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Bigcommerce Customization

I need someone experienced in customizing the websites within the BigCommerce platform.

1. I need all references to shipping removed from the site and well as in the order confirmation emails and in account history. I do not ship products so having references to shipping would confuse customers.

2. Within the checkout process I would like a scheduling feature much like is used by the website at the link below.

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Magento Website: 2 Bug Fix + Update To Checkout

Were looking for someone who spends most of their time working with Magento. We would like to work with you in the future with more Magento projects. Please PM me with examples of you Magento work.

We have an existing Magento website that was updated about 6 months ago to version The site has not be very active, so we did not notice that the update may of caused 2 bugs that we need to fix:

Bug 1: On Step 5 "Payment Information", when you click "continue" it doesnt do anything. Its like the button does not trigger anything to happen. (I will provide a link to the site if you PM me).

Bug 2: If you click on pay with Paypal, it goes to /paypal/express/shortcut/ which brings up a 404 error.

After we correct those bugs, we would like to make the following updates to the Checkout – Shipping options. We DO HAVE the "Aitoc – Magento Form Fields To Checkout" plugin. Heres the updates:

Update 1: We want to add a new shipping method called "Ship Using My Specified Carrier and Account". It would add the following text fields: "Carrier", "Account Number", "Contact Information" fields and "Notes" textbox. Basically, the customer is not charged anything – it just passes along these details and stores them on the order – accessible in the backend.

Update 2: Add another new shipping method called "Select a Carrier For Me and Add Shipping to My Order". Put this text under the title: "We will notify you when the shipping costs are ready for your approval". Basically, nothing will be charged for shipping intially. We will manually calculate shipping and need to add it to the order – Can we add the shipping amount into the backend and than charge it? What would be the best way to do this? (I suppose we could setup a product called "Shipping" and then use their account to purchase that "product". We would like your guidance here.

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FB Connect Integration With Cre Loaded Website

Looking to integrate FB Connect on our CRE Loaded website.

Please provide an example where you have done similar integration.

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Iphone Youtube App

I have an iphone app request about youtube. It will publish youtube videos with some interface.

The links of the youtube will be on the web. When the app is started the website youtube links will be loaded to the iphone and the videos to be played on iphone.

Can you please tell me whether you can make this app & your experience and how much?


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Complete SSL Integration & Google Checkout For CRE Loaded

Looking for a freelancer to quickly set up SSL on a domain and finish the integration of magnetic ones google checkout.

Easy job as it is half done. Quick $$$!

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Test & Finalise Work On New Website

Finish CRE Loaded website to full operation. Change to new domain and run links checking. All the final completion for a new website. CRE Loaded customisation to make it ecommerce portal.

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one page checkout

I have OS Commerce installed and it is modified a bit.
I need to install a ONE page checkout for this website:

We had some AJAX issues with one of the contributions in OSC.
Maybe "MY" current programmer didnt know how to handle it 😉

ANYWAY, I need this up and running ASAP

Please send me BEST quote!!!

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