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Australian Female Voice Talent

Hi there,

I need someone do to a voiceover for around 3 mins.
Australian Female.

We have regular work too.
Budget: $50



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Versatile Female For British And American English Voice-over

Greetings all,

Please take your time and read ALL of this information. I am a voiceover talent myself on this site (and others) and in need of a British or American female voice. This person will need to mimic a legitimate British accent (if American) and likewise- if you are British you should be able to mimic an legitimate American accent.

The document attached consists of multiple short scripts pertaining to and involving various different characters (one of which is a British Countess). The female talent chosen will need to have some acting skills and versatile in characterizations in order to play the roles well.

This particular project is for stage 1 of a 3 stage English Course, and the applicant chosen may have more work from me depending on how many other parts require a female voice for the next two stages of the course.

Please provide a few samples including your normal voice, and some characterizations pertaining to the accents I mentioned above. Again, review the attached document for text.

It goes without saying: You MUST have a professional mic (not a headset or cheap sounding computer mic- and no BG noise, popping "Ps" etc). And- I must have all rights to use your voice in this application including podcast, broadcast, and web based platforms.

As always, in todays economy- budget is VERY tight- however it could mean more work from me in the near future, not only on this project but a possible partnership with me in other similar projects that require a female with the ability to perform characterizations. Thus, both quality and cost of services will be considered.

So, having said that, before you even submit a bid- please review my "freelancer" profile and you will see Ive been doing the VO thing for a long time and provide my VO services for many projects on this website (as well as others) on a regular basis.

I close with this: Strive for excellence and dont try to make all your money in one bid, thus – cutting your chances of being chosen for additional work.

PS: Dont forget to check the attached script. 😉

Thanks and best of luck-


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Korean Native Speakers

We have an intro movie (3 min) in english. now we looking for voice over speaker in korean. So send us an example.

Budget = $30

(After this job is done succesfully guaranteed more than 25 other jobs to do)

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Voice Talent Needed

Need someone with a very nice bubbly voice to record 8 short phone greeting/voice mail scripts budget $40.00 please provide samples of previous recordings. Nice, professional, young and bubbly. Thanks!

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Iphone App A Type Of Language Test.

I require an iphone app creating.

The app is a type of language test.

The test will be in four sections

One section will require voice recoding
One section will require to play media. (not video just noise)

Within that section will be 6 individual tests of the same type.

An example of one section:

1)What is the name of the cycle tour company

a.Darrens tours
b.Daves tour
c.Anthonys tours.

Another section example:

Some text: Some amercians enjoy going on holiday and some would rather stay at home. Research suggests more than 5% stay within their state when going on holiday.

1)What percentage of Americans stay in their home state while on vacation:

Answer: 5% (Their will be a small box for the answer.)

The voice recording section will be similar to this:

Question 1-4: PLAY audio

1)What was the phone number for Jane?
2)Where were the hotels near?

Once the quiz is complete for one section the app customer can then view there answers and score.

NOTE: the voice test will be sent to my email address and I will then answer the customer with an answer.

I need a modern design and want the iphone app creator to be able to provide me with their previous work, their full cost, a full working example before payment is received.

Please English speaking app creators only.

Any questions please ask.

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Chinese Male Voice Artists For 2 Minutes

Need Professional voice artist for Chinese voicoever. Only Professionals please contact.

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Voice Over: British Accent!

Please with experience only!

We need freelancer with British accent with good voice to record our Business Voicemail Greeting of 20 words.

please send your voice clips of work done in past to get shortlisted.

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Native American English Speaker For 2 Min Product Video

We have a 1-2min intro video for a technical web application and need a professional sounding, native American English speaker for the audio. The video is still in the editing phase, so timing is not that important as we can make sections a little longer or shorter.

Besides the speaking we would also highly appreciate your input on the text. If you have suggestions to make it sound more like a native speaker then we would be more than happy to change it.

Please send an example of your voice and previous work.

Budget = 50 USD

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I would like to have en mobile software programmer to make a mobile applikation with the following features.
Exact price for Android and exact price for iOS is preferred.

The app is about comparing voice frequency graphs.
On the phone you got a number voice frequency graphs. By choosing one, the phone plays the sound by the loudspeaker. Afterwords the user off the applikation, are going to imitate the sound played by the phone. The phone records the imitated sound, and makes it into at voice frequency graph, and compares it to the original played voice graph by telling how many % the sound was imitated correct.

All in all the user are going to imitate the sound/voices from the Phone, and get a score in %, off how much is was imitated correct.

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Norwegian Voice Required

Voiceover for a 2 minute script needed.

Will watch the $30 bids first. Need it professionally produced.

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Voice Needed For Storyline Role (female American Or English

Im looking for a female to vocalize a scenario that I have come up with. This audio recording will range from 15-30 minutes total and chosen will be sent a script to preview before acceptance. If you are interested in this project, I can pay right away upon completion and if done very well, can offer weekly work contracts towards you. Thank you for your time.

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Asterisk IVR Programer

We need an Asterisk based IVR to provide automated after-hours and

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Training Materials Audio Recording In English (1k Words)

Voice recording in mp3 format (1k words) in English about computer software.


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Voice Talent Needed For Childrens Book

Looking for voice talent to read a childrens book.

we need 4 different character voices:
1) Farmer Joe (8 words)
2) A Duck that speaks english (34 words)
3) Aunty Joan (55 words)
4) Narrator (453 words)

Only for candidates who has clear English language without heavy accent.

If you are interested please,
1) forward your profile and previous experince in this area,
2) give your best samples of each of the voices needed,
3) number of days of your deadline,

The final product will be presented in a series of MP3 files – 1 file per sentence (There are 43 sentences, so 43 files needed)
Payment will be released to you within 48 hours after your project is satisfied and approved.

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Korean Native Speaker

We have an intro movie (3 min) in english. now we looking for voice over speaker in korean. So send us an example.

Budget = $30

(After this job is done succesfully guaranteed more than 25 other jobs to do)

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SIP API And SIP Library For BB5.x , BB6.x (Audio Only)

I would like to have a voice SIP API and SIP library for BB5.x , BB6.x and working sample codes.
What I need is only voice SIP. I dont need video call.

The developer for this bidding must have experinces in developing Linphone or any BB SIP.

Trial version 5 days for us to test before award the project is preferable

This is what I need
1) API and Library for BB SIP ( Voice only)
I need the API because I need to integrate your BB SIP project with my ABC project together as a single project. In case that you cannot make API, please provide your consultant to make my integration successfully.

2) API and library reference documentation and getting start guide.
3) Working sample application/codes which has following function.
– Log in
– Dialer
– Call status screen
– Account/Connection setting screen
4) The Voice SIP must connect with Asterisk server
5) Support term detail.
6) Delivery in 7 days after award
7) Trial version for us to test, maybe 15-30 days for testing after I ward you and before we fully pay you.

Please quote me the special pricing and term of payment

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Tutorial Video

Tourism and Hospitality directory.Will need to create a video tutorial (with screen recording) to help our clients to log in and upload the info into web based directory. Voice over explains every step. All up finished product about 20-30min. Divided by 5min episodes. You will need to go to web directory, create an account and using one of the website we provide, go through the whole process (quite easy like a ebay or similar) pointing to important issues. I can assist with that a lot, but my problem is an English so dont want to hear my voice in it. Need someone who speaks well and like help people (many of our customers are older generation folks) so it should sound friendly and create an appearance that it real easy to do (it is really) – so voice over should be pleasant to hear but most importantly the text it reads has to be written well.

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We have an intro movie (3 min) in english. now we looking for voice over speaker in korean. So send us an example.

Budget = $30

(After this job is done succesfully guaranteed more than 25 other jobs to do)

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A Video Creation With Voice (Arabic)

Hi everybody,
Im looking for a someone that could create a 3-5 minutes video with a voice (Arabic :preferred Lebanese accent)
A full hd video
the video is about my village (general info about the village, i will provide the information ,and a lot of pictures so u can use it in the video ) .

i would like the video to start from zooming in through Google earth to the village location.

PS:i will grant the full copy-rights of the video

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Voice Over/Audio Recording

I am looking for a female character audio/voice over to do short scripts (a couple for now) for powerpoint presentations.

What I am looking for in a voice:


2-Perky (Katie Couric-esque)



Please submit a demo demonstrating the above characteristics to be considered.

I like to make things happen quickly and once I find "the voice" I am looking for, we will get on the move. As you can see in my history, I hit quick and stick with voice I like.

Scripts will be short to begin with (intros) so you will know why the budget is so small.

These will be very short, around 2 minutes to start. (subjective, I know but you will have to trust me).

If we can find th eright voice, the parts will grow in size and number.



To view the opening presentation and get a feel for what I am doing, watch here:

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Voice Over For An Instructional Video

Ive created an instructional video – 6 minutes length.
Im looking for somebody to narrate it.
The budjet is 30$.
Here is the video:

Ill send the text file to the winner.


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Korean Speaker Voiceover

We have an intro movie (3 min) in english. now we looking for voice over speaker in korean. So send us an example.

Budget = $30

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A Video That

We require a video similar to the video seen at this site We require the video design, creation and voice.

THIS WILL BE IN SPANISH. If you dont speak fluent Spanish and have professional voice people in Spanish, please dont waste time applying.

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Need Movie With Voice Over For A Medical Clinic

Need Movie / Video with Voice Over.

For a medical clinic, we are looking for something that will be played in a DVD to visiting patients.

You will be given topics, verbiage (text), and some ideas. You will put this together on your own.

Total length of the video will be around 2 mins.

**** What we are not looking for: Shocking colors, crazy things moving all over the place, bad font, bad voice over ****

Again, this is not for a CLUB, or geared towards 16 yr old girls. This is for a medial establishment and must be simple yet effective.

Seeking self starters. I wont have time to hold your hand through every step of this. You will be given some guidelines, you will do the research and come up with something effective.

Delivery should be in a format that will be burned to a DVD and played on a TV.


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Android Application To Record And Send Voice

We are looking for an application to be developeed which performs the following:

(1) A customized voice recorder ( dont use exisiting voice recorders)
(2) SFTP, FTP, or email the recording either at the same time or save them for a batch FTP/SFTP/Email
(3) Track the status of upload/email
(3) Batch job to FTP/email the voice files that are not yet uploaded
(4) Alternate ftp/email locations in case the primary cant be reached

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Australian Female (Male Eventually) Voice-Over Artist

The task is to record a quality voice over track similar to audio from video which can be found here:
The length is to be around 90 seconds, more or less (I think less, aiming for 90 seconds animation with intro and outro without voice over).

Two things are crucial here:
– voice over artist has to be Australian, preferably female but isnt 100% necessary,
– time, Id really love it to be finished as soon as possible. If you can work during this weekend its great.
Let me know how much time do you need (I dont want to cut on quality). I understand some of you want/need to rest so please bid even if you can start no sooner than on Monday, March 21.

Further details
– script is almost completed and can be sent immediately after selecting one of you, some tweaks might apply later but I think re-recording a sentence or two will be sufficient for any changes,
– Id prefer to have recording sent in several wav files but if you like to record in one shot you really dont need to do this.

Below is about quarter of whole script. Id appreciate if you can record 2-3 chosen sentences (or whole excerpt) from here and upload it as sample:

"The world of managing people has changed. Subscribe HR helps you make your people happy and your business successful. Whist many of the traditional e-Recruitment and e-HR needs remain, there are new challenges that have to be met by People, Managing People. Subscribe HR is the now and the future. We dovetail you into the digital world, with an amazing, on-demand People and Talent Management system."

Thank you, I hope for a great cooperation 🙂


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Green Screen Handsome Video Actor (30+)

Our job will be max around 1-2 min. in green screen. I need very competitive bids and I am looking for an actor who is handsome and with a good voice. Man should be in his 30s.No Post Production Work needed.We would like to receive video file in industry video format. With your bid, do share the video, audio and an image of the person who is going to do the video for us.Please make sure video and audio quality is equivalent to the link below.

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Php Mysql Voice Recording Applet

I want to have just one php/html/java webpage where users on the page can record, play, pause and stop their voice and finally submit the recorded voice to mysql.

So, the recorded voice will appear as a link or button and users clicking it will hear a voice message.

The recorded voice will be used as a voice comment to whatever article appearing in the above.

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SIP (voice) Client Source Code For Android

I would like to have a voice SIP library for Android 2.x and working sample codes.
What I need is only voice SIP. I dont need video call.

This is what I need
1. Voice SIP Library for Android
2. API reference documentation and getting start guide.
3. Working sample source codes and an application which has following function.

– Log in

– Dialer

– Call status screen

– Account/Connection setting screen

4. Support term detail.
5. Delivery time in 5 days

The developer for this bidding must have experinces in developing SIPdroid or IMSdroid or Linphone.
Trial version for 3 days for us to test is preferable

Please quote me the special pricing and term of payment

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Looking For A Sexy Voice With An Accent


I am looking for a female with a sexy voice and with an accent, preferably an english, spanish or a greek accent. I just need the person to say 2 words.

The compensation is $30, no budging on that for a simple project as such.

When you bid, please include a sample audio file of your voice. Any bid with no sample will not be considered and will be automatically disregarded. Feel free to ask me any questions.


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Screen Capturing + Audio

We want to create short videos ~ 5 min with screen recording softwares. We will provide content and slides, the candidate will record them with good voice and accent.
We will pay not more than 3$ per assignment and we need 1000+ such videos and it is virtually a permanent job.
Provide samples of audio and screen capturing skills.

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Chinese Voice Over Needed

I have a chinese document. may be one page or two with 18 paragraphs. I need a quality voice.. just say something in chinese and send me with your bid request. Sound quality will be my main factor to choose u.

Budget is very low since it is not something very hard to do or big.

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Voice Needed For Professonal Answer Machine Message

We require a small (less than 200 word) answer machine message creating. This message will be used for an answering machine for our company only.

The text is almost ready to hand over to an artist to produce this, we need to listen to sample voices of similar jobs completed so we know what to expect from the voice before we offer the job.

File needs to be in Wav format

We sell PC related components and our target audience is between 23 – 36 years old so ideally we are looking for a professional, young(ish), fashionable voice.. Not a full on corperate voice.

~We have a budget of around £60 for this but will welcome all bids and listen to all samples for making our final descision.

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