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W3 Validation Of

I am using a rocket theme but I have some problems w3 validation for It uses the Gantry plug in, IDX Broker, and IDXpress, among several others. I believe the plug ins are the main culprits of the errors, and not even sure they can be gotten rid of. HOWEVER, other individuals using the same plug ins dont seem to have as exetensive amount of errors on their pages. Need someone who can clean this up and fix the errors.

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W3 Validation Of My Website

I purchased a template but it fails the w3 validation. You can see the results here:

Need someone who can clean this up and fix the errors.

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Joomla Re-Fix

Hello guys,
i have a Joomla base website which i like the design very much, but the back end not organize so well and i want to have someone expert with Joomla to arrange all the component to be more easy to use.

1.Check and fix XHTML validation code.
2.Check and fix CSS validation code.
3.Check and fix JavaScript/error console "Firefox "
4.Make sure all the site is SEO friendly
5.Fix the back end to be more clean and easy to use
For example: Left panel in 1 category and top panel in another category. Blog category, content category.
6.Check if mobile device view can be better
7. install a nice extension for better use.

* Dont bid if youre not a professional with Joomla!!!


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Foxycart Validation

Hi I need 2 things in foxycart

1. Validation javascript on the checkout page to verify the postal code.
I have a list of 30 postal code where itsnt possible to ship
If the customer type one of theses non shipping postal code, i need to block the checkout process and add a note like: Sorry we do not deliver at this postal code adress.

2. I need to encapsulated special caracters and accent before to send by datafeed after the order


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Joomla Google Maps Website

This is a joomla and google maps project:

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Site Validation

I need a programmer to help me validate the form on my website design with simple html

The URL is

Further information will be given to the developer.

Thank you

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Versatile Webmaster

I need a Versatile web master with expert knowledge of WordPress, CSS, JS, PHP, RSS, Micro Blogging, cross browser compatibility and CSS+W3c Validation.

The website is and I need to move it into word press.

The project is simple, your responsibilities will be to:

1. Sub Domain: (Day 1)
Create 5 sub domain within word press (Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, San Francisco, Las Vegas)

2. Menu: (Day 1)
Create a clean dynamic drop down menu –

3. CSS:
I need to go table-less & loose all font tags
Cross browser compatibility especially Google Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari but also look at Mozilla & Opera
Header, Footer and two side bars (Side bar one – 5-10 buttons. / Side bar two – List of businesses i.e. bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants)

4. Validation:
CSS Validation: All my webs pages needs 100% perfect validation
W3C Validation: Flash Header, JavaScript & PHP scripts needs 100% perfect validation or stored in an external file. Any ideas to make the website more dynamic is welcome however We are looking better JS & PHP based widgets.

5. Templates:
Events Page:- I need an event calendar installed & a micro blog set up just like here –
Business Page: I have about 90 of these pages. I need to set up comments and reviews like this –

6. RSS:
Set up for syndication. Feeds should appear on main twitter (@evitaparties), & on the actual RSS page. It should be enabled so that subscribers can receive feeds in their inbox.

I need to also install some WP plugins to replace some of the functions on the site.

You only have to do the specific things listed here. Nothing more.

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070311- Fix Html Validation Problem


I need you to fix a small problem:

this page:

needs to be xhtml valid:

So you must fix the error, and make sure it validates without any problems.



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Form Validation

We need the fields in the form

Validating correctly. For example the phone should check for actaully numbers, right now you can type a and move on. I need all of the fields validating correctly.

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Validation To Form

I need validation to be added to a one field form to make sure only email addresses can be submitted to the form.

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W3 Validation- 26 Errors, And 5 Warnings

26 errors, and 5 warnings need to be fixed on home page to pass w3 validation. The look of the page must remain the same.

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JavaScript Form Validation

For a web form based of about 12 fields add validation of input validation. All error messages are present in the html as hidden divs.

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Joomla Changes And W3c Validation Urgent


We have joomla website and we need to make W3c Cleaned as well as we need to make some little changes on homepage.

Budget is really tough.

Happy bidding

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Joomla Changes And W3c Validation


We have joomla website and we need to make W3c Cleaned as well as we need to make some little changes on homepage.

Budget is really tough.

Happy bidding

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HTML Form With Validation Check

As discussed

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W3 Validation 19 Errors, 7 Warning(s)

19 Errors, 7 warning(s) need to be fixed as shown using the w3 validation tool at

I need all errors fixed & warnings removed so it passes validation without changing the look of the site.

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CSS PRoject. Need Some Css Validation.

Pleas msg me.

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CSS PRoject. Need Some Css Validation.

Pleas msg me.

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W3C Validation In WordPress

Website built in WordPress to be cleared of some w3c validation errors.
Only experienced programmers please

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ASP Form Validation

Our website needs some modifications to certain web forms for PCI Compliance. When completed, our forms send an email with the contact info to a specific email address in the code. We

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XML Validation

I need a java code which will validate XML against a given XSD. This code must be compatible with Java 1.4.2.

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Proxy Script To Bypass Restriction Of Website Feature


I have databases of 1 million uk mobile numbers which need cleaning. I have found a site which has a number validation. its a paid service but they have been so kind to allow 5 numbers to be validated per ip address per day.

I want a script to take data from my data base curl it to there site use the 5 free validations then change ip address and continue.

maybe one script searching and validation proxys and another script to ve cleaning the data

above is the link to the service.

Im looking for proof of concept first so some one can make it validate more than 5 they can have the bid awarded.

I need this building asap so ideally someone with such proxy scripts in place already

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JS Validation

I have 2 simple forms with 17 and 25 fields. They have a certain number of required fields (approx half) that need to be vaidated before form submission.

I like the script here: and would like a modified version of it as each field needs a custom error message.

I can of course provide the form that needs the JS adding to it to the winning bidder.

Max budget: $10. Time frame: Urgent

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Email List Cleaner Validation

I am looking to find a way of pinging an email address for active status. I have millions of email records, many of which are old and deactivated but I need to find a tool to validate and seperate active from inactive accross all ISPs represented in the data. Open to proposals. Serious offers only please. Thorough testing of winning bid solution will necessary.

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Drupal Form Validation

I have a form created drupal and i need to create form validation on the same page. As such, when you want to submit a form and you dont fill out the required fields you get an error message notifying you which field / fields need to be filled out. Also certain items in the form are file attachments that need to be attached, so if they are not attatched an error message should come up as well. In addition, when the error message comes up the user cannot lose the information he has already filled out.

This should be done in a couple of hours.

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Mobile Number Database Validation

We have a large database of mobile (cellular) phone numbers (approx. 10 Million) and we need a way to validate the database for valid mobile numbers. We believe due to the time in collection about 40% of the database has invalid mobile numbers. We are not certain how validation could be done but we are hoping to come across a company with experience in this field that might be able to help us.

Please bid with flat rate for validation and PM details on how your company will validate the database and information on any previous experience your company has had with this process.
Bids with no information will not be considered as we need a company that has experience in this field.

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Kopila MD5/AES ENCRYPT + Validation


Bid $50

AES or MD5 encrypt User passwords + Form Validation both for register.php

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