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Android Live Wallpaper Project UPDATE2

Add zombies and clock to applications. Have it to where they can be changed with settings tab.

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Simple Wallpaper App

I am looking for someone to write a wallpaper app. Im looking for an application that will display a list of 4-5 images that when clicked can be set to wallpaper/contact ID/etc. I will need 3 different versions of this app for 3 different artists work. The 3 different versions of the app can look exactly the same w/ the exception of the different images packaged with the app.

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G&B Super Fresco Wallpaper

All the pieces are in place. Need a quick builder to build a word press site in the next 8 hours

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Live Wallpaper

I have attempted to launch a similar application before, however it has become slightly more difficult than I had thought.

!!!!! I have all the graphics needed. I have been given bad quotes because people do not take into account that I have already have the graphics. !!!!!!

I have recently tried to simplify the concept from the origianl idea in order to keep the cost of development down, and have an actual project that can be completed in a short timeframe.

Please be advised, just because the budget is set at 750, it doesnt necessarily I intend to pay this amount. Bidding that amount will most likely be ignored unless you hold a good review record and can compete the project in a short timeframe. Please dont bid above 750. Its not happening. Sorry.

Application Details

A live wallpaper app for android smartphones running on 2.1 or greater.

When the user lanches the live wallpaper for the first time. He will see a
street scene, along with two characters. A zombie and a human.

Thee goal of the game is simple. See which character survies the longest.

Both Characters will walk in a random path. Once they are within range, they will
being to pull twoards each other and begin to fight. Who ever health decreses first
will die. Seconds later, the character will be revied with full health and the process
continues. There will be a counter that will display the ammount of wins each
Character has.

When the user slides from screens the view of the background will pan slightly to reveal other buildings.

While the characters can move off the view of the screen. The will not be able to walk off the actual scene. Also
collision detection is required so they do not move above a point in the scene, which happen to be the buildings.

Zombie Characteristics
Moves in a random path
Attacks Every 1.20 sec
Has 11 Health
Attacks with hand swing

Human Characteristics
Moves in a random path
Attacks ever .70 sec
Has 10 Health
Attacks with Baseball Bat

Again, all the graphics are already completed. From what I can see the programmer will only be dealing with one walking animation, one attacking animation, one death animation, for the zombie and human.

I would require the source code, if I would ever like to tweak numbers.

Please be reasonable with your quotes, as I might be returning for any type of updates.

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More Android Game, Apps, Live Wallpaper

Hi All

i want to more Android game, apps and live wallpaper.
please send me demo or screenshot with price quote.

Happy Bidding

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Android Game, Apps, Live Wallpaper.

Hi All

Thanks for visit here
i want to buy Android game, apps and live wallpaper.
please send me demo or screenshot with price quote.
Feel free to send PM
Happy Bidding

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Christian Wallpaper Design

Hi, Im looking for someone who can create about 50 custom made Christian computer wallpapers that I will sell on my website. I would like for the wallpaper designs to be very UNIQUE and eye catching. Also, I would like for them to possibly have different bible verses on them. I REALLY want them to be custom made, not taken from other sites. Im open to your suggestions and ideas. Also, if you have any sample mock-ups that would be great as well. Thanks

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Android LiveWallpaper Game

!! IMPORTANT : PLEASE GOOGLE "doom live wallpaper" TO GET A BETTER IDEA !!

I am looking to create something similar to the doom live wallpaper using my custom graphics witch for the most part are completed.

Project name:
Man vs Zombie (working name)

Talent Needed:
Programmer familiar with Live Wallpapers and able to add game like logic.

Brief description:
Man vs Zombie is a a simple 2d live wallpaper that incorporates small gameplay elements in order to give users a fun an interactive application that they may enjoy during the day without having to open up any type of application. This applications is very similar to the Doom Live Wallpaper currently available on the market. (google doom live wallpaper)

The main gameplay idea is to keep your avatar alive as long as you can by ordering your avatar to attack enemies in a specific order, picking up items on the ground, and restoring your health. There will be no penalty for death other than re-spawning.

User Interaction:
The main avatar will have an AI that is attracted to the closest enemies. Naturally the user might want to target a different enemy, by clicking on a new enemy, the avatar will stop fighting the current enemy, and pursue the new target.

The user may also click on an empty area. Which will make the avatar RUN. While running the avatar will move faster, but be unable to fire weapons while moving. A running animation will be shown.

There also will be a small briefcase at any of the four corners the user chooses. Once this briefcase is tapped it will slide out to and reveal the weapons collected by the user. If the player clicks on a different weapon the avatar will switch. The briefcase will slide back in either after a few seconds, or if the player clicks on it. (What ever is easier)

The object of the game is simple, the player is to try to is to defeat as many enemies as he can before being defeated. As a live wallpaper, the user can play at any moment he chooses without having to commit any serious time.

5 weapons types include
Unarmed – 1 HP (close range)
Knife – 2 HP (close range)
Baseballbat 3 HP (Close range)
Pistol – 5 HP (normal range)
SMG – 10 HP (normal range)

Avatar and Zombie NPC:

The a avatar will walk at a normal pace, while running will move him much faster. The Avatar will be able to attack with his fist (unarmed) as well as with weapons. Baseball Bats will have a unique attack, as they will be able to bash the heads of zombies if they are being pinned down. (see zombie lunge attack)

Zombies will move at a much slower pace trying to corner the avatar with numbers. Zombies will have 3 attack types.
Basic slash – 1 HP (close range)
Lunge attack – 0 HP (latches on to avatar, slowing the movement as zombie is being dragged, the player could use a baseball bat to free himself)

Bite attack – 3 HP

The scene will be large enough to be able to scroll left and right. If possible, the avatar should make his way into the active window that the user is currently on. The scene will include 3 buildings, (non of them are interactive, but the user shouldnt not be able to go through these. I believe this is called "hit detection" ) a background, and a street/sidewalk. The idea is to keep the avatar fighting in the streets/sidewalk.

!!IMPORTANT!! Before bidding please take a look at the doom live wallpaper, this is the best point of reference I could provide. !! IMPORTANT!!

(project mock)

(doom live wallpaper)

The source code will be required as I also plan to add, upgrade, and tweak images.

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Android Live Wallpaper Asap

I require a talented android developer to create a live wallpaper.

The wallpaper will use a static image which I will supply, and 4-5 dynamic lighting/special effects which you will provide. These effects will include a realistic river flow, realistic explosions and flying 2D debris. Must have variable user settings Eg. Variable river speed, Amount of debris and rate of explosions.

The wallpaper must be cpu and battery optimised. Be fully debugged and compatible with most droid phones running 2.1 and up.

The app must be delivered fully ready to upload to the android market and fully signed allowing for future updates.

I need a developer who has a passion for their work and has very high standards. Lets start this project asap.

A good example of what I need is City Night Live Wallpaper available on the android market.

Please send me examples of your android expertise. Please only bid if you are 100% capable of producing what I need.


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Android Live Wallpaper

Basically the hard work is already done. I have an existing Android Live Wallpaper that I need modified. Basically, I just need some settings hidden or removed from the user end. Thats it. Simple. Time is money, so I wont be selecting the cheapest bid, but the one who can get it done ASAP!

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Android 2.1 Live WallPaper

Trying to achive something similar to a Doom Live Wallpaper ( ) however I will be using my own graphics.

There will also be some gameplay elements involved, such as health, Item pickups, and the ability for the user to directly "help" out his avatar in certain situations by tapping on him.

The avatar will engage enemies at a constant rate, and will be smart enough to switch out items once they are completely depleted. The avatar will also seek out replenishment items if one is available. The avatar will do this indefinitely, even after death, the Avatar will re spawn and continue with the process.

There will be different animations for each weapon as the avatar walks, runs, attacks, and fires.

The scene will be compromised of several buildings that at this time have no real use other than aesthetic, however the buildings will serve as a boundary where the avatar cannot go past. (obviously)

The app needs to be somewhat battery friendly.

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Get MP3s And Related Wallpaper Images

Select 30 MP3 files and download the mp3
In a text file, record the Artist and song name
Located and save a large (desktop wallpaper-sized) image of the artist or band

Notes: I will provide resource for downloading the music
Images should not contain text, logos or branding, unless it is of the artist name or album – basically dont want images that are watermarked by some other website

Music should be from well known artists on the US charts, for ideas, check billboard, MTV, VHI or Music Choice

30 Holiday Music
30 Country Music
30 Alternative Rock
30 Pop Music
30 Hip-Hop

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Magento Expert -need To Complete Withing 20 Hrs From Now

A: Custom Download Link

2) when a user clicks on "Please provide an email address and we will send you a download link"

3) A new pop up window will appear displaying "Please enter your email address and we will will send you a download link"

4) There will be a submit box so a user can enter their email address

5) An email will be sent to the user with the download link ( this is an important step because we want to verify that they are providing a working email address) When the user checks the email he will get a link in the email to download the item.

6) Once the user enters the email address, in the same pop up window a message displaying the following will appear " An email with the donwload link has been sent to the email address that you provided. Thank You."

7) This email address will need to be saved in a table

8) FOR REPORTING PURPOSES, We will need a new php page to see all the email addresses entered .

9) Data to be displayed is 1) Date & time 2) email address 3) SKU 4) name of product downloaded

B: Modify Availabilty wording
1) Replace the wording "Availability" to "Available for immediate download"

2) "In Stock" or "Out of Stock" should not be displayed as this is irrelevant since these are download files and there is no inventory


It should not display out of stock as the item is a downloadable digital item. the PHP page needs to be modified so as to not display "out of stock"

I will need a document detailing what pages were changed, added and tables created. What folders the pages were added, etc

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Hello dear fellow-freelancers,

We want you to help me out with our iphone wallpaper project.

– 50 very beautiful fashion iphone wallpapers
– deliver each wallpaper as ".jpg" file to us; zipped.
– delivery of every wallpaper source: url and name of the website or designer

– evening dresses / gowns
– wedding related
– fashion related
– clothing related
– modeling related
– funny
– sweet, cute
– comic
– only this size: 320×480

– sexual, erotic related
– christmas related
– easter related
– anything not related to fashion, wedding and dresses
– not more than 5 brand wallpapers (louis vuitton etc…)

By accepting this project YOU AGREE ON:
– we have the right to reject any wallpapers if they do not satisfy our quality standards
–> once a wallpaper is rejected you have to deliver another one

Here is some inspiration. We need a similar post for our webproject.

DONT BID on our project if you cant deliver HIGH QUALITY WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Talented And Experienced Joomla Developer Needed

First of all, i contacted couple of developers before and none of them able to complete it. If you cant finish this project NEGATIVE REVIEW will be posted, so send me messages about how you can finish this, not just "lets just do this"

This is a wallpaper from my site.
If you click on any resolution you will notice that it will open in a new tab as ".jpg"
In this case×1200-1011121.jpg

Wallpaper pages are basically articles, which i am hardcoding. I am not using any kind of component and using SH404SEF for SEF URLs.

What i want is JPGs should be open as the same name but as HTML files so instead of showing just jpg i also want to display ads.
Again in this case as×1200-1011121.HTML

It doesnt matter if past wallpapers will remain same i can change them in time. I want this for my future wallpapers. So I think a plugin can be enough.

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10 High Quality Wallpapers

I need 10 High Quality Wallpapers made for my website. These are going to be free wallpapers that I provide to my viewers on my site. They must look awesome, you must have a good graphic design eye for appealing wallpapers.

The artist these wallpapers need to incorporate is Drake and somewhere throughout the wallpaper you must incorporate my website To view images of this rapper artist visit the below address:

Once done creating the wallpapers you must have each of them resized to appropiate dimensions:
– 1680 x 1050 widescreen
– 1920 x 1200 widescreen
– 1280 x 1024
– 1600 x 1200
– 1920 x 1440

Each wallpaper should be zipped with their different dimensions (10 zip files total).

Before I pick anyone for this project, I would like to see your attempt to make one of these wallpapers first! Send me a message with the url to your attempt. No attempt, dont even bother. Watermark your image so your safe.


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New Wallpaper And Icon Designs

44 Club wallpaper and icon designs

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Wallpaper App For Iphone ( Have Images )

Need a simple app to download wallpaper art right to iphone and possibly other mobile devices.
I have all the images/jpgs needed. Just need to create the simple app that automatically downloads the specific folder of art to the iphones photos folder right from the app store.

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Wallpaper App

IPhone wallpaper app with updatable content, comment, rating & sorting feature as well as a news section. I will provide graphics, layout and Icons. Should support older iPhones as well as iPhone 4 & iPad.

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Android Live Wallpaper Developer

Looking for an experienced Android developer to create a Live Wallpaper App.
Candidate Must have prior (Verifiable) Live wallpaper examples.
Will Include 3D moving objects so 3D experience is a plus.

details of project will be sent via PM for developer once portfolio verified and bid can be revised,
once details are reviewed.

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Niche Wallpaper Site

I am planning on launching a niche wallpaper site using the following wallpaper cms (

Would like to engage a freelancer to help customize the site (including login page) design to reflect my niche. Feel free to add any java / flash elements where you see fit that will make the site more pleasing to the eye and adds functionality.

Overall the requirements is pretty simple and should be fairly easy to those experienced companies out there.

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Creating A Blackberry APP And Android APP

I am looking for someone to create a Blackberry and Android APP.

The APPs will be a duplication of the following iPhone APP:

The bottom Advertisement is not wanted, and no Ad replacement Banners or Insertion is necessary for either APP.
The APP will need to be able to keep the Wallpaper static at all times and stream the radio station from the internet stream.

The Wallpaper Graphic will be provided, as well as the link for the internet stream.
The visual should not change across any resolution of screen.
I will retain Full rights to the code and the APPs. You will have to send me the apps as well as the code upon completion.

I would like to have these completed before 30 days if at all possible.

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Vivid Floral Photos For Wallpaper


I am an artist who, among other media, take photographs of flowers. The photographs are vivid, bright, unusual views. They make excellent wallpaper on my laptop and desktop monitors.

My sense of a good app would be to offer packets of photographs, packets of 12, one per month.
Available packets could be types of flowers, a mixed bag, by color, etc.

Please advise what you think.

Thank you.

Louis Peerless

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PHP Function And PHP Module


I am currently looking for a cheap freelancer that can help me with a PHP function and a module. They are both seperate tasks but I am looking for someone who can do both for a low price. jQuery experience is a plus.

TASK#1 – PHP Function

I got a PHP function that does not work properly and I need you to fix it and make it work. I got a CMS where, for instance, you can manage users by adding them to the database, editing their information or delete them out of the database. I wrote a PHP function for error/message handling. My wish is that I can call the function (lets name the function "messages" for example) and set a message with a true or false state. Example: Im adding an user to the database, when the user is added, the message is a success:

messages("The user has successfuly been added to the database", true)

Or when a MYSQl error occurs, its not a success:

messages("Cant add user to database. Error occured", false)

As you can see I need to be able to write my own message but also say if the message is a successful (true) message or a negative (false) message. However, the message should be placed into a session and displayed on the page. Once displayed, a positive message will be colored in green letters, negative in red. I should be able to style this by CSS. Whenever I visit an other page (by redirect) it should show the message just once. I can send you more information regarding this function and Im also able to send you my current function that is almost finished. This shouldnt take longer than 30 minutes.

TASK#2 – PHP Module

One of my wishes, and I need you to look at the following website:

Is to have one of these images croppers installed and working the way I want it to be. This is my wish in an example:

An user can upload a wallpaper. The wallpaper will be placed into a temporary directory. Lets say the wallpaper has a size of 1920×1080 pixels. Once the wallpaper has been uploaded, the user sees a part of the wallpaper as background. On the front the user can drag the box (which is set to a minimum and maximum size that I can easily change in the script, but the user cant!) to crop the image. I also wish that the user is able to zoom in or out. Once the user selected the area that he wanted to use, he can click the save button and the following two things should happen:

1) The old uploaded wallpaper will be deleted from the server.
2) The sliced image will be saved in a new directory.
3) The sliced image name + extension will be saved into a database table.

Please understand that the box which the user can drag has a fixed width and height that I can set in the PHP script. For example, 800×150 pixels. The user can only drag this box around the wallpaper and select the piece he wishes to save. That means the output should also be 800×150 pixels.

If you need more information regarding these two tasks, please get back to me. I have a quite low budget so I am willing to go with the cheapest one easily. I may got more work for you in the future too if you can complete these wishes.

Note that I am also a webdeveloper myself, I just dont have the time to do this.

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IPad Wallpaper App

I need a wallpaper app for the ipad. from our iPad wallpaper website I want the app to load directly into categories and thumbnail view and be able to select any photo for full size view with option to set as background/wallpaper. and be able to add more wallpaper to the software every day .
also need the devloper to help me get this app approved as this is our first iPhone/iPad app

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Ipad Wallpaper App

I need a wallpaper app for the ipad. I want the app to load directly into thumbnail view and be able to select any photo for full size view with option to set as background/wallpaper. All photos will be stored locally within the app.

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Ipad Wallpaper App

I would like to create a wallpaper app for the ipad that uses images i create that the user selects, sends to their ipad photos, and from there can be selected as their wallpaper. It should be fairly simple but should be able to organize images into different categories.

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