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Writing Assistant Phillipines Only, Must Be Extra Sharp

I need someone to help me take notes (sometimes from audios or webinars) and assemble ideas and possibilities for ongoing writing project or in some case to write little reports or white papers. These are short reports, usually 1-4 pages and need to be written in a particular style which I can easily train someone to do if they are sharp and ready to learn. Dont need someone working on this full time but do need someone who is available 5 days a week and who is a very eager and thoughtful and productive writer, preferably someone with some college hours in psychology. Someone interested in personal development and spirituality is really ideal.

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Virtual Assistant For Writing & Answering Live Chat

Scope of role:
We are looking for a professional, reliable, internet-savy virtual assistant to work part- or full-time on a set salary (plus bonus) on a variety of projects and tasks. Ongoing duties are:

– Answering live chat on our website (we provide training and a manual in order to help you to provide proper assistance

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