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WordPress Plugin For GravityForms

This plugin is an addition to the well known wordpress forms solution. I need to create a plugin and widget that will display all the last completed forms a logged in wordpress user has done.

When the user then clicks through on one of their completed forms from the widget, the form is then loaded with all of their completed data pre-filled in from before. If the user changes any data on the pre-filled form and then submits again – a new form data record is created using Gravity forms default data saving procedure.

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WordPress PLugin Development

I need to build a WordPress 3.1 compatible plugin that will let me charge the visitors for reading the post. Ive attached a text file with detailed description and the graphics that will give you an idea how I want the plugin to work.

Please only bid if you have experience in building WordPress plugins from the scratch. The project is not complicated but require sound knowledge of wordpress plugin development.

Please read the requirement carefully before you bid. Canned responses will be ignored.

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WordPress + Plugin Installation


I have a wordpress installation but something went wrong with the upgrade to WP 3.0.5. Now the pages receive an error, but the main page is shown correctly. What I would like to do is the following:

– correct the installation so pages are shown
– enable networks on the blog
– install two plugins that allow network administration and the replication of the blog
– a wildcard ssl certificate exists for the domain so * is enabled
– I have documentation for the plugins – very basic
– make one copy of the main site to "" and then replicate this site to "" with the plugin tool (the main site cannot be copied)

The job needs to be done ASAP.


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WordPress / Shopperpress ECommerce Sites


Run a few ecommerce websites with wordpress/shopperpress.
Getting the traffic and prices should be fine, but bad visitor to order ratio.

Need someone with experience in ecommerce and wordpress/shoppespress to help tweak the sites and increase profits.
If you are also able to code things as a one page checkout and incorporate new shippingpayment modules that is good.

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WordPress Plugin Development

Seeking custom-made WordPress plug in to perform a Wikipedia-style search. I.E. If article title exists, takes you to article – if doesnt takes you to search results.

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How It Works Video Presentation

Looking to have a video presentation of our service. This is a " How it works" video.

I want it to be eyecatching and showcase the benefits of taking the product.

Please respond to this with examples of your work.

FYI do not bid if you can not provide the quality work of those video put as an example:

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WordPress Plugin – Microstock Agency

Im representing a microstock agency ( and we need a wordpress plugin. Basically we want to offer all our images to users in low resolution, providing they are backlinking to our site. The plugin should work and behave very much like the existing Freebie Images Plugin:

We already have an API ( and we will make any changes to support this plugin in a heartbeat. All images and design will be provided by us.

Currently we are considering doing this inhouse, but it depends on the price of outsourcing. Therefore we are currently asking for people to bid on this project. We have categorized this project to simple because the freebie plugin exists, and experienced programmers should be able to tweak it to our needs.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Ill be happy to provide more documentations if we see bids are in our price-range.

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WordPress Plugin Enhancements

Enhancements needed to WordPress plugin

1)Add More Pages: Like the plugin currently creates pages like
Disclaimer & Contact Us, you need to add 4 more page creation options
that are Privacy Page, TOS Page, Spam-Complaint Page & FTC. These pages
needs to be very similar to way disclaimer page is added.

2) WP-Import is a plugin that I sent you. Ive attached it again for
reference. I want those functions embedded natively into the plugin.

3) A feature to export a file that holds the values of all the settings
of the installed plugins and and option to import that file to anotherblog setup to automatically add the settings of the plugins.

4) Add custom script to a defined location

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Code A WordPress Plugin Compatible With The Latest Version

Hi guys,
I need a wordpress plugin coded for me that can add revenue streams to a blog with the following requirements:

*Compatible with all versions of WP
*Requires activation
*Should have a separate tab in the dashboard

*Tab#1: ADSENSE: Asks for Publishers ID and display following options:
(a)Display a heatmap
(b)Add adsense in sidebar, in post (option of adding on top,middle,bottom or all) & in pages.
(c)Add adsense in search result generated by wp native search.
(d)Should let user select between TEXT or GRAPHICAL adds and gives options for different sizes.

*Tab#2: AMAZON: Asks for Publishers ID and display following options:
(a)Add amazon products to posts & pages based on a set of keywords inputted by user
(b)Add amazon products to search result generated by wp native search.
(c)Add mouse-hover ads to keywords in posts. (will show you an example)

*Tab#3: CLICKBANK: Asks for username and display following options:
(a)Add products to posts & pages bases on a set of keywords inputted by user
(b)Add products to search result generated by wp native search.
(c)Add mouse-hove ads to keywords in posts. (will show you an example)

*Tab#4: CREATE A PEEL-AWAY ADD: Let user upload a banner, add a link and select from TOP-RIGHT or TOP-LEFT position.

*Tab#5: CUSTOM:
(a)Add ads code to posts and pages either top, middle or bottom.
(b)Add ads code to search result generated by wp native search.

*Tab#6: Ask for username & convert all out going links to short URL using

I will explain the layout once a WINNER is selected. Please let me know if you have any queries. Not looking to spend a lot. I can provide references to various similar plugins.

-Abhi Dwivedi


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Need A Code Fix On WordPress Blod

Need a WordPress expert to fix a code written on a page. currently the page is to display screen shots of videos. when the screens hot is clicked the user is then forwarded to a page in which they can watch the video. our page is simalr to the link below but looking for it to display the same way.

need video page to look like this

it shows 2 to 3 days of videos on one page and allows user to click next or page numbers below to navigate through page.

Looking for provider than can fix this not and price $30 for this task. if you cannot start work immediately please do not bid on this project and waste both our time.

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Kickstarter Similar As WordPress Plugin

Kickstarter similar as wordpress plugin
I need a full featured and template driven plugin to make a website similar to as a plugin for wordpress. Please see the template-engine of the wp-e-commerce plugin to know what i mean with template driven. Plugin must support all the functions and payment gateways from Must have a modular AJAX engine, so its possible to easily integrate it in every premium-wordpress-theme. Must be multinlanguage ready with the default wordpress-functions (__ and _e) to translate with poEdit. Must be full localized, so its possible to use the script in every country. Must integrate paypal as payment-gateway, but must have a modular gateway interface to extend it with more gateways. Must use custom-post-types for projects. You dont have to use a lot of plugins. All functions must be integrated in only one plugin. I got all rights to the script. After i select you as provider you have to send me 3-5 milestones for the project with a brief-description for each milestone. I only will upload the escrow for a milestone, before the milestone begins. I only release ALL payments after the project is fully done. There will be no part payment. If one milestone fails, the full project will be canceld without any payment.

[edited by FLADMIN]

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WordPress Plugin / Mod

Hey guys,

Im using this wordpress theme that i bought:

This is how a category page looks like:

I need a plugin where the category page would look like this:

Off course, the above image is just a mockup so you can have an idea, ill need you to make it more nice looking that that 🙂

And there are a few more details that i want that are not diplayed on the image, but if you can do that plugin, those details will be no problem…

The plugin will need to have a "Settings" page on the wordpress dashboard, so i can assign an image for each category and also choose what categories / subcategories i want to look like that.

I know its not a simple work, so please only bid if you are absolutly sure you can do this.

Budget is 100$.

Thanks a lot.

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WordPress Plugin Creation

Need WordPress plugin created ASAP

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WordPress Plugin

I require an extension for WP e-commerce v3.8+

I am looking for a freelancer with experience with this particular plugin.

The DIGITAL-STORE extension will allow multiple sellers(or vendors) to sell pictures, movies and audio files – all in the same online store. Vendors should not have admin access to each others products or the WPecommerce admin.

1). On adding adding/uploading a audio/video product, the server will use ffmpeg to grab a 15 second sample of HTML5/iPad compatible of either the audio or the video. These previews will be shown in a HTML5 video/audio tag on the product page. The product page will support the embedding of those sample. Photos should have a low resolution thumbnails generated.

2). Video uploads should be check for iPad compatibility. If not, they are to be encoded by ffmpeg using a preset with the original asset then deleted.

3). DropBox support – this plugin is a pre-requisit to DIGITAL-STORE. – ALL completed digital-store transactions should be "delivered" to a buyers DropBox folder.

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WordPress Plugin For PHPLeaderPro

Upgrade wordpress plugin that allows members in my wordpress site manage other members as the friends in groups.
Ajax + javascript + DHTML skill required.

Detail will be discussed in PMB.


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WordPress Plugin(s)


I`m looking for a developer that is experienced in making wordpress plugins. We need a creative developer that can come up with ideas and create wordpress plugins that can hook up with our SNS/CMS platform (

The goal is to make it easy for wordpress users to integrate with our platform.

For hooking up to our platform you will be using our REST API.

I`m not sure what budget I should save to this ad as this is a project where we are going to make many small plugins together.

If you are picked out I like to chat with you on skype/msn about price for each project you start working with for us. Remember to send me your skype or MSN contact information.

Please add the following information when you PM me:
1. Your Skype/MSN contact details.
2. Details about previous wordpress plugins you have made.
3. Your technology skills and experiences.
4. Estimated average price per week work.

Kind regards
Bloc |

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Some Simple PHP And WordPress Editing

I need someone with PHP and WordPress experience. Basically I have used a template for my website that I am not familiar with and there are a few things that are not working properly. I have a great understanding of HTML and CSS but limited PHP. As I am in a hurry I dont have time to spend time finding out how to make the changes so would appreciate some help.

I want to create a next and previous tags at the bottom of the post page and for these to automatically create new pages once the page limit has been reached.

There are also a few issues with formatting when posting articles I find that sometimes if I use things like bullet points etc they seem to be overwritten and are not accepted so if you could look into why this is happening also.

I have a gallery of images on some pages and I want to be able to link the images to other internal and external pages. Currently WordPress only appears to link in to the image itself or a pre selected page. This may only require a plugin.

I also would like to be able to edit the meta description of each page as I was previously using the all in one seo plugin but the php in this template overwrites the descriptions.

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WordPress Plugin Customised

I am trying to use the BookX WP plugin (or similar library plugin that fetched book data from ISBN numbers) to create an ebook swapping page on my ebook site. Amazon (and others) allow lending of ebooks now. All that is required is a borrower

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WordPress Plugin Developer Wanted!

Hello WordPress developers!

We need a plugin developed . Basically it will be a content unlocker (gateway) with the following features:

– possibility to add the gateway to single pages and also to whole site, if needed.
– decent admin panel
– gateway has dimensions of 450×300 (if possible, adjustable)
– background opacity adjustable from 0-100%
– gateway will display max 6 offers/surveys
– gateway has a pop-up delay option (instant-seconds)
– gateway has a timeout delay option (in seconds)
– gateway has a close button option
– admin panel includes the countries & offers area (ALL countries), where its possible to add different offers from different affiliate networks that will show up only in the countries those offers were assigned to.

Please do not bid if youre not able to complete it.
Further details upon bidding.


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WordPress Plugin Developer Needed

I am currently seeking a wordpress plugin developer who will be able to build me a plugin for 20 to $30.

The project is fairly simple and should not take more than a few hours.

Please pm me with some of your previous work and i will send you the plans for the plugin.


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Experienced WordPress Plugin Developer


We are looking to hire a professional PHP Developer and EXPERT in WordPress Plugins to be part of our projects. We work very hard and maintain a balance of quality and speed. Our Lead Developer will review all team members for bonuses periodically based on performance and ability to get work done quickly.

This project will be the first step for you to work with us in existing and new projects.

We would like you to create a plugin similar to Popup Domination. You can see the features at:

In adition to that features, we want to add the following plugins features.

So, users will have 2 options to show the popups they use. Full popup that covers the screen with the lightbox as in Popup Domination or a slide-in popup.

Also both options (pop-up or slider) should support shortcode settings (for individual page/post use) and universal settings (which will allow user to show the popup or slider in all pages without adding shortcode).

You should be available via Skype so we can regularly discuss the development of the project.

When you apply for this job, please send us an individual statement about your abilities for this job and why you think you would be the right person to work with.


– Passed both PHP and WordPress tests with good scores
– Have an intimate knowledge of WordPress functions and hooks
– Be an excellent PHP programmer
– Be able to create clean code that is performance oriented.
– Coding cross browser compatible / w3c complaint XHTML / CSS
– Must have over 3-4 year Experience
– Jquery experienced
– Must report daily to the lead developer
– We prefer to work with Independent contractor
– Must be available on Skype
– Other WordPress related duties

– Ability to create nice UI for the plugins we create
– Editing WordPress themes
– Coding HTML / CSS into WordPress themes
– Coding PSD into WordPress Themes as XHTML

Please apply for this position with:

– An explanation of your intimate knowledge of WordPress and PHP
– Examples of WordPress plugins youve created
– Examples of clean, beautiful PHP code that youve created.

PS: Our lead developer will interview the selected candidates

Please : Dont waste our and your time if you are not really professional and just started programming or think that you can "learn by doing". I already had some experience on oDesk with this kind of programmers, so i really push you to ONLY APPLY if you have more than 5 Plugins for WordPress created and more than 5 years of PHP experience.


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Fotobook WordPress Plugin Additions

I need functionality added to our Fotobook WordPress Plugin which will allow it to import both Mobile Photo Albums and Photos Added By Others. As of right now, and Im unsure why, but it doesnt import these images when you import into Fotobook. We need this done ASAP for the launch of our site. Thanks!


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WordPress Widget

I have a shopping cart widget. When pasting 2 lines of shortcode this into a page in a wordpress theme, it works perfectly.

However, I want to use this on one of my other static PHP pages, which has a different design. The script also has pho shortcodes possible, but I am having trouble getting this to work.

Therefore, I need:

PHP shortcodes pasted into a static php file, which uses a different design (it is not installed as wordpress theme, but is just 1 page by itself). The location of this file is in the same directory as for the other wordpress files.

I also have more design work if I am able to find someone who can work fast and can solve this problem.

I need this done within 48 hrs max.

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Looking For Someone To Clone Fusedworld In WordPress


Looking for programmer and wordpress expert who is knowledge in PHP, MYSQL WordPress AJAX and Java scripting, to clone fusewold real estate listing site within wordpress

Post your previous experiences ill be far with the compensation we would like this done ASAP however understand the complexity of this project.

Should you have any other questions regarding this please contact me.

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WordPress Plugin – Yahoo

Max budget for this is up to $50 dont bid higher as I wont accept your bid. If you can create it for lower than that, then please bid accordingly i will likely go with the lowest bidder. Unless you have really good wordpress plugin history

I have been using a free wordpress plugin you can download it here ( even though its free you have to generate a licence code to use it, and their system is messed up as they dont update it anymore and 1 feature in it doesnt work anymore ) Oh and the file was encrypted with a zend encoder so i couldnt even see the code. Its basically 1 php file

Anyway you can see what it does here as i explain what it does and then explain how I want mine to be different slightly. Please view these before bidding – part 1 – part 2 – part 3 – Part 4

I need this made ASAP, within the next 5 days max. ( This will lead to more projects from me on a continual basis if you do a good job )

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Need WordPress / PHP, Plugin Developer -Full Time Potential


Ultimately were looking for an experienced coder with a good understanding of PHP and WordPress for work with us on multiple upcoming projects.

For the time being, it will be a project based assignment.

After 2 project completion and if Im happy with the work,
it could turn out to be a full time job for you.

If you are good in PHP and able to develop cool scripts like web based
article submitters, parsers, work with proxies and decaptcher
services, develop wordpress plugins, etc, this job is for you!

You should be versatile and be able to educate yourself
whenever you dont know something.

Continuous improvement is important.

The first project will consist of adjusting an existing, custom WordPress script so that it can be used in the creation of video site similar to or

We will negotiate on a price, project requirement, time on PMB, then if we both agree,
we proceed to the transaction by listing a NEW project with the negotiated terms
and you bid your price, Ill select you for the job!

I select you from there and escrow the funds to you to start
the project.

Thank you!

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Programmer Needed For A Couple Of Weeks – WordPress – Php

Looking to bring another programmer into our team, looking for an individual and not a company, we are currently working on an ongoing project that needs some revival and want a wordpress implementer that knows how to create their own plug ins and is able to create a theme based on a psd provided.

this is one of a couple of projects that we have in store for the developer, preference given to a spanish speaking developer.

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Translate Small Easy WordPress Plugin – URGENT!!!

I need to allo plugin Terms of Use – see to be able to be translatable with codestyling localization or using POedit – normally to create .po and .mo files. This plugin is originally English, I also need german and some other translations (czech language, etc.). I also have just very slightly modified version of this plugin for you to work on…

I would say this work is very easy for someone experienced with wordpress and it shouldn´t take more than approx 3-4 hours. of work.

Please note this translation must be finished before 23:00 on Sunday 2010/12/12 GMT Time!!!

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Small Plugin Fix For WP

Im using a plugin that was working fine but for some reason its conflicting with my categories now, and when a user tries to select a category in a form its re-directing to the category.

Maybe it needs some re-installing – i tried but still same issue – works fine on my other sites.

So I need someone who can fix this quickly. Also, need my sticky posts to work in the plugin…so need someone whos good with plugins – its the same plugin with 2 issues.

The plugin code is editable and open so shouldnt be an issue if you are a good coder.

Would like to get this done ASAP – online now to discuss and ready to start.

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WordPress Plugin Fix


Im using a plugin that was working fine but for some reason its conflicting with my categories now, and when a user tries to select a category in a form its re-directing to the category.

Maybe it needs some re-installing – i tried but still same issue – works fine on my other sites.

So I need someone who can fix this quickly. Also, need my sticky posts to work in the plugin…so need someone whos good with plugins – its the same plugin with 2 issues.

The plugin code is editable and open so shouldnt be an issue if you are a good coder.

Would like to get this done ASAP – online now to discuss and ready to start.

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PHP Programmer For WordPress Membership Plugin

We would like you to build a wordpress membership plugin with the following functionality:

* Posts, pages and categories can be protected with any membership level 1 to infinity
* Posts can contain teaser content with the ability to access premium content. Easily add the premium marker when editing the post or page. User sees message saying "The rest of this article is available to logged in premium subscribers only. Register | Log in"
* Support for "first click free" where visitors referred by search engines are shown their first page free
* Built in opt in list allows users to opt-in for free introductory downloads (integrating with aWeber)
* Ability to sell membership through both the PayPal and Clickbank API (user can choose)
* Only premium logged in members can view the protected content
* Anti link sharing and anti
* Unlimited custom membership levels to access specific pages, posts, and categories (free and paid levels)

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