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Custom Database To Printout

I would like some software developed which allows me to manage a small database. The database entries would consist of an object ID, an image, and several strings, all except the ID being optional. The software GUI would allow input of new records to the database, with manual entry of strings, and selection of a image. The software would also allow viewing/printing of any entry in the database. The viewing would be via a selectable template. The template describes the position of the image and text strings on the output page, and also specifies the page size. Specifically, I want to print database entries to envelopes of various sizes. I would like to specify a list of records and have them viewed/printed successively (i.e., type 1-10 and have records 1-10 displayed, or 1,3,5,10-20,144 to show those). The software may run on Linux or WIndows, using any language. I would prefer use of a Postgres database, Java, Python or C/C++ and Linux but am open to alternative approaches.

So I see the tasks being:
1) database tables
2) template(s) — can be text-based files for simplicity of implementation (this is an infrequent task)
3) GUI for data entry (picture/strings)
4) GUI for data display (using selected template)
5) Printout capability

There may already be existing software to do this sort of thing. All source code required as a deliverable.

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JAVA – Open Source Thesaurus And Article Spinner


I am needing some information on Article Spinners.
This project will be in JAVA.

I am needing someone to do some research and find me an "open source" article spinner or thesaurus.
Even if I had to pay for the rights to the thesaurus or article spinner that would be fine.

Article Spinning software has been out for a good 5-8 years and I dont want to have to build this software
from scratch.

NOTE: This bid is for your research in finding a solution….you are NOT bidding to actually build me the software.
((I already have my own team who will build this software…I just need some help on the easiest way to build this software,
because I dont want to have to build this software from the ground up. I will need some sort of Thesaurus incorporated.))

I am in a time crunch so I need someone who can start this project right away!

Michael R Roberts

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Application form script

I have a company web site which i would like to create an online job application form for job seeker to fill up. The form templates will be given and example sites will be shown, you just need to convert that to HTML format and design the page nicely. I need 1)a page that will contain general information, and 2)a phone contact page, and 3)a confirmation/resume upload page. I have the script for the confirmation/resume upload page (it just needs to be designed the same as the other pages)

The online job application form created MUST support the following features :

i) users can submit the form and the form content can be routed to an email ID that i can define in the administration page

ii) There is an administration page which i can retrieve submitted records which means you have to use a database to store the records (I use Cpanel that comes with MySql database). It has to have a search feature that i can search the keywords by submitter names, submitted dates, address and etc

iii) The online job application form consists many form type such as pull down menu, button selection and text box. You need to build the error validation features in certain field such as for phone number field, only numbers are allowed and etc

I prefer to deal with individual instead of company here.

Since i have limited budget here so I would not mind you use the existing shareware, freeware or open source codes that offer the similar features i listed above to deliver this project in your convenient ways.


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twitter clone ( shoutem )

looking for a twitter clone script:

few of them on the market including revou, one that is preferable ; (their sub sites (hosted solution / sites) include , ) – they include video post

options to have : status, downloads, search, blog, api, SMS, option to post ads + iphone app for microblog posts

in short:

*Public timeline on homepage
*Anyone can sign up and create an account for that network

*Get their own profile, similar to twitter profiles
*Post 140 character or less updates

*Edit details that were chosen at creation
*Moderate posts
*Moderate members

**Open for suggestions,**

** no open source code.

Please post a bid if you have experience with the script: also No payment thru escrow or upfront: only and only when complete script is done and tested.

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Flash widget

We have a flash widget for e-cards. Its open source and needs a few bugs fixed.

See it in action here:
Scroll to the 3d design from the right, select it, see whats in stock images tab.
The problem is that stock images do not always appear. It was logged as a bug here and needs fixing:

A related issue in need of fixing as well:

See the source code here:


We are always looking for good Flash developers to add features and carry on with the widget. Help up fix these bugs and if you are good at it you can do other tasks from that list, including this biggie:
Should look like this:


Note: you are bidding on fixing the 2 bugs only. Other tasks will be posted exclusively for you later.

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Flash plugin bug fixing

We have an open source project for a flash e-cards plugin.

It has been almost completed, but unfortunately the original developer had to bail out.
We need a good Flash programmer to take care of the remaining issues:
Only tasks #1 – #35 are included in this project. #36 and 37 will be posted separately.
Task #1 is a bit of work, but the rest of them are just minor bug fixes here and there.

I want a good coder, not a cowboy. Please, take a good look at the project on google code and give me a breakdown of your bid per task.

You can access the source code here:

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