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Forum Makeover

i have a standard PHPbb forum (plus some mods).
i want it radically changed to a more aesthetically pleasing forum such as s forum or that can incorporate ads (important). I dont want a standard PHPbb look
i am happy for it to depart from phpbb, as once it is modified so much, i dont see how i could continue to keep up witht he new phpbb releases? i need to be able to service and maintain it myself, and add the ads etc myself.
Needs an ad-track system, (although I am getting this with my other project so maybe that would transfer)
SEO awareness is extremely important, with retention of topics and subject names in the index
Need to be able to limit link posting to forum admin
would also like a box to go on my other website showing a feed of the latest posts
needs to have an excellent spam-blocking system of course

Optional – new logo design

I need this done asap, before tax year ends at least.

(i also have a project going for another website rebuild)

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I Need Forum Posting

I need forum posting

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Need Professional Animoto Video Creator.

Looking for a long-term animoto video creator. These videos will be used to submit for SEO purposes, especially in travel sertor, local tourism, cities/coutries promotion.
You must be proficient with video creation via tools like

1. Ill provide you a paid account.
For each video, I

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Need Real Human Video Views On 24 Videos

I need as many real human 75% U.S. views on 24 videos as possible. We need to show these views by February 6th. I Can Pay $900 to start the work and $900 upon completion. Please tell me how many views you can get me, I need at least 300k more would be better.

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Just Forum Signature Links

I need just high PR forum signature links.
Who is willing to complete so can bid with samples.

Bid will ignore without samples.

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Need 250 Forum Post Today


I need 250 forum post for today. I will need more after (about 250).

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New Video Trailer In Home Page

I would like to place a video of a new product in the homepage of our web site. You can see the video at

Our web site is Joomla based. See it at

The objective of this project is to replace the big banner in the homepage by the above mentioned video.

Provider must also develop a seamless process so we can make these type of changes internally without deep knowledge on PHP, HTML , etc… We need to change this banner periodically, sometimes it will be a video (as this time) others a .jpg.

Consider the following:
– Site has two big areas (main area and art area-
– New video must only appear in the main area
– There will be different language versions for this video. Same as languages in the web site.
– Same for images. Currently, same banner is shown in all different language versions of the site. That has to be changed also, and it has to be possible to define a different image for every language.

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Acotr For 30 Sec Video Commercial

I need to make a 30 second cable tv commercial. I need the actor. Must look like a chiropractor.
If the voice is not ideal we will use a voice over. Would like to have a green screen so we can choose background later.
We are on a tight budget. Need ASAP. Include headshot with bid. cant be to young or schruffy.
We must have all rights to use for TV.

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I need forum commenting on the forum list i will give you.
i need 50-60 forum comment done within 6-8 hrs after awarding project.

Also i will be choosing multiple provide if the work goes will continue on.
i will give you 10$ for 50-60 forum comment done

Also i will be selecting the multiple provider within 3-4 hrs so just post me message that
"i am ready to start " in you bid

i will select the provider who will post the sample.

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I need forum commenting on the forum list i will give you.
i need 50-60 forum comment done within 6-8 hrs after awarding project.

Also i will be choosing multiple provide if the work goes will continue on.
i will give you 10$ for 50-60 forum comment done

Also i will be selecting the multiple provider within 3-4 hrs so just post me message that
"i am ready to start " in you bid

i will select the provider who will post the sample.

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Need 50 Forum Postings In A Wedding Forum


I will need 1 Forum posters for Wedding/Bride related forum. I will need 50 posts (10 new threads + 40 Replies) in 1 wedding related forum. Its an urgent requirement and I will consider first come first basis.


Fixed pay: $0.10 per post.
Word count: Each post should be a minimum of 30 words with proper English and no grammatical mistakes.
Posting period: I will need a total of 50 posts per user to be done within 10 days. (15 new threads and 35 replies)
Payment Method: Paypal:

Reply only if you are interested. Also PM me your previous forum posting work experience. I will close this offer after I receive 1 forum posters.

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Animation Video For Robotic Hand

I need you to create a short max.2 minute promo video/animation similar to the one on this page: or

The animation is supposed to show the function of the new robotic hand and how it will be used on a standart CNC milling machine.
Backround music is needed.

Please include links to similar past work in your PM.


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Need Forum Posters ASAP


Im looking for forum poster who can make at least 5-10 posts a day. No spam is allowed (posts should be useful with a natural duration in between posts). Dont make too many posts at a time, about one post every hour.

I will supply you the URL of the forum once you are selected and you need to register an account there. I need daily updated contents of posting sending to me, and this job requires 100 posts done within 2-3 weeks.

More instructions will be provided when you are selected.

If you are reliable, work fast, can promise to have the job done, and you have good English writing, please bid the job. I am also looking for somebody who is affordable.

Kind regards,

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Need 3 Minutes Explanatory Video ASAP

My company is about to release a new software and we need a video that explains beneficts and features. Were looking for something clear but with some cool effects… voice over required.
This video will be hosted on our site, so it should be exported to h264.

Well discuss details with the selected freelancer.

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I Need 300 Forum

I need 300 forum posts about my software( I will provide software site url )

I need 300 unique forums

not google indexed forum posts( or banned ) are not counted

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Video File Downloader


I need to write fideo file downloader from web.
Soft for android.

Need to make it in short terms

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I Need Forum Posters For A Fashion Forum


I have just launched a brand new

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Need 300 Forum Posts

Im looking for a forum poster to create 300 posts across 75 forums (the more popular the better) that you identify related to teen, entertainment, celebrities, games, movies. You will need to find the forums using Big-boards website, sign up, setup signature and make 2-4 postings on each forum.

You will need to:
* Find 75 forums (the more popular the forum the better) that have something to do with teen, entertainment, celebrities, games, movies
—- Must allow signatures for new members
—- Links must be visible to all
—- English
* Create new account on each forum
—- Use different usernames
—- Use one of several signatures that I provide.
* Create 3-6 quality posts on each forum
—- Must be written in excellent English
—- Must be relevant and interesting to members of the forum
—- At least 25 words in length
—- Some posts should be new topics, some replies
—- Vary number of posts from forum to forum
* Create excel report with all post urls and account info

If you are interested in this project, please post pm starting with "Interested" so that I know you actually read this) and some samples of your work and qualifications.

There may be an opportunity for ongoing work.

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Need Male For Video Presentation


I need a GUY with US/Aus/UK accent (Preferably US) who can do 3-5 video presentations (Around 5-15 min) like

The videos youre doing need you to show yourself with the integration of some power point slides in between.

Well provide all the scripts.

The topic youll be doing is about males premature ejaculation.
Note that within these series of videos, youll discuss about the common problems and solutions for PE.

We are offering $25/hour, while we expect you to take not more than 3 hours to produce a video length 5-15 minutes since well be providing all the scripts.

Look forward for your reply.

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Need A Forum Poster For Immediate Start.

I have a special link that I need promoted in as many forums as possible to generate some quick traffic. The link is related to the world cup so my expectation would be that your posts would hve to relate to the following catergories:

World Cup
Sports Gambling

The link I need promoted is www

Please PM me with your best offers as I am looking to appoint someone in the next few hours.

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Need Forum Poster

This is simple job.Just searching google to find forums and post my advertising details

I will ask u how to post in PM.$0.5 per posted.

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I Need Forum Posts

I need form posts on various niches!

Posts must be relevant
Do follow
anchor texts

and the comments must say something useful and not look spammy

please also sent 50-100 reports to be verified first!


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I Seek Moderator For An Automotive Forum

I seek a moderator for an automotive forum


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Need Quality Forum Posters – Sports Related $10 = 100 Posts


I am seeking people to post on a active sports-related forum. I will be paying $10 for each 100 posts done, in which 75 have to be replies and the other 25 have to be new threads. There can not be more than 10 posts done within 3 hours, so you would need to space it out into ten sections. Payment is done via Paypal, look at my reputation to prove that I am legit towards all my works. If you have higher rep than me, you may request payment first. I am only wanting people who can write correctly (including punctuations & grammar), and have knowledge in the sports area including Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball. Each post must contain at least 25 characteristics. This is a long-term job, and will always be available and repeatable.

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Need Short Animated Video Made

1-2 minutes long

Something like this

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Find me forums

Its a simple job but you need to be precise to meet the requirements.

Find me 10 forums related to Video games, Electronic products, Furniture, Apparel(clothes, shoes)and health. So, in all you only need to give me 50 forums list which meets following requirements.

a)Should be a do follow forum
b)Must be PR1+
c)Should have minimum 5000 members
d)Only English forums
e)Forums must allow signature links
f)Should be of US origin. (Dont confine to India, Philippines like that.It should have US people)

I am very particular about the sectors and criteria. Dont come with general forums like digital point. Be specific.

Work is good for a good internet researcher.No exorbitant bidding prices. I need report on excel sheet sector wise and showing it has six requirements said above.

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3D Opening Video Sequence

I need a 3d Opening Movie Pre-Roll for Live Video Segments. A good example of what I am looking for is here:

Watch the movie where you see the branding pre-roll before the video starts.

It needs to be video game themed and it will be branding a Video Game Site. It needs to be formatted in different types of files including standard video and HD.

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