are not capable of eventually completing the entire three parts.
The first part is the most relevant and is to be accomplished ASAP. If successful, the following parts will follow.
The code can be written using Titanium appcelerator or native code, whichever is easier, faster, and cheaper 🙂
Please place a price bid on each part separately.

Part 1
Create a client app for Android, iPhone, and Java which normally runs in the background.
The app

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Complete An Existing Rails Site

We have a partially done Ruby on Rails website. It is essentially a deals website. Models are already written, the login system is already in place using the &quot;devise&quot; gem. No layout, CSS, or web design is needed.

The following 4 pages need to be done:

1. A page which displays all the deals for a user as a moving feed. All actions on this page should be via AJAX

Additionally, each deal in this feed will have some clickable actions like rating, like, share

A &quot;more&quot; button at the end to display more deals

A set of filters in the left column that will filter which deals are displayed. Each filter is a link or a search box with auto-suggest

A dropdown box which allows sorting of deal on various fields

A search box that searches through the title/description of the deals

Each deal is tagged with categories, and user can filter and search by these categories

2. A page which displays a list of stores that the user is not yet subscribed to. All actions on the page should be via AJAX

Each store has an associated thumbnail and status. Clicking on the thumbnail updates a field in the database and changes the status of the store

3. A &quot;Manage subscriptions page&quot; which has a list of subscriptions for the user with some actions on each subscription. (Activate, subscribe, unsubscribe). Again all actions should be via ajax

4. Integration of existing login system with Facebook Login

Additional information:

1. NO layout, CSS, or web design is needed. Just the functionality

2. We are using jquery. You need to write unobtrusive javascript using jquery and effects using jquery-ui

3. Your code needs to be compatible with blueprint-css which will be used for layout after you are done

4. Code needs to well written so someone else can continue to work on it when you are done

5. All code is currently on github. Youll write your code and check it back in to the repository.

Well setup milestones, 1 for each of the tasks above and review for each milestone. If the project is well done, there is lot of additional work to be done on this website.

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Mail Send/receive/compose… Gui Like Outlook

Looking for a mail client similar to outlook 2010, preferably already built and tested using winforms ( wpf ok )

should be able to do common mail tasks such as
* compose mail
* send & receive mail using imap/pop3/smtp ( gmail/hotmail will be tested )
* search emails – using common search fields similar to outlook
* tag / categorize mails
* organize mail in folders
* mark mail as junk
* view/add/manage attachments to local disk
* store the mails in sql server db( ssce )

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