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Convert CRE Loaded For Greek (UTF-8) And English

Website is using CRE Loaded Pro – 6.4.1a

Greek language files have been added to website.

Project is almost complete but having issues with conversion to UTF-8 for Greek Language.

Help mainly needed with database and file conversion for Greek language.
This is a very small project for those who are experienced.

Greek/English speaking Freelancer would be a bonus as more similar projects are coming.

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Live Shopping Portal System Module With Commissions

I need a Live Shopping Portal Systemlike this:

Demo of the Script:

As you can see there is an existing software but i need some additional features:

– Sellers should have a code per product which can be used on external websites, shopping carts, forums….(iframe, java, ajax whatever is possible) to include live shopping products in external websites or shopping carts (XTC, Gambio…)

04/01/2011 at 4:36 EDT:

Shop Owners should be able to modify their shop design (colours, logo…)

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Pencil Drawing (abstracts)

I am writing a book. it will have 50 topics. each topic will cover one page and i want on the opposite page a drawing pencil to give an illustration of it. for example, a point might be on the relationship between a father and son and i want a picture in pencil to be of a hand of a father and a son meet.

I will give you the writing and i want you to make an INSPIRATIONAL Drawing.

just to make sure, i am looking for something like :


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Google Maps Expert Wanted


I need an expert who can produce a Google Listing with A – G rankings for certain keywords for my client. It is very important that you know exactly how to achieve these kind of results i.e :

Please only apply if you have proof that this has been achieved by you.

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UTF-16LE Converter

I need a converter which will accept as input Excel, Access or text files and convert them to UTF-16LE format. This module will need to be integrated into some PHP code which already exists and which acts as a management interface to an underlying MS SQL Server application.

The input files may be quite large (up to 3,000,000 records).

Ideally the converter (or module) will detect the type of input file but, if necessary, this could be specified at the time of upload.

Finally, Im quite prepared to accept a solution based on some proprietrary software that has an API but I would require assistance with the integration (I am not a programmer myself).

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Detect And Convert $_GET[‘xx’] Whatever Encoding To UTF-8

Hello fellows,

We have a PHP script that collects data from different websites, with different Character Encoding.

Simply, we give our client a code that he places into his website.

The data is collected via a link that delivers $_GET variables to our website.

Here is an example:

As you see, when the link is pressed, we get the needed data.

The variables, my hold data in English, French, Indian, Arabic.. and any other language..


Simply, we want some talented PHP coder to code that script so it deals with the coming variables and convert their data to UTF-8 fixed.

We are ready to answer any extra quires that you need.. or provide more info.


– Regards..

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OSCOmmerce – Convert To UTF-8

NZKIWIHEALTH.CO.NZ is OSCommerce with additional language – Korean. In the near future we want to also add Chinese. But we have had some problems because the template is not all UTF-8 – some latin1 charsets for example dont display Korean double-byte characters.

I want to tidy this up before we do the Chinese langugae (so whoever does this will probably get that project as well) – so I want everything in the website to use only UTF-8. So the project should be simple – make sure all pages and code uses UTF-8.

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E107 Expert Needed To Convert My Greek Iso Mysql Db To Utf-8

Hello, i need an expert in Mysql and probably php.
We have a non-profit web site that runs on e107 ( CMS version 0,7,23.
So far we have managed to work on ISO encoding but its time to swift…

Tasks needed to be done :
1. Database conversion from ISO to utf-8. At this time our database structure is like this : I have attached a file with our current database sctructure. It is in latin1-sweedish, which is not Good. I need all the database to be converted to utf-8 and be stored in mysql as utf-8.
2. The websites language files are in iso greek encoding, so they need to be converted (with save as… through a good editor) as utf-8.
3. An upgrade to the latest version of e107 is required.
4. The chatbox_menu has problems when writing in Greek. We need it to be modified so as to display Greek correctly.

The project has very low budget, so i need someone who knows what to do and not wasting his time.
Maybe its good if someone has worked with e107 before.

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Need Help About UTF-8 Coding

I have a Hungarian joomla website and after importing my DB backup all the content which includes accent like – é á ó… – messed up, It shows ? signs instead of accents now. So I think it is now latin 1 coding and not UTF-8 what I need. I think it`s not a big issue to solve this, but I really don`t have time now to look for solutions, so I need somebody to help me out,


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DNS Settings For ISPConfig 3

I have latest ISPConfig ( installed on my Debian 5.0 hosted dedicated server. Everything works fine but I cant setup any name server services to this server (,

If you know how to setup DNS settings working with ISPConfig, please leave a message asap. Check for more information.

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Magento Problem Wtih UTF-8 Chartset

I have a problem with chartset in Magento instalation. I need set up magento to correct writing the chartset to database…

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Need A Script Application That Morphs Pictures Into Animals

Hi there,
I would like to have a script or application done for my website, where in people can upload their own photos and they will be morphed or cartoonized into an animal and theyll be able to save and download the morphed or cartoonized image of themselves and publish it right away to various social networking sites.

We want to reuse this script for multiple websites in the future, the first animal-morphing, I want for

Those kind of scripts have been done before but the only one I can remember right now was here:( but they took it down.

Here are some samples in Google Image Search of how those morphs looked like:

Important: the Script should run without a Database, and no other installments on my server only a script that handles it all, I am not an expert but I have asked around and this is most likely done all in flash, if you see any trouble with this please let me know before bidding, also if you think this application needs any aditional server uploads or databases…

I am serious about this project, and I have a flawless reputation at other freelancer places and forums so if you need more info for trust reasons, please let me know…

I think this could be a fun thing to program.. 🙂


EDIT: I just found another site that is offering this type already:
(but I am not satisfied with the morph quality on their site, I want my morphs to be of much better quality)

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Convert Jommla Site To UTF-8

i have Joomla! 1.0 website with windows-1256 encoding (Arabic), and i want to change it to UTF-8 encoding without any other change.
about 8000 articles included.

we are non-profit organization working against violence against women, children, handicap.

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Convert Jommla Site To UTF-8

i have Joomla! 1.0 website with windows-1256 encoding (Arabic), and i want to change it to UTF-8 encoding without any other change.
about 8000 articles included.

we are non-profit organization working against violence against women, children, handicap.

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Pizza Place Directory

Hi I need a simple site like

I have the logo

We can use a phpscript


please PM your feedback

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Highly-rated, high-competent provider wanted for the following project:

Review, update and optimize our currently running Google AdWords campaigns. The service provider will review our current Google Adwords campaign, update keywords including negatives and long tail keywords. You will do the analysis, create keyword bid strategies and completely optimize the campaign. The key objective is to increase sales in a cost-efficient manner. Adword clicks without sales don

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Videochat Website


I am looking for someone to do a website that is very similar to in functionality but with my own design (PNG).

– UTF-8 encoding
– Clean code
– Flash 10 Adobe Peer2Peer Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP)

Thank you

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Website Standardization

Website standardization of existing or new homepages/websites according to all major recommendations and standards by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), The Web Standards Project, ERCIM, Web Standards Group, and The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). The scope of the process includes character encoding (e.g. UTF-8), markup language (HTML/XHTML), style sheet (CSS), scripts (e.g. JavaScript), objects (e.g. Flash), metadata (RDF), and news feed (RSS). Browser support can also be included with interoperability, version targeting, backward and forward compatibility, and functionality considerations.

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Website Design For

A talented designer is need for redesign our web site –

Design will be for those web pages:
1) Home page –
2) Users accommodation request form –
3) User accommodation search results page –
4) Contact us page
5) Articles and News page.

On completion, design will be handed as PSD, HTML, CSS files.
The PSD file will be cut as HTML and CSS files and ready for code implantation.
The HTML will be in XHTML format and as utf-8, the HTML and CSS will validated by W3C.
The HTML file will be SEO friendly – Text in images as text ON image and not as image only.


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Ermergency – Correcting A Bug On A Joomla Website

We have a bug on
When you click THAI language, the database doesnt connect.
But it connects in English and French?
So, might be a problem with UTF-8 or language configuration somewhere.
It might have been there for many days.
We need this to be corrected immediately. Probably a very small job but need it now.

I think you will see the bug here:

We need not someone trying but who will do the job quickly.


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Eshop Website With Joomla & VirtueMart

Eshop website with Joomla & VirtueMart

I will be sharp and precise : A customer of me wants
a website for an adult store. I want to you to build it with
joomla/virtuemart to be able for me to manage and show
Will setup on my plesk server which is on ms windows. Will teach
my customer myself of how to upload photos, descriptions, edit
prices and manage orders. You need to install joomla/virtue to
work perfect and attach maybe a template, will see.

To get EXACTLY of what I have in mind please visit : (please replace 3->e and 1->i to visit)

Another one is like : (please replace 0->o and 3->e to visit)

Another one is very simple I guess
http://www.allb3ststore.c0m/ (please replace 3->e and 0->o)

The main categories can be top or left, categories, small thumbnail,
medium image, large for extra detail each product displays price, link
for same category items and more button for extra detail
on mouse over displays texts before click. The website described
above is a 100% idea of what I want.

Keep in mind that should be done to work with UTF-8 since will run in
a eastern-europe country. I suppose afterwards that could be easy to
manage, shipping methods, discounts by total, price adjustments
based on tax areas etc etc and only 2 ways of payment (paypal and

I need your offer to contact this weekend with my customer and give
him an idea of the main concept, and of course cost and time for
delivery. If agreed, will accept your offer of according freelancer, half
money for start and rest when we are on the slight finishes.

Thanks for your time.

PS If you can do this with zen cart or anything that suits you, its ok,
since I want to be in eastern-language frontend/backoffice and easily to
manage. I would prefer virtumart since I know better.

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Rss Fix Compatible To Work With Iso-8859-1

My rss file dont show letters åäö

I belive because the feed is in UTF-8 while the homepage is in iso-8859-1

I tryed myself to change mainpage to utf-8 but it messed upp the webpage

Despite the difficulty I consider this task relatively small and expect it between 30-50$

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<!– Beginning of Affiliates Widget –>

<script type="text/javascript"><!–
GAF_text_color = "black";
GAF_link_color = "green";
GAF_title_color = "blue";
<script src=""></script>
<div id="GAF_projects_hs1_box" style="width: 234px; height: 50px; padding: 0px; font-family:sans-serif; font-size: 11px;">
<div style="padding: 0px; overflow: hidden">
<div style="padding-bottom: 0px; border-bottom: 0px solid #5D5E91">
<a href="" target="_blank"></div>
<div id="GAF_projects_hs1" style="padding:0px; cellpadding:0px;"></div>
<div style="padding: 0px;" align="right"></a><span style="font-size:11px; padding: 0px;">Find more </span><a style="font-size:11px;" href="" target="_blank"><font color="blue">freelance jobs</font></a> <span style="font-size:11px;">on <a style="font-size:11px;" href=""><font color="blue"></font></a></span></div>
<script src=""></script>
<!– End of Affiliates Widget –>

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Vtiger CRM Quote PDF Remodel


I need an expert in Vtiger customization to adapt the PDF for quote
– Vtiger 5.1.0
– PDF in UTF 8 (English)

I will send you the model for quote

It will be very quick for someone who already know Vtiger.

Thanks for your offers

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