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TAC Lite Help

I want to quick fix a bug in my site. Its related to TAC Lite module. Its very simple, so please bid at 30$. Thanks!

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Movie Name And Actress Research

Got around 1150 movies. Your job is going to google japan or yahoo japan –> enter the movie code –> find the movie and actress name –> copay and paste it in excel

– you can find most of the names at the first 3 listing in google or yahoo, so its pretty easy to find.
– some sites got most of the names. you can do a search like: movie code , I will give you the site list if you select as the winner.
– movies are adult related
– movie names and actresses name are in Japanese, so if you know Japanese or Asian language, it will be a big advantage. if you know japanese av, it will be even better
– here are some example, you try it: ADZ136,AVGL105,AVGL142

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