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BlackBerry Nokia App

we need to build an application that run on BlackBerry and Nokia

it contains [live radio – video gallery – audio gallery{mp3 file}]

more details in PM

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Usc Vs. Pac 12 Website

It would be a website showing how usc has done against every other pac 12 school in every single sport. It would show every game between the games every documented score and the total record against that team in that sport.

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Testing Project


This is a test job for the long term opportunity of our testing project. Once the candidate is selected he/she will be given few tasks and upon successful and satisfactory completion their employment will be continued with us.

To apply you should have the following skillset: Java, Perl, Ruby, Python, Unix/Linux and QA.

There is a questionnaire to be answered as part of the hiring. Pls only bid if you are okay to take the exam. This has to be submitted within 24hrs after I send it to you.

Thank you

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Background Image Video Photograph And Website

Im looking to re-create a background thats in the following video (in the first scene, caveman scene of this video) for a project Im working on.

Heres the link to the video where you can see the background image reference:

It doesnt matter how it is constructed; whether you use 3D modeling, Photoshop or other means and it doesnt have to be exactly the same but Id like it to be close to what is there with the volcano in the background and the rock formations.

I will also need a 5 page website that will be about dinosaurs with a Home page, contact page, about page, Species page (dinosaurs) and maybe a FAQ page.

Please bid for both the image creation and the website as I would prefer to work with one person. Thanks.

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