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Virtuemart, WordPress And Oscommerce (Theme)


I am looking for template/theme designer for virtuemart, WordPress and Oscommerce theme designer…for ongoing/long term business relationship…

If u have some existing templates and will be according to requirements, wil like to purchase them..

I need theme ( in some cases complete website)
1. Joomla + Virtuemart
2. Oscommerce
3. WordPress

bid only serious and for long term..


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Virtuemart, WordPress And Oscommerce


I am looking for template/theme designer for virtuemart, WordPress and Oscommerce theme designer…for ongoing/long term business relationship…

If u have some existing templates and will be according to requirements, wil like to purchase them..

I need
1. joomla + Virtuemart
2. oscommerce
3. WordPress

waiting for responses…


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Print Catalog For Virtuemart

Need to create Cusomisable PDF catalog for Virtuemart for printing, must be able to select categories, show thumbnails, ahve Front and back page and linked table of contents. Similar to the one shown at this link

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I want a add to cart on a browsepage, I do not want the detailpage all I want is the brosepage with the possibility to use the add to cart funktion, also I have a problem with the gridview here the descriptin do not show up as it does on the list view. I use the template Kraftwerk from Joomlaxtc, and virtuemart 1.1.8 stabel and joomla 1.5.22

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Joomla No Frills Shop

Need a no frills Joomla shop (VirtueMart) to run as an iFrame in another package (Serif). So no shop header, footer, boxes, categories, no print/pdf, no links, just a white background with products etc.

Two columns with the product group menu and shopping cart on the left and some sample products on the right (well replace those samples with our own products later). Each product has a standard add to cart button.

Shop menu should show only product groups, no breadcrumb trail. Each product group shows only those products in that group (so each group on its own page, not just a long scrollable page with all products).

Project should be delivered as a VirtueMart folder ready ro run as localhost (e.g. /www/… under WAMP)

Payment integration not required for this project (leave checkout functionality as per sample shop).

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Third-party Payment Module For VirtueMart Or CubeCart

I need to create a component that sends the price and my merchant ID to a external credit card processor web page. The API of the external credit card processor company sends the result of the payment process to my site, then I need to complete the order after that response. The merchant account has given us a php plug-in which receives certain response codes and basic form fields.

It must also exchange cryptography keys between the bank and the website where the shopping cart (joomla/virtuemart) sits. We have a testing environment but the production environment works exactly the same.

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Virtuemart Fly Page Popup Needed

Hi I have a website, it checks the stock, but when you select the drop down of the child product the page take a little while to load. This is ok, but i need something to pop up and say "Please wait for the page to refresh befor adding your product to the basket.

Have a look

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Virtuemart Customization


I need a customization on my existing virtuemart component.I use the virtuemart as homestay booking system. What i need is:

(Front end part)

1.add check in/check out insert calendar at product detail page,so that guest able to select check in/check out date. this check-in/check-out date will be appear on guest ordering cart.

2.admin will able to set price base on selected date,when guest pick a check in date,the price at cart will be change base on price for each date set by admin(i try to accomplish kindda price base on HI,LOW and PEAK season)

(admin part)
1.admin will able to add a custom price for each date at virtuemart admin section.(low,hi,peak season)

Please bid if you know what the requirement are.I have bad experience with recent freelancer.
Joybidder please stay away.

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Drag And Drop Joomla Virtuemart Component/module

I need exactly same application like this one:

It needs to be based on Vitruemart joomla component (categories, user choice, etc.)

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Need Virtuemart & WordPress Theme Designer (Repost)


I am looking for Virtuemart & WordPress theme designer, you can also provide existing theme but that should be very close to our designs, It is long term project, and payment will be based on projects.

If u r member of any Virtuemart theme club or wordpress….u can suggest theme and use with my projects.

Only serious ppls….

1. No upfront..
2. No escrow..

If u agree with terms & conditions then bid…


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Need Virtuemart & WordPress Theme Designer (Long Term)


I am looking for Virtuemart & WordPress theme designer, you can also provide existing theme but that should be very close to our designs, It is long term project, and payment will be based on projects.

If u r member of any Virtuemart theme club or wordpress….u can suggest theme and use with my projects.

Only serious ppls….

1. No upfront..
2. No escrow..

If u agree with terms & conditions then bid…


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Virtuemart Data Entry (images Only)

Virtuemart store which has already been built and all data has been entered. Up to 300 extra images need to be found and uploaded to the correct product. The images are quite easy to find (I will list all the websites where these can be found). Images must be of good quality and preferably deep etched or on a white background.

This is the website:

For all products with only one image you will need to insert more images found on the internet. I will provide login details as well as links to many websites where the images can be found. Message me for more details.

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Virtuemart Payment Sense Payment Integration Needed In 1day

We have a website that need to be intergrated to take payments via Payment Sense. Please see for details. We have all the integration

Plesae provide quotes.

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VirtueMart / Joomla 1.5 And CheckoutApp (MysQL / PostgreSQL)


Running CheckoutApp POS that uses PostgreSQL database ( and Joomla 1.5 VirtueMart extension using MySQL (

Job is, instead of duplicating databases, write a glue code that will allow the applications to use a different database adapter if and when data is required between PosgreSQL and MySQL. A simple specs will be provided for your guidance. VirtueMart will only pull data from postgreSQL to display on VirtueMart when required. VirtueMart will push data to save to CheckoutApp postgreSQL if a sale is completed from VirtueMart. Then, it also displays the sale on a list on designated CheckoutApp workstations.

Host is OSX Leopard running MAMP on an Apple Mac Mini
All databases (postsgresql and mysql) reside in the same mac mini

Requirements: Proficiency with PostsgreSQL and MySQL (Joomla / VirtueMart), PHP 5.x.x and SQL, JavaScripts, Ajax, Linux, HTML.

Prefer code written as a Joomla or VirtueMart extension.

Required delivery: 10 days after agreement.

Specs will be provided to qualified vendors only.

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Joomla/Virtuemart Database Field Data Copy

We are adding two new fields to our Virtuemart registration page (Student First Name, Student Last Name).
Job is to write an executable for Joomla that will copy the data in Bill-To First and Last Name to the Student First and Last Name for all existing records.

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Simply Install And Customize VirtueMart E-commerce Website

I would like someone to install VirtueMart e-commerce than install this template for me, and customize it to fit my brand.

Once done, I need to have a full site to be up, and for me (as an Admin – without coding) to easily manage products.

Lowest $ offer will have a good chance, Thanks,

03/21/2011 at 23:35 EDT:

meant "then" instead of "than"… thanks,

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Webdesign And VIRTUEMART/PHP/AJAX Development For E-Commerce

We are an e-commerce company.

We are looking for a partner that will have very strong experience in JOOMLA/VIRTUEMART/AJAX/WORDPRESS technologies as well as advanced webdesign skills and will be a one-stop shop, from design to implementation.
Our website is high-end and we need very high-end design and careful implementation.
Youll have to provide portfolio of your work that proves your experience & quality of your work

The first projects are the following :

– Create 2 semi-animated banners 688*223 for the homepage of our website (2 to 4 jpg files for each banner)
We will furnish texts and product visuals and you will have to create banners (environment, layout) using but not only our design elements
The result will have to be creative, good looking and very efficient. You will have to be very proactive and propose sceneries, concepts and ideas!
2/3 design propositions will be needed for each banner.

– Minor webdesign project on the homepage (header modification) + integration

– Design a carousel on the homepage and integrate it based on mootools ajax framework (already installed)

– Design and Integrate ajax mootools display on shop browse (on mouse over product,informations and pictures appear in appealing layout …)

– Design and Integrate a newsletter for a special event

All modifications to our code will have to be properly documented (inside code, in technical manual) and will be first implemented on a development server. The bidder will have to
be a SEO expert as SEO constraints will have to be dealt with.

The details of each job will be given in private

Professional requirements :
– Extensive e-commerce experience using JOOMLA/VIRTUEMART
– Ajax Expert (mootools)
– Webdesign (photoshop …) expert
– WordPress expert
– Flash expert (banners …)
– Very good Knowledge of web standards like XHTML, CSS, AJAX and Javascript (Mootools)
– Expert in PHP/MySQL
– Strong SEO knowledge
– Reactivity, proactivity, perfectionism
– Experience in luxury ecommerce would be appreciated

The website is in French. Still, the working relation language used will be English.

If it proves satisfactory, this job may be followed by many more, on a regular basis.

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Virtuemart Product / Category Layout Problem

I am experiencing a layout problem with my product pages on virtuemart, I recently restored Gantry, but seems it blew away my flypages. I do have a backup site from which the needed stylesheets can be copied to restore it, so I dont expect it to be too much trouble, just dont have the time to do it my self.

PM me for more information regarding the page

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Purolator E-ship Integration In Virtuemart

Will have to integrate purolator E-ship system into a virtuemart online store.

Items are shipped only to Canada for now, shopper can choose between 2 shipment cost: ground and express

We use a rocketheme template

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Joomla Registration Issue Fix

Fix Joomla/Virtuemart registration/payment issue. When adding two additional fields to Virtuemart user fields for registration (Student First Name and Last Name), registration works ok. However, when attempting to checkout and pay for purchase, the site keeps forcing the user back to the registration page instead of being able to complete the purchase.

Job is to review and fix this apparently minnor issue on our test site ( and include instructions on the fix so we may then do on our production site.

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Virtuemart/Joomla Config Changes

Requirement for making configuration changes to an existing Virtuemart/Joomla client site. Currently prices are non public. They need to be changed to all be made public. Very quick and simple task.

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Need Mynxx – Virtuemart Template


I need this template for a new domain…

Mynxx – Virtuemart Theme with all Extension/modules/component/plugins whic comes with "Mynxx – Virtuemart Theme


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Custom T-Shirt Tool + Virtuemart

I need a flash system integrated to virtuemart, the final result must be like to this site

the system must be editable including its flash language (can be done with the source code by me)

the flash t-shirt designer must work with the virtuemart like this

1- customer select shirt and upload or select the predefined pictures,
2- after he finish his design, the price must be showed and when he add to cart the item must be exported (not sure if is the right term) to virtuemart to manage my personalized gateways and layout

3- i will need to run the site WITH the virtuemart, the virtuemart component must work properly and will need to run in my language, i have the translation,

must be editable, including the language

place the bids

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Paypal Payment Pro For Virtuemart


I need a joomla + Virtuemart Expert to add Paypal payment pro (credit card processing) in to existing joomla + Virtuemart site…

More in PMB….


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Paypal Payment Pro For Virtuemart (Credit Card Processing)


I need a joomla + Virtuemart Expert to add Paypal payment pro (credit card processing) in to existing joomla + Virtuemart site…
also need a template for the same…

More in PMB….


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Joomla & VirtueMart Shop

I need someone to install and configure Virtuemart for a small e-commerce store. You will identify a decent, free template which looks professional. You will install and config Virtuemart, adding Paypal and Google Checkout.

You will also source images of products and add product descriptions which will be supplied together with prices.

Total products about 150.

Want someone that can get this done within 2 weeks of assigning the project.

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Joomla/Virtuemart Site Upgrade & Maintenance – Melbourne

We are a retail company with a new Australian CMS and e-commerce website built on the Joomla/Virtuemart platforms, that is 90% ready to launch.

We are seeking an experienced web developer based in Melbourne to implement a number of security upgrades and bug fixes in order to get the site ready to launch, and then to maintain the site on an ongoing basis.

The developer will be responsible for:

Prior to Launch:

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Changes To Joomla Site

Were a small business that runs on a Joomla platform. We need a few things fixed/enhanced. Please see the below and place your bid.

1) we are running into a few issues tracking conversions through adwords in Virtuemart so you will work with our marketing team to:

Option 1) keep our current thank you landing page and get paypal to stop taking credit for the conversions that adwords is producing. My marketing guy told me to check out this article.

Option 2) create a new thank you page that will redirect all new sales after paypal checkout to a thankyou.html page. This should say something like "Thank you for your payment. Your transaction has been completed, and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you. Please follow this link to view your order **Link to order in profile here**" Currently Virtuemart does not have a .thankyou.html or .php page. so we may need you to create one.

Heres the rest of what we need.

2) We need to mask our admin login page from to any URL we choose I.E We believe this plugin will do the trick

3) There is seems to be a problem with our ajacoom newsletter sign up – where people that are signing up for the site are not being added to the newsletter by default (even though I have to set to add them). I need this fixed and I need everyone that has signed up so far to be registered for our newsletter since it hasnt been working.

4) We have purchased the following extension and need you to implement it: < please note that all the current coupons in the system will need to be moved over to the new coupon system as well. If this is not possible, let us know and we will move them manually.

Thats it. Looking forward to working with you. Who ever you are! ****US suppliers are encouraged to apply****

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Virtuemart Coder Needed

Looking for an experienced virtuemart coder to work on customising virtuemart and cleaning up virtuemart code and theme.

Only bid if you are serious and currently available to work on this project.

Maximum bid considered $50

Bonus and future projects will be given upon successful completion of this project.

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Full Time Website Designer / Developer

Hi We are looking for a full time website designer and developer to work directly for our company, you will be working on joomla, virtuemart and will be requered to work on our server.

Please give us a monthly cost for your services

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PSD 2 Joomla & Virtuemart

Dear Laners,

We regulary get PSD 2 CMS projects, so we looking for a party who can convert these PSD into nice xHTMl joomla templates.

When bidding show us your 3 best PSD 2 CMS conversions.

Price & Delivery time & Recent work will determine which party gets thej ob.

– Escrow

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Joomla VirtueMart

Hi guys,

My boss wants to change the free shipping policy. He wants to ship orders only if the order is more than specific square ft of the product otherwise we gonna charge our clients some fee for shipping. I need your help in this task.

Our site runs on Joomla and products are entered into Virtuemart.

If client orders more than 300 pieces of an item, shipping is free.

If client orders less than 300 pieces of an item, we want to charge 250$.

That is what we would like to implement.

Thanks in advance.

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Need To Install Virtuemart On Joomla Site


I have a new site at and need a professional who can quickly install the latest Virtuemart to my template. You will need to be contactable by Skype and be available for support even after the job is finished. I am in Australia so Id like provider to be available during my daytime and / or evening times.

My budget is $40.00 for this VM install but other tasks will be priced separately if required.

Only reliable and trustworthy providers please. I have many more tasks needed in future for this site and other sites so provider will be employed more than once.


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