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JCOW Module Development

Would like to create a custom module for JCOW called something like "Brag Box" that is very similar to the "Blog" functionality, but instead of the user entering into a freeform text box, it would make them fill out a variety of form controls with data validation. These values would have to be stored in the DB and to be displayed in a summarized fashion on the users profile – should also allow for easy querying from DB.
The fields required would be:
1) a text box for the event name,
2) dynamically populated dropdown for the activity
3) text box (accepting numerical value) for distance
4) dropdown for unit of measure (of distance, kms/meters/miles/yards, etc)
5) dropdowns to measure day(s), hour(s), Minute(s) – time the event took to complete.

6) another field to store optional numerical data- available or greyed out based on the selection of activity in 2)
7) textbox for comments.

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SEO, Web Developer And Web Desinger

Hello there;

I am looking for company or a person who has experince of SEO, PHP (MVC) and also web designing.

I am looking to make long term contract as I am plannig to out source some of my extra projects.

Please include all of your previous work in your reply. I will give more importance to the bidder who will have experice of SEO and who will provide me with some of their current work.

Well Best of luck for bidding.

Kind Regards

Mohammad Waqas

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Sketch Up Dynamic Sunroom Model

We are a manufacturer of sunrooms.
We require a dynamic Sketchup model to draw sunroom designs. Options to include: colour, standard & custom window & door sizes, standard & custom wall heights, single slope & A-Frame versions, configurable roof pitch, glass or solid panel options. There are many dynamic aspects to the model. We will supply 2D CAD drawings.
Preferably the user is presented with a series of menus to choose width, height, colour, roof slope, etc.
The idea of this project is so our dealers can provide 3D models for their clients, and be able to preview how the sunroom will look on their clients home by overlaying the model on a digital photograph.
This quote is for the dynamic model, after satisfactory completion, we will post a new project to add bill of material & cut list.

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Seeking For Good Telesales Person

Here I have a wonderful earning opportunity for Sales driven people.
We will accept everybody who bids on this project. You should bring new clients to our company

I need sales people to make calls from 9 to 5 UK , canada, and the US on their time pick which you want to call, to small businesses specially self-employed businesses i.e electricians, plumber, barbers etc. Who can offer them professional and affordable website starting from $199 only.
I believe it is a fantastic market beating price for a complete web design package. And clsoing a sales should be easy with such an amaizing offer.

Package details are:
Basic package $199
5 pages website design
Free domain name for 1 years
Free Hosting for 1 year
5 company Email adresses.

I will be providing lists of customers.

I dont want to pay any fixed monthly payment but want to work on a very good commission.
I am willing to give up to 20% commission per project. For example for the project costing $199, I will pay $40.
So if someone making calls every day and succeeding in closing 2 sales per day. I would be paying them $80 per day. Which means you can potentially earn 400 per week and $1600 per month.

All you are required to do is to offer customer this really low valued web design package over the phone, close the sale and let me know. Ill then call customer to take 50% payment before starting the project, as soon as customer will make 50% payment Ill pay you half of it which will be your 25% commission straightaway.

Ideally you are required to use your own means to make calls but If some one is really good I can pay up to $40 for phone or other expense per month.

Preffered Skills Required:
Good English
Excelent communication skill
Some web knowledge

please feel free to contact me if you have any question or need some clearification on something.

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80 Quality Permenent Links – For User Williskhan

80 one way permanent links with minimum PR 3.


* Link should be one-way back link that will be Indexed and Cached by Google.
*Only DO-follow Links.
* Each link must come from a site with a Google Page Rank of PR3 or higher.
* Links must all be inbound, static, permanent links.
* Links must all be visible to Spider Bots; Page Rank Value must be transferred to my site.
* Articles may also be submitted as part of the Link Building process.
* NO mirror sites, link farms, spam sites, orphaned link pages, cloaking, 301 redirects, FFA or framed pages.
* You should have no more than one link per domain.
* Links should come from Top IP Addresses.
* Links should be Static, No Redirects, Scraper, Mirror, or Cloaked sites or anything banned by Google.
* Links should be PERMANENT and last minimum 1 year.
* No Black Hat SEO.
* Links to come from strictly PR 3 or higher page locations.
* Maximum of 15 external links on that page
* No article directories, link farms, forums, spam sites, web rings, or link directories.
* No links from social bookmarking sites or from profiles of social sites.
* No comment links
* Links must be clearly visible to visitors on the site and should not have any restrictions such as rel=nofollow.
* All links must be static, plain, standard a href type text links and direct using provided anchor text
* Link cant be within a frame or iframe.
* No JavaScript or redirect script.
* Links that are not approved will have to be replaced.

You will need to provide details on how you intend to achieve these links

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Ning Customization Redux

We have setup a Ning website and are currently setting up SocialGoa web site for star gazers. We are interested in contracting a developer who can help us create a custom user profile page (in either site) that would allow our users to setup the telescope "profiles" with the individual components that together make their "setup". We would then want their telescope setup to be displayed as active links to the part manufactures web site. The idea is to monetize the site by partnering with the manufacturer and providing links to their websites where our users will buy equipment and we would get a referral fee as well. If you could provide me with pricing estimates or any guidance as to which language is most appropriate to fill our needs I would sure appreciate that. This is an urgent need and payment would be made promptly and will reflect and be commensurate of a "rushed" timeline.

04/01/2011 at 17:04 EDT:

Please accept my apologies for the lack of communication. We actually would like to contract you for this job, and wanted to let you know some time ago. One of my partners was trying to find your email for the past few days to let you know because he didnt realize he has to communicate with you through Freelancer. So I took over,… and hopefully it is not too late! Your understanding of the hobby, our needs and the project itself separated you (considerably) from the other contractors. Despirte your time constraints we all felt you were by far the best fit and worth waiting for. Anyway, we would like to contact you directly and get the project started. Can you please provide us with a telephone, email and generally some direction on what you need to get started. Thank you again for your patience. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Chris Medley

Christopher Medley
Director of Information Technology | Ambry Genetics
o. (949) 900-5552
m. (949) 478-5418

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Quality One Way Links – How Many You Could Provide For $100?

We are seeking one way quality permanent links:

– White hat only.
– Sites have to be 1 year old at least.
– Links must be strictly from PR2 and up, indexed
– relevant links from travel, vacation, cruising
– Links should be from English websites
– Links must be permanent and static HTML
– Domains must be from different IP addresses and different Class-C IP addresses and do-follow.

– NO article directories, link farms, forums, spam sites, web rings, gambling, or adult sites, or link directories.
– NO directory submissions, forum posts, article submissions, links from guest books, within newsgroups, yahoo groups, CL sites.
– NO Ping sites.

You will provide detailed Excel file with all linking posts URLs once work is finished to be checked
We reserve the right to cancel any link if not found suitable and you agree to replace it with acceptable one.
Also, you agree to replace any links which are removed within 6 months after placement.

We will provide you website URLs with keywords.

We have several projects running and we are buying from time to time seeking a reliable provider.

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Article Writers For Various Job

S | Reviews

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article writers for various job  

article writers for various job is project number 921833
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-$250 USD

Created: 01/21/2011 at 21:45 EST

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

01/31/2011 at 21:45 EST
(9d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (No Feedback Yet)



hello writers!!!

i need high quality writers for cheap rates.

i will be selecting 2 or more people depending on who qualifies.

the work varies from, article writing, article rewriting, blog commenting, forum posting, product reviews, product description, essay, and all the related WRITING areas.

this work is for long term. i need good communication with my writers, you should have accounts in gmail and skype when work starts.

i am very strict in deadlines. i need no excuses and i will not tolerate them. i give bonuses if you do a good job.

i want someone who follows instructions and NEVER PLAGIARIZE. it is a major no no and i will not pay for copied work.

please bid for $30 , bids higher wont be accepted.

i need someone asap, as you bid, provide ONE SAMPLE OF YOUR BEST WORK. I REPEAT, I ONLY WANT TO READ ONE SAMPLE.

ALso, for the final selection, i will ask you to write a 150 word article—very easy. i just need to know your skills.

please also indicate your skills and explain why i should hire you in pm.

payment via gaf or moneybookers ONLY.

happy buidding!

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Service Oriented Architucture

I need literature review on service oriented architecture of 5 to 6 thousand words,
with no plagarism in it.
as soon as possible
details provide futher

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Blog Commenting

– Comments should not look like spam, so you need to skim read the blogpost and leave a relevant comment with at least 20 words/2 sentences in it.

– Comments MUST be hand written and unique – if the comments are alike or some soft has been used to leave them, I wont pay for them (though you are allowed to use roboform to fill in name/email/website fields).

– Backlinks must contain given anchor text link must be hidden through keywords given to you.

-All the blog commenting must be do follow (no rel=nofollow) attributes

– Report should be provided in the excel spreadsheet upon submission

– Every site should received only max 2 links from the same blog domain (has to be in different pages)

– 1st Payment will be made after 10% of the project is completed (once you make 30 comments please email me to check your work)

– To make sure you can do this type of work youll be required to do a short paid test (leave 5 comments) prior to starting the actual project
– Good english grammar and writing skills

– No Garbage Commenting

– Must be able to communicate me via Skype, Gtalk, Yaahooo and email throughout the work day

So please place a bid of $40 for 400approved comments.

Rate Increase if you work good and give best results and rate discussed

Please, when bidding, state whether you have:


Roboform (If you havent got this or similar software, are you willing to download it? Its free)

Firefox no/do follow extension, or similar tool (If you havent got this or similar software, are you willing to download it? Its free)

note :
-only alive / approved comments with above requirements
are counted
– send your proposal with quote on costs (please consider for long term project) and blog commenting experiences you have before with url / comment samples

You have to send us report In excel sample report will be provide to you On Getting the project.

If you accept rates so please PM me "I am Ready to do Blog Live Comments"

If you not mention this message in you Bid. we think your bid is a spam.

Visit :

and Goto: contact Us Page

Or Blog commenting Jobs.

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Article Writing

Were looking for writers who can deliver unique, high-quality, well-researched, fun-to-read articles on a long-term basis. The articles will be about various topics. Theyll be in American English, written in a conversational style.

This post is for an initial project to write fifteen (15) 500-word articles. In your bid, please quote for the 15 articles. Also indicate how many days you can complete the project after we give you the details, as well as how many revisions, if any, you include with each article. We know that the delivery date might depend on the topics. For simplicity, just assume that the topics are unfamiliar to you.

Wed like to establish a long-term relationship with the best writers. The following information would be helpful to us in making our choice:

How many 500-word articles can you write daily?
Do you have experience with article rewriting?
What topics do you have experience writing about?
What topics are you personally interested in?

Please also send 3 writing samples in a private message. We request that you paste them directly into the message body, instead of attaching them as files.

Thank you in advance. We look forward to working with you!

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Providing SMO Services

We are Providing Social Media (Delicious and Yahoo! buzz) votes, Twitter Retweets and Facebook Likes at very cheap costs. Give us an opportunity to serve you. It will be our pleasure. For further details, contact us.

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Looking For Many Different Types Of Scripts

Hello Freelancers

I am looking for many different types of scripts for clients of mine

i need something like, or bid rivals , freelancer/ elance or odesk many other ones if available

please email me with demo scripts you have ready, please state the framework and architecture used on the script
if it is scalable and easily modified etc.

customisation will be required.

please provide an attractive price for me.
bidders with quality scripts and attractive prices will be given alot of work 😉

do nto bid if u dont have these scripts all ready and available


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Health Articles Needed – 2$/400 Words Article

I need 15 health related articles – 400 words each. I will pay 2$ per article. So totally 15×2=30$.
I will specify the topics and the pattern. Once I get the articles the copyright and ownership of the articles belongs to me. If content quality is good I can provide continuous long term work.

I can give upto 5 days for completion of the 15 articles.

10/24/2010 at 4:36 EDT:

All articles should be original. Each article will be checked by plagiarism checker.

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Best4dbest Private Project

This is a PRIVATE project for BEST4DBEST ONLY

If you are not BEST4DBEST – DO NOT BID!

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Simple ECommerce Store

I need to have a simple online store created to sell a digital product.

The software which will be sold on the site will be similar to this

I would like the site to work similar to this but look a lot better. The site needs to be able to achieve a high google ranking so SEO experince required. The site must look very professional, and will also require a logo.

I am looking for a quality site at a good price, so let me know what ideas you have and show me examples of your work. If you can provide a sample look for the site you suggest creating this would be beneficial. I am looking for someone I can use for future projects.

I would ideally like to be able to have affiliates selling my product and monitor the referrals. Let me know if you can do this

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60 Articles Needed – $ 5 / Dedicated Native Writers

I need 500 ($ 4) or 550 ($ 5 ) word articles on various niches.

Its an long time work so I need only serious writers.

Payment will be done in 2 halves :

Part 1 : After 1 – 30 articles completion

Part 3 : After 31 – 50 articles completion

Payment via GAF / Paypal.

No escow Payment before seeing the first half work.

Articles mostly on travels, health, home development.

Need writers who can at least give 15 or more articles per day. Teams are also invited to bid.

Good quality work should be guarantee. No copy-scape work at all.

Only Serious writers Can BID ! I need multiple writers.

Happy writing & Bidding 🙂

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SEO Work For Classified Website


i have a classified site. i want to improve its SEO. this is my first posting job for this site. offer me your best service what you can provide me by $30. initially i will not give you more then $30. so PM me your offer for $30.

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SEO Work For Classified Site

Hi SEO expert,

i have a site for classified service. i want to improve its SEO. this is my first posting job for this site. offer me your best service what you can provide me by $30. initially i will not give you more then $30. so PM me your offer for $30.

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Dating With A Difference

I am looking to have a online dating website built
It will be Sexy yet simple
have a store so people can buy products and pay membership fee and pay for events
Place where I can upload Videos also.
A place that I can do teleconferences from my website and people can log in
I also want to have Vitrual parties online line
A place where members could do face to face video calling and voice calling
have icons like "Hello" – "Are you having a good hair day?" – "have you bought new shoes lately" – "Did you enjoy the football last night" – "What movies have you seen lately?"

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What Is The Most Beneficial SEO Service That You Can Provide

What is the most beneficial SEO service that you can provide for me, and what is the best price you can provide it for? Please suggest services that you have had the most success with or that you have the most experience in. I have a huge network of directories, and if what you have to offer actually makes a difference, I can offer continuous work.

I am open to creative ideas.

I expect quality work.

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Pixel Art For Space Arcade Game

Offer: 30 sprites (pixel art style) for a space arcade game
Usually 50×50

Please provide links to your the best pixel art works.

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Web Services Development (Java)

We need to develop web services for the following functions.
The Web Service for "listFile" is given in detail as an example.
If you have additional questions, please email us.

User Managemet

Device Management

File Management

Service Management(Sharing)

TBD (Uploading, Printing)

EXAMPLE of listFiles

Input Arguments
Name Description
valtoken Opaque validation token string for user
deviceid The device ID we are talking to.
serviceid The service ID on the device we are talking to.
parentid parent object
pageid page If results are returned in a paginated fashion
maxcount If results are returned in a paginated fashion, this
sortcrit sort criteria for the file list. valid values are:

Output Arguments
pageoffset This is the 0 based index of this page of files
count This is the number of files in this page of results.
file.fileid Unique ID (opaque string) representing this file
file.parentid fileid of parent object of this file
file.ownerid userid of user that owns this file
file.type file_type Defined values: Name of this file object
file.mimetype Mime type of primary stream attached to this file (if known)
file.size Length in bytes of primary stream attached to this file
file.ctime Creation date of file object (as milliseconds since epoch)
file.mtime Modification date of file object (as milliseconds since epoch)
file.thumbnail fileid of the "extra stream" that represents the thumbnail of this object
file.preview fileid of the "extra stream" that represents the preview of this object

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Easy Forum Comments

I am looking for person for my team to be extend , do forum comments(forum list will be provided),these sites already sign up.
You just need to log in there and make a relevant comments that moderator approved comments.
Hi,nice to here,very nice post etc this kind of comments will not be accept.

If you can not full fill requirement please dont bid and waste my time.

if any one provide quality and low cost service ,i will fix him/her for long term.

Payment :freelancer,escrow system

Bid and send PMB

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3D Architectural Animations – High Quality

Were looking for a high quality and cost effective studio to outsource some 3D Architectural Animations.

These are projects only for high skilled professionals and very well equipped, must manage the projects with strict timelines and provide high quality material. Well evaluate only excellent portfolios.

Thank you.

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Experienced Writer To Write 10 Well Researched Articles

Dear Freelancers(Please read project requirement before placing your bid),
I am looking for a experienced writer to write 10 well researched articles.
I will reveal the niches to the selected freelancer.
Niches will be health, business, finance related..

Article length: 500 words/article.

I will be selecting the writers in few hours from now,

Please do not apply,
If your English is poor,
If you can not write error free articles,
If you cannot provide quality work within deadline( Within 2 days).

If your work is good, you will be awarded projects every week.

Please bid your best price to complete this project.

Happy bidding,

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