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12 Vector Objects

We have an ongoing need for vector images, icons, illustrations different vector objects . We will provide a description of object we need and a sketch (or photo for reference). As you see we need simple technical work.

Requirements :

* You have to be the owner of your artwork and by selling it to us you agree to transfer all the rights to us.
* You must not have bought these images from somewhere else.
* The illustrations needs to have all vector curves closed and we prefer images not created by autotrace function in Illustrator..unless its been tidied up and looks great.
* no logotypes with company names etc.
* no images that can be seen as a copyright violation, Illustrations of Disney, Pixar etc are not useful for us.We want your work not reproductions of others. Also we can not use caricatures of existing celebrities.

* saved as .ai or .eps and deliverd as .zip file.
*No raster textures
* Ofcourse no sample images allowed from any existing stock site such as shutterstock or the many vector stock websites available. We constantly search the internet and are well aware of what is out there such as vector tutorials and existing vector stock CDs, website etc. No false submissions please ! We will check it.

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Childrens Illustrator Needed (VECTOR FORMAT ONLY)


I need an illustrator to develop 24 regular illustrations + 24 simple illustrations.(little drawings)
If the quality is the expected more work is assured…im thinking in contract to an illustrator for a monthly payment.

Style: Very easy childrens book (google: dora)

deadline: april 18

budget: $250

Ill select the winner tomorrow.

PM with childrens examples to receive more details

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Bird Vector Icon Wanted


I am looking for an illustrator to design a vector icon of a bird which resembles to Angry Birds (bird icon)
will need it for an iPhone app which provides Angry Birds guide.

Want bird mascot to be in vector format so it could be modified later on.

Looking for talented individual/company to provide it within 24 to 36 hours, payment will be setup as milestone once the winner is selected and release it once the final product received. This is a quick job so my budget is not more than $30.

Winners may expect plenty of other design projects in near future.

P.S. Find attachment for reference of what kind of work Im interested in.

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Vector Illustrations X 22 Images

I would like a talented illustrator to provide illustrations of the attached plants and animals as EPS vector images.

The illustration style does not need to be too detailed. I am interested in different illustrative styles. No cartoons please.

The EPS files should be hi res/large enough to be printed up to A3 size.

You should provide examples of your previous illustrations with your bid and please confirm how many days work this is.

See attached file so you know what images I need.


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Vector Objects Are Needed!

Vector objects are needed! If you are vector artist and your passion is to create vector illustrations

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Simple Vector Vinyl Banner Designs

We need simple banners designed that will have a space for customization. These will need to be vector art as we will be doing multiple sizes. If you provide the art at 12" x 24" we can resize it to our needs. ( the reason we need vector) Feel free to use clip art or just text with a cool background. The categories needed are below and the number of designs total needed are around 25. No need to get too fancy this is just a simple design layout.

1.Cinco De Mayo
2.Memorial Day
3.Mothers Day

I have attached a couple of samples of what we have already for inspiration.

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Vector Creators Needed. Chance For Ongoing Collaboration

Are you a creator of great illustrations? Do you creative flawless and beautiful vector graphics? And work in Illustrator or Corel Draw?

Maybe you have some vector images that you created in the past, that now just are gathering dust on your computer?
Or would you like to create a batch of interesting vector illustrations for me?

Please send a very brief message with samples, rather than just bidding because I might accept several designers using the message box. So if you have decent samples or a link, chances are good that you can work with me.

I have an ongoing need for vector images and backgrounds. The illustrations can be anything under the sun, patterns, outlines of people, frames, flowers, nature, architecture, sports, technical, travel, items, animals, small obscure funny things. Anything really.

However; There are some requirements, that you will have to live up to! <— Important.

* The images need to be designed by you or your team.
* You must not have bought these images or parts of the graphics from somewhere else. You have to have made every single part of your work.
* The illustrations needs to have all vector curves closed, and I prefer images not created by autotrace function in Illustrator. Unless its been really really cleaned up and looks great..
* No logotypes with company names.
* No images that can be seen as a copyright violation. Illustrations of Disney, Shrek, Starwars and other things known from movies or media is not useful for me. I want your work. Not reproductions of others. Also I can not use caricatures of existing celebrities.
* everything saved as .ai or .eps and deliverd as .zip file.
* Ofcourse no sample images allowed from any existing stocksites such as shutterstock, istock or the many vector stock websites available! I pretty much live on those websites and WILL check it. I am well aware of what is out there, such as vector tutorials and existing vector stock CDs, website etc. No false submissions, please! Youll waste your time if you do so.

But heres a chance to get rewarded for your many hours of doing illustrations.

I will pay you $1.50 to 2$ per image depending on the complexity and numbers you present. If your work is truly unique, you deliever as promised, and we start a longer collaboration, the price can be negotiated to 4-5$/image!

Think about it. 😉


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Vector Icons Creation

Hi All

I am after 4 vector icons for..


They will come in grey scale and colored, A light Blue would be great if possible.

To give you an idea they will be used in a similar way to the icons on ebay, once you sold or brought an item.
We must own full copy right.


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Colourful Vector Designs….5 Variations From My Images

Hi please create colorful variations from my images and turn them into vector graphics.


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Photogrammetry Vector Mapping.

Photogrammetry Vector Mapping.
25 Features has to be captured.Including Structure,Roads,
Vegitaion Class,Hydrgraphy.
Delivery required in dgn format.

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High Quality Vector Images.

High quality vector images that will be used in all marketing materials.

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Icon Set For Medical Community Site

Need help creating vectors (color: light blue, green, etc) for a new networking website… that will be medical tourism focused for the professional community. The icons are needed to go along with a number of medical conditions, treatments, etc. The icons need to look good at 150x150and 20×20. The following is a good example of the kind were looking for

Wish to have as many icons to go along with the following list as possible:

=====Medical Procedures
Cancer Treatment
Cardiology Procedures
ENT (Ears, Nose & Throat)
Eye Surgery (Opthamology)
Female Specific
Fertility Treatment
Gastrointestinal Procedures
Gender Realignment
General Surgery
Male Specific
Obesity Surgery
Orthopedic Surgery
Scans & Health Checks
Spinal Procedures
Stem Cell Therapies
Transplant Surgery
Urology Procedures

=====Cosmetic Surgery
Arm Lift
Breast Augmentation
Breast Lift (Mastopexy)
Breast Reduction
Buttocks Implants
Chemical Peels
Chin Surgery
Ear Pinning
Ear Reshaping
Eye-Bag Removal
Eyelid Lift
Facial Implants
Forehead/Brow Lift
Hair Implants and transplants
Liposuction / Lipoplasty
Lower Body Lift
Nose Reshaping
Penis Enlargement
Skin Refinishing
Spider Vein Removal
Tummy Tuck
Varicose Vein Removal

=====Dental Procedures
Dental Bondings
Dental Bridges
Dental Caps
Dental Fillings
Dental Implants
Porcelain Tooth Crowns
Root Canal
Teeth Whitening
Tooth Contouring
Tooth Veneers

=====Alternative Medicine
Herbal Medicine
Holistic Medicine
Orthomolecular Medicine
Siddha Medicine
Unani Medicine


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Convert Picture To Vector

Looking for a professional skilled in tracing this jpeg to create vector paths of the lake, only. Compatible for CS2 to be filled by client, so only paths are needed. (Again, this is for the LAKE (largest blue section, no rivers) only.)

Please use this URL to view image,

Thank you so much for your talents &amp; time!

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Change Jpeg File To A Vector File And Provide A PMS Number

I have a file created that is jpeg (three files for some signage). The printer needs them in a vector file and with a PMS number. I would like them converted.

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Children Website Design With Vector Graphics

A website design is needed for 4-5 pages .
The UI mockup will be given in a PDF sketch format.

The website should retain the simplicity and ease of use of popular websites like stackoverflow or google products (docs, gmail etc.) but still have a colorful theme that can be appealing to children.
All graphics shouldnt be raster looking but rather vector.

For examples and details please contact me via PMB .

Also if you do not have a portofolio with at least one website that can meet the upper characteristics (simplicity, vector graphics) please do not bid.

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Vector Drawing Needed

I have an image that needs to be redrawn in a vector format.

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Vector Graphic Diagrams

Provide a diagram in vector graphics, from simple sketch showing use of services.

The diagram will show a business using a computer to send multiple messages by email/web over the internet to one of world-text.coms multiple SMS servers, these servers then push the message to the mobile network and the on to delivery to the mobile device.

Applicants must be able to show previous examples of work, do not apply if you cannot meet this requirement.

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Raster To Vector Conversion

Hi, this is a very simple job for someone with the right skills. I need a vector jpg image traced in high quality and converted to a vector file so I can scale it. This needs to be done well and not just thrown through a converter program. I require the finished product in emf and pdf formats. The file is at as I am having trouble uploading it using this system. Thanks.

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Flash Vector Drawings Of Burgers

I will need someone who can draw a smooth drawing of burgers in Flash with gradients and nice apple-mac-smoothness to it. It must all be vectors and not compound path import from Illustrator or any other type of bitmaps.

It has to be quit simple at the same type, because it will be used for animation, so there must not be to many vectors.

I realize that this conflicts with the smoothness, but hopefully you can solve it 🙂

I need it done fast. Mockups and portfolio are welcome.

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Comics Vector Illustration

We are looking for an illustrator/animator to work with us on a recurring basis to create little comics illustrations/animations.

– We need 1 cartoon/comic style vector illustration, 2D design, several cells.
– It needs a main recuring character (a female school teacher) and other characters (the pupils) to be created.
– Design must be bright, colourful, cheery…
– Story and texts to be provided.
– This is for marketing purposes so it needs to be scalable (vector) to different common ad sizes.
– Preference for it to be in Illustrator.
– We want to make this a series ongoing indefinitely, always featuring the same classroom plus possibly other new characters in future, on different backgrounds.
– We want to order several per month depending on cost.
– In the next project, we would like same 1-page stories to be Flash animated cartoons if we can afford it.

– For now, please provide your quote for : 1 page vector illustration only.

– Quote for Flash animation will be requested later.

Copyright Notice
– We must own all Intellectual Property Rights over all designs and items created, files, etc.
– We receive exclusive and complete copyrights to all work purchased. You are not allowed to resell, reuse, or give away or use these illustrations in any way. .

– Please send links to at least three relevant examples in your portfolio.

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