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Vbulletin Google Checkout Payment Option

We have a vbulletin forum. Need an experienced freelancer to add Google Checkout payment option on the forum subscribe link. Currently you can only pay using Paypal, we would like to include Google Checkout.

Need an experienced Freelancer who can do a good job quickly at a competitive price. We always post jobs so if the freelancer is good we will use again.

SAJA team

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[WordPress]Auto Media Embedding Plugin

Task: create plugin Auto Media Embedding plugin for Video URL replace via regex to Embed code for WordPress 3

like AME 2.5 – Media Embedding (Vbulletin)



-Regular expression-
The regular expression to search for.

The HTML to use. :


some requirement:
– easily add and delete function for definitions
– good performence general / example: save the replacement and dont genreate it by every pageload
– Update function. if something has been changed in the embed code then the old posts with this embed can be updated afterwards too .

MAX: Budget: 60$

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WordPress Plugin Developer

We are looking for a well experienced person to work full time on creating custom WP plugins. Must have many years of WP and LAMP experience and be well versed at creating full custom plugins with custom database tables. PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML and CSS are a must.

We run a number of online communities that use WP as the CMS and vBulletin as the forum software. Any vBulletin experience will be a bonus. An example of the kind of plugin work we need would be a simple time line / to do list for members to check and update. The data would then be used to create a dynamic graphical timeline that a member could use in their forum signature.

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Need Vbulletin Mod Slightly Changed

I please need this Vbulletin mod slightly changed.

1) Need the thread descriptions to be able to be a regular text or links. (It only outputs regular text now)
So if I put something like OR <a href="">example</a> it would create links.

2) Usergroup permissions added so I can choose what usergroup(s) are allowed to use this modification.
Only the usergroup(s) selected should be able to see/input the thread description input form.

Added code must be secure.

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Vbulletin Skin Copy

Hi, Im looking for someone to copy the skin design on my existing Vbulletin 3.8 onto the latest version (4.1.2) I just need a copy and have all artwork for buttons although PSD files also available. Also need the header increased to fit a 468×60 banner. See the forum on for reference although I have the full CMS suite so need the style carried through on that (Vbulletin does this automatically)
Nice easy job for someone with the right skills

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Metatrader 4 Trade Analyzer

we are interested to build something like http://blog. forex factory. com/? p=1329
it is a trade analyzer script, similar to , but integrated with vbulletin, complete with badge
you need knowledge in c++, mt4 api, system design, php, flash/flex chart, mysql, ajax, vbulletin
please pm for more info/question


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Vbulletin Cms Mods Needed ASAP!

Using vbulletin cms for site , and forums for my new free game-server , I need some kind of shopping cart ( for vbulletin ) and integration with the game-server . The game is hosted into separate server .

Whats needed :

1. shopping cart for items in game and donation (* details of inventory and everything will be provided to the winner )
– payment modules for paypal , paysafecard , ukash and .
2. bridge between registering part of vbulletin and game-server .

Both servers ( vps where is hosted website and the game-server ) running on linux &amp; mysql . The game modifications consist only on alteration the mysql database (* adding new users , update of the game inventory and so on ) … I need a dedicated person , with strong understanding of automation , its required to have some free time on your hands to apply for this project , its second time when I try to bring this project to finish so I dont need anymore time wasters if you know you are a busy person and have alot of projects on work better do not bid . Thanks .

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VBulletin 4.1.2 Theme/skin Development For Real Estate Site

I am looking for someone to skin/template my fresh installation of vBulletin 4.1.2

The site is a real estate forum. We have a color combination in mind already, and example websites for the layout will be provided for illustrative purposes.

The logo design has been completed.

Keywords: vbulletin skin, vbulletin theme, vbulletin template, vbulletin customization, vbulletin design, theme vbulletin, psd vbulletin, vbulletin designer, vbulletin skins, skin vbulletin, vbulletin expert, vbulletin psd

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VBulletin For Developerpmal

Only bid if you are developerpmal

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VBulletin Mod Updating

I need a forum Add-on/mod updated from vbulletin 3.8 to vbulletin 4.x.
The 3.8 version works fine and I need it updated to the new format of vbulletin 4.

I could do the project myself but dont have the time.
I have a budget in mind and will only concider those with a good reputation and speed and efficiency is a must.

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Vbulletin Upgrade (3.7.4 To 4.1)

My forum is currently using vbulletin 3.7.4. I need someone to upgrade my forum to the latest version of vbulletin, while keeping my template in tact (and with less then 20 minutes of total downtime). I am currenlty using php 5.3.5. However, I will also need to downgrade to php 5.2 as I have another script on my site that uses zend optimizer (which is not available with php 5.3.5). However, when I downgrade to php 5.2, vbulliten is running into problems. I need someone experienced in php and vbuleltin as well as HTML, SSI, graphics etc… Make sure to include the words "ci project" in your bid so that I know you read the entire project description. I am willing to pay $25 to 35/hour (depending on the devlopers qualifications). Please base your bid based on that rate (based on how many hours you expect the project to take). If you are not willing to work at that rate, do not bid. I will also need the developer to work with my VPS manager to on the php downgrade.

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PSD To VBulletin And IPB Skins

Im interested in hiring a coder to be involved with a custom skin designing website in the making. I will be charging people $250 per skin (prices will probably be risen) Of that $250, you will receive 50%. ($125.00)
I want someone who can code vBulletin IPB and preferably WP (not a bid deal if you cant do WP)
Also I would like the coder to be skilled at jQuery or similar javascripting effects.
Message me for more details

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ZenCart VBulletin Bridge

Looking for a developer to build a bridge that updates Zencart/vBulletin both ways and bridges logon:

Bridge must integrate the following:
* logon
* registration with prompt to enter additional customer information on first visit to Zencart
* password recovery and algorithm
* email
* any changes on user name, password, or email at Zencart or vBulletin must update the other
* Session should be shared by the two

Zencart should use the vBulletin database for username, userid, password, email, but otherwise has separate tables.

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Write Guide Drupal Header Into Vbulletin Forum


Write a step by step guide on how to integrate a drupal header into a vbulletin forum (Drupal 6, Vbulletin 4.X). Guide me on my path when problems.

The money will be transfered to you when i have completed your guide (I work fast), and know exactly how to do this in the future. I would also like to build a relationship for future jobs.


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SEO Offpage

Offpage SEO for the Vbulletin Board to get more or higher ranked keywords..


Developer can get Sitedata from:
google analytics
google webmastertools

budget maximum is 80 $

Please tell my the nearly number of hours you will work on it.
info: SEO have to be done for google.DE not .com

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Custom VBulletin Plugin – Developerpmal

Custom vBulletin Plugin Project for developerpmal

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Integrate MailChimp API Into VBulletin Forum

I need someone to quickly integrate the vBulletin API into my VBulletin CMS 4.x software so that subscribers on my forum will be added automatically to my mailchimp list. You should have done this before if you are quoting for this task

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Advanced Google Adsense Integration Into VBulletin

We are looking for a freelancer experienced with vBulletin who can help us with advanced google adsense Integration.

We wish to Integrate google adsense in non-standard positions, similar to the site here:

We must be able to set which advertising shows to specified usergroups.

Plus we would also like if possible for the edits made to be compiled into a plugin so they can be easily installed onto our other forums.

Experienced with vBulletin (Plugin Development & Template Modification)
Experienced with Google Adsense

The winning bidder will also be given future vbulletin tasks.

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Adult VBulletin Forum Design

Hello, my name is David.

I have a legit license for the vBulletin 4.0 Suite software. I have my own site too at I have plenty of ideas for an online adult community forum. I want to work with adult cam sites through their affiliate programs. I need a good logo design and website design for my vBulletin 4.1.2 suite site. I think I need more than just a designer, but Im not sure since I dont know much about this stuff.

I would like to find a master at vBulletin software. I may even hire him or her for full time work. Im looking for a small team that can help run the site, but if I can find someone that can help me design the look and feel that would a great start. I need the basics done before I start planning bigger things. I do want a professional vBulletin custom adult design though. The guys over at do great jobs at vBulletin designs from what I can tell.

Im not a rich man either. I dont have a bank full of money. Im an average 20 year old American that finished high school and doesnt know whats next. Im even physically handicapped, so going out and getting a job outside of the house is almost impossible. I basically live on the Internet and have since I was old enough to know what a computer is. Im just a guy with a lot of fresh business ideas. I am going to College for computer programming, but I want to get this started now. So, Im getting into something that has a major presence online which is the adult industry. I hope somebody out there will help me on my project.

I will need a Modeling Agent link, About Us link, Contact Us link, and maybe one or two more where the Home link, Forum link, Blog link, and the Whats New links are. I like the bottom of the website where they have the links to other sites down there. Its nice.

Let me know if you can help.

Thanks 🙂

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Vbulletin 4.0 Suite Theme Design

Seeking an experienced vb themes designer to create a custom theme for vbulletin suite 4.0. the theme must not only be for the vb forum, but for the cms homepage and blog section which are integral parts to the vbulletin 4.0 suite. please pm with questions or examples of your work. payment by escrow only. no exceptions.

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Need Mods Added To My VB 4 Website

I need to get all of these mods added to my website. It is running Vbulletin 4.1.2

Most of them are farily simple, but I would like them done quickly so I am bidding the job out.


[DBTech] User Status & Moods v1 (vB4)

Text Messaging (SMS) for vBulletin 4.0

I would like these two to be under a tab called

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Allround Forum Services

Dear All,

I need an allround service that covers a few services for a vBulletin forum like:
– building in anti spam measures,
– upgrading to latest version,
– upload a new skin,
– reorganizing topics,
– updating topics,
– reorganizing forum
– posting,
– tips for keywords and seo,
– other things I havent thought about….maybe a full list of services is available?

Thank you in advance!


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Make VBulletin Addon Compatible With Custom Forum Software

I purchased a vBulletin addon with the intent to modify it to work for my own custom forum software (which is mostly made by me); I have their permission to modify their code btw.

The addon can be found here:

Maybe the easiest way to go about this is I give you the variables and DB info my site uses and you modify the software so that it works with it. I would also like the scheme to match my sites scheme (I would provide you with the info necessary to do this).

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Vbulltein Forum

I need someone to make a vBulletin for me, I got the license for it, and its installed already to the server!

All I need is someone to customize it for me, make it look nice with a good, nice and professional design, and add some pages on it! Some data entry will be needed too!

I can send you details about it, how I want it to look like, and what I want to add to it!!

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VBulletin Plugin Coder

For our latest Website we need certain plugins to be coded:
– ban-lists
– user profiles
– authentication scripts

Wed prefer that you work with us using a remote desktop program.

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Image Gallery Project

My website: (PR) currently uses the coppermine image gallery software. I want to replace coppermine on PR. I like the gallery software on my other site: (OPSD). It is custom coded in PHP and is built to handle PSD uploads and downloads. The user login is integrated with vBulletin forum software.
This project will be to convert OPSD

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Video Ondemand For VBulletin

Ok im looking for a Video Ondemand for my vbulletin site something like but with some extra things

extra things would be :

Live Streaming:
A streaming team will be able to stream live from a tv card on the pc or a wbcam

Remote uploading:
*When a user uploads a file it will not upload to the website but to the remote encoding server
*Url and ftp upload

Server Balancing:
* Multiple servers can be added so media / videos are streamed from multiple servers
* Slave servers require no additional files. Simply setup an FTP account on the server and it is ready to store media
* Slave servers rotate randomly. You can have as many enabled as you wish at the one time.

all this must be done for about $100, need more info pm me

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