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Finishing the work of a project and need a developer to do:
1 Check the work of our junior developer and help him when he is stuck.
a connecting screens and fields to database
b. save, edit etc.
c. making crystal reports and using the 4 basic mathematical operation +,-,x ,/.. sum, average %
d. Programing help
2. The project will require about 2 full days, Please bid if you are readily available The process is as follows.
a. Our junior will email you the source code and a summary of what he has done and questions he has on the next steps
b. You would check the work, the style, give your comments, answer his questions and take a video or screen capture to explain the next steps.

The project is 60 percent done. This is a list of what has been done
1. Entity relationship diagrams
2. The Faces of the Reports
3. Screens, labels, textbox and combo box
4. Database
Programmer needs
1. to be available at a designated time for about 2 days, to answer any questions and via IM
2. Must be available now.

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Bluetooth Integration Into A Video Capture Device

I am looking for an individual or company to integrate Class 1, 2 bluetooth transmitter into a video capture device.

The video camera already is in full production and captures video to an SD card on board. the scope of the work is to transmit the video to a pda or laptop via bluetooth for preview or recording.

A small footprint is required, size is important, but on the other hand range is also important. Maximum bluetooth range with small bluetooth footprint on device.

Bluetooth programming, protocols and experience is a must, I do not want to waste anyones time and do not my time to be wasted. Previous projects would be helpful.

I can provide the video camera for testing and implementation purposes.

Thank You.

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