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Experienced IOS Developer For Image Cropper View Controller

Title: Experienced iPhone/iPad/iOS developer for Image Cropper View Controller


We are looking for an experienced iOS developer to create a self-contained "Image Cropper View Controller" that will be used in our applications to allow the user to select and crop an image.

The view controller will have properties that can be set at run-time to modify the behavior of the controller and/or cropping rectangle.

A complete Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document is attached for you to review.

Please read the attached SRS document completely before bidding on this project so that your bid and time estimate is accurate and you feel confident you can deliver the complete project.

Candidates should send us the following:

– A short description of their experience with iOS development.
– A link to their portfolio or some sample of their work.
– If you have written open-source Objective-C code, a link to your project(s).
– A bid for the whole project (your main bid) AND a break-down by milestones (as described in the SRS document).
– Time to delivery for each milestone if we accept your bid.
– Finally, your input (if any) on the project. This may include suggestions, a high-level design plan, concerns, etc

About Us:

Quadra Knowledge was started in 1999 and is specialized in infrastructure integration on UNIX platforms. For the past several months, we have been building a spinoff in the area of mobile software development. We have developped iPhone apps for local clients and are currently working on a large project that should materialize in the next 6 months.

We are looking to develop long-term relationships with a freelance iOS developer and graphics artist to help us speed up development and finishing of some of our projects.

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IPad/Android EMagazine

Create an e-magazine that enables our readers to view our publication on iPad and Android devices.

Features we require are:
– Home splash screen with the ability to browse the covers of multiple editions
– Ability to add future and past publications
– Ability to zoom on each page
– Page flip effect when browsing publication
– Use of hyperlinks throughout the publication
– View single page in portrait mode, View double page spread in landscape mode
– embeded video

The following link shows a good example of what we are wanting to achieve:

The publication is created in InDesign and is approx. 360 pages.
A complete pdf file will be supplied to work from.

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IPhone Dynamic Questionnaire App

Need a dynamic questionaire app that ideally does the following:

1) has a reusuable view for top half of the view that contains a scrollable text label or similar that is read only for a question.
2) a answer type can be defined of the following:
a. free text (single line)
b. larger comments text (multiple lines and scrolling)
c. numeric value
d. picker view with a fixed list (only can select from list given)
e. picker view with "other" option where if required answer is not provided an other option may be selected and added to the list
f. picture selector (existing pictures) or capture a new picture
g. date/time picker
h. yes/no picker (segmented control)
i. signature (capture signature and save jpg, png, or similar)

idea is I would read the questions from a text file which would have the text to populate the question label (#1 above) and also the type of question which would load the appropriate view (#2) and contain any required values for picker select lists, etc.

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Statistical Analysis Mysql Dataset

I need a statistics expert that can conduct the analysis of data in a mysql database and produce reports on an ongoing basis.

1) download the latest dataset from this page (use March 29 2011)
2) follow the instructions to extract the file and populate the database
3) run queries and produce reports in excel

This job will be ongoing however I would like to start with a small project with some clear reports to asses your skills and to find the right fit.

Please provide a quote on the work of getting the dataset, setting it up and produce the following reports:
– a histogram of first view document complete page load time
– a histogram of first view start render times
– what % of sites use CDNs for the root domain ie: or any other domain that includes the root domain (ie: or
– correlation between the letter grades given for Keep-alive Enabled, Compress Text, Compress Images, Cache Static Content, Combine JS/CSS Files and Use of CDN to first view document complete page load time

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Facebook Video Upload And Play Application

We require a Facebook app for a Facebook page.

The app needs to be able to offer the ability for the user to upload videos of themselves and then display the performance for other users to view. When a user clicks to view the video then it must then display the video to view on a new page (which will have a graphic of a concert stage – the video being of a user singing/performing).

The app needs to be able to store as many uploaded videos as possible for a other consumers to view.

Please also include costs for 1/5/10 days seeding.

When pricing you must be able to provide references and example of previous work.

When quoting for the project please include in your email:

-The Price
-Delivery Timescale
-References and url links to work examples (relevant).

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IPad PDF Reader

I need an IPad/IPhone App that :
– read an XML directory listing from a server ;
– public a tab view of the directory and the files ;
– make possible to view the files (pdf) ;
– the files (pdf) can be highlighted, searched and linked;

The application must be customized in the layout and in the color scheme,
in a way Ill send to the winner.

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Simple Apps Template For Demo

A company requested to do a demo on iPhone Apps, the project have two phases, phase I will be demo and we need to show some concept on our proposal; phase II is actual production. At this Job, we mainly focused on Phase I first.

The apps is designed for an internal company to prompt their products and events;

1. Splash Screen, when the apps launched will show the splash screen and until user tap anywhere then jump to main menu.

2. Menu Screen; with 5 tab and navigation bar on top.
2.1 Event List; First Tab
2.2 Product; Second Tab
2.3 Photo Gallery; Third Tab
2.4 Contact; Fourth Tab
2.5 Location; Fifth Tab

Tab Layout:
1. Event List Tab
– Simple Table view with 5 Levels
– Show the event name
– Tap on each table row can alter row text

2. Product Tab
– Advanced Table View with 5 Levels
– Advanced Table will show Image at 1st Line Left, Price at 1st Line Right, Description at 2nd Line
– Tap on each table row can alter row text.

3. Photo Gallery Tab
– We will load certain images, e.g. 10 images
– User can swipe left and right to go back and forth view
– Click on each View can prompt a individual message; e.g. Assign a unique ID for each image

4. Contact & Location Tab
– Just only 1 Simple View Only, just put a different label is ok

Attached with simple structure; above Demo do not required any actual data so developer can put their own testing data and ensure the workflow is works then ok.

– Source Code Required
– Able to complete on before 6 Apr 2011.
– Please PM for any question

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Sales Commissions Project

Project Description:
We presently have a web site that our clients and sales partners use for information regarding our products and services. Sales partners use their own login to access a repository of sales material such as contracts, product specifications etc. The purpose of the Commission Calculation project is to calculate the sales commission from revenue type we designate per compensation plans and allow access for sales partners to view the calculations. There will be tables that are manually maintained and data imported from another process. This doesnt require any data entry or import modules.

This commission calculations project will use our existing sales partners login to access their sales commission reports. The login will need to be modified to assign permissions to the sales partners login so they can only view their sales commissions and no one elses. Any authenticated user will still be able to view the sales material. There will be 4 levels of permissions
-Sales Partner views only their own sales commissions
-Manager view commissions from a designated group Sales Partners
-Administrator view ALL commissions
-Lead view ONLY commissions that there are assigned to (LEAD receive commission in addition to the Sales Partners commission.

There will only be a couple of new pages for this project.
-Commission report search parameters page this page is giving the user options to filter the commissions that they want to batch from commissions they have permissions to view
-Summary Commissions page
-Detail commissions page
-Total Only Page

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Tornado With MongoDB

I need a very simple Tornado/MongoDB application with the following high level specs.

1) Ajax User registration with email confirmation similar to django-registration, but using Tornado.

2) A profile view and form similar to a typical social network or dating site profile eg, avatar, picture album, video album, about me, etc ,, the list of fields for the form and view together with form constraints/required validation will be provided. the form will be Ajax driven and must include country, state, city dropdowns, with state and city drop downs determined by choice of country.

3) A list profiles view with arguments for paging and sorting based on profile fields (will discuss)

4) I am not looking for you to design a web user experience or take any effort with the layout, rather, I am looking for purely JSON, RSS and Atom presentation for the views (except the forms which a very simple barebones HTML and ajax will do).


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Pay Per View Adult Website

Im looking for someone to build a fully functioning Pay Per View Adult website something similar to this:

The front page has to have just the banner and a front picture.Website should have all the features on the above script fully funtioning

I could have just bought the script but I want a few changes here and there with emphasis on search optimisation

I need this as soon as possible,Please state how long it will take to do it and also include past projects with similar websites.

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Http Traffic Analyzer


I need a software to get information from http/https protocol and allow me view HTTP headers, POST data, cookies that related to all web browsers, a program like

features that i need :

View and save http headers
view and save post data

the program must be write with VB6.

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Basic Membership Type Website

Hi, I need a website for a mountain bike group where we can share photos and info about our
bikes. The Site would consist of only about 3 or 4 pages. This will involve some basic design
work and CSS, PHP, mysql work.

All pages should follow the same format of Banner/logo in the left and Adsense on right. this can be done according to your design discression, whatever is easiest. Fill the logo with a test banner and i will insert my own logo once it has been created. The page should also have a footer which can be used for links and copyright. Please provide place holders for these.

Site will consist of:
Start page – login/sign up, display randon photo/info from database

Singup page – username, password, email etc. After sign up redirect to create/edit bike info.

Create/edit bike info page – After a member has signed up or logged in, they can go to this page to upload a photo of their bike and information about componentry. Need to be able to create multiple bikes ie one for Mountain bike 1, bike 2, bike 3 etc. There will be 1 image and up to 10 fields per bike. These fields should be optional. Where the field is blank, it should not be displayed on the view page. These fields need to be set up in a way where i can edit the title or add more feilds if required. I can do this through the code & myphpadmin as long as it is commented well.

After a user has set up their info and saved they should be redirected to the View page for their info where thay can copy the url to email.
Publish to twitter and facebook is also required.
Delete account is required

Basically this view page should display the infomation from the database depending on the user id entered.
After a user has signed up, i would like them to be able to email a link to their info. Ideally this would be in the format of or something similarly simple. This view page should display this persons bikes in a tabbed interface (or similar) where the persons first bike is diplayed and then the person viewing can scroll or click accross to the next one. This page would also need to display an additional Google Adsense banner.

i am flexible as to the design. i am looking for a clean easy layout, prefereable editable through CSS.

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110327 – IPod Touch – Block Google Maps On I-phone



I am looking for someone who can provide a program or procedure or script and/or step-by-step instructions on how to remove, block or disable Google Maps on an iPod touch. I realize if the iPod is updated it may restore Google Maps. Thats fine. I just need a procedure or program or script that can be used whenever needed to disable or remove Google Maps. It doesnt have to be pretty or elegant. Perhaps there is a way to modify the OS or extend the Parental Controls. I am already blocking the Internet using the Parental Controls, but there is no option for blocking Google Maps. Specifically I would like to block Street View in Google Maps. But completely blocking or removing Google Maps would be fine too.

My last project was canceled by Admins because I used a word that starts with an "h" rhymes with backer. 😉 I want to make it clear that I am not interested in doing anything illegal. I just want to find a way to modify my sons ipod touch to make it more "child friendly." There is actually some crummy content visible in Street View. So, the goal is to, at minimum, block Street View.

I have also learned that there is a practice called "jail breaking." I would rather not resort to that. It would be *better* if the goal could be accomplished without "jail breaking." Tell me what is possible and what you can do to help.

I am thinking this is an easy $30 for a good programmer. 🙂 Maybe that is you!

Thank you for considering my project. I look forward to your bid.

Regarding payment. I propose that when you have a solution, I will put money in escrow. And once the solution works on my end, I will release the funds to your account. Please see my feedback and you will see that I am trustworthy. If you do not like these terms, please propose your alternative.

Kindest Regards,



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Need Venue List Of A Coordinate Using Facebook For IPhone.

Need to build a LBS app. only need a venue list from Foursquare around certain location. (e.g. my location or any point your selects)

Main view is MKMapView, that has one button. Once pressed second view, which is table view, comes in using navigation controller. each cell contains the name of each venue. DetailView from the tableView contains latitude / longitude, name and all the other information that can be retrieved.

Basically you dont have to concern OAuth since the app is not dealing with anything but the venue list. I give coordinates and the app gives that list in return.

extremely simple. innit.

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RFP Document Template

I need someone to give me a template/document for an RFP / RFQ (request for proposal / request for quote) for a WAP 2.0 portal that includes typical technical requirements.

In addition, I need some specific requirements it has to include:

– view videos
– rss news
– view / download images
– listen / download music
– operator billing integration

I need for the RFP/RFQ to be written for developers so that they understand the technical requirements that should be included in such a document.

Budget: $10-$20

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Joomla School Management System

A complete online school management system.

Attendance by classroom, Time-tables by classroom, Schedules, Transport, Syllabus by subject, Announcements, Games, Forums, Chat, Complain-Box, General info, Grades by student and classroom, Canteen Info, Fees, Quote of the Day, Achievements, Events, Homework and assignment posting and submission by class and subject

Must have the ability to assign a profile (account) for each student by classroom and department. Each department must be assigned specific subjects. Teachers should be able to manage their classroom and subject for posting homework and assignment and collecting homework.

Chat and forums are also needed in for instant communication between Parents, students, teachers and admin. Guests who visit your school site can navigate the front end portal and view the staff and facilities available in your school.

Parents can login into their accounts and view the progress of their child. Attendance and grades with remarks and feedback makes the parents module and takes it to the very best that is needed in todays world of instant communication. Complain-box facility is available for parents to send an instant trouble ticket to teachers.

Students can login to their accounts and view their syllabus, time-tables, attendance, grades in graphical mode, and mark sheets. Students are encourages to play games online and chat with other classmates, online discussion board allows them to post their problems & solutions can be provided over there.

Teachers can write in the remarks, feedback and answer the complains. They can even view their schedule which is set according to the timetable data inserted into the timetable module of students. They can also view and retrieve homework and assignments.

Please send us some of your similar work or module which you have done in past.

Freelancers with past experience in similar module will be preferred.

bidders are required to send the demo link of their similar work if available.

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I Need Youtube Vide View Increase Bot

I Want a YouTube Bot Urgent So if anyone have ready In stock I will purchase . I need Per day 1 video 10k view So I want a Ready Bot. Please Pm your price.


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Joomla Editing View From K2

I want to chane a view resoult in joomla. It is k2 module included.

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Need Youtube View Increase Script

Hello Every One,
I need a Youtube View Increase Bot who Can give me perday 10k View .Please PM your Price and details.

Happy Bidding

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Dynamic Photo Viewer

Dear bidders,

I would need someone to build a simple photo gallery.
This module consist of two view modes: the normal view and the edit view that is loaded in the website editor.
I will provide future details on the integration API.
This module needs to be programmed using object oriented code & parameters and needs to be capable to receive upgrades in the near future.

My budget is prety limited for now.
If the work if well done, I will have about 20 more modules to integrate in the online website editor.

Thank you,

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Vivvo Cms Small Customization

Hi, my site is

this category on the homepage ( شرۆڤه* و بۆچوون ) is an opinion category,

the category has 4 article entries on the homepage, we need each entry to have an image next to it, not only the first one.

and the image should be smaller,

as for the article view of this category we want the article view to have a box on the left of the article view that shows up all articles written by this author

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Joomla / Sobi2 Module

I need a simple module for Joomla 1.5 which replicates the "add to shortlist" and "remove from shortlist" function. It should look and work like the function on this website:
The module will be displayed on vcard and details view pages of the Sobi2 directory component
We must add an "add to shortlist" link to each of the vcard and details view page Sobi2 template.
Fixed budget 40 USD.

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"Arthur" A Simple File Manager With Extra Functions

This job involves implementing a file manager application in C# that basically works like a simplified version of the regular Windows File Explorer with a treeview and a file view (always detail view) and a pleasant design. Simple file operations like creating / renaming / deleting folders, renaming / deleting files should be the easily accessible in the user interface. Dragging and dropping files in the application and to and from Windows must work as expected. Double clicking a file must open it using the Windows default file association. Copy / Paste of files and folders must also work as expected. The more intuitive and integrated in Windows, the better.

The tree view root nodes must be a number of user specified root folders:

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UI For JomSocial Module From (C Code Provided)

I want you to convert an existing program for calculating fish feeding predictions using Soluna Theory into a module for JomSocial. The source is a small program written in C code that outputs using printf statements. ** I will supply source code. I want the output of the program to output in a more graphical manner. The program takes inputs of GPS coords will does all of the necessary calculations.

It will be your job to display those calculations in cool looking user interface.

The ui will have 4 different views (examples included):
1. SUMMARY MONTH VIEW: Page will show a months calendar with ratings on each day
(similiar to:

2. MONTH VIEW: Page will show the detailed predictions for a whole month on a calendar
(same as 1 except more detail see:

3. WEEK VIEW – include 7 day forecast see

4. DAY VIEW: Show the calculations for a single day at a single location with detail on predictions include 24 hour weather forecast morning/evenin/night etc… (similar to:

max budget for this project is $100 and only offers that mention fishpredictions in their quote will be considered – good luck!

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Event Website

We would like to get a bid on a website project. I will describe the project below.

We need a site for "events". Ideally it would be similar to "" but without all the advanced features.

The site will need to have:

– User submission of events. Required fields would be Title, URL, Date, Category. Optional fields would be Description, image, URL type, tags. Events need to be approved by the admin before they are displayed on the site.
– A dynamic calendar view of events on the front page. This could be monthly or weekly. Monthly may work if there is a nice way to display all that data. Weekly view like what is available at "" is preferred (i.e. AJAX style). There should also be some way to select only events from a certain category or categories and have the calendar update dynamically.
– Commenting should be possible for these events.
– User accounts. Users should be able to see what events they submitted in the past (but not delete them). They should also be able to add events they like to their favorites and track them. Email notification when an event is coming up might be nice as well.

We have seen templates out there like "Events" by Templatic for WordPress or jCal Pro for Joomla. Something like those may be used if desired as the foundation.

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Video Chat Pay Per View Script

We are looking for a video chat pay per view script that is like It needs to have the features from this site but a new and different design. We need to see your sample demo of a video chat script you have.

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Photo Creator Website

I need a skill programmer who can create a simple website/ tool to do the follow.

A website
1) Admin panel with dashboard.
2) Create client view with flash actionscript and xml based.
3) Submission to websites

This is only 1 of the project. Will hired programmer in a long term basis.

user can view pictures of each item, and then choose which profile to view.

User can create image like photoshop and other element tools.

we have our own designer who we would like our programmer to work with. The programming must be in Flash, and will require Actionscript 3.

Skills Required :
Flash, ActionScript, Asp.Net.

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View Ads And Get Pay 25$

Hi win 26$ for viewing some ads and then I will show you how to make more money.PM for details
I have more projects to come
Data entry night shift onley
Read articles get paid

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PPV Ad Script

Can menualy accept advertisements.
can add edit remove advertisers and publishers.
can set price per 1000 views for country targeting for advertisers andpublishers
and can set price percentage for referrals.
can view publishers and advertisers stats
can set minimumorder price 5EUR

Can select country targeting of views
can views stats
Can edit link but must be aproved by admin on any change of link

can insert code to site viewing full page ads.
Can view stats.
can referr others. and earn from referrals x%
Can have so can views like with also but without skipthis ad.
same way sites will load according to country targetting.

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PHP – OsCommerce – Urgent

Need a developer with osCommerce experience that can complete the following. This site is a heavily customized osCommmerce backend. Developer needs to also be able to implement Google Maps street view on one of the pages. There is currently a regular map but we need the street view instead. THIS NEEDS TO BE COMPLETED BY MARCH 16. DO NOT BID UNLESS YOU ARE ABLE TO MEET THIS DEADLINE. DO NOT BID IF YOU HAVE A LOW RATING. DO NOT BID IF YOU HAVE NO RATING. ALL CHANGES MUST BE DONE ON MY SERVER AND RELEASE OF ESCROW WILL HAPPEN UPON SUCCESSFUL TESTING OF ALL CHANGES AND CODE REVIEW.
– TIE INTO products_status

– VIEW INVOICE – PULLED FROM Final Contract: field in the admin.
– Admin acct will be provided
– ADD PROPERTY DESCRIPTION EDITABLE FIELD – tied into products_description.

IE Issues
– Unable to login.

ADD THIS –,4269

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Bakend Database, PHP And MySQL

The project will have a backend database to accompany a already designed front end website. A simple SQL file will be given containing tables for the database.

I require a login with 2 levels, one for the client and the other for the administrator. Options after login:
View records, Add records, Edit, Delete, view reports etc. Queries must be generalised.

The nature of this business is a small computer training business.

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