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Real Estate Module For Vtiger CRM

I have a project for Real Estate Company. we need to use Vtiger cRM and add to it a Real Estate Module. this module should have extensive functionalities in order to provide matching profiles between buyers and real estate portfolios.
Kindly advise if you have any experience with Vtiger and real estate concepts.
this project is fast track and need to be finished withi 10 days. if you have developed something similar it would be great to buy the solution.

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Commenting Out Unneeded Options In Vtiger Admin Settings Pag

To better focus my organizations efforts inside the admin section I would like the following commented out of the Admin settings page so that the user will be unable to see these options:

Customer Portal
Inventory: Terms & Conditions
Backup Server
Tax Calculations
Inventory Notifications

These also need to be eliminated from the side column options shown on the left hand side in many different menus.

Budget is very tight on this and since time should be minimal to just comment these out Id expect bidding to be inline.

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Vtiger Issues

We have 4 issues with Vtiger crm
1. Cannot send email
2. Cannot add attachments
3. Alerts and notifications are not working
4. Ajax issue with loading

Please check specification document

Budget around 150 USD

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Vtiger Reporting Totals

We use Vtiger in our contact centre clients and we need some customised reporting. Our clients want subtotals and grandtotals in the reports based on the timeframes selected but it doesnt seem that vtiger supports the "count" function for subtotaling fields without numbers.

I have attached an example where the agent calls multiple leads and then they are assigned status such as sale, not interested, callback, etc. The report however shows all the data for the agent as this is the sort field but no function to "count" each status and produce a report that says agent a had:
sales 7
not interested 10
callback 3
total 20

See report attached that needs to be totaled. I would also like a full description of how you going to do this.

Also the dashboard view is a total from day1 … is it possible to make this dashboard by day, week, month?

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VTiger WebService Module For Creating Sales Orders

Need to expand the functionality of vTigers WebService by adding a new PHP module that via REST, can create a new Sales Order, including item Details.

Item Details can be a product and/or a service. Multiple item details per Sales Orders is required.
Project also requires the following vTiger functions:

1.- Query if a specific Sales Order already exists.
2.- Query if a Specific Product already exits.
3.- Insert a new product
4.- Query if a Specific Service already exists
5.- Insert a new service

The PHP module should be an extension of the current WebService functionality. The new functions should be supported by entering a new entityType value parameter in the URL

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VTiger API For Adding Sales Orders

Need .Net code to create a Sales Order/Invoice in vTiger utilizing json via the Web Service.

I dont believe that vTiger currently supports creating Line Items under Item Details. In this case, creating or modifying the vTiger WebService PHP modules might be required.

I can provide vb.Net code up to the login but, it fails when trying to create a Sales Order

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V Tiger CRM And Segpay Payment Gateway Integration

One of our client is in need of CRM for their TeleSales campaign, and we recommended vtiger to them. However out of box install of Vtiger fulfills their most requirements, few need customization as below.

Segpay payment integration : They have segpay account and they need to integrate with Vtiger CRM. VTiger CRM has plant authorization payment gateway module which is denied by client due to the extra services charges.

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V-Tiger CRM Installation Shape Up…

We have implemented lately Vtiger 5.1.0. In the current installation we have some issues configuring it properly. We require support for:

– Set the email server configurations to work properly.
– Set up the regular backup server, either the internal or other.
– Set up the work-flow configuration (Workflow cron script configured) so they can be implemented and used.
– Customer Portal up and running properly.

Remark. If a re-installation or upgrade is needed, current database shall be secured, current extensions reinstalled and overall configuration restored.

Also we want some Extensions to be installed…

– Add and configure a plug-in for Accounting, so Vtiger has Accounting capabilities. There is one in the market place (aXaccounting) but maybe you know other.
– Set-up the PDF template plugins (One of them PDF Configurator for v5.1 by crm-now) so we can configure different templates.
– vts projects modules
– Free Email Maker
– vttwitter 1.1
– vgcal for vtiger CRM 5.1.0

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VTiger CRM Programming

Job Description:
Set up and help me install the following webforms in our vTiger CRM

We need some help from a vTiger expert with PHP and MySQL skills. I have set up a vTiger CRM, but need help to get it to work properly. This job would be the first of many for the right person.

Job specifications: Assist with integrating two webforms: 1. Lead Webform & 2. Unsubscribe Webform

1. Lead Webform

This form will be placed in multiple locations in three websites (1 Dreamweaver and 2 Drupal) and in multiple landing pages. So I would like clear instructions on how to copy and paste the webform and update the code so that I can set it up myself as needed.

For example, it would appear on links like

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Modifying Vtiger To Permit Users To Upload Mail Merge Templa

Need to modify template to allow specified users to be permitted to upload mail merge templates. Currently, only the admin is able to do this and the option is not even shown as available to a typical user.

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VTiger Customization Desktop Version

I am looking for customization of vTiger to have a desktop version of vTiger. High level tasks involved are

1. Modifying the existing vtiger installation scripts to fully automate and make it more intuitive to make it very simple for user. Include Outlook and MS office plugin installation part of the main installation
2. Rebrand vTiger by replacing name and images
3. Customize contact maintenance screens with additional fields and layout
4. Create 4-5 basic reports
5. Provide video documentation of main functions in vTiger
6. Customize vtiger Menus and Layout

Happy to provide more details if required

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Vtiger API Developer

Looking for a very experienced vtiger developer for some custom scripts that will read/write information in the vtiger DB, importing data from another system and displaying it on a custom dashboard.

Probably 10-20 hours of work.

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Vtiger Guru

Looking for a very experienced vtiger developer for some custom scripts that will read/write information in the vtiger DB, importing data from another system and displaying it on a custom dashboard.

Probably 10-20 hours of work.

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VTiger Customization

I would like to customize the invoice pdf form for vTiger 5.2

We want to add and remove some fields and change some of the wording.

Should be easy money for the right person.


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VTiger Fix Or Installation Clone

We have a vTiger installation that is not working properly – when I login I see the dashboard, but clicking on any of the links gives me blank pages.
So I either need that fixed or we have another working installation that can be cloned.
I am looking for an ongoing partner for this and other projects. I need the vTiger job done urgently.

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Vtiger Customization – Receivables + Payment

We need urgently to customize vtiger:

add to each invoice payment schedule
1 invoice can have several payments

for each scheduled payment, the received payment has to be recorded (the recording system have to emulate the accounting system "double entry")

the above movements can be blocked by date so that user cannot modify anymore.

minor changes on account view (hide some fields)

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Open Source Sales Management Tool-Vtiger

We are looking for someone that can customise Vtiger to meet the requirements of the sales mangement process for a Groupon like business.

Must have previous experiance

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Integrate VTiger And Google Ad Manager Or OpenX

I want to integrate these systems so that the data is only input once.

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Vtiger Iphone Application

We require an experienced iphone developer to build a vtiger iphone application.

The iphone app will be required to update a users crm account information hosted on a webserver.

In effect changes made on the app will be synchcronised with the website and visa versa- (two way updates)

This will included all functionality on vtiger crm application.

The user will be able to access the information either via the website (in the office) or the iphone application. (when mobile)

In addition, the app will also allow for scanning of business cards,etc and these will also be uploaded to the crm online application….contacts section

Any additional functionality recommendations will be looked upon favourably.

Please ….only experienced developers, who understand the requirement need bid.

Work will be milestone based and processed via freelancer.

If you dont have the knowledge…DONT BID…..if you have a poor completion % record DONT BID

Everyone else…Thanks and good Luck

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VTiger Installation And Setup

We need a vTiger installation. Must have:
Our branding
Manager and Sales Rep user access (sales reps cannot view or alter other sales rep data)
Run weekly activity report.

This is not a big job, but our intention is to set up on demo site so that we can sell more to our customers. So, the winning bidder will also be required to install more sites in the future as we sell them.

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Platypus/vTiger Convergence

We are looking to integrate vTiger CRM with our existing Platypus 6 billing system ( Platypus uses Microsoft SQL database and vTiger uses mySQL. The ultimate goal is to have Platypus be used for back-office and administrative use, then vTiger pulls information from Platypus database so that support staff can view the information from the Plat database (account information, a few billing items, list of services), and use vTigers support ticket system, work tickets, etc.

vTiger needs to pull information from Plat, not the other way around. Please suggest your method, whether using a database script/utility to transfer information, or link the databases directly.


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Vtiger Installation And Webform Setup

The project is for the installation of Vtiger on a Linux server. The Vtiger software needs to be installed with the vtiger plugins including Outlook Plugin, Office Plugin and Customer Portal Plugin. After Vtiger is installed, the webforms need to be setup. The job is for Vtiger installations, plugin installation and webform setup. The webforms must be tested and everything must be working properly. Maximum payment for this project is $35, higher bids will not be considered.

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Template VTIGER

Custom template for Vtiger CRM
Colors to use White – Blue – Red

Send examples of work already done.

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Vtiger CRM Customization

We need some vTiger customization done for a specific industry group. This is a one time job right now but we need someone who can provide us ongoing support as we will have ongoing customization needs.

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Little Vtiger Theme Customization – 30USD

we custom theme base of softed theme. we would like to change the colors which are more look an feel and we want to left side menu for create new items.

if do you have any custom vtiger theme we can buy if your theme more look and feel

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Vtiger 5.2.1 Customization To Pricebook Module

I would like to add the following functionality to Vtiger 5.2.1 Pricebook module.

1. Add Pricebook selection field to Account

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Vtiger Expert Needed For Customization


We already have Vtiger (version 5.2.1) and the customer portal installed.

We have access to a separate, existing crm, wed like to model that has the exact features and capabilities we want. We will give complete access to the project winner once interviews are over.

The customization includes creating separate PHP applications, as well as forms, integrating them with Vtiger and syncing them with the customer portal.

We have a detailed video that shows how we want the crm to function. Its pretty long but very detailed.

Please list vTiger projects you have worked with in the past as well as references. This job starts as soon as interviews are done.


Thank you!

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