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Virtual Currency Website


My name is Steve Paul and I am a entrepreneur out of Vancouver. I am inquiring about a quote for your services as I hope to start my online business. What I have envisioned is a website in which a consumer completes an Ad Offer and in return is rewarded with virtual goods. Also, there needs to be a transaction-based virtual currency rewards system built with the website. Users will be rewarded with virtual currency for each activity they complete. The currency rewards must be manageable in an admin. Other modules such as shopping cart will need to access the currency system.
If your interested, please let me know your email or msn and I will describe this project in further detail

Below is something similar to what I want, although it has quite a few significant differences. :

I need a ad network platform that is like ,, , etc…
I am looking to build a startup that will focus on virtual currency monetization

provide a managed offer platform for social media, such as social networks (facebook, myspace, hi5 etc), social applications, virtual worlds, online games and even mobile applications. The goal would be to monetize their virtual currency while driving quality leads and value customers to online advertisers.

Lets say you are playing blackjack. You can acquire chips by either using a credit card, or you can take an advertising offer, which will reward you with chips. Advertising offers maybe as such: applying to Netflix which might be a couple of hundred chips or you might fill out a survey, which would be worth 50 chips. Making it a CPA based model.

what types of serving software do you have that we can have a look at?
What are the limits on ad file types and sizes? Are there rich media ad types that require an external vendor? How big can an ad be before it incurs an additional bandwidth cost?

How are we going to be able to tally the metrics that is going to be important to the clients and us.What types of actions can be tracked and how difficult is it to implement tracking of advanced metrics?

Can custom reports be created? If a client requires reporting in a specific format, can you provide this? If so, is there an additional cost?
Are you able to provide reporting that displays the important metrics and carves up the performance data for us and our clients to see?

What service options can you bring to the table in order to support our efforts?
Should something go wrong with a campaign, can you bring resources to bear on a problem to get it fixed quickly? If the ad-ops queue gets backed up significantly, can you step in to handle an overflow of traffic requests? What are the pricing structures for these support scenarios?

Basically what we are looking for is a simple and rich program that will let us do our job. Also in the process provide publishers with an alternative payment platform that allows users to earn virtual items (goods or currency) in exchange for completing CPA offers.

Unlimited Publishers, Agencies, Advertisers, and Administrator. Can use as ad management replacement
Forecasting inventory / Inventory management
Advertising Rate Cards, Dashboard, Geo Stats
Demographic profiles, Shopping Cart, Campaign Budgets
Dual Ads, Geo Targeting, ad code (ad tag) automated generator
Keyword Targeting by meta tags and page scans
ability to Run ad network,
Advertising in Game. Ads in Video ads. Mobile ad serving
Video Advertising. w/ ad server video player
Automated Self Service Advertising System w/ Directory
Flash video click thru tracking and pixel tracking
CPM, CPC, CPA, Number of Days, Bidding ad buys
ECPM: Effective cost per thousand impressions
Publishers & Advertisers automatically Sign Up
Buy and Sell your ad Space Automatically
Automated payment system to sell advertising
Payment Gateways:
Billing Interface for all clients. Security controls in place


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Virtual Medical Assistant

Virtual medical assistant:
Looking for a virtual medical assistant for part time work.
1.Speaks fluent English (Spanish a big plus)
2.Medical background
3.100% reliable fast Internet connection.
4.Phone line for calling US number
5.Fast typer
6. Knowledge of medical billing
I am looking to hire a virtual medical assistant who will work for me 9:30AM to 5:30PM Eastern Standard time 5 days a week. You will be on constant video and or audio chat with me. You will see patients with me write down the history in the Electronic medical record as I talk to and examine the patient , Make appointments for my patients and follow up with them you will edit my correspondence and reports.
You will assist me in all other matters including personal matters.
If you have knowledge of medical building I will pay you more.
Reliability of Internet and Phone connection a must.
Please submit your bids for a weekly salary and send me your resume (Write MAJOB1 in the first line of your Bid so I know you read the whole post)
I will pay a weekly salary as well the costs of phone service and Internet.
You will be trained in our EMR and if you are chosen may be sent to online medical coding classes.

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SEO Virtual Assistant – Link Building

Hi –

We are looking for a virtual assistant for few months to launch our site on Google the right way. We would need help in

lot of link building
onsite optimization
directory submission
adwords setup

The candidate would work with us closely for 8 hours everyday M-F UK time. Our target market is businesses using skype and Google Talk.


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Virtual Assistant

20 hours per week POSITION – Tell me your monthly rate for 80 hours per month.

I am a business entreprenuer with several businesses and I need someone to help with the workload.

I run businesses which are ALL online, some selling physical products, others selling information and others selling website design, SEO and social media services.

I need someone with a very good understanding of internet and websites for this role.

You must have exceedingly good english in written communication.

I require a Virtual Assistant to perform the following tasks:

> monitor my emails
> provide customer support
> answer customer questions
> send information to different staff members based on sets of rules
> update project management systems with new information
> manage my calendar
> provide weekly reports to management team
> review CVs of applicants and do initial light interview via email
> liaise with team via Skype
> follow up on overdue tasks required by Project team
> follow up on overdue tasks required by clients
> create a set of process documents on recurring tasks performed by Virtual Assistant in case of handover to new assistant
> respond to voicemails via email with answers or requests for further information
> arrange Skype meetings with prospective employees
> send information to prospective customers
> create proposals for customers based on conversations with me (information provided)
> assist with business efficiencies

To apply, you need to write me an introduction showing your English skills as a private message. The introduction should include who you are, where you are from and tell me experience in websites and internet.This introduction should also outline what you have provided in the past for other clients and how that would help me.

Thanks for reading!


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Virtual Project Manager Needed!

Our company is looking for some help. You will be our salaried Virtual Project Manager working for a variety of job functions for a very busy small business. The work will always be plentiful. If you are reliable, honest, and hardworking, you will have a job because our business will do well and we will keep you forever because of it.

As our Virtual Project Manager you would need to meet the following criteria:

* You must have past experience (extensive experience preferred) as a Virtual Assistant and/or Project Manager.

* Must be available for at least 8 hours per day, Monday – Friday. Some but not all of your tasks will require US hours to complete phone calls. Otherwise you are free to work when you can as long as the project is completed with quality. IMPORTANT: Any email request during Monday through Friday requires a 24 hour turnaround response.

* Must be fluent in English – Speaking and writing. Comfortable and able to make phone calls to the US (VoiP is fine, whatever means necessary to complete the job, but this is done at your expense – please choose your method wisely).

* Must be very comfortable with the Internet and know how to use many internet tools such as Google Docs, Email, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, SocialOomph,, and Survey Monkey. Must be good at forum posting, newsletter mailings, blog posting, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

* Must be able to communicate with me via Skype and email throughout the work day.

* Must Log EVERYTHING including work hours, tasks performed, emails sent, etc

* Must have excellent attention to detail.

Bids over $200 per month are not accepted. This is a long term project and we will keep you forever if you are good and help my business grow.

This last part is making sure you read everything. If you dont do this part, you will not get the job….. When you respond, please include the statement "I can make calls to the US during Pacific Standard Time" in your response. Include your resume and/or portfolio with all bids.

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Virtual Assistance

Like to transcribe some todos from a book, and put int into a plan about 1hrs work.

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Looking For Virtual Assistant

I am looking for an Indian/Filipino guy to work as a VA.

I am willing to pay $2 per hr for this job.

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WANTED! English Speaking Virtual Assistant From Philippines

Hello and thanks for looking.

My wife and I have a booming Real Estate Investment business and we are fun and easy to work with.

We are looking for a professional, internet-savvy virtual assistant from the
Philippines to work part-time on an hourly basis on a variety of projects and tasks.

The role requires 25 hours of work per week (5 hours a day 5 days/week, for a total
of 100 hours per month), with the goal of increasing both hours and pay rate.

Ongoing duties include:

Internet marketing
Craigs list posting and be able to keep them from getting ghosted!
data entry
making follow up sales calls
Posting Articles, Blog/RSS, Classified, Directory, & PDF sites
Direct Mail out
Other related tasks
Social Media marketing

The right person…:

Is very competent at doing research and posting on the internet
Speaks and writes FLUENT American English this is very important.
Is able to devote 5 hours every weekday.
Is detail-oriented, organized, creative, resourceful, reliable and takes pride in

doing prompt, quality work.

A bonus would be skilled and experienced in Real Estate Sales, marketing, and negotiations, but not necessary.

The rate of pay I am looking for is $5.00 an hour.

NOTE: Please bid for the amount you would charge as a lump sum for 1 month (100 hours) of work.

Thank You!

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Virtual Assistant For SEO Needed

Hello there,
I am seeking a guy who have some experience with SEO and willing to learn all about it. Should be dedicated to deadlines and must follow the assigned guidelines to complete modules.
Payment via paypal will be only preferred.
Newbies are also welcome but you should be prepared to give me atleast 7 hours a day.

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****** German ********* Speaking Virtual Assistant

******** ONLY FOR GERMAN SPEAKING ***********
Im looking for a individual with a good German who can perform a variety of roles. I am looking for someone who can do the following:

1. using firefox
2. using Excel
5. any task i will give you
6 data entry
7 making follow up sales calls
8 Other related tasks

2. You must have high speed internet access and a "late model " computer
3. You must be flexible and will be expected to take on new skills and learn new tools

Candidate Requirements:

Adaptable and fast learner of different tools and internet trends
Honest, reliable, responsive, committed and hard working
Is detail-oriented, organized, creative, resourceful, reliable

1. Paid by Paypal

Thank you!

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Virtual Assistant Job 6 Days A Week 9 – 18

Im looking for a individual with a good English who can perform a variety of roles. I am looking for someone who can do the following:

1. using firefox
2. using Excel
3. using teamviewer
4. a lot of data entering routine
5. any task i will give you
6 data entry
7 making follow up sales calls
8 Other related tasks


1. You must be available for at least Sunday to Saturday 9-18 GMT + 2 .
2. You must have high speed internet access and a "late model " computer as you will be connecting to my systems via teamviewer
3. you must leave in a metro city, IE no power failures.
4. Seeking long term, profitable and respectful relationship only
5. Must be able to work for a minimum of 6 months, preferably longer.
6. You must be flexible and will be expected to take on new skills and learn new tools

Candidate Requirements:

Adaptable and fast learner of different tools and internet trends
Honest, reliable, responsive, committed and hard working
Is detail-oriented, organized, creative, resourceful, reliable

1. Paid by Paypal every 2 weeks.
2. The rate of pay I am looking for is 1$ – $1.50 per hour.

Please consider that I expects you to dedicate all your attention to their work tasks during your assigned working hours and as such you wouldnt be able to conduct any other freelance work during that particular time
Thank you!

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E-Commerce With Virtual Mirror

Budget: $500 ||| No Upfront Payment ||| Payment per milestone
Payment is broken down into milestones AND ONLY RELEASED when each milestone is completed, It should be uploaded to my server, tested and approved. NO EXCEPTIONS.

We are looking for a high end marketplace & professional ecommerce site for Eyeglasses & Frames.
It must be High resolution and user friendly.
The project will needs to be integrated with Virtual Mirror include prescription order form like the following websites:

Note: You must be expertise in the following:
* A+ for Innovative Ideas & if have developed, designed & programmed such a website before.
* Strong in programming of PHP, HMTL, XHTML, Java script, Java, CSS, Flash, MySql, etc.
* Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experience, 100% SEO optimized from the start and no cookie cutter sites
* Cross Browsers Compatibility Needed for IE, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Macintosh, etc.
* Create CSS for each
* Security consideration

Server: Linux, Apache, cPanel

To be considered you must send your portfolio or any related work that has been done with your bid.


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Virtual Assistants Speaking Spanish-Internet Research Task-3

We need several people for Internet Research task.
Spanish language required since the task is to contact Spanish website owners. We need people very well organized.

You Will go to google to contact by email websites under our requirements.

Payment: 2.5$ / hour .

Make your bid for 20 hours work. So make your bid around 45-50$. Do not bid for more please or your bid will be removed.
You will be required to make some test assignment.

Long time work, if you work fine you will remain with us long time.


1.- SKYPE. Let us know if you have skype since is needed for training.

2.- Outlook 2007: to organize email with website owners and manage an email account we will provide to you. you will be using an email adress under our domain. so you will have to set up at your Email client.

3.- excel.
4.- as well its important to have Mozila Firefox.

When you make your bid, let us know your comments about those 4 requirements to see if you meet them.

PAyment by paypal or GAF. ( we pay!! , see our profile).

We pay to all people working for us twice a month: day 1 and 15.

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Part-time Virtual Assistant (VA) Needed.

I need to find a part-time assistant or two to help me with various tasks, including but not limited to:
– website design/development, updating/tweaking/fixing, working with range of CMS
– websites promotion (SEO, inbound links, Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube…)
– copywriting, sales/marketing skills preferred
– writing and submitting articles preferred
– graphic design skills preferred

You working well under pressure, deliver good results and are creative. Russian language fluency is a big advantage.

Please attach your CV and the descriptions or examples of your best work related to all of the above.

Place bid as a monthly rate based on 20hrs/week. The lower bids will be preferred.


– COMMUNICATION: Answer/comment to all of my questions as soon as you get them! If something is not clear, ask straight away, otherwise I expect that you understand fully what I need and are working already to deliver on it.
– TIME: If there is a deadline for a task – it has to be met! Alternatively – say when is the earliest you can get it done. Chances are it will be OK to move it one day or so. If you realise that you are running late – let me know ASAP – tell me how much is done and when you expect the rest to be 100% finished.
– REPORTING: Unless stated clearly otherwise, at the end of each day I expect a brief list of bullet points, listing your progress for the day (takes you only 5 mins and keeps us both on track).
– PAY: I am looking for the best virtual assistants and service providers at the most competitive prices (read: cheap, but high quality). After 2-3 months of effective and productive cooperation your rate will be doubled and will keep increasing according to growth of my company and your contribution.

If you dont agree and can not comply with the above – DO NOT BID!
Otherwise – I am looking forward to getting your message and working with you!

P.S. When submitting your bid – please send a PM and rate your experience/confidence level (out of 10, e.g. 7/10) and provide a brief description of your work experience for each of the 5 bullet points in the project description. This will help me sort qualified and professional people from those who cant read the project description properly and cant follow simple instructions even at this early stage.

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Virtual Learning Website With Live Chat, Payment Solution

Looking for a developer/graphic designer to work on my next project. Im looking for someone who is competent and creative in developing complex sites. This site isnt that complex but is much more involved than a simple webpage.

What will be needed:

1) Web development.
– Chat rooms for students and teachers to communicate. Each teacher will have their own virtual room.
– Payment solution for teachers to accept payments and for me commission to be charged.
– Teacher profile page
– Student profile page
– Subject/Teacher search page

2) Graphic Design
– Create a professional, interactive, fun, and user friendly layout.
– Must be unique.

These are the basics of what Im looking for. The site must be fully functional and you must provide me with unlimited revisions till Im satisfied. Only bid if you are experienced and have feedback.

I will provide more details to those who are serious. PLEASE do NOT waste my time.

Also, you MUST be able to communicate in English in a competent manner.

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Virtual Italian Assistant

In need of an italian virtual assistant(pay per project).
Needing someone to make phone calls and other call as assigned.

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Data Mining Of Virtual Office Sites And Services

I am looking for a comprehensive list of virtual office providers that offer services through the web.

Data is to be in csv format with the following fields:

Company name
Average Rates
Location (city,country)


Feel free to contact me with questions

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Virtual Accounting Website

Looking for a website designed in WordPress. Website will be about an online accouinting services.
See as an example.
I need a home page, services, about us page, contact page, get-a quote page , links and a blog page.

I need this project done in one or two weeks.

Adittional details will be provided.


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Virtual Assistant For Social Media ASAP

Hello – we need a candidate who can work for 8 hours UK time Monday to Friday promoting our services in forums, blogs, twitter and facebook.

Written skills a must. Should be able to start ASAP.

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Virtual Assistant Needed To Email

I need a virtual assistant to email people for me.


You will email each contact from my list, you will copy and paste the content that I provide, you will need to change the name of the contact and send it. You will also need to paste each email address in an excel file so I can keep track and not resend to people more than once.

I will provide a few examples for you.

I need you to send 2,000 emails. I will give you 5 accounts to send from.

I will monitor the work and make sure it is correct.

If you have less than 10 reviews please dont apply.

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Virtual Trading Application !

Need an experienced PHP developer who know UI very well.Its a brand new development work.Freshers please dont apply.

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Flash+3D Expert For Virtual Tradeshow

I need flash developper expert to create a virtual trade show with many functions and back end.

The goal is to propose to companies to hire a booth on this trade show
each company who will hire his booth will able to upload its logo on front of the booth
Add also documentation in different files format. Audio files or video files
and have access to their account for few edit.

Just look at that links to have idea of quality required :

Look at this site :
This is what I want to be done in final

The exhibit hall booths should scroll like this site:

Thank you for your time.

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Linkmarket Link Building Virtual Assistant

I need someone who is familiar with linkmarket to manage my link building through the LM system.

Your responsibilities will include:

– Sending link exchange invitations to other sites.

– Accepting incoming link exchange invitations.

– Putting the links on the appropriate links pages in the correct categories

– adding additional link pages when necessary

Payment is based on successful link exchanges.

$20 per 100 successful link exchanges.

Number of sites to manage: 5
(number of sites will increase as time goes on)

This is ongoing work with fb.

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Need Virtual Assistant

I need a virtual assistant for long term work

-Must have excellent English reading, speaking and writing skills
-Have to be available through instant messaging
-Must be organised
-Able to work on tight schedule if necessary
-Have good research skills
-Be good with social media and blogs
-Be able to post ads on website such as kijiji and craiglist and ebay
-Be able to make calls
-Have basic web design knowledge (edit template, upload content..)
-Have basic After effects skills a plus ( edit template)
-high level of discretion and confidentiality

**I will pay $40 for 20 hours of work a week.***

I will pay bonuses for good work


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Need Virtual Assistant Knowing Forum Posting

I need a Virtual Assistant who knows forum posting!

You should have good English knowledge (writing).

You should have good typing speed (50 wpm+).

You would be given different topic for forum posting but webmaster niche is main.

You need to work 20 hrs per week.

Paying $30 for 20 Hrs.

It is a long time work!

Happy Bidding!


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Virtual Wheels

Summary :
I would like to have a software widely known as Virtual Wheels (, where my customer can see virtually how their choices of wheels looks on their car.

System requirements:
1. Must allow myself to upload new car pic.
2. Must allow myself to upload new wheels pic.
3. Must be able to change color of the cars.

For example, please visit

Do get in touch with me on your rate and etc. I need this done in 1 month maximum.

I have my server to host all this application and also my website is ready to embed this application.


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Realestate Virtual Tour Software Package

We are after basically a mirror version of the software package offers to create virtual tours and interactive floor plans. As per the link attached we would like the end product to look and work the exact same. We will obviously want to add our own look to it but the functionality and layout will be the same.


Ultimately we would like a combined software package that lets us create virtual tours and interactive floorplans that we can upload on to the web as per the above link.

In summary what we require.

1. Virtual Tour software

2. Interactive floor plan software as per to create our own floor plans and hotspots for pop up photos.

3. Preferably a combined package that allows us to create virtual tour/interactive floor plans in one package (with all of the above)

4. Website build and design that allows us to showcase our services as realestate photograpers and host our own interactive floor plans and virtual tours. The website MUST have SEO built into it for optimisation.

If you have any questions or are unsure of what we want, please refer to and look at their services they offer.

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Need 10 Us Virtual Bank Accounts To Verify PayPal


I need 10 us bank accounts to verify paypal . I currently get them from my supplier at 7$ however he is not online very often , if someone else could provide me with good service and a competitive price it would be great. I resell these in large quantities.Spending max 10$/ vba

They must instant verify!!!

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