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Create Google Shopping File For Volusion Based Website

Need programmer skilled in Volusion shopping Cart to generate a working Google Shopping file for our website.

We already created one using the Volusion API. However, only a few products were added as Volusion support said there are a few fields that are missing in the other products that are needed for them to be included in the Google shopping file.

You will need to Import these fields into the remaining products.
Once that is done, generate a complete Google shopping file.

This is a simple project if you know Volusion shopping cart.

So please, unserious bidders, random bidders or marketing reps, please do not bid.


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Volusion Elayaway Integration

Looking to integrate elayaway (or willing to take suggestions on another layaway system that more readily integrates with Volusion) into our Volusion website.

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Volusion E-Commerce Store Product Input

I am looking for an individual who is capable of inputting product data into a Volusion based e-commerce store.

To do this, you must copy and paste data from a manufacturers website onto the Volusion product entry fields, download photos from the manufacturers website and upload them into the Volusion product, enter pricing information, identify the applicable options associated with the product (ie. Product X, black and brown, then you must select Black and Brown as an option)

You do not need to categorize the products.

The project will be structured as follows:

1. Test: In this phase, you will work on a smaller amount of products (say 30-40 products), so that you can understand what is involved before committing to the full project. At completion of the test stage you will be paid for that portion of the project that you completed.

If you want to continue with the project each phase will consist of about 100 products. (You will be paid incrementally as you complete the 100 products)

For purposes of this bid, you will assume that there are EXACTLY 2500 products to input (nevertheless you will be paid on a per product basis; so if there are exactly 2100 you will be paid based on 2100, if there are 2767, you will be paid for

If you have any questions, please contact me only through this posting.

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Modify Google Base Feed (SQL Query) In Volusion

We are currently exporting our Google Base product data manually in Volusion. I would like to create a Saved Export with all the required columns and fields as required by Google.
Volusions Google Product Query only pulls the basic product info, i want to add all our already formatted columns to this query plus strip out all the uneccesary info from this query for $60

I would prefer a provider with some Volusion backend experience.

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Inventory Management – Amazon, Ebay, Volusion, CSE’s

We want an in house software written for us which has the same basic functions as channel advisor. We want a central database where we can put our product info, prices, stock etc. We want the ability to send our product info, prices, and stock amounts to either amazon, ebay, our volusion store, or one of the many CSEs through our central database.

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Yahoo Store – RTML – Expert Needed

Convert Current Volusion ECommerce Site to Yahoo Stores including all 1500 products and content.
Converted to be the same as current site.

Below is a link to view the site to be converted.

Very Simple Job for the right candidate.

Please provide 3 URLS to previous Yahoo E-Commerce Websites you have developed.

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Convert Volusion Website To Magento

Convert Current Volusion ECommerce Site to Magento including all 1500 products and content.
Converted to be the same as current site.

Below is a link to view the site to be converted.

Very Simple Job for the right candidate.

Please provide 3 URLS to previous Magento E-Commerce Websites you have developed.

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Volusion Custom Coding Checkout Page – Commission Junction

What we have:

We need a commission junction / javacript expert to customize our tracking pixel to include variables outputted in javascript by volusion. Commission Junctions tracking pixel is not in javascript, so the variables that our outputted by volusion need to be integrated into the non javascript tracking pixel provided by CJ. Very important to track each item ID and Quantity for each.

What we need to track: Item Quanity and Item ID. We have two variables that work $(OrderNo) and $(SubTotal)

What works now in the code:


<img src="$(OrderNo)&TYPE=YYYYY&ITEM1=<custom coding goes here for item 1>&ITEM2=<if there is an item 2 custom coding goes here> etc.
&AMT1=$(SubTotal)&QTY1=<custom coding goes here for quantity>&QTY2&CURRENCY=USD&METHOD=IMG" height="1"

So if someone order 10 products, the code needs to output that into the tracking pixel with ITEM1, ITEM2, ITEM3 etc. along with QTY1, QTY2, etc.

Only bid on this if you have implemented this before, we really do not have time to work with someone learning on the job.

More on the javascript variables outputted by volusion –


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Install Power Reviews On Volusion

Install Power Reviews On volusion.

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Volusion In French

We wnat to translate our Volusion store. You must be used to volusion AND fluent in both french and english.

Idéalement vous devrez être en mesure de faire un site volusion bilingue. Nous avons 2 domaines dactivité différents: vêtement et accessoires de moto ainsi quun entreprise de bains et douches.

Si vous démontrez des compétences en rédactions, vous pourriez aussi avoir à rédiger les descriptifs des produits.

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Volusion Product/Data Entry (50 Products)

Assistant will take product images and details from one site and add them to a new volusion store.

Assistant will need to be able to take a product PNG and add a black background to the product image. Then in volusion add the product name, product ID (same as name), price from the other site, and a few options checked.

This should only take a few hours. Site details, more detailed instructions and logins to be provided to winning bid.

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Convert Volusion Store To Magento

Convert or Clone Current ECommerce Site (link below) to Magento including all
1500 products and content. Site will have no Design Changes.

You will have full access to the back end of current site for easy conversion.

Must have good knowledge of Volusion and Magento to make transfer clean and easy.

Please provide 3 URLs of Volusion and or Magento Sites you have personally
worked on in the past.

Very Simple Job for the Right Candidate.

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Volusion API With Php

I need a php code(no gui) just the logic for updating stock count to volusion using their api.

Volusion api wiki is

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Need Volusion Products Export To Ebay Template

Need to export my volusion products to my ebay template.

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Searching For A Volusion Shopping Cart Software Expert

I have 5 sites created through volusion shopping cart software. I need help related to do some changes in those sites. These changes can be of design, SEO etc.

Pls bid in case anybody is expert in handling volusion sites.


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Quick Volusion Fix

I need to fix a track your package issue with volusion Ill pay $35 for this. Need it done by today.

to check the issue you can login by clicking on the account link on top of the home page dai(remove_this)
with e…mail: kne(Remove_this)idel4 AT gm(remove_this)
pass: live120
click on the link: Review orders / track packages
click on view or change order

the variable in the system for this link is $(TrackingLink) same as i have in the email im sending to customers and this link does not work.

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Volusion Custom Template Installation (PSD To HTML)

I am having a custom template designed for my Volusion E-Commerce store.
The template will be submitted to you in PSD format,
and I will need you to install it. All links and PHP fields must work.

I will also need you to advise me as to any changes to the template that must be made to
make it functional.

The selected candidate must be thoroughly familiar with Volusion E-Commerce stores.

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Keep In-parity Amazon And Volusion Inventory Using API

Project Goal:
Keep inventory in-parity between our Amazon selling account and our Volusion web store using Amazon Web Services and API

Project Description:

1. Keep in-parity our Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) sellable inventory quantity with Volusion Web Store inventory.
A. Pull the current FBA sellable inventory into Volusion, matching the SKUs, and updating the current inventory quantity on Volusion.
2. Keep in-parity our Amazon Merchant fulfilled inventory quantities with Volusion Web Store inventory.
B. Push the current Volusion merchant fulfilled (non-FBA) inventory to Amazon, matching SKUs, and updating the current inventory on Amazon.
3. Frequency: three times daily

Project Requirements:

* Amazon Web Services
* Volusion

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Existing Website Redesign And Implementation On Volusion

We are looking for a contractor to create and implement new design for our Volusion based online store. We will also need to add social media integration and some custom features/scripts to the website.

Please provide relevant experience, samples and references.

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Website Design Implementation On Volusion

Looking for a quote for website design implementation on Volusion software. Please provide relevant experience, samples and references.

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Volusion Template Website Redesign

I want to redesign and customize my volusion website. My site is built on a volusion template. Because I am not familiar with all the aspects of this sort of work I can only show you what I am trying to accomplish by example from other sites. You must be able to work on this while being in touch with me on Skype or phone as it would be better for me to be clear as to my needs.

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Volusion Work Website Made Work

I need a volusion site finished. It also will have a chat function you will make. Its been started. Ill pay $100 for this work.

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Paypal Standard Integration With Volusion

We need to setup our Volusion Store to be seamlessly integrated to receive credit card payments via paypal standard. We want the site to be very clear that it will accept any major credit card, not only for paypal account holders. A paypal standard checkout window must be integrated into the volusion store seamlessly so it feels as if the customers are staying on our site during the whole checkout process. The cart should look Similar to this image but must be developed into the sites colors and theme.

1) Must have completed similar integrations with PayPal Standard (provide urls)

2) Please supply 2 URLs of Volusion stores you have worked on and if possible examples
of a similar paypal standard integration.

Please do not send links to non volusion sites.

Thank You and Look Forward to Hearing from You

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Waxyclean New Design – Volusion

We are looking for a redesign of our current prestashop design to change it to the new volusion software we need to use.

We like the design of

Will need banner rotator like on the site and our current website

We need fast delivery of the design and good support.

Please send examples

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SEO For New Volusion E-Commerce Website

I have a brand new Volusion e-commerce website that I wish to attract traffic to. I require to generate traffic to the site by getting listed in positions 1-3 in a google search. Your proposal can also PPC startegies. A realistic timeframe considering the site is brand new. There are about 9 keywords and the website only sells one product.
NO BLACKHAT OR GREY HAT METHODS, ONLY WHITE HAT METHODS. — Google guidelines must be followed.

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Volusion Help Needed

I need someone to basically move my existing website over to the volusion platform. I need all of the pictures, descriptions and prices moved over to the volusion platform.

My existing site is

I can not add a shopping cart to this existing site, so I am wanting to switch everything over to volusion and use their shopping cart feature. I want the volusion site to be as close as possible to the nashvillediscount site.
All of the info needed is on the site, I just need someone to get it over to the volusion site and create the proper tabs, etc

Please contact me with any questions.

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Volusion Help

We have opened a volusion store. We will be selling liquor and wine online. We need help customizing the template and shopping cart.

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Volusion Product Data Entry

Im looking for someone to enter products, descriptions, options, and pricing into my volusion ecommerce website. There will probably be between 25-30 products total.

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Volusion Work Website Made

I need a volusion site finished. It also will have a chat function you will make. Its been started. Ill pay $100 for this work.

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Volusion Home Page Setup ASAP

Need a home page setup on volusion to match my existing site, need some minor button work and customization.

YOU MUST KNOW VOLUSION! is my current site need the home page design on volusion with a added home page sliding banner that i can upload my own images in the future.

Need it done Right Now.

place your fixed cost bid, milestone for only half will be awarded.

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