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Need 2000 Unique Visitor , USA And UK

As i have wrote on subject . The jobs should be completed at 7 days after sending payment.
Please read the note:
1. The traffic must be Real and NOT BOT / FAKE / FALSE ..!
2. You must provide the log and send the reports to me
3. Geo Targeted USA and UK

Any details please PM to me
Kind regards,

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Tracking System

Tracking system needed –

I have a website (about 6 pages) that is essentially a sales marketing system. People pay for access to it and they use it to market a business. I need a tracking system set up so that they get a link – the system tracks the visitor through the system – and then if the visitor signs up i need the form details to be sent to the person whos link they visited through.

Thats the basic requirement

It would also be useful (depending on cost) if there was some way to be able to access stats as well and have the system automatically issue them with their affiliate/tracking link after they have paid by paypal.

At the moment I have to do everything manually and I want it to run on total autopilot if possible.

Hopefully this makes sense, if not I can shoot a video and better explain what I need.


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I need a website that allows users to upload video and pictures directly to the website from their personal computers or mobile devices. the users need the ability to label specifics about the upload, i.e. date, location, subject. the uploads then need to be grouped by similarities so that when a visitor searches for a specific date, location, or subject all videos matching the search appear and are able to be viewed on the website for free and without the need for a visitor to log in or subscribe. need the ability to have visitors comment on videos/pictures as well as rate the quality of the video or picture so that when a visitor searches for an upload the highest rated ones appear first. ease and simplicity are crucial. thank you for your time and i look forward to hearing back from you.

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WP Plugin Popup

Unique popup WordPress Plugin

I am looking to have a brand new WordPress plugin created that will shows popup.

Before you bid on this project, I must stress that all work including coding and images must be 100% unique and not taken from any other plugin on or off the market.

By placing a bid, you are agreeing to this and take full responsibility for it.

popup features:
can be rotoated, each time show diffrent content inside the popup.
can choose to get thank you notification after click inside button.
can appear after every visit, but once they subscribe .. no more popups!
can disappear on amount of second time user(website owner) choose too, for exmplae popup shown for 10 seconds and then disapper without clicking the x

once untill browser is closed
one time when visit the site
every: 2 min, 3 min(option to choose how much)
when new visitors arrived
at all time.

each time when visitor leave site
each time when visitor upload site
on specifics pages
on specifics blog post
on home page
on all pages
Only show PopUp Domination once you have recieve a certain number of impressions from a particular user.

Rich Text Editor
html option
background color
border colore

seconds before showing popup
set popup location (center,left,right,custom option for input for example 34px left / 300px right)
user can also setup the size (high. width)

A lightbox effect dims the screen behind the popup
rotating lightbox(if you as proggramer now more optn i willbe happy to know)

Overall, the plugin needs to look professional and be easy to use by the end user.

I look forward to your bids as this could be an ongoing partnership for the right coder/team.

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Prestashop Customization

This project is a based on Prestashop. There are some things which we would like to add/customize:-

1. Member registration

The current member registration module is open to the public. This allows any visitor to sign up to become a member of the website. We would like to customize this module. In order to register as a member, the visitor MUST first purchase a mobile phone (the "product") from the merchant. Each product has a unique serial number imprinted on it. To sign up as a member, the visitor needs to provide his email, password and serial number. The serial number can only be used only ONCE. Another visitor that attempts to register using the same serial number will be presented with a user friendly error message.

Member account profile MUST keep a record of the serial number used during registration.

2. Commission scheme

Members of the website are rewarded with commissions whenever they purchase additional units of the product. The commission schemes are divided into a few categories based on the number of units sold within a period of time. It is IMPORTANT to take note that the 1st unit is not taken into account. Entitlement for commissions only occurs upon purchase of 2nd unit or more.

2.1 A new module to define commission tiers and the schemes (either percentage or fixed amount) eg.

Bronze (1 – 5 units) : 5% of the total sales price / RM 45 (fixed amount) for each unit
Gold (6 – 20 units) : 10% of the total sales price / RM xx (fixed amount) for each unit
Platinum (21 and above units) : 15% of the total sales price a RM xx (fixed amount) for each unit

2.2 The settlement period should fall on the 1st and 15th of every month. A backend job is required to generate a list of reports (viewable from the backend and also printable to pdf) where the merchant can make the necessary payments to the members.

3. Warranty registration

The merchants product comes with a 1 – 2 years of warranty. To activate the warranty, we intend to have a page where the visitor can input their contact details and serial number of the product.

3.1 This module MUST allow customers who has purchased the mobile phone to raise tickets pertaining to warranty claims

Backend requirement:-

3.2 There must be a module where the employees can list the outstanding warranty tickets and provide the ability to respond and update.

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100 Posts In Forums And 5000 Visitor Within 1 Day

We need a person for submitting 100 posts in forums
and get 5000 visit through 1 day
please place a bid only if you can do this within 1 day
thank you

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Php Redirection Script

I need a redirect script with the following :

if the php link is called with a variable (index.php?var=variable)
do the following:
take the following details from the visitor
-ip address
-user agent
-user organization

Compare with the database if the visitor ip or user agent or user organization or country or a city is in the blacklist database. In case it is , then send the visitor to
else send him to

If the php link is called without any variable (direct browser visit) do nothing

I need a full admin panel with the following :
posibility to edit the redirection links
edit all databases , option to add or delete variables
posibily to check or uncheck any of the redirection fields
(lets say i want to redirect users only by country and user agent, or city and user agent… so on )

Only serios bidders please . THis is not a hard task and please contact me if you need any other details

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Need 60,000 Visitor Per Month On My Site

We need a person who can drive 60,000 visitor per moth from USA / Canada. no surfing method allowed.

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Product Review Site

I am looking for a custom professional product review website. This project consists of a main website, a template system for editorial reviews, and a database to track visitor reviews. The main website will consist of a Home page, about us page, and a contact us page. When someone visits the site they should be able to search for a particular manufacturer of equipment OR type/size of equipment category. They should also be able to navigate through a menu system, for example:. At this point there will be a visitor review, visitor rating, visitor comments

On the back end there is an area where the administrator can add new products (manufacturer, size, type, etc.. all of which is visitor searchable from any page). The backend system should also track visitor reviews and comments, with an admin approval system.

The visitor can submit their own review, and rate the product.

Here are a few major points that will need to be addressed:

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Visitor Tracking WP Private

Visitor tracking for site as discussed

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I Need Traffic

I need traffic!


Traffic must come in from search engines
(So that my stats show that the visitor came in from a search engine)

I will supply you with key words that will bring my site up at the top of search engines.

Each visitor must have unique USA based ip addresses.

Visitor must stay on my page for 15-45 seconds.

Bid on suppling 1000 visitors per day for 10 days = 10000 total

I dont care how you do it as long as the requirements above are met

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Quiz Website [PHP/MySQL]

We would like a website where people can play to a General Quiz with a lot of questions in the database.

How does it work ?

1) Visitor need to sign up, or play trial version
2) You click on start the Quiz
3) First question appear with 3 bad answers and 1 good.
4) If visitor answer wrong he looses and goes back to question 1.
5) If visitor answer right, he goes to question 2, then question 3, 4, 5 …
6) They have 10 seconds to answer.

The goal is to answer as many questions as you can in a raw.

We need a real-time ranking, where all players are listed. In this ranking everyone can see who is the best, how many right questions he/she answers…

We plan to give 10 free play per day, then if they want to play more, they need to pay or complete offers.

We will provide webdesign but you will have to integrate it.

You will have to make an admin where we can add "Questions & Answers"

If you need more details, do not hesitate to contact us.

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PHP XML SOAP Coder Required For A Small Task (Repost)


We want a programmer who can handle data communication via XML SOAP with a remote server. The task involves following:

1. Create a form to accept data from the visitor/site user
2. Login to remote server by using XML SOAP/WSDL
3. Send Data received from visitor/site user to remote server
4. Received the reply of remote server,
5. Process the reply and ask visitor/site user to answer
6. Submit the answers of visitor/client to remote server and get the reply.
7. Save the data received from database and inform site admin

Example of PHP/XML/SOAP/WSDL communication is here:

Project Start Date: 12th February 2011
Project Delivery: 14th February 2011 Midnight (Indian Standard Time +5.30 GMT)
Budget for Project: $50 (Maximum)

PS: Budget and delivery time is fixed.

Apply only if you are confident and familiar with PHP, XML, SOAP technologies. As it is a open bidding, Post your BIDs here. Anyone Using PMB will simply ignored (You may have highest feedback) STRICTLY. PMB will be used for project discussion after you place the BID.

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Need Flv To Flash Created With Analytics Built Into It

A really quick job for a flasher!
I have a small <1 minute flv and I need it converted to swf for the web.

It needs the following:

Sleek player with only play, stop, pause, volume and mute controls
Poster image with big play button (I have the image)
Auto rewind, no auto play
My GA code to track when it plays/stop per visitor. Not to track the same visitor multiple clicks.
AS3 only please

budget $20 and a great review. More work coming if this goes smoothly.
All assets must be released at the end of the project.

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Need 100k+ VISITOR Traffic NOW!

Need you to send Hits to a site. A URL with AUTOPLAY

100,000-300,000 in the next few hours

looking for cpv direct to page, (NO banners etc.)

need this within next 8 hours. so fast DELIVERY!

will pay freelancer milestone or paypal

we need to do a small test first, then launch

you must have a messenger, skype or telephone

most any type of real visits will work, just need to make the counter go up on the page.

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CRE Loaded Code Removal And Replacement

Our e-commerce website has a third party web visitor tracking program (Activemeter) and Activemeter is shutting down Feb 2. We need you to go in and remove the code from our host admin panel and replace with new code from another visitor tracker. (code will be provided) You must be very familiar with OSCommerce, CRE Loaded websites. WIll need to see 10 star ratings for even this very simple task, as we may have additional work for you in the near term. Thank you!

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PHP Script Needed – Simple Database/HTML Integration

I need a simple script that can display unique content to each visitor and never reuse the same content.


I will fill a database or .txt file with 50-100 unique content lines.

Visitor 1044 will visit my website and the script will require the visitor to "Please submit your ID to continue".

The script will display a unique content line to Visitor 1044 "Your unique code is XXXXXXXXX. Please copy this code for future reference."

The script will write the date and the ID to the file matched with the unique code and NEVER reuse this unique code.

I can use database or .txt without discrimination.

Thanks for bidding. BTW, I need this tonight!

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Travel Booking Engine Script

We are looking for a travel search engine booking script to work with 6-10 booking sites, such as priceline, orbitz, expedia, etc.

On this page, the visitor will enter in their flight search details and hit Go. That information is saved and the different carriers will be displayed (by name/logo). When the visitor chooses any of the links associated with the search carriers, they will be taken to that website with our affiliate link, and the details of their search will automatically be filled in and the results will appear. They can reserve the flights directly on that site.

The functioning will be similar to, with modifications such as being able to search for hotel, car rentals, or package deals.

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WordPress Template Site

This job should be simple for a good wordpress coder.

I am looking for someone to put together a site that will show mock up ( demos) of what various theme will look like in wordpress with field such as title, phone number

heres the flow.
1. vistor comes to site and views templates
2. visitor choose a template he/she likes
3. visitor is ask to fill in a simple form asking for the site title, name, and phone number.
4. visitor is shown the theme in a sub domain of the site with the info in #3 auto populated.

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Dolphin – Conditional Profile View

When a visitor or a member visits a profile detail, I would like to show conditional information depending of the profile type.

Ive 2 profiles types : Models & Photographers

Ive 2 dedicated blocks : Models details & Photographers details filled during the registration

When a visitor or member views a Model profile he must only view Models details information
When a visitor or member views a Photographer profile he must only view Photographer details information

All other blocks are common.

I dont need a administration module, I want just to have script modified to allow this split.

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Travel Comparison Website

I wish to create an online flight comparison website similar to

The visitor will enter the trip details in the first step and then in the second step the visitor will be asked to pick which travel website that he/she wants to compare prices.

This is simply a get-paid-per-click system. Well get affiliations from kayak, hotwire etc. and send visitor to these websites to make money from pay-per-click.

Id like to see related live examples from bidders. Dont send me your general PMS. These messages and providers will simply be ignored.


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Create A Job Site Similar To Existing Sites


I would like to have a site similar to this

fastjoblistings dot com

about 1 – 3 part/page php code..

1st page: let the visitor enter the some parameter, just as 1st page..

2nd page: let the visitor enter some other parameter plus other other text

3rd capture the entered paremeter and send it to a specific link..

All must be process under same php page just as the web site ..

Site should be able to complete within 3 – 5 days..

Ive the image ready and the html ready.. just need php part to be incorperated..

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Article / Content Writer Needed

I own several local websites that offer various local products and services.
I am looking for a person that will create content for those sites i.e write about various products or services we offer.
for example: a plumber site will have a page about 24 hours emergency plumbing services, the article or content should talk about that service and sell the visitor on how our company is better than all others in the local area etc. etc.

Very important:
* Each "article" or content page should have at least 300 words.
* each article /content page should be ORIGINAL and pass copyscape.
* Must have good, solid, knowledgeable articles that will sell the service or products and make the visitor take action.

Please note:
I will consider bids ONLY if you will show me recent work youve done. You must have very strong command of english as well.

Lastly, there are 10 sites in total with over 100 pages of content to create over a 4 week period.

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Grants Rockstar

I am building a landing page just like this one:
My site will be almost identical just small changes in the design. Content will be almost identical. Please go through this site, enter email and see how the offers go. there are 5 other offers before you get to the Grant offer. My site will be identical but have different offers which I will give links to incorporate into the site. there will be a traffic regenerator exit pop when someone leaves the site before doing anything. This exit pop will be a slightly different look but will be the grant offer from the initial landing page. there will be a second exit pop with a payday cash loan offer. The initial name and email will be saved and entered in the next offer that the visitor clicks on. each offer that is filled out, the visitor will be directed to the next offer in line until they reach the end "Grant" offer. if the visitor does not fill out the grant offer the 2 exit pops will occur when they leave. If you go through the website listed above you will see the basics of what I want to happen when the visitor is clicking through. This project "landing page" requires design, images, form data to be saved, exit pops, and all other aspects just as in the example site. I need the site loaded to my Godaddy hosting account and made live.

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Online Video & Sound Recording

Hi all,

I am looking for software capable of the following actions:

– Record screen of a website visitor session (after approval by the visitor)
– Record sounds of a website visitor session (after approval by the visitor)
– Upload the created movie to a server



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Job Portal

For all Visitors:
– Visitor can see all jobs available and hot jobs.
– Visitor can search with respect to different cities of his required job.
– Visitor can search with respect to his qualification or field of job.
– About
– Contact
– Privacy Policy
– Sitemap

Login Type:
– Job seeker
– Employer
– Admin

Job Seeker:
– Can upload his CV.
– Build online CV.
– Apply for Job.
– View all jobs which are applied.
– Progress of Applied jobs.
– Manage his profile.

– Can post job.
– Can view details of job seeker.
– Search employee for his organization.
– Search employee with their fields(job type).
– Contact with the employee.

– Admin can manage whole site.
– Rights to restrict any user or ban any user.
– Approve for new employer.

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Twilio App For Outbound Calls

This request is for functionality to be built that is generic and can be input into existing website. Please use 1. Twilio

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Twilio App For Outbound Calls

This request is for functionality to be built that is generic and can be input into existing website. Please use 1. Twilio

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Affiliate Program For Website

Affiliate Program Page for website:

On this page visitor will have a brief description of how it works a few images and other details to catch their attention.

Sign up and Log in buttons.

Signing up: will take visitor to a form page where they can fill up their details and sign up for the program.

On the sign up form should contain all information about customers, name, address, contact details, email , phone number etc and the option if they would like to be paid into bank account or paypal.

Also on their account it should have a button where should say, withdraw payment now. ( when they click on this option a message should show up telling them the following: Thank you. Your request has been accepted and will be processed within 24 hours.

How should work:

Once visitor is logged in he will have a few options:

Send emails to Friends and Family / Get an Affiliate code / Get BlindsNZ banner ( this for websites )

Option selected:

Send emails to friends and family: from here visitor will be able to send various emails containing our latest advertising and promotions to friends and family will be a plain text email containing a few images and a link back to our website.

Get an Affiliatte code: this is to generate a unique code for this customer which he can use with his own advertizing printed mail and so on.

Get BlindsNZ banner: this will create a banner for this customer with a unique code link back to our website.

How should all work: after registering as a member for the affiliate program member will be able to chose one of the options above to participate of the affiliate program.

All links banners and emails which were created by that member will contain a unique tracking code relating that member to the website: this way if a new visitor comes to the website thorough one of this ways and buys something from us, the website will automatically relate that visitor to the affiliate member and give him a commission based on that.

I have not much idea of how affiliate programs work, and have not look much into that as it

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