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Wholesale Route Trading Website & Voipswitch Retail

Like to create website like PLS note all feature it has plus need to add retail for voipswitch business.
Quote me one rate for full work

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Voipswitch Trouble Shooting / Support

We need help trouble shooting voipswitch

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Android SIP Dailer


We require a custom Android SIP dialer that we can distribute to our clients
We are running of a voipswitch voip system and the dialer needs to work with this – we will provide a test account on our voipswitch for you to make sure all is good.

Have a look here –
It needs to have the futures listed in the link above – if you cannot provide one of them , let us know – also a list below

Android 2.1 and higher.
The softphone supports following Codecs: G729, G711, and GSM.
The softphone can connect to Internet using WIFI, GPRS, EDGE or UMTS
Must be able to change logo – colour and sip details ie registrar adress etc

Main features:

Making and receiving SIP call
Video call (Using H264 and H263+ codecs) – Quote this seperately – so we have 2 prices
Contacts (phone book)
Balance information* this works of the voipswitch
Destination, rate* this works of the voipswitch
Time, call status logs
Last calls log
Sending and receiving SMS over SIP protocol* this works of the voipswitch
Multiple active calls support
Conferencing up to 4 participants
Blind and attended transfer
Echo cancellation
Digits Interception (Dialer pops up once dialing from the phone

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Callshop Solution

We need VOIP expert to develop Callshop solution for our VOIP services based on voipswitch architecture.
The solution can be either software or web based in PHP & Mysql.

See video of similar software solution on youtube.

See video of similar web based solution on youtube.

The solution should be compatible with VoipSwitch database from and should include all of the following features.

Real Time Records (Active Cabins Status View)
Cabin management – Block/Unblock
Time/Date view
Cabins view
Call history view
Cost rates view
Balance view
Revenue/Profit view
Payments history view
Edit selling rates
Paid/Unpaid calls management
Reporting tools and statistics
Support multilingual
SQL injection protected (for web based)

If you have similar solution, please provide demo.

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Voipswitch CDR Module


We need CDR module for our VPS to display and download call logs for our modules.

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Voipswitch-simple VOIP-work


We need a specialist for VOIPSWITCH ( to add providers and update rates.
Need only people with experience.
We are start-up and looking for low-budjet solution. Thanks.

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Full Configuration Of VoipSwitch Server

Urgent requirement for a voipswitch expert to assist with the configuration of all VOIPSWITCH modules including (calling cards, reseller module for calling cards, DID, residential/Business phone, Mobile VoiP) .

This is very urgent!!!

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Website Integration With Voipswitch

I want my website to be integrated with voipswitch so the user may be able to make payments through paypal. If the payments are accepted then the client will be given a user/password.


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Website Integration With Voipswitch

I want my website to be integrated with voipswitch so the user may be able to make payments through paypal. If the payments are accepted then the client will be given a user/password.


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Custom Voipswitch Add Trunk Support Blutooth Mobile Phone

I need custom Voipswitch add trunk support blutooth phone as a gateway provider.

call flow
Incoming Call SIP/H323 -> Voipswitch -> blutooth device that connect with mobile phone -> mobile phone dial to destination number

Or voipswitch can be replace by your own voip system but must support SIP and H323

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VoipSwitch Training & Setup

We are looking for an experienced VoipSwitch trainer who can teach us how to: setup a hosted pbx, configure in and out bound sip Trunks, install Vippie phones, Android Mobile phone etc. We have the system installed but have not been able to get training support from VoiceServe. We have limited knowledge and would need to spend a few days with a qualified user of VoipSwitch, to help us setup our system.

We purchased the Main VoipSwitch module, IVR module, IP-PBX, Online Store, Vippie Extended, Iphone and Android Mobile Soft Phones and billing module.

If you have experience in all or some of these modules and can train on them, please respond.

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Voip Project

Looking for an individual to make an Voipswitch / Voip Switch installation on our servers.

Individual must be/have

– Advanced knowlege of voip technology
– Experience working with VoipSwitch
– Have previously installed Voipswitch
– Can provide training on server interface
– Know how to install and operate addons (IVR, calling card, call shop, reseller etc…)

Thank you and happy bidding!!!

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VoipSwitch Configuration

Dear Sirs,

We need a tech with good working knowledge of VoipSwitch and network VoIP design and maintenance.

The project will entail:
1. Checking configuration of our VoipSwitch demo version.
2. Implementing the full-featured VoipSwitch onto a hosted server in Sydney.
3. Ongoing management of the VoipSwitch and additional VoipSwitch servers as they are implemented.
4. Some VoIP SIP trunk registration troubleshooting.

We will also be using many SIP trunks from mobile phones (cell phones) and so working knowledge of their SIP clients will be well-regarded.

Thank you. Good luck.


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Voipswitch Tunnel Server Config


I need to use voiptunneling with voipswitch platform, the voip tunnel server is installed on a server and can tunnel the traffic from the softphone without any problem, but when i try to connect a voip adapter i see the packets travelling between the voip tunnel client and the voip tunnel server , but the adapter fail to register.

You mission is to solve this problem.

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Webdesign – User Portal / Shopping System For Voipswitch


looking for someone who knows about VOIP Business.
Also who knows about the softswitch "Voipswitch" (

We need to setup a full webpresentation and User Portal.

You must know the Database Architecture of the Voipswitch Plattform so when we tell you what to do you know how to create/implement.

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Voipswitch Help Needed .

Hello. I am starting a small (callback, calling card , reselling minutes) business and I need help in configuring and running the voipswitch software and the technicalities of this type of business. I am running voipswitch version 983.

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